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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

IPPUDO with BAR IPPUDO @ Shaw Centre - Refreshed Hakata Dining Experience with IPPUDO’s 2024 Grand Menu, Featuring Bar Snacks and 5 New Ramen



Starting 1 June, Hakata ramen chain IPPUDO is launching a refreshed grand menu featuring 5 brand new ramen options, rice dishes, sides and desserts. This includes the brand's first plant-based ramen. BAR IPPUDO at Mohamad Sultan, One Holland Village, i12 Katong and Shaw Centre will also introduce a new range of bar snacks.


IPPUDO x Umeshuya

From 20 to 21 June 2024, diners can enjoy a special IPPUDO x Umeshuya collaboration featuring a curated selection of over 15 types of umeshu exclusively at IPPUDO One Holland Village.

Special deals for the collaboration include:
- Order 1 bar snack and top up $22 for 30-mins free-flow umeshu
- Order 1 bar snack and top up $15 for 3 glasses of your choice
- Ala Carte $7 per glass

My favourite among the 3 glasses I tried was the TOROTORO NO UMESHU, a sweet green plum and shochu-based umeshu.

Mentaiko Mac N’ Cheese 3/5

Our first choice of bar snack was served sizzling hot on a teppan plate. The Mentaiko Mac N’ Cheese ($10) featured a buttery bed of macaroni with melted cheese and a dollop of mentaiko. While its taste was decent, we were definitely expecting more at this price.

Fried Brussel Sprout Typhoon Shelter 4.2/5

We loved our second bar snack, the Fried Brussel Sprout Typhoon Shelter ($6). These addictive mouthfuls of crunchy fried brussel sprouts were dressed in a savoury anchovy sauce and garlic panko.


Yokohama Shoyu 4/5

For a heartier ramen with more meat, we heard that the new Chikara Tonkotsu Ramen is the one to go for. The tonkatsu-based ramen is a new spin on the classic IPPUDO Shiromaru Ramen and comes with slices of the same chashu and half a ramen egg. We decided on the Yokohama Shoyu ($19) instead, which marries the Hakata-style pork bone broth and shoyu, topped with spinach, bamboo shoot and seaweed. There was also a huge rectangular slice of pork belly chashu with a lower fat-to-meat ratio.

Nirvana NY 4.2/5

We couldn’t leave without checking out the intriguing plant-based ramen, Nirvana NY ($18). We were more than surprised by the robust plant-based broth, which was both creamy and nutty, enhanced by the fragrance of onion oil.


Here, you will be served hand-pressed wavy noodles, a slice of grilled eggplant chasu, enoki tempura, grated carrots, and spring onion. While I wished there were a few more ingredients to justify the price tag better, it was a delightful bowl to enjoy.

Photos and words by Jo. A girl who loves her Mala (麻辣) at Da La (大辣), discovering hidden food gems and a good cup of matcha latte. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Shaw Centre
1 Scotts Road
Singapore 228208
Tel: +65 6235 2547
Nearest MRT: Orchard MRT (TE, NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri; 11.30am - 9.20pm
Sat-Sun: 11am - 9.20pm

1) Alight at Orchard MRT station. Take Exit 1. Take the underpass to Shaw House. Walk to ground level. Walk to Shaw Centre next door. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

Monday, May 27, 2024

FYSH @ The Singapore EDITION - New Communal Seafood-focused Sunday Brunch by Australian Award-winning Chef Josh Niland


FYSH at EDITION is unlike your traditional steakhouses and Sunday Brunches. Led by Australian Award-winning Chef Josh Niland, the restaurant adopts an ethical and sustainable approach to seafood, with a menu focused on "whole fish cooking." This approach also means that at FYSH, every part of the fish is creatively incorporated into the menu as much as possible.


The FYSH Roast experience, available exclusively for Sunday lunch from 12pm to 2.30pm, offers a communal dining experience priced from $108 per person. Diners can also opt for Flowing Champagne packages, along with complimentary free flow coffee, tea, juices, and soft drinks.



