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Friday, February 23, 2024

Wildfire Burgers @ Robertson Walk - Gourmet Burgers at Affordable Prices


Wildfire Burgers, located in the heart of Robertson Walk, has emerged from a revamp with a brand new menu that not only elevates the dining experience but also reinforces its status as a go-to destination for gourmet burgers, succulent steaks, enticing sides, and a diverse drinks menu. With the closure of its other outlets, the Robertson Walk flagship stands as a beacon for those seeking a delicious yet affordable gourmet burger.

Wedge Salad 3.5/5

Kicking off our dinner, we delved into the Wedge Salad ($13), a refreshing ensemble of iceberg lettuce dressed in creamy parmesan sauce. Topped with crispy bacon, cherry tomatoes, Spanish onions, crumbled blue cheese, walnuts, and crushed Kampot peppercorn, it's a firework of flavours that complement the crunch of the iceberg lettuce. The marriage of textures and tastes offers a delightful start to the meal.

Salt & Vinegar Fried Onion Rings 3/5

The Salt & Vinegar Fried Onion Rings ($8) aimed to reinvent the classic, infusing extra saltiness and tanginess. While the intention was commendable, it fell slightly short of expectations. Thicker onion rings might enhance the sweetness of the onion, aligning better with taste preferences.

Golden Chicken Nuggets 4.2/5

The Golden Chicken Nuggets ($8 for 6pc/ $10 for 9pc) emerged as a clear favourite. A classic elevated to gourmet heights, these nuggets, made with 100% chicken, were served with a delightful array of sauces: Japanese Curry Mayo, Nacho Cheese, or Chipotle Mayo. The pairing with Japanese Curry Mayo is particularly recommended, surpassing expectations and outshining similar offerings from an 'M' brand restaurant.

Truffled Mushroom 4.8/5

The Truffled Mushroom ($18 Single/ $22 Double) stood out among the eight gourmet burgers. Nestled between butter-toasted brioche buns, the stone axe wagyu patties delivered a burst of flavour. Truffled mayonnaise, sautéed mushrooms, Monterey Jack cheese, beer-pickled onions, and master sauce formed a symphony of taste. The judicious preparation of the wagyu patty, allowing for a chunky bite, added to the allure.

Hot Honey Butter Chicken 4/5

For those eschewing beef, alternative options like Ottoman Lamb, Black Halibut, and Hot Honey Butter Chicken burgers await. The Hot Honey Butter Chicken ($18 Single) presents a generously sized, hot and spicy fried chicken thigh adorned with whipped Sriracha honey butter and crispy bacon. Sandwiched between butter-toasted brioche buns and drizzled with master sauce, it provides a spicy symphony for the taste buds, delivering crunch and flavour in every bite.

Wildfire Burgers at Robertson Walk has not just reopened; it has rekindled a flame, offering a gourmet burger experience at affordable pricing that tantalizes the senses and sets the stage for a delightful dining experience.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Wildfire Burgers
Robertson Walk
11 Unity Street
Singapore 237995
Tel: +65 8139 5952
Nearest MRT: Fort Canning (DT Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 4pm - 11pm

1) Alight at Fort Canning MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to traffic junction Clemenceau Ave and River Valley Road. Cross the road. Turn left onto Clemenceau Ave. Walk towards Unity Street. Turn right onto Unity Street. Walk to destination. Journey time about 6 minutes. [Map]

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Stella Seaside Lounge @ NSRCC Sea Sports Centre - Chill Beach Retreat with Sea Breeze, Cocktails and Grilled Platters

Photo 2-12-23, 6 24 07 PM

Photo 2-12-23, 6 23 25 PM

Entering Stella Seaside Lounge feels like a tropical escape reminiscent of Bali. The restaurant offers unobstructed views of the beautiful sea, complemented by swaying coconut trees and the soft glow of dim light bulbs. This laid-back eatery is located at Changi Coastal Walk and provides a welcome respite from the city's hustle and bustle.

Photo 2-12-23, 6 20 34 PM

Photo 2-12-23, 6 23 05 PM

With its coastal vantage point, Stella Seaside Lounge invites patrons to enjoy a serene atmosphere while indulging in burgers, grills, and cocktails. The outdoor seating and glimpses of the sea create a beachside retreat, making it the perfect place to relax and relish a delightful meal.

