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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Toku Nori @ Telok Ayer Street - Reinventing Handrolls with Their Own Special, Modern and Unique Take



Toku Nori, a new Japanese restaurant, is nestled on the second and third storeys of a pre-war heritage shophouse along Telok Ayer Street. The name "Toku (特)" translates to "special" in Japanese, and true to its name, Toku Nori is reinventing handrolls with its unique touch. The 40-seater sushi bar counter dining space infuses traditional design elements of a Japanese handroll bar with contemporary aesthetics, offering an inviting ambience for a memorable dining experience.

Handroll: Hotate Roll 4/5

We began our dinner with a selection of handrolls, each crafted by the chef right before our eyes at the sushi bar counter, served and timed to individual pace. The Hotate Roll ($9), paired with yuzu koshi, lime, and chives, was a delightful start. The premium-grade japonica pearl rice, Koshihikari, provided a sublime balance of moisture, stickiness, and subtle sweetness that complemented the scallop's natural sweetness. The yuzu koshi and lime pairing heightened the overall flavour profile, making each bite a refreshing experience.

Handroll: Maguro Roll 4/5

Next, we had the Maguro Roll ($8), featuring smoked onion cream, crispy shallots, and melt-in-the-mouth maguro. The combination of flavours and textures worked harmoniously, offering a delightful textural enjoyment that left us craving more.

Handroll: Engawa Roll 4/5

The Engawa Roll ($9.5) was another highlight, aburi for a touch of smokiness before being wrapped into a roll with shiro miso and roast garlic. The slight char from the aburi added a depth of flavour that elevated the delicate engawa.

Premium Roll: Foie Gras Roll 4.2/5

For a more luxurious experience, we opted for the Foie Gras Roll ($16). The creamy foie gras, given a kiss of fire from the torch, was paired with a garlic soy glaze and spicy leek, resulting in an explosion of flavours that was both rich and satisfying.

Premium Roll: Wagyu & Uni Roll 4.5/5

The Wagyu & Uni Roll ($16) comprised of wagyu karubi, Hokkaido sea urchin, and caviar. This luxurious combination of fatty, melt-in-the-mouth wagyu, the sweetness of uni, and the umami from the caviar created a heavenly flavour profile that left us wanting more.

Izakaya Platter

Kakuni Pork Belly, Aburi Salmon Crispy Sushi, Maguro Popper, Chicken Rib 4.5/5

In addition to the sushi rolls, Toku Nori offers a selection of izakaya items. We sampled the Kakuni Pork Belly ($14/2pc), Aburi Salmon Crispy Sushi ($16/3pc), Maguro Popper ($12/3pc), and Chicken Ribs ($14). Each item was well executed, delicious, and perfectly complemented with alcohol, making them ideal for a casual night out.

Wagyu Sando 4/5

The Wagyu Sando was another standout dish. The rich, buttery wagyu was sandwiched between lightly toasted, golden brown bread. The exceptionally tender wagyu and the slight crunch of the bread created a delightful mouthfeel that was both satisfying and memorable.

Sakura Matcha Latte, Yuzu Matcha, Housemade Warabi Mochi 4.2/5

To wrap up our meal, we enjoyed the Housemade Warabi Mochi ($12), which was airy and soft, presented in three different flavours: kinoko, goma, and matcha. For matcha lovers, we had the Sakura Matcha Latte and Yuzu Matcha, both of which used ceremonial-grade premium tsuki matcha, offering a perfect balance of flavours to end our meal on a high note.

