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Thursday, March 21, 2024

808 Eating House @ Joo Chiat Road - New Brunch Collaboration with Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee


We first stepped into 808 Eating House for Province Restaurant's omakase experience. Province was tucked away at the back, where we needed to walk through 808 Eating House to reach. The latter caught our attention, and I made a mental note to return to try their dishes.


Situated in the quaint Joo Chiat neighbourhood, this Asian restaurant specialises in fusion-style local creations, blending a diverse range of culinary influences. Their brunch and dinner menus feature sharing snacks, mains, sides, and desserts. In collaboration with Tiong Hoe Specialty Coffee, customers can now indulge in delicious food over a cup of aromatic coffee.

Duck Fat Financiers 4.5/5

I was most intrigued by the Duck Fat Financiers ($10), especially after learning that they're currently one of the most popular sharing snacks on the menu. While the financiers were slightly dense, they had a decent fluffy texture.


Pairing them with the chicken liver mousse was a delightful combination. The mousse was rich, buttery, and had a perfect balance of salty and sweet flavours.

Pickled Quail Eggs 4.2/5

We also ordered the Pickled Quail Eggs ($6), about a dollar each. They were thoroughly marinated, delivering an immediate kick of black vinegar with a hint of coriander fragrance lingering in the background.

Charcoal Grilled Kaya Toast 4.2/5

Are you looking for a unique twist on your classic kaya toast? Try the Charcoal Grilled Kaya Toast ($8), where the chefs have elevated the dish with a special housemade kaya that's creamy and rich in coconut flavour. It strikes a good balance of sweetness, and the toast is crunchy. However, if you're not a fan of coconut, you might want to skip this option.

Chicken Curry Rice 4.8/5

I absolutely adored the Chicken Curry Rice ($18). Our server highly recommended this, and I definitely understand why. The dish features fluffy Hom Mali rice topped with prawn-coconut floss, chicken skin crumbles, and chives, accompanied by a fragrant pour of Hainanese curry and a side of crispy chicken thigh.

While I wished they were more generous with the curry, it still won me. The curry was mildly coconutty yet flavorful, with a delightful lingering spice.

Cold Bee Hoon 4/5

The Cold Bee Hoon ($7) reminded us of cold-tossed somen. It used rice vermicelli, shallot oil, shio kombu, sakura ebi and chives. While the flavours were present, I found it too moist as a whole.

Ice Cream Sandwich 3.8/5

Among the three dessert options, we decided on the Ice Cream Sandwich ($13) with black sesame parfait, coconut caramel, mushroom crumble and mint. We didn't notice that it used parfait instead of regular ice cream, and we were less of a fan of the slightly oily mouthfeel.

Photos and words by Jo. A girl who loves her Mala (麻辣) at Da La (大辣), discovering hidden food gems and a good cup of matcha latte. Note: This is an invited tasting.

808 Eating House
153 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427431
Tel: +65 8946 8089
Nearest MRT: Dakota (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Wed-Fri: 12pm - 3pm, 5pm - 11pm
Sat-Sun: 8am - 3pm, 5pm - 11pm
(Closed on Mon and Tue)

1) Alight at Dakota MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to bus stop at block 99 (Stop ID 81181). Take bus 33. Alight 5 stops later. Walk across the open-air carpark. Walk to destination. Journey time about 12 minutes. [Map]

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

The Feather Blade @ East Coast Road - Second Outlet with a Brand New Seafood Bar Alongside Store-exclusive Surf & Turf Dishes


The Feather Blade Steakhouse, renowned for its commitment to alternative cuts of beef, ventures into the East Coast with its second outlet. This new establishment introduces a seafood bar, showcasing delectable treasures from the sea, and debuts store-exclusive surf and turf dishes. In the spirit of melding the boldest flavours from the land with the sweetest offerings from the sea, The Feather Blade Steakhouse aims to provide a unique surf and turf steakhouse experience that resonates with Singaporeans' love for both steak and seafood.