Photo 2-12-23, 6 26 23 PM
Beautiful To Sea 4.2/5, Dirty Little Pina Colada 4.2/5, Seaside Sangria 4/5

To kick off our dining experience, we indulged in some expertly crafted cocktails while savouring the gorgeous sea view. The "Beautiful To Sea" cocktail ($21/glass) combines vodka, kyoho grape liqueur, lemon juice, sugar, and lychee, creating a refreshing and fruity concoction. For those seeking a tropical twist, the "Dirty Little Pina Colada" ($23/glass) presents a delightful mix of dark rum, honey pineapple juice, vanilla sugar, and coconut cream. Lastly, the "Seaside Sangria" ($16/glass) is a vibrant ensemble of white wine, rum, peach liqueur, orange juice, green apple, and strawberries, promising a perfect harmony of flavours to complement the seaside ambience.

Photo 2-12-23, 6 25 34 PM
Seasonal Live Oysters 3.8/5

We tried their Seasonal Live Oysters, available in a set of six units, with each oyster expertly shucked upon ordering. The selection of oysters varies daily, ensuring a fresh and dynamic assortment for patrons.

Photo 2-12-23, 6 25 02 PM
Lemongrass Wings 4/5

We tried the Lemongrass Wings ($16/6pcs), a tempting offering of six deep-fried chicken wings marinated with lemongrass. The infusion of lemongrass imparts a fragrant and citrusy note to the wings, creating a unique and aromatic experience. To elevate the taste, these delectable wings are served with a homemade spicy dip, adding an extra kick to every bite.

Photo 2-12-23, 6 25 54 PM
Butter Garlic Prawns 4/5

A recommended starter was the Butter Garlic Prawns ($22), which features head-on prawns cooked to perfection in a flavourful garlic and butter broth. Served alongside crispy sourdough toast, this dish promises a harmonious blend of succulent prawns and the rich, aromatic essence of garlic and butter.

Photo 2-12-23, 6 25 20 PM
Grilled Pork Skewers 4.2/5

Our favourite is the Grilled Pork Skewers ($16/6pcs), which features marinated pork skewers and a delectable homemade spicy dip. The succulent pork, grilled to perfection, is complemented by the tantalising heat and zest of the spicy dip.

Photo 2-12-23, 6 25 42 PM
Seasonal Squid 4.2/5

Elevate your dining experience with the must-try Seasonal Squid ($22). The squid is expertly pan-seared to perfection, showcasing its seasonal freshness. Served with a homemade spicy dip to add an extra layer of flavour to the dish.

Photo 2-12-23, 6 25 39 PM
Seafood Linguine 3.8/5

We tried the Seafood Linguine ($18), a delectable pasta dish with a rich and cheesy base and a medley of succulent prawns, clams, and squid. Topped with crispy herbed bread crumbs, the linguine was perfectly cooked to al dente, adding a satisfying texture to the overall dish.

Photo 2-12-23, 6 24 54 PM
Smashed Beef Burger 4.2/5

The Smashed Beef Burger ($24) features double smashed beef patties, complemented by homemade sauce, onions, and cheddar cheese. This flavourful ensemble is served alongside a generous portion of fries.

Photo 2-12-23, 6 25 12 PM
Beer Battered Fish on Chips 3.5/5

The Beer Battered Fish on Chips ($18) offers a delightful combination of tangy beer-battered Humpty Doo barramundi slices served with a side of crispy fries and mayo, creating a delicious and satisfying dish.

Photo 2-12-23, 6 28 55 PM
Fisherman’s Tray 4.5/5

The Fisherman’s Tray ($170), available exclusively from Friday to Sunday, is a delightful sharing platter that features a whole lobster, seasonal live whole fish, and clams bathed in a flavorful cajun sauce. This sumptuous seafood ensemble is complemented by a selection of assorted vegetables, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate a variety of ocean-fresh delights.

