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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Opus Bar & Grill @ VOCO Orchard Singapore - Flame-grilled Haven for Discerning Steak Enthusiasts


Opus Bar & Grill, nestled within VOCO Orchard Singapore, unveils a new Executive Chef, Dean, boasting an impressive career spanning over 25 years across the United Kingdom and Singapore. Known as a haven for discerning steak enthusiasts, we visited Opus Bar & Grill for a dinner that promised the elevation of flame-grilled perfection.

Crab Cake 4.5/5

The Crab Cake ($29) emerged as a star-studded starter. Crafted into a jumbo sphere, it showcased a decadent crab meat filling. The crispy exterior of the croquette-like creation harmonised impeccably with the mango puree, wasabi mayo, pickled pineapple, and a crowning touch of caviar. A luxurious prelude that set the stage for what was to come.

Burrata Salad 4.5/5

Following next, the Burrata Salad ($28) offered a refreshing interlude. The fresh and creamy texture of burrata paired seamlessly with fermented chitose cherry tomato and plum gel, creating a symphony of flavours. The addition of crispy basil crackers contributed a delightful textural contrast, elevating the overall dining experience.

Charred Cabbage Steak 4.8/5

Diverging from the conventional steak offerings, Opus Bar & Grill introduced the Charred Cabbage Steak ($22). This innovative dish showcased sweet cabbage with a smoky aroma from the grill, enhanced by the firework of flavours from herb cheese mousseline, shallot crisps, hazelnut snow, and chilli oil. It is an unexpected delight reminiscent of okonomiyaki, challenging the norms and delighting the palate.

Grain-Fed Miyazaki Striploin A4, Japan (300g) 4.5/5

A visit to Opus Bar & Grill is synonymous with savouring their flame-grilled steaks. Opting for the Grain-Fed Miyazaki Striploin A4 ($138) from Japan, we were treated to a sensory journey of exceptional marbling, tenderness, and rich flavour. The flame grilling process unveiled the steak's full potential, a testament to Opus Bar & Grill's mastery of its craft.

Coal-Roasted Spatchcock Chicken 4.2/5

For those preferring alternatives to beef, the Coal-Roasted Spatchcock Chicken ($42) emerged as a stellar choice. The caramelised char on the skin, attributed to the tare glaze, complemented the moist and tender meat. It is accompanied by a side of Nori Mash, velvety and creamy.

Jivara Floral Garden 4.2/5

Concluding our dinner, the Jivara Floral Garden dessert made a grand entrance. Beautifully presented as a lollipop, it featured Passion fruit-inspired ganache, cassis micro sponge, dark chocolate cigars, and a Valrhona Jivara 40% praline milk chocolate. It is a rich and chocolaty crescendo, providing a sweet symphony to conclude our meal.

Opus Bar & Grill, under the guidance of Executive Chef Dean, rises above the ordinary steakhouse experience. It's a sanctuary where every dish and every bite compose a symphony within an epicurean masterpiece. The expertise in flame-grilled perfection establishes Opus Bar & Grill as an essential destination for those craving superbly grilled meats and seafood.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Opus Bar & Grill
VOCO Orchard Singapore
581 Orchard Road
Singapore 238883
Tel: +65 6730 3390
Nearest MRT: Orchard (NS, TE Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily (Breakfast): 630am - 1030am
Daily (Dinner): 6pm - 103pm
Sat (Lunch): 12pm - 2pm
Sunday Brunch Buffet: 12pm - 3pm

1) Alight at Orchard MRT station. Take Exit 4. Walk towards Wheelock Place via ION. Exit Wheelock Place and turn left towards Liat Tower. Walk down Orchard Road to destination. Journey time about 10 minutes. [Map]

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Moxie @ Alumni Association Medical Centre (SGH) - A Modern Mediterranean Dining and Lifestyle Destination


Moxie, the fresh-faced Mediterranean dining and lifestyle haven, has gracefully descended upon the Alumni Association Medical Centre (SGH), replacing the erstwhile Kah Soh. Transforming the space into a modern beach house with a lively coastal vibe, Moxie offers a delectable array of shared plates and refreshing cocktails throughout the day.


The ambiance at Moxie is a breath of fresh air—literally. The modern beach house aesthetic is both inviting and chic, transporting diners to sun-soaked coastal getaways. The airy and vibrant atmosphere complements the Mediterranean fare perfectly, making it an ideal spot for a leisurely meal or casual gatherings.