Diners can choose between two distinct dining areas. The corridor seating offers a serene ambience surrounded by greenery and bathed in natural sunlight. In contrast, the main dining hall features dimmer lighting, creating a warmer and cosier yet elegant atmosphere.


Our knowledgeable servers rolled the FYSH Trolley to our table, introducing the various fish and cuts that will be served during our meal. Depending on your group size, you can choose your preferred main dish, with options available for individual portions or group servings for two or four people. For a wider variety, I definitely recommend dining with a larger group.

Charcoal Grilled Slipper Lobster 4.5/5

The brunch begins with five seafood starters. The Charcoal-Grilled Slipper Lobster stands out as a favourite for many of my dining companions and me. It's succulent and lightly seasoned, allowing its natural sweetness to shine through.


FYSH Egg Tart 4/5

The vibrant FYSH Egg Tart was another popular starter. The burst of briny trout roe in a crisp tart shell was delightful.

Raw Amberjack in Royal Kombu 3.8/5

The Raw Amberjack in Royal Kombu might look ordinary, but it had a surprising slice of amberjack wrapped within crunchy and thick kombu.

Abrolhos Island Scallop 4.2/5

Accompanied the fresh Abrolhos Island Scallop was an addictive housemade XO sauce.

Swordfish Empanadas 4/5

The curry puff-lookalike Swordfish Empanadas had an appetising swordfish filling with a bit of spiciness. Make sure to pair this with the roasted garlic yoghurt.


Selection of Dry-Aged Wooloolaba Yellowfin Tuna 4.5/5

Next came a showstopper: the Selection of Dry-Aged Wooloolaba Yellowfin Tuna. This dish featured a dry-aged yellowfin tuna ribeye steak, merguez sausage, and glazed skirt steak, accompanied by various condiments such as parsley and shallot salad, Café de Paris butter, harissa, chimichurri, and tuna bone sauce. Not only was it a visual feast, but it also showcased FYSH's expertise in seafood and grilling. It was fun pairing it with a variety of condiments for different flavours.


Sides of Selection of Dry-Aged Wooloolaba Yellowfin Tuna

Alongside the yellowfin tuna, we were served a refreshing Salad of Ox Heart Tomato and Stone Fruit, as well as perfectly fried and seasoned Salt & Vinegar Onion Rings and Kombu Fries.


Butterflied Aquna Murray Cod 4.2/5

Roasted in the Josper grill, the smoky Butterflied Aquna Murray Cod was presented with a golden brown finish and surrounded with pressed roast potatoes, BBQ padron peppers, and BBQ tomato chimichurri. Recommended condiments here were herbs & shallot vinaigrette, and garlic aioli.

Roasted & Glazed Free-Range Duck 4.2/5

If you are less into fish, the Roasted & Glazed Free-Range Duck would be the one to consider. The succulent slices of duck complemented sweet barbecued white peaches, chickpea & fennel seed panisse, sweet & sour radicchio and hazelnut & duck sauce.

Line Caught Flounder on the Bone 4.5/5

The last of our mains was the Line Caught Flounder on the Bone with java brown clams, creamy celeriac purée and BBQ apple purée. The tender fish meat is finished with a buttery flounder bone sauce.

Side of Line Caught Flounder on the Bone

On the side is a selection of mushrooms, black funghi and tangerine spinach.

Apple Tarte Tatin 4/5

We moved on to desserts, starting with the Apple Tarte Tatin. This thin-crusted tart was served with celeriac custard.

Chocolate & Murray Cod Fat Caramel 4.2/5

The Chocolate & Murray Cod Fat Caramel is a unique chocolate tart because it includes Murray cod fat caramel, which imparts a slight hint of fishiness. It may not be for everyone, but it definitely surprised us.


Tart Trifle of Red Fruits 4/5

Put together with rose cream, rose jelly and coconut, the Tart Trifle of Red Fruits should be your choice of dessert if you have a sweet tooth and are a fan of floral flavours. It was sweet and tangy and made an excellent conclusion to our meal.