Photo 2-12-23, 6 21 53 PM

Photos and words by Crystal. A girl who likes to eat, photograph, and write about food, and dreams about travelling around the world one day. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Stella Seaside Lounge
NSRCC Sea Sports Centre
11 Changi Coast Walk
Singapore 499740
Tel: +65 6214 9168
Nearest MRT: Tanah Merah (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 4pm -10pm
Sat-Sun, PH: 12pm - 10pm

1) Alight at Tanah Merah MRT station. Take Exit B. Walk to bus stop at Tanah Merah MRT station (Stop ID 85091). Take bus number 35. Alight 6 stops later at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Walk to Tanah Merah Coast Road. Turn left and walk down Tanah Merah Coast Road. Turn right onto Changi Coast Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 45 minutes. [Map]

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Three Buns Quayside @ Robertson Quay - For Weekends Brunches, Award-Winning Burgers and Cocktails by Potato Head Family

Photo 16-9-23, 2 48 43 PM

Photo 16-9-23, 1 48 09 PM

Nestled in the vibrant Robertson Quay of Singapore is Three Buns Quayside. This trendy eatery offers a menu that goes beyond the ordinary, featuring a mouthwatering selection of gourmet burgers crafted from the finest ingredients. The chic and welcoming ambience, paired with a carefully curated cocktail menu, makes Three Buns the perfect place to unwind with friends or enjoy a memorable meal by the scenic riverside.

Photo 16-9-23, 2 17 51 PM
Aperol Spritz 4/5

Kickstart the meal with their selection of brunch cocktails, or brunchtails, as they called it. One of their standout offerings is the classic Aperol Spritz ($15). This refreshing cocktail is a harmonious blend of bright and zesty flavours, making it an ideal aperitif.

Photo 16-9-23, 1 51 56 PM
Blueberry Basics 4.5/5

The brunch menu at Three Buns, available every weekend from 10am to 4pm, is a delightful fusion of classic brunch favourites and innovative twists. We tried the Blueberry Basics ($15), which features a generous stack of buttermilk pancakes, each layer light and fluffy, topped with a luscious wild blueberry compote and drizzled with organic grade A maple syrup. The pièce de résistance is the pairing with salted vanilla ice cream, a creamy and slightly savoury contrast that elevates this brunch dish to a level of pure indulgence.

Photo 16-9-23, 1 53 57 PM
Shrooms with a View 4.2/5

The Shrooms with a View ($18) centres around scrambled free-range eggs prepared to a silky and tofu-like texture, providing a unique and velvety mouthfeel. The eggs are expertly paired with sautéed diced garlic mushrooms, olive oil and zesty tomato salsa to brighten the dish with fresh and tangy notes. All this deliciousness is served atop crispy and chewy toasted sourdough, which provides a delightful contrast in textures.

Photo 16-9-23, 1 55 11 PM
Chick It Out 4/5

The Chick It Out ($20) features similar creamy scrambled free-range eggs with a unique tofu-like texture. The star of the dish is the twice-cooked sakura boneless chicken thigh that is perfectly tender and juicy. The guacamole, olive oil, and tomato salsa add a creamy, rich, and zesty note, while the crispy toasted sourdough provides a hearty base.

Photo 16-9-23, 2 50 53 PM
Jason Four Cheese 4.5/5

The Jason Four Cheese ($27) is an indulgent masterpiece for burger enthusiasts. This signature burger boasts a decadent combination of flavours and textures, starting with a double beef patty made from 100g Tasmanian Vintage Beef Patties. What sets it apart is the special blend of four premium cheeses: VSOP Aged Gouda, Cave Aged Cheddar, Brie, and Mozzarella. The blend is expertly cooked down with Brewlander IPA to enhance the cheese infusion, creating a rich and intense cheese sauce that envelops the beef patties. The burger is further layered with double ketchup and three-island mayo, providing tangy and creamy elements that balance the richness of the cheese. All of these mouthwatering components are nestled inside a toasted demi brioche bun. The Jason Four Cheese burger is a flavour explosion that is both rich and intensely flavourful, making it a must-try for those seeking a truly indulgent and satisfying burger experience at Three Buns.

Photo 16-9-23, 2 51 07 PM
Naughty Fries Jnr. 4/5

The Naughty Fries Jnr. ($10) is a delightful twist on loaded fries. They are generously coated with spiced béarnaise sauce and hot beef chilli, creating a contrast of creaminess and spiciness. The crispy fried shallots (bawang goreng) and Parmesan Reggiano cheese add crunch and richness, while the sesame seeds provide a nutty aroma. These fries have a curved potato chip-like shape perfect for scooping up the generous toppings. This dish is a flavour-packed and satisfying snack, ideal for those craving a combination of textures and bold flavours.