Toku Nori is a gem in the heart of Telok Ayer Street, offering a unique and modern take on traditional Japanese handrolls. Its inviting ambience, attentive service, and innovative menu make it a must-visit for anyone looking to explore the delicate art of sushi and handrolls. Toku Nori promises an exceptional dining experience that will leave you coming back for more.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Toku Nori
200A Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068638
Tel: +65 8082 6536
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar (EW Line), Telok Ayer (DT Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat: 1145am - 230pm, 530pm - 11pm

1) Alight at Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Take Exit G. Turn left and walk down Telok Ayer Street. Walk to destination. Journey time about 6 minutes. [Map]

2) Alight at Telok Ayer MRT station. Take Exit A. Turn left and walk to Telok Ayer Street. Turn left onto Telok Ayer Street. Walk down Telok Ayer Street. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

Monday, May 6, 2024

Pacific Emporium @ Pan Pacific Singapore - Local Inspired Afternoon Tea


A new afternoon tea experience at Pacific Emporium, Pan Pacific Singapore, celebrates our region's rich tapestry of local flavours and culinary traditions. The selection of sweet and savoury bites is thoughtfully curated and presented on a three-tier stand, accompanied by a fine selection of teas, coffee, or champagne as an add-on if you so wish.


The ambience is set with contemporary elegance, inviting guests to unwind and simply enjoy the afternoon. We were seated in one of the personal pods, which afforded us a cosy and relaxing space to enjoy our afternoon tea.


From the top tier, we had a Baba Ghanoush Avocado Bowl on Squid Ink Baguette, a colourful and tasty bite to whet the palate.


The middle tier showcased an exquisite selection of sweets: Hazelnut Crunchy Dark Coco, Apple Yuzu Citrus, Coconut Bandung with Chendol, and Mango Pomelo Sablé. Each one was well-balanced in flavour, and I particularly enjoyed the Mango Pomelo Sablé, which had refreshing tropical fruits encased in a buttery shell.


The bottom tier featured more substantial savouries, such as the Wagyu Beef Sando from Keyaki, Salted Egg Yolk Yam Puff from Hai Tien Lo, Singapore Chilli Crab Meat and Egg Custard cup with crispy Mini Bun, and Penang Crispy Pork Lobak with Five Spices wrapped in Bean Curd Skin.


On weekends, it gets even better with the Local Experience Live Stations, where guests can indulge in all-you-can-eat selections of local favourites. We ordered many warm, comforting bowls of tangy Penang Assam Laksa and Prawn Noodle Soup at the noodle station with fresh tiger prawn, water spinach and sliced pork. The broth was just too tasty!


For a bowl of Wok Hei Char Kway Teow with pacific crab meat, simply order it from the kitchen. It will come straight to your table piping hot.


The crêpe station was also really popular! Everyone wanted one of those freshly made crispy crêpes slathered with a thick layer of creamy D24 durian. That day, they were also offering the classic option of chocolate banana crêpes as an alternative. While waiting, feel free to help yourself to the DIY Fruit rojak.


This local-inspired Afternoon Tea experience is now available at Pacific Emporium with two daily seatings from 1pm to 3pm (1st seating) and 4pm to 6pm (2nd seating). The Local Experience Live Stations are available as part of the afternoon tea experience on weekends only.

The pricing is as follows:
Mondays to Fridays
$68++ per person
$88++ per person (includes a glass of Taittinger Brut Réserve Champagne)

Saturdays and Sundays
$78++ per person
$98++ per person (includes a glass of Taittinger Brut Réserve Champagne)


Photographed and penned by Shermine. Through her pictures and stories, she shares her journey of savouring new flavours and experiences. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Pacific Emporium
Pan Pacific Singapore
7 Raffles Boulevard
Level 1
Singapore 039595
Tel: +65 68268240
Nearest MRT: Promenade (CC Line, DT Line)

Opening Hours:
1st Seating: 1-3pm
2nd Seating: 4-6pm

1) Alight at Promenade MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Tonkatsu ENbiton @ Vivocity - First Ever Yuzu Pork Tonkatsu Restaurant


EN Group has made a remarkable debut in Singapore's culinary scene with the launch of VivoCity's first-ever "yuzu pork" tonkatsu restaurant - Tonkatsu ENbiton. This 46-seater restaurant showcases the unique utilization of yuzu-infused pork sourced from Kagoshima. The pigs are thoughtfully fed with local yuzu as part of their regular diet, resulting in a nutritious pork rich in vitamin C, pectin and citric acid, which holds a higher melting point of fat.