Oysters 4/5

From the Seafood Bar, we indulged in Fresh Oysters from France, each pair paired with distinct accompaniments. The Salsa Taquera ($7.80/pair) offered a burst of flavours, while the Ponzu Ikura ($12/pair) elevated the oysters with a delightful zing.

Shrimp Cocktail 4/5

Another tempting creation from the seafood bar was the Shrimp Cocktail ($18.50 for 3pc). The prawns, poached to perfection and served chilled, retained their freshness and crunch. Accompanied by a sweet and tangy house cocktail sauce, it was a delightful symphony of flavours.

Scallop 4/5

Continuing our seafood experience, the Hokkaido Scallop Carpaccio ($16), served with a shiso lime glaze, the sweet scallop received a zesty finishing touch, accentuated by the briny burst of salmon roe.

White Corn 4/5

The menu includes a vegetable delight - White Corn ($8.50). Charred to perfection, the corn was remarkably sweet, with a hint of smokiness. The smoked paprika oil added a touch of spiciness, while the tarragon cream provided a creamy balance.

Aubergine 3.8/5

The Aubergine ($7.50) from Australia presented a unique pairing. While the eggplant was mild, the dish exploded with flavours from the feta cheese, miso glaze, and balsamico. Cashew nuts sprinkled on top added an extra layer of texture contrast.

Bincho Feather Blade 3.5/5

For the pièce de résistance, we savoured the Bincho Feather Blade ($28 for 200g). Grilled with a sweet and savoury house glaze over Bincotan, this signature steak might not be the most tender cut, but it compensates with a smoky richness in flavour.

Fries 4/5

Accompanying our main course was the Triple Cooked Wagyu Beef Fat Fries ($7.90). Crispy, fluffy, and imbued with the fragrance of wagyu beef fat, these fries were a delight. The dill sour cream dip added a refreshing twist, or, for an extra indulgence, you could opt for the ikura dip.

Swordfish Sando 4.5/5

A surprising gem was the Swordfish Sando ($32). Featuring swordfish belly with smoked katsu sauce sandwiched between toasted Japanese milk bread, it played an optical illusion akin to a pork sando. However, the swordfish's taste and tenderness set it apart, making it a remarkable dish.


Pistachio Tiramisu 3/5

The dessert, Pistachio Tiramisu, was a moist creation with a creamy pool of pistachio sauce drenching it, and pistachio nuts adding a delightful texture. Unfortunately, the pistachio flavour was somewhat subdued, leaving room for improvement.

In conclusion, The Feather Blade Steakhouse's East Coast outlet has successfully brought a unique blend of land and sea to the whole experience. With its alternative cuts of beef and the addition of a seafood bar, it continues to redefine the steakhouse experience, offering a symphony of flavours that will surely resonate with steak and seafood enthusiasts alike.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

The Feather Blade | Steak & Seafood Bar
225 East Coast Road
Singapore 428922
Nearest MRT: Dakota (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon: 530pm - 11pm
Tue-Fri: 12pm - 330pm, 530pm - 11pm
Sat-Sun: 1130am - 11pm

1) Alight at Dakota MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to bus stop at block 99 (Stop ID 81181). Take bus number 10 or 32. Alight 7 stops later. Walk to destination. Journey time about 18 minutes. [Map]

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Merci Marcel @ Katong - All-day Dining of Comfort Food with a French Flair in Merci Marcel’s 4th Outlet in Singapore


Merci Marcel's 4th outlet sits in the heart of Katong, their first venture into the East. Located in Santa Grand Hotel, the casual French restaurant is decked out in a fun new colonial and contemporary interior.


Early birds will be happy to have another spot to enjoy as they open every day from 8am into the night. Diners can expect a French tapas menu alongside speciality coffee, curated cocktails and French wines.


A centrepiece of this new outlet is the snazzy bar offering unique and vibrant selections of cocktails.

