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Friday, August 18, 2023

Liu Fu Si Fang Cai (劉府私房菜) Privating Dining - An Exclusive Culinary Haven for Chinese Cuisine Enthusiasts

Liu Fu Si Fang Cai10

I recently had the privilege of experiencing Liu Fu Si Fang Cai (劉府私房菜), a sought-after private dining in Singapore. It stands as a revered bastion of private dining dedicated to the art of Chinese cuisine. Though open to reservations monthly, it maintains an air of exclusivity, requiring a dash of luck to secure a coveted table.

Liu Fu Si Fang Cai2
Black Garlic Chicken Soup 4.5/5

The dining symphony commenced with the elegant overture of Black Garlic Chicken Soup. Served bubbling in a pot, the chicken, infused with the subtle sweetness of black garlic, bestowed an enriched depth to the flavoursome broth. The harmony between the robust chicken essence and the nuanced black garlic note was a delightful prelude to the feast ahead.

Liu Fu Si Fang Cai4
Har Cheong Pork Belly 4.2/5

Setting the stage for innovative culinary twists, Liu Fu Si Fang Cai showcased their rendition of Har Cheong Pork Belly. While Har Cheong Chicken is a familiar delicacy, the concept of Har Cheong Pork Belly was a revelation. Delicately fried to a golden crisp, the pork belly delivered a burst of flavour, harmoniously merging the beloved shrimp paste essence with the tender meat.

Liu Fu Si Fang Cai5
Steamed Soon Hock with 2 types of Chye Poh 4/5

The spotlight then turned to the Steamed Soon Hock with 2 types of Chye Poh. This perfectly executed dish demonstrated the synergy between delicate cooking techniques and thoughtfully paired ingredients. The marriage of the Soon Hock's tender flesh with the distinct sweetness of the Chye Poh created a symphony of flavours that tantalized the palate.

Liu Fu Si Fang Cai7
Mustard Greens with Sio Bak 5/5

An unexpected delight arrived in the form of Mustard Greens with Sio Bak, cooked ingeniously in Assam. This unique concoction showcased the culinary prowess of Liu Fu Si Fang Cai. The infusion of Assam into the dish balanced the inherent bitterness of the mustard greens, resulting in a harmonious blend of flavours that delighted even the most discerning palates.

Liu Fu Si Fang Cai11
Fried Hokkien Mee 4/5

The highly anticipated signature, Fried Hokkien Mee, took the stage next. Infused with the rich essence of prawn stock, the dish was a homage to traditional flavours. While not claiming the crown of the best I've tasted, it was undoubtedly a plate of gratifying delight.

Liu Fu Si Fang Cai15
Black Pepper Crab 4.5/5

The feast took a delightful twist with the indulgence of Black Pepper Crab. Delving into the crab's succulent flesh, coated in a piquant black pepper sauce, was an experience that ignited the senses. The sauce's fiery notes skillfully complemented the crab's natural sweetness, making it a finger-licking, unforgettable endeavour.

Liu Fu Si Fang Cai19
Crystal Tang Yuan 3.5/5

As the culinary journey drew to a close, the Crystal Tang Yuan took centre stage, offering a sweet denouement to the gastronomic masterpiece. Bursting with two distinct flavours, this dessert captured the essence of Liu Fu Si Fang Cai's innovative approach to traditional dishes, leaving a lingering and memorable impression.

In conclusion, Liu Fu Si Fang Cai stands as a testament to the heritage and classic dishes that flourish within the realm of private dining. Each dish's harmonious symphony of flavours and techniques showcases the chef's dedication to elevating the dining experience. While the reservation process may demand a dash of luck, the resulting culinary journey is undoubtedly worth the anticipation. For those pursuing a gastronomic adventure that marries tradition and creativity, Liu Fu Si Fang Cai awaits with open doors and exquisite creations.

Liu Fu Si Fang Cai (劉府私房菜) Privating Dining
20 Tembeling Road
Singapore 423556

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Mutiara Seafood @ Wisma Geylang Serai - First-ever Halal-certified Seafood Restaurant By JUMBO Group


JUMBO Group opens Mutiara Seafood, their first-ever Halal-certified Seafood concept nestled in the heart of Geylang Serai. Mutiara Seafood shines as a culinary gem within the vibrant Wisma Geylang Serai, with its name derived from the Malay word for' pearl'. This seafood restaurant brings together an unprecedented array of Singaporean-style seafood dishes alongside exclusive grilled creations.


Boasting a seating capacity of 176, Mutiara Seafood also offers four private dining rooms, each with a contemporary ambience suitable for exclusive gatherings, business or personal events.

Crispy Fried Baby Squid 4.2/5

Our dinner began with the Crispy Fried Baby Squid ($16), expertly deep-fried to achieve a delectable crispness. Tossed in a sweet and savoury sauce, this dish was delightful and addictive, heightened by a sprinkle of sesame seeds that added a touch of aromatic goodness.

Seafood Pumpkin Soup 4/5

Next, we indulged in the Seafood Pumpkin Soup ($32/$48/$64), a hearty and comforting concoction. The soup's flavour boasted depth, with the sweetness of the pumpkin harmonizing perfectly with the delicate seafood. The combination yielded a creamy texture that enveloped our palates in pure satisfaction.

Indonesia Grilled Chicken 4.2/5

The Indonesia Grilled Chicken ($20 Half/$36 Whole) showcased JUMBO Seafood's prowess in grilling to perfection. A rich umami flavour from the careful spice marinade enhanced each succulent and juicy bite. The caramelized glaze, created by the marriage of kecap manis and the grill's heat, lent a glossy and sticky coating to the chicken. This glaze enhanced the dish's appearance and added a subtle sweetness that complemented the savoury flavours exquisitely.