Moxie Dip Platter with Sourdough/Pita 4.5/5

Kickstarting the coastal journey, we dived into the Moxie Dip Platter with Sourdough ($22). The platter offers a trio of delightful dips—Spinach Yogurt, Smashed Kabocha, and Whipped Ricotta. Each dip is a star in its own right, but if one has to be crowned, the Whipped Ricotta takes the throne. The interplay of textures and flavours, coupled with the choice of either Sourdough or Pita, is a crowd-pleaser.

Burrata 4.8/5

The Italian Burrata ($19) is a masterpiece. Paired with pickled red beets, charred grapes, pistachio dukkah, and red beet gel, the dish is a symphony of colours and flavours. The creaminess of the burrata finds harmony with the tanginess of the beets and sweetness of the grapes, creating a palate-pleasing experience.

Spiced Corn Ribs 4.5/5

The Spiced Corn Ribs ($16) are a revelation. Dressed in cumin-infused aioli, grated feta, and lime, the corn bursts with flavors. Eating it like a rib, squeezing lime included, adds an interactive element to the dish, enhancing the sweetness of the corn.

Grouper Crudo 4.5/5

The Grouper Crudo ($25) is a highlight for seafood enthusiasts. Local flower grouper meets Zhoug coulis, pickled Japanese cucumber, and diced red radish, creating a refreshing and vibrant dish. The coriander seeds sprinkled on top add a final layer of complexity.

Arugula Pesto Orecchiette 4.2/5

The Arugula Pesto Orecchiette ($38) is a flavorful pasta dish. Al dente orecchiette, sautéed prawns and scallops, crab meat, shaved parmesan, fresh arugula, and toasted pine nuts come together harmoniously, offering a medley of textures and flavors.

Catch of The Day - Fillet (200g) 4.2/5

The Catch of The Day (Fillet, $42, 200g) showcases the versatility of Moxie. With a weekly rotation of fish, the pan-fried fillet with clarified butter, browned almonds, and capers is a delightful dish. The moist fish comes with a hint of smokiness, nuttiness from almonds, and tanginess from capers, creating a symphony of flavours.

Moxie Mille Feuille 4.8/5

Save room for dessert, as Moxie's Mille Feuille ($19) is a showstopper. Layers of filo pastry, whipped cream cheese, strawberries, and blueberries, crowned with kataifi and raspberry, deliver a sweet ending with myriad textures.

Dark Chocolate Mousse 4.5/5

Concluding the feast is the Dark Chocolate Mousse ($16). Rich dark chocolate meets hazelnut ice cream, berry compote, toasted hazelnuts, and streusel, creating a well-balanced and indulgent dessert.


Moxie succeeds in bringing the vibrant flavours of the Mediterranean to Singapore's shore. From the captivating ambience to the thoughtfully crafted dishes, each aspect of the dining experience at Moxie reflects a commitment to quality and creativity. The menu's diversity caters to various palates, ensuring that Moxie stands out as a delightful addition to Singapore's F&B scene. Whether you're craving a leisurely lunch or a lively dinner, Moxie beckons with its coastal charm and culinary prowess.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Alumni Association Medical Centre
Singapore General Hospital (SGH)
2 College Road
Singapore 169850
Tel: +65 9339 3380
Nearest MRT: Outram Park (EW, NE, TE Line)

Opening Hours:
Tue-Thu, Sun: 1130am - 10pm
Fri-Sat: 1130am - 1130pm
(Closed on Mon)

1) Alight at Outram Park MRT. Take Exit 1. Cross the road. Turn right and walk down Outram Road towards the flyover. At the junction of Outram Road and Chin Swee Road, turn left and walk to College Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 6 minutes. [Map]

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Elixir Coffee and Wine @ Holland Grove - Indulge in Elevated Brunch and Coffee During the Day, Delight in Pizzas and Wines for the Evening


Elixir Boutique Roasters, known for its artisanal coffee and cafe fare, may ring a bell for many cafe-goers. Formerly located in Bukit Timah, the reimagined establishment has since found a new home in Holland Grove under a new name, Elixir Coffee and Wine.


With a brand new menu created by Executive Chef Victor Loy, Elixir invites diners to indulge in brunch and coffee during the day and delight in pizzas and wines in the evening. The menu offers elevated brunch classics, fun bites, and unique sourdough pizzas.


Coffee lovers would be happy to know that they serve coffee brewed using beans from award-winning Blacklist Coffee in Perth. For wine lovers, the restaurant holds a curated wine list of old and new world vintages.

Stracciatella 4/5

Our meal began with a more classic dish, the Stracciatella ($20). Here in the Stracciatella, we had sourdough bread smothered with creamy burrata, complemented by pecorino cheese and sweet and slightly smoky blistered tomatoes.