Salmon Crudo 4/5

To start, we had the Salmon Crudo ($20), which had salmon tartare on tangy pickled enoki with a dressing of cucumber gazpacho to be enjoyed with bread. I personally expected a bit more of this, but the clean flavour profile may suit if you're looking for something light.

Roasted Feta 4/5

The Roasted Feta ($16) is a decent sharing plate, with the slab of cheese served on a bed of poached pear, with slices of fresh pair, rosemary and a drizzle of honey and rosemary.

Ravioles de Royans 4.5/5

Merci Marcel's Ravioles de Royans ($20 for Small, $32 for Large) has been one of their most loved dishes since its opening. The adorable bites of French dumpling pasta are filled with Tête de Moine cheese, served with a creamy sauce and further topped with cheese florets.


It may look unassuming, but it gets more addictive with each bite. We loved how flavourful it was with the unadulterated taste of cheese, without being overwhelming.

French Mac & Cheese 4.5/5

Fans of mac & cheese got to try their rendition of French Mac & Cheese ($25). The creamy and lightly seasoned cheese macaroni is held within a buttery, flaky pastry, paired with ham chiffonnade and cheese crisps. Surprisingly, it wasn't as heavy as we thought, and we thoroughly enjoyed the variety of textures.

Marcel’s Waffle Iron Style “Croiffle” 4/5

The Marcel's Waffle Iron Style "Croiffle" ($11) was recommended by our server as her favourite on the menu for desserts. There's caramel, bananas and a scoop of vanilla ice cream to accompany the croiffle. While the combination was likeable, I preferred the croiffle to be served more warmly.

Chocolate & Whisky Pie 4.2/5

We ended our night with the Chocolate & Whisky Pie ($13). The crisp shortcrust pastry and mildly sweet yet rich chocolate filling will easily satisfy any chocolate lovers.

Photos and words by Jo. A girl who loves her Mala (麻辣) at Da La (大辣), discovering hidden food gems and a good cup of matcha latte. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Merci Marcel
171 East Coast Road
Singapore 428877
Tel: +65 6015 0906
Nearest MRT: Dakota MRT (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Tue-Sat: 8am - 12midnight
Sun-Mon: 8am - 11pm

1) Alight at Dakota MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to bus stop at block 99 (Stop ID 81181). Take bus number 10 or 32. Alight 7 stops later. Walk to destination. Journey time about 18 minutes. [Map]

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Province @ Joo Chiat Road - Relish in a 7-course Autumn Menu of Fusion Southeast Asian Flavours in Hidden Private Dining Restaurant


Led by Chef-owner Law Jia-Jun, Province stands as a private dining restaurant in Joo Chiat dedicated to exploring the diversity of Southeast Asian ingredients and flavour combinations. Chef finds inspiration in many sources, from his childhood memories to his travels, the people he has met, and more. A meal here is perfect if you're looking for something different yet still done brilliantly.


Locating the restaurant, nestled discreetly within 808 Eating House, is the first adventure for diners. It may be tricky initially, but head on in via the main entrance of 808 Eating House, and the staff will provide guidance.


The intimate space, accommodating only eight guests, is perfect for a date night or a cosy celebration with friends and family. The chef refreshes his menu every season, curating the finest ingredients for his creations. The 7-course prix fixe menu begins with smaller bites, progresses to larger-sized proteins, and concludes with desserts. During this visit, we had the opportunity to try the Autumn menu.

Rice ‘Toast’ with Charcoal Seared Prawns 4.8/5

We were impressed right from the first dish, the Rice 'Toast' with Charcoal Seared Prawns. Inspired by grilled onigiri, the toast here was made of rice, giving it a unique texture, topped with fresh and sweet seared prawns from Ah Hua Kelong.

Ah Ma’s Popiah 4/5

Next was a dish inspired by Chef's grandma - Ah Ma's Popiah. With a chewier skin base with a hint of butter fragrance, this elevated rendition of popiah featured cured pork belly, sweet sauce and fried beancurd.