Despite the mixed reviews online, we had a lovely dining experience that showcased an emphasis on sustainability. Guests can make reservations directly at, and it's best to come in a group to try more dishes.

Photos and words by Jo. A girl who loves her Mala (麻辣) at Da La (大辣), discovering hidden food gems and a good cup of matcha latte. Note: This is an invited tasting.

The Singapore Edition
38 Cuscaden Road
Singapore 249731
Tel: +65 6329 5000
Nearest MRT: Orchard Boulevard (TE Line)

Opening Hours:
Breakfast: 6.30am to 10.30am
Lunch: 12pm to 2.30pm
Dinner (Monday to Thursday): 6pm to 10pm
Dinner (Friday to Sunday): 6pm to 10.30pm

1) Alight at Orchard Boulevard MRT Station. Take Exit 1. Turn right and walk down Cuscaden Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 8 minutes. [Map]

2) Alight at Orchard MRT Station. Take Exit 11. Walk down Orchard Boulevard Road towards Four Seasons Hotel. Take the walking path beside Four Seasons Hotel to the back of the hotel toward Forum Shopping Mall. Turn left onto Cuscaden Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 10 minutes. [Map]

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Yan Ting @ St. Regis Singapore - Rediscover a New Inimitable Dining Experience


With the reopening of Yan Ting at The St. Regis, the restaurant now boasts a refreshed modern look that exudes a lush, rich, and moody ambience. Alongside this aesthetic transformation, Yan Ting has welcomed newly appointed Executive Chinese Chef Chan Chung Shing, who masterfully pays homage to authentic Cantonese cuisine while infusing it with diverse modern flavours.


Appetiers 4.5/5

We began our meal with a quartet of appetisers featuring Yan Ting's signature dishes: Honey-glazed Barbecued Iberico Pork, Fried 'Pik Fong Tong' Radish Cake, Pan-seared Hokkaido Scallop with Caviar, and Chilled Abalone. Among these, the 'Pik Fong Tong' Radish Cake stood out with its unique execution, incorporating a distinct Hong Kong flavour into a dim sum classic.

Braised Superior Bird's Nest, Crabmeat, Pumpkin Broth 4.8/5

Following the appetisers, I savoured a bowl of Braised Superior Bird's Nest with Crabmeat and Pumpkin Broth. The naturally bland bird's nest was elevated by the sweetness of the crab meat and pumpkin, resulting in a comforting and nourishing finish.


Steamed Leopard Coral Grouper, Dough Stick, Garlic 4.2/5

The next dish was Steamed Leopard Coral Grouper with Dough Stick and Garlic. The sweet and flaky grouper flesh was beautifully infused with a garlicky aroma and paired with the crispness of dough sticks. While I'm accustomed to pairing steamed fish with soft tofu, the dough stick provided a refreshing and unique dimension to the dish.


Crispy Beef Short Ribs 4.2/5

Another savoury delight was the Crispy Beef Short Ribs. The dish featured a delightful contrast of tender meat enveloped in a satisfying crunchy coating, complemented by a medley of spices and aromatics.

Wok-fried Lobster Angel Hair Pasta, Truffle 4.2/5

An unusual yet innovative take on Cantonese cuisine, the Wok-fried Lobster Angel Hair Pasta with Truffle was a standout dish. The incorporation of pasta added a bold modern twist, resulting in an indulgent and harmonious combination of textures. Each mouthful was infused with the rich, sweet flavour of lobster, accented by the light, earthy notes of truffle.

Chilled Panna Cotta 4.2/5

To conclude our meal, we enjoyed the Chilled Panna Cotta. This dessert struck the perfect balance between firmness and creaminess, offering a smooth, silky, and light experience that was both elegant and comforting.

