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Monday, September 30, 2019

Relish @ Fraser Tower - Transformed Into Roketto Izakaya When Night Falls


For those that missed the food at Wild Rocket by Chef Willin Low when it closed last year, you will be rejoiced to know that Chef Willin has brought the Mod-Sin DNA of Wild Rocket to Relish at Fraser Tower. When night falls, Relish will be transformed into Roketto Izakaya offering a casual dining bar concept featuring modern Singapore small bites and sharing plates, in the evening of Tuesdays to Saturdays.

Fish Collagen Broth 4.5/5

Having not dined in Wild Rocket before, I am not sure what to expect at Roketto Izakaya. Our first dish is the Fish Collagen Broth ($5). The flavourful and milky broth is from the essence of slow cooking the fish bones. No milk is added. The centrepiece is the fish cake that is coated with deep-fried egg. There is even fat choy in the soup. Chef Willin has kept the characteristic of our local fried fish soup but elevated it in his interpretation.

Har Jeong Pork Keropok 3.5/5

The Har Jeong Pork Keropok ($8.50) is quite addictive on its own. The thinly sliced pork belly is deep-fried until bacon-like crispy with the pungent prawn paste flavour. However, I am mix about the kaffe lime mayo dip. I felt that the intensity of the kaffe lime, sort of overpowered the prawn paste flavour.

Tandoori Pappadum Nachos 4/5

The Tandoori Pappadum Nachos ($8.50) is not your typical nachos with cheese dip. Instead, the corn chips are replaced with pappadum and paired with tandoori minced meat and yoghurt. An interesting take giving it an Indian influence.

Aburaage Rojak Salad 4.8/5

The Aburaage Rojak Salad ($15) elevated the local dish with the use of the Japanese aburaage in place of the local tau pok. The 'hae kor" ice cream substitutes the prawn paste sauce for rojak, binding the dish together. This is a brilliant dish that transforms a three dollar hawker dish into a fifteen dollar restaurant dish.

Har Jeong Tin Gai 4.2/5

The Har Jeong Tin Gai ($12) looks like chicken drumstick at one glance. They are really tender and juicy with a light crispy batter.

Curry Chicken Shepherd Pie 4.5/5

I thought the Curry Chicken Shepherd Pie ($15.80) is a crazy idea but Chef Willin actually made that happen, and it tastes delicious. You have to try it for yourself to know how great the combination really works. The curry chicken recipe is super shiok.

Krapow Prata Pizza 4/5

Chef Willin's love of Thai flavours can be seen in the Krapow Prata Pizza ($15). Instead of pizza dough, a crispy prata takes its place. It is topped with spicy minced meat, Thai basil, chilli and cheese.

Nasi Lemak Chicken Wings 3.5/5

The Nasi Lemak Chicken Wings ($8.50) comes with liquid rice and ikan bilis. It is a unique take of the traditional dish. However, it didn't quite excite me. I didn't like the skinny, crispy chicken wings. I prefer those that are tender and juicy.

Rendang Beef Cheek 3/5

While everything has been spot on so far, the Rendang Beef Cheek ($20) pales from the rest. The beef cheek probably has been sous vide which lacks the fibrous bite. The rendang also fell short in flavours and depth.

Char Siew Rice 3.5/5

Unfortunately, I didn't like the Char Siew Rice ($20) too. While the char siew is tender, it didn't have the char and sweetness that made me fell in love with the roast. The brown rice was a bit too hard and dry for me also.

Wild Rocket Chendol 4.2/5

Bur Bur Hitam 4/5, Wild Rocket Strawberry Cheesecake $9.20

For desserts, we have Wild Rocket Chendol ($8.50), Bur Bur Hitam ($7.80) and Wild Rocket Strawberry Cheesecake ($9.20). I would recommend saving some space for these wonderful desserts. I only hope I have a second stomach.