Yakitori 4.2/5

Instead of the traditional choice of chicken, the Yakitori at Province uses local deboned frog leg. It is charcoal grilled and served with a charred calamansi for a drizzle of acidity.

Cephalopod 4.5/5

The Cephalopod highlights squid in two ways. First in a smoky grilled style and second as fried. Paired with pomelo, betel leaf, and pickled spring onions, the dish was a harmonious mix of savoury, sweet, tangy, and subtle bitterness.

Into the Brassica Garden 4.2/5

Into the Brassica Garden showcases ingredients which were all sourced from Cameron Highlands. The dish features various forms of broccoli, including a warm and creamy broccoli puree as the base, complemented by kohlrabi and mustards. The addition of calamansi vinaigrette provides a delightful brightness to the ensemble.

Golden Cap Farms 4.5/5

Mushroom lovers would surely be delighted with Chef's Golden Cap Farms. This dish combines a medley of King Blue Oyster mushrooms and fermented mushrooms topped with caramelised onions, croutons, and chives. The dish, reminiscent of a mushroom pie, impressed with its layered flavours, even though the caramelised onions stole a bit of the spotlight.

Finned 4.5/5

Finned has fork-tender local halibut served with Ah Hua Kelong's clams, garlic scapes and a lightly savoury barigoule sauce. It was a delightful take on halibut.

Feathered 4.8/5

The most surprising dish for many of us was Feathered. Despite its unassuming appearance, it delivered a remarkable depth of flavour. The chicken, meticulously prepared by removing the skin and stuffing it with various chicken parts, including liver and heart, was marinated in whisky and homemade five spices before being roasted. The succulent meat was paired with a scoop of nutty roasted yam, coriander oil, and a black vinegar reduction infused with a 10-year-old Chinese Hua Diao wine.

Fruit I 4.8/5

We thought using starfruit in Fruit I, our first dessert, was genius! It was made up of variations of starfruit with attap seeds as the icy base. I've never been a fan of attap seeds as well, but the use of them here for their sweetness and crunchy texture was excellent. It was lovely paired with a topping of tangerine gem, which provided citrusy floral notes.

Fruit II 4.8/5

Our second dessert of Fruit II was equally impressive. Here, we had a base of Indonesian vanilla chantilly between crunchy mille-feuille, sweet Berangan bananas poached in rum and spices, and a scoop of rum ice cream. It reminded us of a childhood sweet treat, but much more elevated.

While some may find the overall portion of food to lean smaller, I thoroughly enjoyed Chef Jia-Jun's innovative creations. The team provided attentive and warm service, taking the time to explain each meticulously prepared dish passionately. It was a delightful experience worth a visit!

Photos and words by Jo. A girl who loves her Mala (麻辣) at Da La (大辣), discovering hidden food gems and a good cup of matcha latte. Note: This is an invited tasting.

(Located inside 808 Eating House)
153 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427431
Tel: +65 8075 1896
Nearest MRT: Dakota (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Thu-Sat (Lunch)
1st Seating: 12.30pm

Tue-Sat (Dinner)
1st Seating : 6.15pm
2nd Seating : 8.30pm

1) Alight at Dakota MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to bus stop at block 99 (Stop ID 81181). Take bus 33. Alight 5 stops later. Walk across the open-air carpark. Walk to destination. Journey time about 12 minutes. [Map]

Saturday, October 14, 2023

Little Farms Bistro @ Katong Point - Introduces Brand New Wood-fired Creations

Photo 1-10-23, 7 01 46 PM

Located at Katong Point, Little Farms Bistro introduces its brand-new wood-fired gastronomic creations. Head Chef Ming Earn curates a menu that celebrates the finest farm-fresh ingredients, emphasizing wood-fired grilled dishes featuring high-welfare meats from renowned brands, elevating dining with a harmonious fusion of flavours, from vibrant salads to satisfying mains, all prepared thoughtfully to deliver exceptional taste and nutritional value.