Yan Ting's reopening under the guidance of Chef Chan Chung Shing promises an exceptional dining experience. It blends the rich traditions of Cantonese cuisine with contemporary flair, and the combination of innovative dishes and classic flavours ensures that every visit is memorable.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Yan Ting
The St. Regis Singapore
Level 1U
29 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247911
Tel: +65 6506 6887
Nearest MRT: Orchard Boulevard (TE Line), Orchard (NS, TE Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 12pm - 230pm, 6pm - 1030pm
Weekend Dim Sum Brunch: 1030am - 1230pm (1st seating), 1pm - 3pm (2nd seating)

1) Alight at Orchard MRT station. Take Exit 4. Walk towards Wheelock Place via ION. Exit Wheelock Place and turn left towards Liat Tower. Continue onwards to Forum Shopping Mall. Walk further down to Orchard Parade Hotel. Turn left onto Tanglin Road. St Regis is just beside Tanglin Shopping Centre. Journey time about 15 minutes. [Map]

2) Alight at Orchard Boulevard MRT station. Take Exit 1. Turn left onto Cuscaden Road. Walk to Tomlinson Road. Turn left onto Tomlinson Road. Walk to Tanglin Road. Turn right onto Tanglin Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 8 minutes. [Map]

Friday, May 10, 2024

Mosella @ Pan Pacific Orchard - Savour the Bold Flavours of The Mediterranean in an Unforgettable Brunch Experience


Mosella at Pan Pacific Orchard, located within the luxurious confines of Pan Pacific Orchard, recently launched its Saturday Brunch. This exquisite dining experience celebrates the diverse and rich cuisine of the region. Nestled amidst the lush ambience of Pan Pacific Orchard, this brunch affair promises an indulgent spread, live jazz music, and unparalleled hospitality.

48 Months Iberico Ham

Spanish Crystal Bread Tomato

Burrata & Heirloom Tomatoes

The brunch experience kicks off with a selection of signature appetisers served tableside. Among the highlights is the 48 Months Iberico Ham paired with Spanish Crystal Bread spread, evoking fond memories of Spanish adventures with each bite. The Burrata & Heirloom Tomatoes delight with their creamy texture and vibrant flavours, complemented by arugula, fennel compote, and candied walnuts drizzled in basil oil and balsamic vinegar.

Hamachi Tiradito

Amelie Fine de Claire Oyster N3

For seafood enthusiasts, the Hamachi Tiradito presents Japanese yellowtail lightly flavoured in a refreshing mandarin & truffle ponzu sauce, garnished with crispy quinoa and garlic chips. Meanwhile, the Amelie Fine de Claire Oyster N3 offers a delightful briny indulgence, elevated with bloody Mary foam and wafu sauce.

Chicken Siew Mai

Prawn Har Gow

After relishing the four delectable appetisers served tableside, I eagerly made my way to the expansive buffet spread. My first stop? The dim sum section, where tempting offerings awaited. Among the array of choices, the Siew Mai and Har Gow stood out as timeless classics. The Siew Mai, with its succulent filling encased in a thin, translucent wrapper, offered a delightful balance of savoury flavours. Meanwhile, the Har Gow, showcasing plump shrimp enveloped in a delicate yet resilient casing, provided a burst of freshness with every bite.

Grilled Catch of The Day

The Grill section at Mosella's Saturday Brunch is an absolute must-visit for any discerning food enthusiast. Here, culinary delights are expertly crafted and fired to perfection on the Josper Grill, promising a symphony of flavours and textures that are sure to tantalise the taste buds. Among the array of offerings, the Grilled Catch of The Day takes centre stage, showcasing the freshest seafood expertly cooked over the open flame. Each bite reveals a succulent and perfectly grilled fillet, bursting with the natural flavours of the ocean. The Cochinillo - Spanish Suckling Pig, is a true delight for those craving a taste of Spain — tender and flavourful, with a crispy skin that crackles with each bite.