Although I have not visited Wild Rocket, I am glad that I still can taste some of the signature wild rocket dishes, in a more casual form at Roketto Izakaya. Chef Willin's modern Singapore cuisine indeed has brought our local food into a whole new level.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Frasers Tower
182 Cecil Street
Singapore 069547
Tel: +65 69045458
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon: 11am - 3pm
Tue-Sat:  11am - 3pm, 6pm - 11pm
(Closed on Sun)

1) Alight at Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Take Exit G. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Violet Oon Singapore @ Ion Orchard - Opens 4th And Largest Outlet With Both Dining And Retail Space


Violet Oon Singapore at Ion Orchard is the brand’s fourth and largest outlet, an all-day dining brasserie that combines both dining and retail. Serving up VO’s signature recipes of local favourites and Nyonya classics, the menu also curates a selection of British dishes as seen through the eyes of the early Hainanese chefs of Singapore. In addition, a new range of celebration cakes can be enjoyed at the restaurant or order for takeaways. There is also a retail collection of pastries, including our all-time favourite kaya, all dressed in retro-modern fit, all ready to be shown on the global runway.

Singapore High Tea Set 3/5

Other than mains and pastries, I could see that most were here at for the Singapore High Tea Set ($58 serves 2) which offers an array of local favorites and Nyonya signatures in petite sizes, with notable items such as Yam Cake, Kuey Pie Tie and Chilli Crab Tart, alongside with classic English High Tea bites.


Both Kuey Pie Tee and Chilli Crab Tart were very much on the sweeter side, while the Yam Cake in comparison was more balance in taste, a boat loaded with umami ingredients such as mushrooms, fried shallot and chilli.


On the top tier are all your sweets. The Bubur Cha Cha Panna Cotta was decadent with a smooth and velvety coconut based panna cotta. The Financiers, a traditional Eurasian Cake of semolina and ground almonds, are also worth your calories. If only the Kueh Kosui could be that good a feel in the mouth. I guess when comes to kuehs, it has to be freshly made, like the warm and soft Kueh Kosui from Maxwell Food market.


The Scones comes with gula melaka drizzle on them, and what is unique about theirs is the slightly tart Calamasi jam that complement the gula melaka scone. I was rather amused that there is no lack of gula melaka items here, most sweets are laced with it one way or another.

Kale Kerabu 3.8/5

Moving on to their signature mains, Salmon with Kale Kerabu ($26) is a great start to any meal, given its tangy sauce and crisp baby kale. The salad dressing is made of sambal belachan and coconut cream, sounds creamy but not at all as it only coat the kale lightly. The salmon cubes were flamed grilled, lending a layer of smokiness to the salad. The acidity from the pineapple cubes brightened up the dish even more.

Hainanese Pork Chop 3.8/5

Among all the dishes we tried, I would say the Hainanese Pork Chop ($34) is the most successfully elevated dish, from a staple dished out from a British Hainanese kitchen to one to be served with that price tag. Using Kurobuta pork loin, it was deep fried with a cream cracker batter. The crust reached an ideal crisp with the inside still moist and juicy. A hefty piece of pork chop but the sweet and tangy housemade tomato reduction helped to cut the richness of the meat.

VO’s Shepherd’s Pie 3/5

VO’s Shepherd’s Pie with House Salad ($24) was one of the better ones that I have tried. At least the creamy mashed potato stayed dry and creamy atop the slow-braised mince beef, while others tend to sink in like quick sand the moment I dug my spoon into it. The top could be more baked.

Fish Curry with Roti Jala 3/5

Fish Curry with Roti Jala ($29) is a dainty version of our czechar fish head curry cooked using red snapper. Nonetheless, the curry was on point. It is robust, rich and edged with a slight tang, making it a good match with the slightly sweet traditional laced pancake.

Dry Laksa 3/5

The Dry Laksa ($24) is a crowd pleaser. Fresh rice noodle is tossed in Violet's laksa gravy and loaded with beansprouts and tau pok, it was like a scrumptious laksa salad. Just imagine a reduction of a fiery Laksa gravy, with all the goodness concentrated into one small plate. Well cooked succulent prawns could have brought the dish up another notch but ours were a tad too dried up for my liking.

