Saturday, May 27, 2023

No Burn No Taste (NBNT) Private Dining By Chef Sam Chablani


No Burn No Taste by Chef Sam Chablani is one of the most sought-after private dining destinations. Unfortunately, getting a booking at No Burn No Taste (NBNT) is not easy. The last I checked, the waitlist was already full for 2023/2024. I have followed Sam's cooking philosophy of marrying fire-driven barbecue with a distinctly Asian perspective, combining premium produce with traditional, time-honoured techniques since his days at the now-defunct Fat Lulu.

Steamed Clams

Our dinner started with sweet Steamed Clams in an umami cream. I love the accompanying burnt garlic toast that is not only delicious but also allows me to soak up the delicious broth.

Tomatoes and Burrata

Not everything on the menu is barbecue items such as the light and refreshing Tomatos and Burrata Salad helps freshen the palate and whet the appetite.

Burnt Wings, Spicy Iberico Pork Satay

How can we not have chicken wings and satay when having a barbecue? It is torture to be seated just before the barbecue pit while the Burnt Wings and Spicy Iberico Pork Satay got kissed by the charcoal's heat.

"Porn" Corn

Corn may be a common ingredient, but I remembered how Chef Sam had transformed it into a delicacy at Fat Fuku. The "Porn" Corn grilled to a nice charred on its external was extremely sweet.

Charred Wagyu Skirt Steak MBS9

Moving to the mains, we had the Charred Wagyu Skirt MBS9 paired with Burnt Potatoes. Perfectly grilled to medium with beautiful pink tenderness and crispy charred edges, showcasing the intense marbling and rich beefy flavour.


Lychee-smoked Umami Crab, Lemon Garlic Butter

Besides the grilled chicken wings, pork satay and wagyu, our dinner includes seafood. The crowd's favourite for the night goes to the Crab, smoked with lychee wood paired with lemon garlic butter. The grilling and smoking enhanced the natural sweetness and brininess of the crustaceans while adding a hint of charred savoury notes.

Spencer Gulf King Prawns

As delicious as the crab was the Spencer Gulf King Prawns in an intoxicating burnt sambal cream sauce, topped with coriander. I was screaming for some toasted bread to dredge them in that splendour sauce.

We paid $185 per person for the 10-course Umami BBQ Omakase. It is one of the more expensive private dining I have visited. However, it differs from your usual barbecue as every dish is thoughtfully executed to elevate the appreciation of the premium ingredients as good as any restaurant's standard.

No Burn No Taste (NBNT) Private Dining

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