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Botany By Dazzling Cafe @ Robertson Quay - Signature Honey Toasts And Soulful Food


If you are a fan of Dazzling Cafe's honey toasts, you will be glad to know that you can still have them at the newly opened Botany by Dazzling Cafe at Robertson Quay. With the closing of Dazzling Cafe, the trio of Actress Julie Tan, her cousin Cassandra and childhood friend Serene have come together to create a relax space for bonding while enjoying a soulful meal, regardless if one is a meat-lover, vegetarian or vegan at Botany.


The Botanist Salad 3.5/5

For those that are looking for something light and healthy, there is the The Botanist Salad ($15). It comes in a blend of fresh greens dressed in homemade apple cider vinegar honey sauce. Add-ons such as almond flakes, smoked salmon, grilled chicken, pan seared salmon, pan seared steak and Impossible patty are available at an additional cost ranging from $3 to $7 for each topping.

Curried Cauliflower Soup 4/5

The Curried Cauliflower Soup ($10) is a vegan soup made with coconut milk and spiced with curry paste. The soup has a velvety and creamy texture, in which one can still bite into the blended cauliflower bits.

Homemade Hummus with Baked Nachos 3.5/5

A delightful snack on the menu is the Homemade Hummus with Baked Nachos ($12). Applauded to the homemade hummus doused with olive oil that goes well with the crispy baked nachos.

Otah Chips 3/5

It is quite common to see French fries or spam fries on the menu but Otah Chips ($13) is a first for me. I love my otah but the fried mackerel fish paste strips did not manage to wow me. I guess I still like the traditional otah more.

Signature Mentaiko Fries $15

Of course there is still fries on the menu. At Botany, they served an elevated version, Signature Mentaiko Fries ($15)  with mentaiko dressing topped with nori. Nothing unique but definitely an all time favourite to munch and share with a group of friends.

Taiwanese Chicken Bites 4/5

A more addictive starter is the Taiwanese Chicken Bites ($13). Love the used of marinated chicken thigh for the tender bite, complemented by the Taiwanese spice seasoning. This is great to go along with some beer and wine.

Mapo Tofu Rice Bowl 4/5

A very hearty and comforting rice bowl is the Mapo Tofu Rice Bowl ($18). The Japanese rice is paired with silken tofu cooked in Szechuan spices and minced chicken, topped with sous vide egg. I would prefer it to be more spicy but I can understand the need to cater for the wider group.

Signature Grilled Chicken with Balinese Salsa 4/5

Another rice dish on the menu is the Signature Grilled Chicken with Balinese Salsa ($18). A complete meal on a plate that comes with boneless chicken leg marinated with spices and a fried egg, paired with homemade balinese salsa. My advice don't miss out the delicious chicken skin, it was heavenly.

Uni Truffle Capellini 3.8/5

While I enjoyed the texture of the pasta for the Uni Truffle Cappelini ($28) topped with sea urchin and salmon roe, it was unfortunate the truffle was a tad overpowering, masking the appreciation of the sea urchin. Served chilled, this is actually quite refreshing.

Pan-Seared Barramundi 4.2/5

A dish that I would go back for is the Pan-Seared Barramundi ($26) with mash potato. The huge piece of pan seared barramundi is well cooked and justify for the pricing. It is paired with pesto sauce which highlighted the moist fish but not stealing the limelight.

Australian Grass Fed Ribeye 250g 4/5

For the meat-lovers, there is the Australian Grass Fed Ribeye 250g ($28). Nothing fancy but just allowing the succulent ribeye cut with black pepper sauce to shine . It also comes with butter mash and greens on the side.

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake 3.5/5

For dessert, we tried the Gluten Free Chocolate Cake ($9). A moist and soft interior with crusty edges for the chocolate indulgent.

Dazzling Cafe's Signature Honey Toasts 4.2/5

I have to admit that I have never tried the Dazzling Cafe's Signature Honey Toast ($18) and this is my first time having it. Not only is it pretty and instragrammable, it is actually very good. Definitely one of the better ones I have eaten. Other flavours available on the menu are dazzling classic, caramel macademia nuts, banana chocolate, strawberry lover and hazelnut chocolate.