Ume Shiso Hiyayakko

We started with the Ume Shiso Hiyayakko ($5), a delightful arrangement of silky-smooth cold tofu crowned with pickles. The combination provided a clean and invigorating taste, with the tangy zest from the pickles perfectly elevating the flavour profile.

Suntory The Premium Malt’s Pilsner Beer

Given the sweltering weather, we sought solace in a glass of Suntory The Premium Malt's Pilsner Beer to quench our thirst and complement the forthcoming deep-fried tonkatsu selections.

Oroshi Yuzu Rosu Katsu Set 3.8/5

Our attention then turned to the Oroshi Yuzu Rosu Katsu Set (S$24), which showcased the pinnacle of deep-fried excellence. The crispy and succulent yuzu-infused pork loin katsu was accompanied by grated yuzu ponzu daikon, Japanese white rice, cabbage and arugula, pickles, and tonjiru (pork miso soup). The refreshing touch of radish helped cleanse the palate after indulging in the rich, deep-fried delights. While the pork exhibited juiciness, we found it to be lacking in robust porky flavour. However, it's worth mentioning that the rice and cabbage offerings were delightfully free-flow.

Miyazaki Gyukatsu 3.8/5


For those seeking a touch of luxury, the A4/A5 Miyazaki Wagyu Katsu ($39) served with a hot stone grill captured our attention. Adorned with a light coat of crispy panko, this gyukatsu experience allowed diners to grill the wagyu to their desired doneness on the teppan hot stone. While Miyazaki is renowned for its high-quality wagyu, its premium quality didn't shine through in texture and flavour. While it may originate from Miyazaki, it likely wasn't from the top-tier cuts. Additionally, it's important to note that this option is limited to one order per person.

Miyazaki Wagyu Katsu Sando 3.5/5

Lastly, we encountered what could be described as one of the most visually unappealing sando. The chunky presentation made it challenging to bite into, even though it featured the same A4/A5 Miyazaki Wagyu ($37) as the previous gyukatsu dish. Nonetheless, the meat retained its succulence, potentially due to the utilization of a thicker cut.

Despite our observations regarding the premium quality of the cuts, it's undeniable that the dining experience offered excellent value for money.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Tonkatsu ENbiton
1 HarbourFront Walk
Singapore 098585
Tel: +65 62648633
Nearest MRT: Harbourfront (CC, NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am - 10pm

1) Alight at Harbourfront MRT station. Take Exit C or E. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Gyu San Sando @ Forum the Shopping Mall - New Outlet In The Heart Of The City


Known for its luxurious Kamichiku's Satsuma Gyu Sando, Gyu San Sando is now even more accessible with a new outlet at Forum The Shopping Mall.

A5 Striploin Sando 4.8/5

Featuring the highly prized Kamichiku's Satsuma Gyu 4% Miracle, this A5 Striploin Sando ($52) is one of the most extravagant sandos. Done in katsu style, the striploin's melting texture was accentuated. The wagyu fats are rendered in the mouth with each bite, releasing decadent beefy flavours in every mouthful. Elevating the overall taste is the thin spread of sweet-tangy Gyu San Tare, which complemented the robust flavour of the meat. At the same time, the contrasting sharp, creamy Wasabi Aioli on the other side of the bread cut through the richness of the beef.

Tamago Sando 4/5

Tamago Sando ($18) came vibrant with a generous portion of thick and fluffy tamago. Also prepared in katsu style, the crisp panko made it extra tasty by taking on the tare and wasabi aioli while also giving it an additional texture. While the overall taste was enjoyable, the sweetness level of the tamago could be reduced for a more balanced flavour.

Salmon Pizza 4/5

The Salmon Pizza ($32) surprised with a thin and flaky crust. Brimming with toppings, the combination of the crispy base, luscious salmon and the various saltish pops of Tobiko, Squid ink Tobiko and ikura brought a pleasing textural contrast. The crust was slightly buttery, which worked well with the briny notes of the pizza.

Wagyu Chips 4.5/5

Wagyu Chips ($8) is another highly raved dish. The ultra-thin Russet potato chips were fried to perfection in top-grade Wagyu fat and finished with a sprinkle of sweet, sharp, mustardy Gyu san wasabi furikake, making them even more irresistible.