Cochinillo - Spanish Suckling Pig

Grilled Chicken Thigh Skewer, New Zealand Lamb Chop

Not to be overlooked are the Grilled Chicken Thigh Skewer and New Zealand Lamb Chop, each offering its own unique flavour profiles and textures. Whether you're a fan of tender, succulent chicken or prefer the robust flavour of lamb, these dishes are sure to satisfy you.

Salmon Wellington

Black Angus Beef Tenderloin


For meat lovers seeking the pinnacle of indulgence, the carving station at Mosella's Saturday Brunch beckons with its tantalising offerings of Salmon Wellington and Black Angus Beef Tenderloin. It promises a feast of unparalleled enjoyment, crafted with precision and finesse to delight even the most discerning palates. The Salmon Wellington is true artistry, whereby succulent salmon fillets are enveloped in a flaky puff pastry crust, creating a symphony of textures with each bite. The richness of the salmon is complemented by the buttery pastry, resulting in a dish that is both comforting and sophisticated. Meanwhile, the Black Angus Beef Tenderloin takes centre stage as the epitome of indulgence. This premium cut of beef is renowned for its exceptional tenderness and flavour, and at Mosella, it is expertly prepared to perfection. Each slice reveals a juicy and succulent interior, bursting with the rich flavours of perfectly grilled beef.

Kashmiri Lamb Ragon Josh, Palak Paneer, Mee Goreng Mamak

The Indian section beckons with an array of aromatic and flavorful delights that transport diners to the vibrant streets of India. From hearty curries to tantalising grilled meats, each dish is a celebration of rich spices and bold flavours that promise to tantalise the taste buds and evoke a sense of culinary bliss. One standout dish from the Indian section is the Kashmiri Lamb Rogan Josh, a classic North Indian curry known for its robust flavours and tender meat. Slow-cooked to perfection, the succulent lamb melts in the mouth while the fragrant spices infuse every bite with warmth and depth of flavour. The Palak Paneer offers a delightful combination of creamy spinach and soft, homemade paneer cheese for vegetarians. The dish is a true comfort food, with the earthy flavours of spinach complementing the subtle tanginess of the paneer, creating a harmony of textures and tastes that is simply irresistible. Lastly, the Mee Goreng Mamak offered a tantalising fusion of Indian and Malay flavours, with stir-fried noodles tossed in a fragrant spice blend and served with a medley of fresh vegetables and succulent pieces of meat. Each bite is a symphony of flavours, with hints of spice and sweetness dancing on the palate.


The pasta section stands out as a beloved station among diners. It offers a delightful array of freshly prepared pasta dishes cooked to order, ensuring optimal freshness and flavour in every bite. With an enticing selection of pasta varieties and accompanying sauces, this station promises a plate of deliciousness that caters to every palate.


From delicate pastries to decadent chocolates, the dessert spread at Mosella's Saturday Brunch offers something for every palate. Guests can delight in a tempting selection of cakes, tarts, and confections, each lovingly crafted by skilled pastry chefs using only the finest ingredients. Whether you prefer rich and indulgent chocolate desserts or light and refreshing fruit-based treats, there will surely be something to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Photo 14-10-23, 12 15 21 PM

Available every Saturday from 12pm to 3pm, the Mosella Saturday Brunch is priced at $108 per adult and $54 per child aged 8-12 years old. From appetising crudo to premium cuts expertly seasoned and finished over charcoal fire, Mosella invites you to savour the bold flavours of the Mediterranean in an unforgettable brunch experience.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Pan Pacific Orchard
10 Claymore Road
Singapore 229540
Tel: +65 6991 6875
Nearest MRT: Orchard (NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Sat Brunch: 12pm - 3pm

1) Alight at Orchard MRT station. Take Exit 4. Walk towards Wheellock Place via ION. Exit Wheellock Place and turn left towards Liat Tower. Cross the road at the traffic light junction and turn left towards Royal Thai Embassy. Walk to Palais Renaissance which is right after Royal Thai Embassy. Cut through Palais Renaissance to the other side of the building. Pan Pacific Orchard is opposite the building. Journey time about 10 minutes. [Map]