Photos and words by Crystal. A girl who likes to eat, photograph, and write about food, and dreams about travelling around the world one day. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Three Buns Quayside
60 Robertson Quay
Singapore 238252
Tel: +65 69097838
Nearest MRT: Chinatown (DT, NE Line), Fort Canning (DT Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thu: 5pm - 12midnight
Fri: 12pm - 12midnight
Sat: 10am - 12midnight
Sun: 10am - 10pm

1) Alight at Chinatown MRT station. Take Exit C. Walk to bus stop opposite State Courts (Stop ID 06171). Take bus number 51 or 186. Alight 1 stop later. Cross the road and walk to Alkaff Bridge. Cross the bridge and walk to destination. Journey time about 10 minutes. [Map]

2) 1) Alight at Fort Canning MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to traffic junction of Clemenceau Ave and River Valley. Cross the road. Turn left and walk down Clemenceau Ave. Turn right onto Unity Street. Then left onto Merbau Road. Walk towards the river. At the river, turn right and walk to destination. Journey time about 10 minutes. [Map]

Sunday, August 6, 2023

Black & White Bistro @ Shaw Plaza - A Gastronomic Journey at Black & White Bistro

Photo 29-7-23, 12 15 11 PM

Nestled in the heart of Shaw Plaza is Black & White Bistro, the latest chic new eatery that offers a carefully curated all-day dining menu featuring an extensive western selection, fine wines and artisanal tea and coffee. Stepping into the restaurant, diners are greeted with a modern ambience decked in tasteful black and white decor, contemporary art pieces and dimmed lighting, which creates a cosy yet upscale dining atmosphere.

Photo 29-7-23, 12 30 42 PM
Berry Fresh Mojito 4/5

We started the meal with the Berry Fresh Mojito ($20), a refreshing concoction of juicy berries and fresh mint leaves that tantalise the taste buds.

Photo 29-7-23, 12 28 20 PM
Spanish Gambas 4.2/5

The Spanish Gambas ($17) features succulent prawns in a flavourful blend of olive oil, garlic, chilli, and Spanish paprika. The aromatic garlic and the subtle heat from the chilli enhance the natural sweetness of the prawns. The dish is also served with a side of crusty bread to soak up the luscious sauce.

Photo 29-7-23, 12 33 41 PM
B&W Signature Fish & Chips 4.2/5

The B&W Signature Fish & Chips features charcoal beer batter fish and chips, which combines the classic English dish with a twist of charcoal seasoning for a unique flavour. The sea bass fillet is lightly coated in a special charcoal-infused batter and fried to perfection, which gives it a delightful crunch while retaining a moist and flaky inside. The charcoal batter imparts a subtle smokiness to the fish, enhancing its natural flavours. The dish is served with a side of fries and tartar sauce.

Photo 29-7-23, 12 35 45 PM
Build Your Own Brekkie 4/5

The Build Your Own Brekkie ($12++) offers a delightful and customisable breakfast experience with a medley of delicious ingredients. We opted for a sumptuous combination of creamy scrambled eggs, fluffy brioche toast, and smoked salmon (+$8). You can also add other ingredients, such as sautéed mushrooms, sausages or bacon, to the breakfast platter, with additional top-up costs.

Photo 29-7-23, 12 41 56 PM
Triple Charcoal Burger slider 3.8/5

The Triple Charcoal Burger slider ($18) is a tantalising trio of mini burgers catering to diverse tastes. The first slider showcases a lightly crisp charcoal-battered fish fillet similar to the Fish & Chips that we had, and the second slider presents a flavourful crumbled chicken patty. In contrast, the third slider features a classic beef patty, though a tad on the dry side. These mini burgers are arranged on soft charcoal buns, providing a subtle yet striking contrast to the vibrant fillings.

Photo 29-7-23, 12 14 40 PM

Photo 29-7-23, 12 17 12 PM

Overall, Black & White Bistro offered a delightful dining experience with its innovative and diverse menu. The dishes showcased culinary excellence and attention to detail, from the refreshing Berry Fresh Mojito to the well-executed B&W Signature Fish & Chips. The chic ambience and attentive staff added to the overall enjoyment of the dining experience.