For all three tartines we sampled, their bread base is all made using the same sourdough recipe as their pizza dough.

Turkish Eggs 4.5/5

Try the Turkish Eggs ($16) for something more exciting. Chef Victor told us that this is one of their bestselling brunch dishes.

On the sourdough, the flatbread is baked to order. It's topped with garlic yoghurt, paprika oil, poached egg and a super addictive Lao Gan Ma-inspired housemade chilli crunch. The added pomegranate gave pops of refreshing sweetness amidst the spicier and garlicky bites.

Salumi 4/5

The Salumi ($16) would be a treat for bolognese lovers. The flatbread is generously topped with nduja and accompanied with tangy sumac onions and a blend of fresh herbs like coriander, arugula, mint and dill. I recommend sharing this for more enjoyment, as the heaviness may feel a little flat halfway through.

Salad 4/5

Next, we moved on to the Bites section, which is available for order from 12pm. The simple-looking Salad ($12) had a refreshing mix of radicchio, wombok and mint in white balsamic with crunchy hazelnuts.

Burrata 4.5/5

Bet you’ve never had burrata done in this manner! Elixir’s Burrata ($24) continues an unexpected use of the housemade chilli crunch we loved on the Turkish Eggs.

While the flavourful chilli crunch may slightly mask the creamy sweetness of the burrata, we thoroughly enjoyed the exciting pairing and side of pickled cherry tomatoes! This will be up your alley if you're looking for something different.

Tête de Moine 4/5

Consider the Tête de Moine ($22) for a side to pair with your wine. The beautifully shaved Swiss semi-hard cheese is served with poached apricot and fried walnuts, boasting a creamy and nutty flavour with a subtle tangy finish.

Baby Octopus 4.5/5

My favourite from the Bites menu was Chef Victor's Baby Octopus ($18). It had baby octopus coated in a thin exterior of seasoned flour and deep-fried to the perfect crunch.

I thoroughly appreciated how the light batter allowed you to still enjoy the octopus's chewiness and how the umami black aioli didn't overpower. This is one dish I will definitely re-order on my next visit.

Not-Carbonara 4.5/5

For fans of white pizzas, go for the Not-Carbonara ($26), the restaurant's signature pizza inspired by the well-loved carbonara dish. While you will see authentic-carbonara toppings of egg yolk, guanciale, prosciutto and pecorino cheese, the play on its name is due to the inclusion of a rich and creamy mornay sauce on its base.

While we found the pizzas slightly too thick around the crusts, we enjoyed the chewiness from the sourdough and the flavourful combination. It leans on a saltier end with a generous hand of fragrant black pepper, but my dining companion and I did not mind it at all.

Hot Mama 4.2/5

Here is another appearance of the special housemade chilli crunch on the Hot Mama ($28) pizza. This is one boldly flavoured piece, with the fragrant spiciness from the chilli crunch and additional spiciness and saltiness from slices of Calabrese salami, alongside onions and fennel.

Cali Cali 4/5

Cali Cali ($26) was inspired by Chef Victor's trip to California, focusing on the marriage of flavours from the country and Italy. This piece saw toppings of sausage, chopped kailan, guacamole and chilli flakes. After sampling the first two, the flavours here are more 'safe'.

Pistachio Cake 3.8/5

Our dessert for the day was the Pistachio Cake ($14) drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and a dollop of crème fraiche chantilly. This was a piece that was light and nutty but not exceptional.

Travelling to Elixir Coffee and Wine is out of the way. Hence, I recommend making reservations at to ensure an available table.

Photos and words by Jo. A girl who loves her Mala (麻辣) at Da La (大辣), discovering hidden food gems and a good cup of matcha latte. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Elixir Coffee and Wine
24 Holland Grove Road
Singapore 278803
Tel: +65 6908 5547
Nearest MRT: Buona Vista (CC, EW Line), Holland Village (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thu: 830am - 10pm
Fri-Sat: 830am - 11pm

1) Alight at Buona Vista MRT station. Take Exit C. Walk to bus stop at Buona Vista MRT station (Stop ID 11361). Take bus number 92. Alight 4 stops later. Cross the road, turn right and walk towards Holland Grove Road. Turn left onto Holland Grove Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 15 minutes. [Map]

2) Aliight at Holland Village MRT station. Take Exit B. Walk to bus stop at Holland Village, Holland Road (Stop ID 11261). Take bus number 7, 61, 75, 156 and 165. Alight 3 stops later. Walk towards Holland Grove Road. Turn left onto Holland Grove Road. Walk to destination. ourney time about 15 minutes. [Map]

Friday, July 7, 2023

Vin Geek @ Pacific Plaza - Launches A New 3-Course Set Menu From $25 Onwards


Vin Geek at Pacific Plaza is a cosy wine bar and retail concept designed to allow you to experience the joy of wine drinking in a light-hearted atmosphere. It has recently expanded its offerings to include lunch service, which means you can have the pleasure of early-day wine drinking if you are in the mood for it.

