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Paradise Dynasty @ Wisma Atria - Offering Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan And Zhejiang Cuisines Under One Roof


After closing the outlet at Ion Orchard, Paradise Dynasty has re-located and moved next door, re-opened at Wisma Atria on 10 January 2019. The latest outlet can sit up to 196 pax with a new and brighter season. Besides the la mian and xiao long bao offerings that have made Paradise Dynasty a household name, the newest outlet offers cuisines from Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan and Zhejiang under one roof.

Crispy Yellow Croaker Spring Roll 4/5

A new dish on the menu is the Crispy Yellow Croaker Spring Roll ($9.20/3pcs). Wrapped in the crispy pastry skin is the soft and tender flesh of the yellow croaker. A delightful starter packed with different play of flavours and textures.

Chilled Jellyfish in Soy Sauce Vinaigrette 4/5

Using the head section of the jellyfish for that extra crunch, the Chilled Jellyfish in Soy Sauce Vinaigrette ($12.80) whets up the appetite with its tangy seasoning.

Lettuce Roll with Homemade Sesame Sauce 3.5/5


The Lettuce Roll with Homemade Sesame Sauce ($8.80) may look unassuming but it turned out really delish. The fresh and crunchy lettuce roll is complemented by the excellent homemade sesame sauce that simply brought the ingredient to live.

Stir-fried Fresh Organic Bamboo Shoot with Bacon 3/5

Some bamboo shoot may come across having an acquire taste but I did not taste it from the Stir-fried Fresh Organic Bamboo Shoot with Bacon ($14.80). I also like the idea of the bacon giving the dish a coat of aroma on top of its crunchiness.

Braised Tofu with Crab Roe 3.5/5

Smooth and silky is the Braised Tofu with Crab Roe ($22.80). Unfortunately I could not really taste the robustness of the crab roe in the execution.

Prawn and Pork Dumpling in Hot Chilli Vinaigrette 4.5/5

My all time favourite at Paradise's restaurants is there Prawn and Pork Dumpling in Hot Chilli Vinaigrette ($9.80/6pcs). These parcels wrapped in a silky thin wanton skin are plump and juicy. The highlight is the aromatic hot chilli vinaigrette that elevated the whole enjoyment.

Steamed Glutinous Rice stuffed in Red Date 3/5

Its not all about savoury at Paradise Dynasty, there are sweet takes such as the Steamed Glutinous Rice stuffed in Red Date ($7.80) and Yam Paste Xiao Long Bao ($8.80/6pcs). It is not that the Steamed Glutinous Rice stuffed in Red Date is not good but it is something new to me and it probably needs time for me to accept the unique taste.

Yam Paste Xiao Long Bao 4/5

As for the Yam Paste Xiao Long Bao, the take of stuffing it with the sweet yam paste its an unique take of the traditional Xiao Long Bao giving it a sweet finishing.

La Mian with Yellow Croaker Fish and Preserved Vegetable 2.8/5

I have always enjoyed a good bowl of La Mian from Paradise Group's of restaurants. Undeniable the noodle is top notch. However the soup base of the La Mian with Yellow Croaker Fish and Preserved Vegetable ($16.80) was slightly fishy which was a let down. It is definitely note their usual standard.

Chilled Snow Fungus with Peach Resin 4.2/5

Wrapping up the dinner, I have the refreshing Chilled Snow Fungus with Peach Resin ($8.80). Mentioned in my earlier posts, I have a liking for peach resin recently. Hence this just hits the spot.

Note: This s an invited tasting.

Paradise Dynasty
Wisma Atria
435 Orchard Road
Singapore 238877
Nearest MRT: Orchard (NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 11am - 10pm
Sat-Sun & PH: 1030am - 10pm

1) Alight at Orchard MRT station. Take Exit D. Walk to destination. Journey time about 3 minutes. [Map]

Monday, February 11, 2019

Lawry's The Prime Rib @ Mandarin Gallery - Rekindle Your Romance This Valentine's Day


Lawry's The Prime Rib at Mandarin Gallery sets itself apart with an air of opulence that very few could emulate. This Valentine's Day, treat your partner to a lavish 6-course dinner at Lawry's which includes their authentic Signature Prime Rib of Beef.