Pandan Gula Melaka Cake 2.8/5, Pineapple Gula Melaka Cake 3.5/5, VO’s Carrot Cake 3.5/5

Love our local flavours but not the starchy Kueh itself? You will find your perfect combination in the range of cakes offered at Violet Oon. Pandan Gula Melaka Cake ($43/6" or $75/9”) is a rich sponge cake made with freshly squeezed pandan juice, with layers of buttercream frosting and desiccated coconut tossed in a gula melaka syrup. It is rather sweet, hence I very much prefer the Pineapple Gula Melaka Cake ($46/6” or $80/9”). The cake was fluffier and the buttercream, punctuated with sweet and tangy pineapple chunks, made it even more luscious rather than weighing it down. As for the VO’s Carrot Cake ($52/6” or $85/9”), other than its sweetness, it is one of the few that are loaded with real chunky ingredients, layered with a bright calamansi-infused cream cheese frosting.


Indeed, heritage flavours and taste are hard to master. The mains at Violet Oon fare much better, alongside with some of their cakes and pastries. But these days, it is all about the looks. What stood out the most not the food but the retail section that boxed Singapore's flavours into pretty Peranakan 'tiles'. Great gifting ideas for the Christmas!

Photos and words by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Violet Oon Singapore at Ion Orchard
Ion Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801
Tel: +65 98349935
Nearest MRT: Orchard (NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 12pm - 10pm

1) Alight at Orchard MRT station. Take Exit E. Walk to destination. Journey time about 3 minutes. [Map]

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Club Meatballs @ Cross Street - Thrilled By Meatballs In All Possible Forms That You Could Ever Imagine


When Club Meatballs opened their doors at Cross Street 3 years ago, they didn't quite change the scene like what a burger would at times. But now with a new chef on board, along with a revamped menu, this humble meatball may be on a roll this time round. Crafted by millennial chef La Mei Mei from New York, be thrilled by meatballs in all possible forms that you could ever imagine. “Food that makes people happy” quoting Chef Mei.

Ginger Pork Ball 3.5/5

Bar Bites menu here is a wardrobe of meatballs dishes that replace the usual boring caloried-pack finger food. Paying homage to her Vietnamese and Malaysian descent, Ginger Pork Ball Lettuce Cups ($14) exudes flavours of a Vietnamese dish. The piquant dressing may remind you of a fish sauce dip but better with a touch of acidity from lime juice, which makes it suitable as an appetizer too.

Cup of Chilli 3.8/5

The extended bar bites menu also feature comfort food such as Cup of Chili ($10). Thick and robust with minced beef and spices, it reminds me of a really good beef goulash I had in Eastern Europe. A small cup, yet so intense, goes a long way in satisfying one's appetite.

Mac & Cheese balls 3/5

The crust of the Mac and Cheese Balls ($12) was well done and remained crusty even after a while but what's lacking I feel is that highly anticipated ooze that is very much associated with Mac and Cheese, that usually drives the craving. Perhaps, a cheese dip at the side or simply a pour over onto the crusty balls may help to elevate the experience.

Club Meatball Pizza 3.5/5

Never thought of using meatball as pizza toppings but Club Meatball Pizza ($22) did it seamlessly. I love the charred bacon atop, not just because of its smokey flavour but the pizza just smelled so good when I brought a slice into my mouth. Visually, it would be more enticing if the meatballs are kept whole, as if meatballs have fallen onto our pizza!

Baller Platter 4.2/5

Time to really feast on meatballs! The Baller Platter ($25-$35) comes in a choice of signature balls - classic beef, ginger pork, garlic thyme chicken, cumin spiced lamb, panko crusted fish, tofu and mushroom; served on a bed of mashed potatoes and topped with a selection of sauces of your choice - tomato, garlic aioli, mushroom, red wine onion gravy or pesto. We had garlic thyme chicken balls, each dressed neatly with mushroom sauce. Surprisingly, I like it a lot more than I thought I would. These chicken balls are compact but enough room for the minced meat to release its juice within and react with the garlic and thyme. The spices cuts the meatiness which ensures you and your friends can work through the entire plate. The mash potatoes itself shines on its own - smooth and creamy, it completes a classic meatball dish, along with the rich shroomy sauce.