Burrata 4/5

Introducing its first Set Lunch menu, priced at just $25, you have the option of 3-course (Starter, Main, Dessert) or 2-Course (Starter/Dessert, Main) with a choice of red or white wine. As a Starter, I had a Burrata. The burrata itself boasted a fresh and creamy flavour and was further complemented by the juicy sweet tomatoes and the earthy green peas.

Cioppino 4/5

As a Main, I relished in a comforting and wholesome plate of Cioppino (+$10) featuring sweet Maine lobster meat, prawns, seabass and clam. There was a rustiness to it, which I enjoyed. The broth was light and well-balanced, with a pronounced depth of crustacean flavour, which complemented the seafood.

Affogato 4/5

Summing up, my lunch is a simple and classic Affogato.

Smoked Butter, Salted Butter, Kombu Butter

There is also a special menu that includes curations based on collaboration with makers dedicated to a speciality product. Within these couple of months, Vin Geek and @atasbutter have come out with 2 specials. One of which is Sip & Spread: The Geek's Butter & Wine Flight ($30). It showcases a trio of flavoured cultured butter paired with a flight of white wines served with sourdough bread. Fans of butter, this is highly recommended!


One of the key highlights of Vin Geek is that it has a DIY wine dispenser of 24 bottles that offers a 30ml tasting portion, which is just $2.50! Simply order via the QR code tag on each bottle. Showcasing 12 red, 2 rose, and 10 white, the selection of wines rotates every 3 to 4 months.


Vin Geek also has a unique way to help you decide on your bottle of wine - according to your mood. Hence, each bottle of wine is painstakingly categorized by the sommelier and labelled with in-house mood stickers. At every turn you make of this 52-seater space, there is always something for you to explore - from the wine dispenser to the wine shelves and chillers, cheese counter, and shelves filled with artisanal jams, condiments and chocolates. You can perhaps DIY your charcuterie board to pair with your favourite wines.

Photos and words by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Vin Geek
Pacific Plaza
9 Scotts Road
Singapore 228210
Tel: +65 63341622
Nearest MRT: Orchard (NS, TE Line)

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thu: 1130am - 10pm
Fri-Sat: 1130am - 12midnight

1) Alight at Orchard MRT station. Take Exit 1. Follow the underground walkway to Shaw House. Walk to the ground level. Walk to Scotts road. Turn left and continue down Scotts road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 6 minutes. [Map]

Saturday, May 27, 2023

No Burn No Taste (NBNT) Private Dining By Chef Sam Chablani


No Burn No Taste by Chef Sam Chablani is one of the most sought-after private dining destinations. Unfortunately, getting a booking at No Burn No Taste (NBNT) is not easy. The last I checked, the waitlist was already full for 2023/2024. I have followed Sam's cooking philosophy of marrying fire-driven barbecue with a distinctly Asian perspective, combining premium produce with traditional, time-honoured techniques since his days at the now-defunct Fat Lulu.

Steamed Clams

Our dinner started with sweet Steamed Clams in an umami cream. I love the accompanying burnt garlic toast that is not only delicious but also allows me to soak up the delicious broth.

Tomatoes and Burrata

Not everything on the menu is barbecue items such as the light and refreshing Tomatos and Burrata Salad helps freshen the palate and whet the appetite.

Burnt Wings, Spicy Iberico Pork Satay

How can we not have chicken wings and satay when having a barbecue? It is torture to be seated just before the barbecue pit while the Burnt Wings and Spicy Iberico Pork Satay got kissed by the charcoal's heat.

"Porn" Corn

Corn may be a common ingredient, but I remembered how Chef Sam had transformed it into a delicacy at Fat Fuku. The "Porn" Corn grilled to a nice charred on its external was extremely sweet.

Charred Wagyu Skirt Steak MBS9

Moving to the mains, we had the Charred Wagyu Skirt MBS9 paired with Burnt Potatoes. Perfectly grilled to medium with beautiful pink tenderness and crispy charred edges, showcasing the intense marbling and rich beefy flavour.