Amuse Bouche 3.5/5

The Valentine's menu is crafted by Executive Chef Sherwin Sim, choosing ingredients based on their sensual qualities, texture, colour and libido enhancing compounds to get you in the mood for love on that very special night. Our Amuse Bouche for example, is made of petite yummy aphrodisiacs - Foie Gras Macaron, Grilled Spanish Octopus and Smoked Salmon with Avruga Caviar. My favourite is the smoked salmon bite which has a bed of sweet caramalised onions to complement the overall briny flavour. I love the idea behind the foie gras macaron that comes with savoury foie gras cream sandwiched between sweet meringue cookies but its sweetness was a little overwhelming.

Lobster Bisque 4/5

For Soup, on the menu is Lobster Bisque served with Hokkaido scallop, enhanced with a drizzle of Grand Marnier. Intense with umami roundness, it was perfect after a round of sweet-savoury amuse bouche and I appreciate that it wasn't overloaded with cream, which would have added a dimension of sweetness to it.

Crab Salad 3.8/5

Although the classic Spinning Bowl Salad is missing in action, what replaces does not disappoint. The Dungeness Crab Salad was scrumptious with lovely sweet bites from the crab meat, coupled with crunchy green apple slices and bursts of saltiness from ikura. What delighted us all was the egg yolk looking mango sphere, which oozes mango lava that dresses the salad with tangy sweetness.

Yuzu Sorbet 4/5

A refreshing Yuzu Sorbet with mint will be served in between as a palate cleanser.

Prime Ribs (tasting portion) 4.5/5


For mains, there is a choice between their Signature Prime Rib of Beef and a luxury Seafood Platter. For a complete Lawry's experience, the first is an obvious choice but the latter speaks volume too. What makes Lawry's Prime Ribs that superior is that each standing roast is aged for up to 28 days to heighten tenderness and slowly roasted on beds of rock salt, a method that forces the juices inward, resulting in an uniformly juicy and flavourful meat. Witness its grandeur as your portion gets carved from the famous silver carts right in front of you. The traditional Lawry’s Yorkshire Pudding served alongside is baked in individual copper skillet. Accompanying your USDA Prime Rib of Beef is US Idaho mashed potatoes, together with choice of creamed spinach, creamed orn or buttered peas.

Seafood Platter 4.2/5

The Seafood Platter consist of a Baked Cajun Lobster Tail with Tobiko, Miso Salmon Steak and Carabinero Prawn with Arbequina and a Corn Croquette. I thought both the prawn and lobster tail were beautifully done - just simple treatments to bring out their textures and flavours. That humble piece of corn croquette was unexpectedly a treat! The creamy corn within the crust was oozy and sweet which brought the savoury elements together as a whole.

Dessert 3.8/5

Before moving on perhaps more important programs of the night, your evening shall come to a satisfying sweet pause with Sweetheart Specials - Te Amo, a dessert platter made of Manjari Chocolate Praline Dome, Häagen-Dazs Tiramisu Mochi Ice-cream and Strawberry Mousse. It did seem to be quite a big platter to end the meal but it turned out to be manageable. The chocolate dome was bitter sweet and the ice cream was pretty light too.


Choices aplenty in Singapore but what is cool about dining at Lawry’s The Prime Rib on that day is the old-fashioned romance that builds around the evening. This 6-course Valentine's menu will only be served for dinner at Lawry’s The Prime Rib Singapore on 14 February for $188 per person. You and your partner will receive a bottle of sparkling wine (Ruffino Moscato d’Asti) as memento as well as a complimentary digital photo.

Words and photos by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Lawry’s The Prime Rib
Mandarin Gallery
333A Orchard Road
Singapore 238897
Tel: +65 68363333
Nearest MRT: Somerset (NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thu: 1130am - 10pm
Fri-Sat: 1130am - 1030pm

1) Alight at Somerset MRT station. Take Exit B. Walk to ground level. Turn left onto Orchard Road. Walk down Orchard Road. Cross the road and walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]


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