I like the new space at Botany by Dazzling Cafe with its greenery and river facing. Food is pretty decent but in the competitive F&B stretch, I felt that it needed more character or theme to stand out.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Botany By Dazzling Cafe
Robertson Quay
86 Robertson Quay
Singapore 238245
Tel: +65 69514861
Nearest MRT: Chinatown (DT Line, NE Line), Tiong Bahru (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thu: 9am - 10pm
Fri-Sat: 9am - 11pm

1) Alight at Chinatown MRT station. Take Exit C. Walk to bus stop along Upper Cross Street (Stop ID 06171). Take bus number 51 and 186. Alight 2 stop later. Cross the road and walk to Four Points by Sheraton. Walk to the river. Cross the bridge and walk to destination. Journey time about 15 minutes. [Map]

2) Alight at Tiong Bahru MRT station. Take Exit B. Walk to bus stop at Tiong Bahru MRT station (Stop ID 10169). Alight 5 stops later. Walk to Four Points by Sheraton. Walk to the river. Cross the bridge and walk to destination. Journey time about 20 minutes. [Map]

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Morettino Cafe @ 100AM Mall - A Place For Burrata Dishes


Located in 100AM Mall, Morettino Cafe is a cosy dining space that serves authentic Italian food prepared by Chef Andrea, who started his culinary journey in Rome. Not just a cafe for food, their coffee is Morettino, an Italian artisanal slow coffee produced in Sicily, in the middle of the Mediterranean since 1920.

Bruschetta of the Chef 3.5/5

Our lunch started with Bruschetta of the Chef ($14.80) made with fresh tomato, basil, mix vegetables and herbed cheese. I like the homely touches of the eggplants and zucchini which were delightful. Marinated and pickled in house, they are not soaking wet with vinegar and salt like those of ready made, which allows their natural flavours to come through.

Pisa 3.8/5

Alongside our starter we had Pisa Salad ($16.80). A salad but the key is really their roasted beef and I could imagine having this dish along with their wines. Laced with a layer of luscious fats, each slice of beef gave a rich and satisfying mouthful despite its elegant cut. I appreciate the light kiss of olive oil on the salad without complications of a salad dressing, other than assertion from the feta cheese. The beef and feta makes a pretty strong combination but the apple and greens balance that out.

Spaghetti Amatriciana with Burrata 4/5

You will notice that almost under each category in the menu, there will a Burrata dish and labelled as Chef's recommendation. Apparently, the Burrata used here is supplied by Chef Andrea's friend in Italy, who produces organic Burrata in small batches! I was so glad that I had chosen one of the Burrata dishes - Spaghetti Amatriciana with Burrata. Tossed in traditional roman tomato sauce prepared inhouse, the well rounded sauce seems to leave just enough space for the savoury chopped bacon to fit right in. That allows the delicate burrata cheese to stand out even after it was mixed into the pasta.

Salmon Lemon 2.8/5

For pizza, we decided to try a more different combination - Salmon Lemon ($25). It was underwhelming somehow. I find the salmon slightly dry and the overall combination was a tad too bland even with all the fresh herbs and cheese. I would have opted for the Burrata pizza anytime!

Grass Fed Beef Burger & Fries 3.5/5

For mains, we had Grass Fed Beef Burger & Fries ($28). Other than the juicy and well seasoned 200g Australian angus beef patty, the toasted brioche bun was fluffy with crisp edges, which is a plus point for me, done the way we wanted. The caramelised onions could be reduced further for sweetness though.


With the wide view of the bustling street that the space offers, I could just sit by the window pane with a coffee and people-watch all day. Other than food and coffee, Morettino Cafe is strong with their wine repertoire too. Their wine list features 100 bottles starting from $38 and under $100, and changes with the seasons. Labels includes newcomers to Old-World classics from small-production winemakers.

Words and photos by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Morettino Cafe
100AM Mall
100 Tras St
Singapore 079027
Tel: 6224 0424
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 10am - 10pm

1) Alight at Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk towards Gopeng Street and turn into Tras Street. Walk to Amara Hotel. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]


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