Lychee-smoked Umami Crab, Lemon Garlic Butter

Besides the grilled chicken wings, pork satay and wagyu, our dinner includes seafood. The crowd's favourite for the night goes to the Crab, smoked with lychee wood paired with lemon garlic butter. The grilling and smoking enhanced the natural sweetness and brininess of the crustaceans while adding a hint of charred savoury notes.

Spencer Gulf King Prawns

As delicious as the crab was the Spencer Gulf King Prawns in an intoxicating burnt sambal cream sauce, topped with coriander. I was screaming for some toasted bread to dredge them in that splendour sauce.

We paid $185 per person for the 10-course Umami BBQ Omakase. It is one of the more expensive private dining I have visited. However, it differs from your usual barbecue as every dish is thoughtfully executed to elevate the appreciation of the premium ingredients as good as any restaurant's standard.

No Burn No Taste (NBNT) Private Dining

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

RUBATO Restaurant @ Greenwood Avenue - A Taste Of Italy In The Neighbourhood Since 2009


Nestled in the quaint Greenwood Avenue neighbourhood is RUBATO, an Italian restaurant that has found its place since 2009. It prides itself on offering its selection of Italian food in small batches, only roasting and baking upon order. The selection is extensive, from All Day Breakfast to classic Italian starters and mains, various grilled meats, and homemade desserts.


Their Greenwood outlet has both indoor and outdoor seating, exuding a more casual, family-friendly vibe. Other establishments under them are RUBATO STEAKHOUSE @ Teck Lim Road, FESTIVO @ Mr Gallop and the soon-to-open RUBATO ITALIAN & ASIAN @ SAF Yacht Club.

Michelin Quality Burrata 4.2/5

For our first starter, we had the Michelin Quality Burrata ($62), which had a huge ball of fresh burrata sitting in the middle of the plate on rocket leaves. It was dressed in olive oil and paired with aged parma ham, fresh and semi-sundried tomatoes.


There were only 2 of us, but we polished this off. The lightly savoury burrata was incredibly creamy and perfectly matched the sweet semi-sundried tomatoes. I A dish that is good for sharing. I recommend getting some warm toasted bread to go with this!

A Gift from the Angels 4.5/5

A Gift from the Angels (from $68) was a starter we noticed every table ordered. It features chilled angel hair pasta tossed in premium white truffle oil, topped with Hokkaido scallop sashimi, kombu, and 5g of Hokkaido Bafun Uni hidden under a generous shave of truffles.


We could see the reason for its popularity, as the pasta was al dente with a lingering truffle fragrance that didn't overpower. You can opt to add another 80g portion of uni for $80. The dish is on the pricier end, but the portion was quite substantial for group sharing.

RUBATO Mixed Grilled Platter 3.8/5

We had the RUBATO Mixed Grilled Platter ($288) served to sizzling hot for mains. Alongside shaved truffles and a medley of colourful vegetables, there was a grilled rack of lamb, chicken and pork chop. The vegetables were fresh and sweet. Our favourite was the lamb which was done tender and without any gameness. The chicken and pork chop, however, were a little too tough for our liking.

Cherry Flambé 3.8/5

Our warm and friendly servers enthusiastically introduced us to one of their new boozy desserts, the Cherry Flambé. It was quite an experience watching our servers prepare this right next to our table, lighting the cherries on fire with a pour of brandy into the pan before plating it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. While we enjoyed the mix of sweet and alcoholic notes here, I wish more texture had been added, and a better quality vanilla ice cream was used.


Apart from the a la carte menu, there are a few special events to look out for at RUBATO @ Greenwood. Ladies Night runs every Wednesday from 5pm to 10.30pm, and offers diners 1-for-1 house pour wines and prosecco.

The exciting Everyday Brunch Buffet costs $68 (up to $108) per pax from 11am to 4pm daily. The menu looks exciting with fresh Canadian oysters, a range of hand-stretched pizzas and pasta, charcoal-grilled Iberico pork and a rack of lamb, and many more. You can even opt for free-flow champagne for 1.5 hours at an additional $78.

Photos and words by Jo. A girl who loves her Mala (麻辣) at Da La (大辣), discovering hidden food gems and a good cup of matcha latte. Note: This is an invited tasting.

RUBATO Restaurant
12 Greenwood Ave
Singapore 289204
Tel: +65 94248258
Nearest MRT: Tan Kah Kee (DT Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 10am - 2am

1) Alight at Tan Kah Kee MRT station. Take Exit A. Use the overhead bridge to Exit B. Walk straight to Hillcrest Road. Turn right onto Hillcrest Road. Walk down Hillcrest Road and make a left into Greenwood Avenue. Journey time about 15 minutes. [Map]