Photos and words by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Gyu San Sando
Forum The Shopping Mall
583 Orchard Road
Singapore 238884
Tel: +65 83136655
Nearest MRT: Orchard (NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 1130am – 10pm
Sat-Sun: 9am - 10pm

1) Alight at Orchard MRT station. Take Exit 4. Walk towards Wheelock Place via ION. Exit Wheelock Place and turn left towards Liat Tower. Walk down Orchard Road to destination. Journey time about 12 minutes. [Map]

Friday, September 16, 2022

Mio Fine Foods ( 美桜 ) @ Neil Road - A Sanctuary Awaits You With Artisanal Fine Japanese Cuisine



Mio Fine Foods ( 美桜 ) is the latest restaurant to be opened along Neil Road. The restaurant offers traditional yet artisanal fine Japanese cuisine. The restaurant is designed with the concept of Kanso, bringing the Japanese Zen philosophy that emphasises simplicity to its space. Stepping into the restaurant felt like stepping into an indoor garden.

Premium Sashimi Moriwase 4.5/5

The Premium Sashimi Moriwase ($80) features the freshest catch comprising Nama Uni, Akami, Hamachi, Salmon Belly, Nama Hotate, Ikura, Toro and Mekajiki. A great selection of sashimi to kick start the dinner.

Hotate Uni Truffle Somen 4/5

We had the Hotate Uni Truffle Somen ($38) and Hotate Salmon Zaru Soba ($29) from the cold noodle selection. The Hotate Uni Truffle Somen comes with fresh Hokkaido scallops, sea urchins, and truffle salsa on top of the Japanese white noodles. I enjoyed the smooth and silky somen that soaked up the delicious sauce.

Hotate Salmon Zaru Soba 3.8/5

Compared to the somen, the Hotate Salmon Zaru Soba is lighter in flavour, and the buckwheat noodle has a firmer bite in texture. Complementing the cold soba are torched Hokkaido scallops, torched salmon, tobiko, and sous vide egg yolk in Japanese dressing.

Potato Nesuto Tempura 4/5

Great for sharing is the Potato Nesuto Tempura ($16), whereby hand shred potatoes are stacked into a tower, scented with truffle and showered with parmesan cheese. Best having it with the accompanying kaffir lime aioli, which is very addictive.

Nori Taco 4.2/5

A great bite is the Nori Taco ($14 for 2 pc) which comes in three flavours - Assorted Sashimi, Soft Shell Crab (+$2 each) and Negitoro Uni (+$8 each). All nori tacos are served with avocado puree and sushi rice on top of your choice of flavours. I love the crispy nori taco shell that holds everything together for delightful textural enjoyment.

Smokey Corn 5/5

A must-have is the Smokey Corn ($16). The grilled pearl white corn rubbed with teriyaki mayonnaise is super sweet! It is further dusted with Parmesan cheese and shichimi to enhance the sweetness. I highly recommend this is the first dish to order as it needs 10-15 minutes of waiting time.

Wagyu Sando 4.5/5

At Mio, there is even a wagyu section in the menu. Using only premium A5 Japanese Wagyu, guests can look forward to a variety of dishes such as wagyu uni rice bowl, wagyu tataki, and wagyu teppanyaki. Of course, not to forget the crowd's favourite Wagyu Sando ($40). The tender and juicy breaded A5 Japan Wagyu is sandwiched between toasted Japanese shokupan bread, served with lotus chips.

Goma Goma 3.5/5

We have two desserts on the menu, starting with the Goma Goma ($15). The moist and spongy black sesame cake is served with housemade black sesame ice cream and speculoos crumbles for texture.

Daigaku Imo 3/5

The other dessert is the Daigaku Imo ($13). Candied Japanese sweet potato is served with vanilla bean ice cream and black sesame. The sweet potato is on the tough side, I am ok, but some may not like it.

Overall, I find the savoury items are stronger than the sweets. I also noticed there are more female than male customers at the restaurant. Not sure if it has to do with the restaurant's food or interior design.
Note: This is an invited tasting.