Photos and words by Crystal. A girl who likes to eat, photograph, and write about food, and dreams about travelling around the world one day. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Black & White Bistro
Shaw Plaza
360 Balestier Rd
Singapore 329783
Tel: +65 8043 4868
Nearest MRT: Toa Payoh (NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Sun-Wed: 10am - 10pm
Thu-Sat: 10am - 12midnight

1) Alight at Toa Payoh MRT station. Take Exit A or B. Walk to Toa Payoh Bus Interchange (Stop ID 52009). Take bus number 145. Alight 5 stops later. Journey time about 15 minutes. Walk to destination. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

YEN Social @ DUO Galleria - Introduces A Full Lunch Service With Set Menus


Helmed by Taiwanese yakiniku master Chef Jones Chen, YEN Social, located at Duo Galleria, is the sister concept of Michelin-rated yakiniku restaurant YEN Yakiniku - one of Singapore's pioneers in dry ageing beef and the premium Yakiniku experience. Known for its whisky dry-aged wagyu ribeye and Wagyu Taiwanese Beef Noodles, the restaurant has now incorporated a full lunch service, available from Tuesdays to Saturdays. The lunch menu also includes YEN Signature Wagyu Burger, which has made quite a reputation when it was first launched during Singapore's 2021 circuit breaker period.

Caesar Salad with Wagyu Bits & Shaved Parmesan 4/5

Under Salads & Appetisers, we started with Caesar Salad with Wagyu Bits & Shaved Parmesan ($16). By swapping the usual bacon for moreish Wagyu Bits, Chef Jones instilled his restaurant's character into this otherwise common dish.

Smoked Scallop Carpaccio with Yuzu Vinaigrette 4.5/5

We were also served this elegant plate of Smoked Scallop Carpaccio with Yuzu Vinaigrette ($14). Sashimi-grade Hokkaido scallops were smoked with cherry wood and then dressed with a citrusy yuzu oil, creating a creamier mouthfeel.

Lemon Thyme Fennel Salad with Apple-flavoured Quinoa 4/5

Lemon Thyme Fennel Salad with Apple-flavoured Quinoa ($16) was equally refreshing. The licorice flavour of the fennel, the sweetness of the raisins and the fruity quinoa built into one another, forming a well-balanced dish.

Chargrilled Seasonal Vegetables 4.5/5

Chargrilled Seasonal Vegetables ($12) were pleasing with beautifully charred seasonal vegetables, all of which are procured from sustainable sources. What's also notable is the pumpkin, which has been dry-aged for 30 days to attain a more intense flavour and tender texture.

Chargrilled Wagyu Burger 4.5/5

Wagyu Fries

Moving on to the mains, Chargrilled Wagyu Burger ($25) topped my list with a juicy and flavourful patty made with fresh minced meat, which is said to be a 100% mix of specially selected wagyu cuts. It is layered with two types of cheese, mushroom and shredded red cabbage, for a refreshing contrast. Even the milk buns to carry these ingredients are done with consideration - brushed with wagyu fat before they are toasted to build on that rich flavour. It is accompanied by Wagyu Fat Fries, which are house-made double-fried house-cut russet potatoes sprinkled with bits of wagyu fat for an extra indulgence. A more premium choice would be YEN Steak & Wagyu Fat Fries, best with a glass of house wine to complete the dining experience.

Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek 3.8/5

Another beef dish is Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek ($34), featuring Australian wagyu beef cheek braised in red wine for 48 hours. It was incredibly tender, but a tad more seasoning would help bring out its flavours more. The mashed potato served at the side was charcoal infused to add a depth of flavour.

Chargrilled Iberico Pork 4/5

Chargrilled Iberico Pork with Japanese Shisho Chimichurri 4/5

For non-beef eaters alternative, there are two other exceptional dishes, one of which is Chargrilled Iberico Pork with Japanese Shisho Chimichurri ($22). The iberico pork jowl is sous vide cooked for two hours before being chargrilled to develop its flavours. A house-made citrusy shiso chimichurri is served as the condiment to provide some zing for the dish. The accompanying fried rice was a star on its own - within the rice, you will find moreish bits of the caramelised fats rendered from the meat, which amp up the flavours in every mouthful.