Photo 1-10-23, 7 05 01 PM

Kickstart the meal with thirst quenchers such as the Grapefruit & Hibiscus Lemonade ($8) and Orange & Lavender Earl Grey Iced Tea ($8). The latter stands out for its delicate fragrance of orange and lavender, a refreshing beverage for those who appreciate a touch of floral and citrus in their tea.

Photo 1-10-23, 6 54 30 PM
Prawn & Bourbon Bisque 4/5

The Prawn & Bourbon Bisque ($14) is a sumptuous soup offering a rich and creamy base infused with the essence of prawns. The addition of bourbon adds a unique depth and sophistication to the flavour profile, creating a harmonious blend of smoky and slightly sweet notes.

Photo 1-10-23, 7 07 49 PM
Cured Salmon Tartare 4.2/5

The Cured Salmon Tartare ($12) features finely chopped cured salmon, accompanied by grilled Wawa cabbage for a smoky dimension, creamy avocado wasabi for a touch of heat, and garnished with lumpfish roe, which adds briny notes that accentuate the flavours of the salmon.

Photo 1-10-23, 7 09 16 PM
Chermoule Braised Fable Mushroom 3.8/5

The Chermoule Braised Fable Mushroom ($24) features meaty Fable Mushrooms braised in a fragrant and slightly spicy Chermoula sauce. Accompanied by grilled aubergine, tangy tomato, and cauliflower rice, the dish offers a harmonious fusion of textures and flavours. It is served atop grilled pita bread, adding a delightful crunch and toasty aroma to the dish.

Photo 1-10-23, 7 20 44 PM
Thai Style Organic BBQ Chicken 4/5

The Thai Style Organic BBQ Chicken ($30) features organic BBQ chicken expertly grilled to perfection, achieving a juicy and tender texture. The grilling process imparts a smoky char and a mouthwatering barbecue flavour to the chicken, enhancing its natural juiciness. This Thai-inspired creation is accompanied by a refreshing scallion, pickled garlic salad, and a sweet-spicy Thai sauce, offering a harmonious blend of flavours and textures and giving the dish a distinct Thai flair.

Photo 1-10-23, 7 31 55 PM
Roaring Forties Lamb Cutlet 4.2/5

From the wood-fired grill, we tried the Roaring Forties Lamb Cutlet ($42/200g) served with mint sauce. The grilling process over the wood-fired grill imparts a delightful smokiness to the lamb, enhancing its overall flavour profile. The exterior achieves a beautiful char and slightly crispy texture, pleasingly contrasting the tender and succulent interior. The classic mint sauce adds a refreshing and herbal note, creating a harmonious balance of flavours.

Photo 1-10-23, 7 52 44 PM
Yakult Peach Mousse 4/5, Black Sesame Opera 3.5/5

For desserts, they have a selection of delectable choices, such as the Yakult Peach Mousse ($10), which features Yakult's refreshing, tangy taste paired with the sweetness and aroma of peaches. It is a harmonious and light dessert that perfectly balances fruity and creamy flavours, making it a delightful and refreshing conclusion to your meal. The Black Sesame Opera ($12) delivers a sophisticated blend of flavours. While it has a faint black sesame undertone, the predominant taste is that of nutty chocolate. It caters to chocolate lovers while offering a subtle nod to the unique taste of black sesame.

Photos and words by Crystal. A girl who likes to eat, photograph, and write about food, and dreams about travelling around the world one day. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Little Farms Bistro
Katong Point
451 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427664
Nearest MRT: Dakota (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon: 8am - 930pm
Tue-Thu: 8am - 830pm
Fri: 8am - 9pm
Sat: 730am - 9pm
Sun: 730am - 830pm

1) Alight at Dakota MRT station. Walk to bus stop at Block 99 (Stop ID 81181). Take bus number 16. Alight 4 stops later. Walk down Joo Chiat Road to destination. Journey time about 10 minutes. [Map]