Shepherd's Pie 2.8/5

Shepherd’s Pie ($18) here is made with lamb and what's interesting is that the mini lamb balls gives an extra bite to it. Its taste did not sit quite well with me though. I would prefer a tomato based sauce to work with the gamey flavour of the lamb and the mash potatoes atop was too runny.

Beer Braised Short Ribs 3.8/5

Whole meats plates are available too and I would recommend this Beer Braised Short Ribs ($28), slow-cooked not sous vide, in San Miguel dark lager. Just look at how cushy the mashed potatoes is! The meat was fork-tender and the sauce complements not just the meat but the fluffy mashed potatoes underneath.



I hardly take notice of meatballs, other than the IKEA meatballs that we grow up with. Club Meatballs changes that. There are great drinks promotion going on, though we ladies benefit more - On Wednesday ladies night, 1 for 1 Aperol Spritz is at $15 and groups of 4 ladies enjoy a complimentary bottle of champagne!

Photos and words by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Club MeatBalls
China Court
20 Cross Street
Singapore 048422
Tel: +65 62228660
Nearest MRT: Chinatown (DT Line, NE Line), Telok Ayer (DT Line)

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 8am- 12midnight
Sat-Sun: 10am to 10pm

1) Alight at Chinatown MRT station. Take Exit F. Walk to South Bridge Road. Cross the road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

2) Alight at Telok Ayer MRT station. Take Exit B. Walk to China Street. Cross the road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

Friday, June 15, 2012

Relish @ myVillage Serangoon Garden


I had a myVillage mall dining voucher to spend before it expired. After looking through the list of restaurants in the mall, I decided to check out Relish with my partner on a Sunday afternoon. Relish is a restaurant under the Wild Rocket Group and owned by Chef Willin known for his Asian-western fusion creation.

Mocha and Coconut & Gula Melaka Milkshake 4.2/5

We started with drinks. I ordered the Coconut & Gula Melaka Milkshake ($8.00) as I never had it before. The name itself also aroused my interest. The interesting combination of flavours was surprisingly very good which I can distinctly identified the individual core flavours.

Sarawak Shepherds Pie 4.2/5

My partner had the Sarawak Shepherds Pie ($16.80) that has curry chicken inside the bed of mashed potato. We all know and love our Asian curry and potato. Interestingly, the chef has infused them into a western dish. There was a good harmony with the ingredients and flavours, not stealling the show from each other. We really applauded the creation and we enjoyed the dish. I would love to have it again in my next visit.

Wild Rocket Beef Burger 110g 4/5

Relish is known for its burgers before it introduced other hearty mains in the menu. Going back to what they are popular for, I decided to try their Wild Rocket Beef Burger 110g ($10.90). The burger came with sun-dried tomatoes, rockets and Sarawak pepper cream. It was just the right size that can be handled with ease. When I saw the patty, I thought it looked overcooked and dry. I was wronged. Biting it into, the juiciness started oozing out from the patty and dripping onto my hand. The disappointment for me is the way the restaruant charges for any add on to the burger. The sunny side up cost me an additioal $1.80 which I probably can buy a dozen of it.

myVillage Serangoon Garden
1 Maju Ave
Singapore 556679
Tel: +65 66343422
Nearest MRT: Lorong Chuan (CC Line), Serangoon (NE Line, CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 12pm - 3pm, 630pm - 11pm
Sat-Sun: 1030am - 4pm, 4pm - 11pm

1) Alight at Lorong Chuan MRT station. Take Exit B. Walk to bus stop at New Tech Park (Stop ID 66021). Take Bus 73. Alight 4 stops later. Walk to myVillage Shopping Centre. Journey time about 15mins.

2) Alight at Serangoon MRT station. Take Exit B or E. Walk to bus stop at Serangoon Central (Stop ID 66351). Take Bus 315. Alight 5 stops later. Walk to myVillage Shopping Centre. Journey time about 15mins.