Chargrilled Seafood Bucatini Pasta 4.8/5

Chargrilled Seafood Bucatini Pasta ($25) was on par with its meat counterparts. All the seafood featured - octopus, jumbo prawn, and scallops- are sashimi-grade and imported directly from Japan. As they were chargrilled before being tossed with pasta, they carried a hint of smoky flavour built into the robust homemade basil-tomato sauce, elevating the entire dish.

2-course set menus start from $25. All Steak items are served with a side of Chargrilled Vegetables and do not include fries. Lunch sharing set for 3-4 pax start from $100. Add on $5 to enjoy a choice of beverage, be it cold-pressed juice, coffee or tea.

Photos and words by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food. Note: This is an invited tasting.

YEN Social
DUO Galleria
7 Fraser Street
Singapore 189356
Tel: +65 86696788
Nearest MRT: Bugis (DT, EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Tue-Sat: 1130am - 2pm, 6pm - 11pm
Sun-Mon: 6pm - 11pm

1) Alight at Bugis MRT station. Take Exit E and F. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

Sunday, March 12, 2023

TEN+ @ Sungei Tengah Rd - Singapore’s First Safari-Themed Bistro Offers Camp-like Dining Experience With Western Eastern Fare

Photo 5-3-23, 11 24 58 AM

Nestled along Sungei Tengah Road near Choa Chu Kang, Ten+ is Singapore's first safari-themed bistro that simulates what dining in nature feels like — but with a beautiful twist. Other than a menu that encompasses the best of both Western and Eastern cuisines and self-grilled barbecue, Ten+ also offers a variety of booze, such as beers on tap for diners to unwind and enjoy.

Photo 5-3-23, 11 24 51 AM
Purple Sweet Potato Latte 3.5/5, Smoked Oak Mocha 4/5

We started our brunch with the Purple Sweet Potato Latte ($6) and Smoked Oak Mocha ($6). While the former does not have much of a Sweet Potato taste, we enjoyed the latter for its smoky aroma and distinct bittersweet notes.

Photo 5-3-23, 11 53 05 AM
Creamy Egg Mayo Croissant 3/5

The Creamy Egg Mayo Croissant ($16) comes with a flaky croissant filled with creamy egg mayo fillings. However, the egg mayo felt too underseasoned and bland, while the croissant needed more fluffiness.

Photo 5-3-23, 11 58 48 AM
Torched Aburi Prawn Pasta 3.5/5

The Torched Aburi Prawn Pasta ($23) features al dente linguine in prawn bisque, topped with prawns and tobiko. The prawn bisque could be richer in flavours, as it felt a tad watered down.

Photo 5-3-23, 11 43 04 AM
Flame Grilled Angus Burger 4/5

The Flame Grilled Angus Burger ($23) comes with a tender, juicy US Angus beef patty grilled to a nice medium rare and maple bacon sandwiched between two fluffy buns and a side of crispy curly fries.

Photo 5-3-23, 11 51 22 AM
Battered Fish Bites 3.8/5

They offer Heineken towers and craft bottled beers for those seeking to chill and unwind over drinks with friends. Pair the booze with their variety of bar bites, including the Battered Fish Bites ($14), which comes in a generous portion of bite-sized crispy fried fish paired perfectly with mayo sauce.

Words and photos by Crystal. A girl who likes to eat, photograph, and write about food, and dreams about travelling around the world one day. Note: This is an invited tasting.

65 Sungei Tengah Road
Singapore 699000
Tel: +65 86568685
Nearest MRT: Choa Chu Kang (NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon, Wed-Sun: 11am - 11pm

1) Alight at Choa Chu Kang MRT station. Take Exit B. Walk to bus stop opposite Choa Chu Kang MRT station (Stop ID 44531). Take bus number 975. Alight 7 stops later. Cross the road and turn right towards Sungei Tengah Road. Turn left onto Sungei Tengah Road. Take the left of Sungei Tengah Road at the first fork. Take the right of sungei Tengah Road at the second fork. Walk to destination. Journey time about 30 minutes. [Map]