Mio Fine Food
82 Neil Road
Singapore 088843
Tel: +65 62912330
Nearest MRT: Outram Park (EW, NE, TE Line), Maxwell (TE Line)

Opening Hours:
Tue-Thu: 12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 930pm
Fri: 12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 1030pm
Sat: 12pm - 4pm, 6pm - 1030pm
Sun: 12pm - 4pm

1) Alight at Outram Park MRT station. Take Exit 4. Cut through Duxton Plain Park to Keong Saik Road. Turn left onto Keong Saik Road and walk towards Neil Road. Turn left on Neil Road and walk to destination. Journey time about 6 minutes. [Map]

2) Alight at Maxwell MRT station. Take Exit 3. Cross the road. Turn right and walk down Neil Road. Journey time about 3 minutes. [Map]

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Hai Tien Lo @ Pan Pacific Singapore - Rings In The Year Of The Ox With Luxurious Dining Experiences


For this Lunar New Year, Chef Ben Zeng at Hai Tien Lo presents an extensive ten exquisite set menus. The restaurant will be showcasing the finest of Cantonese delicacies available from 25 January 2021 to 26 February 2021. Diners can enjoy a glorious array of classic celebratory fare boasting premium ingredients.

Blossoming Treasures Yu Sheng 4.2/5


Available for both dine-in and takeaway is the Blossoming Treasures Yu Sheng ($168/$288). Customers can toss to a year of abundance with premium ingredient such as lobster, scallops, black caviar crowned with gold and silver flakes atop raw shredded vegetables artfully plated in the shape of two bull horns. The horns are traditional symbols of wealth in Chinese culture.

Classic Wealth Treasure Pot 4.5/5

A must-have classic in any Chinese New Year feast symbolising abundance and good fortune is the Classic Wealth Treasure Pot ($268/$428) featuring eight head whole abalone, bird's nest, sakura chicken, dried scallops, wontons and broccoli.

Premium Wealth Treasure Pot 4.8/5

For a more premium take of the treasure pot, there is the Premium Wealth Treasure Pot ($468/$738) that is brimming with 15 stellar ingredients such as eight head whole abalone, dried oysters, sea cucumber, dried fish maw, pork knuckle, lobster, goose web, dried scallops, boiled chicken, pork dumplings, bean gluten, Chinese mushrooms, black moss, sliced lotus root and broccoli. Both treasure pots are available for dine-in and takeaway.

Pan-fried Wagyu Beef Fillet with Chilled Salad in Sesame Sauce 4.5/5

Some of the best try a la carte specialities are the Pan-fried Wagyu Beef Fillet and Barbecued Crispy Whole Suckling Pig. The Pan-fried Wagyu Beef Fillet is exceptionally tender with melt in the mouth texture. The chilled salad in sesame sauce at the side helps to balance out the richness of the beef.

Barbecued Crispy Whole Suckling Pig 4.8/5

The glorious Barbecued Crispy Whole Suckling Pig is stuffed with glutinous rice, wild mushrooms and truffle. The succulent pork has a layer of crackling skin further elevated by the fragrant glutinous rice and earthy flavours from the wild mushrooms and truffle.

Chilled Water Chestnuts

Wrapping up the dinner is the Chilled Water Chestnuts with Snow Swallows, Lotus Seeds and Egg White. A light and refreshing dessert that is perfect for the sumptuous feast.

From 4 January 2021, guests may pre-order the Chinese New Year goodies from and collect their purchases from 25 January to 26 February 2021 at Hai Tien Lo between 12:00pm to 8:00pm (except 11 January 2021 – collection from 10:00am to 5:00pm). To place an order, speak with us at 6826 8240, email, or visit

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Hai Tien Lo
Pan Pacific Singapore
7 Raffles Boulevard
Level 3
Singapore 039595
Tel: +65 68268240
Nearest MRT: Promenade (CC Line, DT Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 1130am - 230pm, 630pm - 1030pm

1) Alight at Promenade MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]