Kang Kong Stir Fried with Sambal 4/5

Kang Kong Stir Fried with Sambal ($14/$21/$28) showcased the vibrant green colour and satisfying crunch of the kang kong vegetable. The soul of the dish lay in the sambal, which imparted a punchy and fiery shiokness, elevating the overall experience.

Grilled Red Tilapia Fish with Sambal 4/5

We then relished in the Grilled Red Tilapia Fish with Sambal ($40), where meaty red snapper took centre stage. Layered with a punchy chilli sambal, the fish was grilled to mouth-watering perfection, allowing the flavours to meld harmoniously.

Signature Chilli Crab 4.5/5

A visit to Mutiara Seafood would only be complete with savouring their Signature Chilli Crab (market price). This iconic Singaporean dish featured sweet and fleshy crab drenched in JUMBO Seafood's signature sweet and spicy chilli sauce, best enjoyed with deep-fried mantou buns. The halal rendition of this beloved classic lived up to its renowned reputation.

Signature Black Pepper Crab 4.5/5

Another must-try is the Signature Black Pepper Crab (market price), showcasing the marriage of fresh crab's natural sweetness with black pepper's aromatic and spicy notes. Embrace the messiness and savour the crab with all its flavourful glory.

Jimbaran Grilled Prawns 4.2/5

The Jimbaran Grilled Prawn ($28/4pc) made an impressive entrance with its substantial size. Cooked in classic Balinese style, these prawns were treated to a deep rub and marinade of Jimbaran spices, resulting in a tantalising burst of flavours.

Mee Goreng 4.2/5

The Mee Goreng ($20/$30/$40) was a standout choice to satisfy noodle cravings. The noodles were expertly wok fired to smoky perfection in the traditional Malay style. The sweet, spicy, and savoury sauce coated the noodles impeccably, and a squeeze of calamansi provided a refreshing tang. Prawns and squid were generously incorporated to elevate the dish further.

Mango Pudding 4/5

Finally, we indulged in the Mango Pudding ($5) and Sweet Yam Paste ($5) to conclude our meal on a sweet note. The Mango Pudding delighted us with its soft and creamy texture, garnished with fresh mango that added a fruity freshness. However, the Sweet Yam Paste caught our attention with its unique twist on the traditional dessert. Accompanied by a sweet corn soup, this rendition provided a delightful contrast of flavours and textures that satisfied us thoroughly.

Sweet Yam Paste 4.2/5

In conclusion, Mutiara Seafood by JUMBO Group is a remarkable addition to the seafood dining scene in Singapore. Its Halal certification offers a welcoming and inclusive environment for diners seeking authentic Singaporean-style seafood dishes. From the crispy and addictive appetisers to the succulent grilled specialities and signature crab dishes, every bite at Mutiara Seafood was a testament to JUMBO Seafood's culinary expertise. Coupled with the elegant dining space and attentive service, a visit to Mutiara Seafood promises a memorable gastronomic experience that will surely please seafood enthusiasts and discerning diners alike.

Note: This is an invited tasting session.

Mutiara Seafood
Wisma Geylang Serai
1 Engku Aman Turn
#01-02 & #02-02/03
Singapore 408528
Tel: +65 68163030
Nearest MRT: Paya Lebar (CC, EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am - 3pm, 530pm - 10pm

1) Alight at Paya Lebar MRT station. Take Exit E. Cut through PLQ Mall to Sims Ave. Cross the road and walk to Tanjong Katong Road. Walk down Tanjong Katong Road to Geylang Road. Turn left onto Geylang Road. Walk down Geylang Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 8 minutes. [Map]

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Jin Jue Seafood @ Jalan Besar - Cantonese Style Seafood Zi Char That Opens Until 5am

Jin Jue 2

Jin Jue 1

Just across the busy cluster of eateries in Jalan Besar is the new brightly lit signboard of Jin Jue Seafood. Specialising in Cantonese-style seafood zi char, it has a homely space with a reasonably priced menu. It operates till 5am daily, serving as another supper spot you can booklist.

Jin Jue 2
Red Snapper Fish Head Steamboat 4.5/5

The signature of Jin Jue Seafood would be their charcoal Red Snapper Fish Head Steamboat ($38). The fresh snapper slices are deliberately served separately to avoid having the fish break up throughout the meal and for diners to be able to have them fresh upon cooking. We especially enjoyed the broth's herbal notes, which resulted from the addition of goji berries and dang gui.

You have vegetables like yam, seaweed and Chinese cabbage in the base. You can opt to top up for additional ingredients to go along, such as Prawns ($18/5 Pieces), Spinach ($6), Enoki Mushrooms ($4) and more. We appreciated our pot was promptly refilled and that they provided the actual broth for refills instead of watered down base or water.

Jin Jue 3
Lemongrass Pork Ribs 4.2/5

It looked unassuming, but the Lemongrass Pork Ribs ($18) was quite a crowd favourite. The sweet-glazed exterior had a nice slight crunch, while the meat was tender and easily torn off from the bone. The hints of spice also had us wanting more. We didn't mind it, but as its name suggests, we expected the lemongrass flavour to be much more pronounced than it was.

Jin Jue 5
Stir-fried Dried Scallops & Kailan 3.5/5

The Stir-fried Dried Scallops & Kailan ($15) had stir-fried kailan beneath deep-fried kailan. Adding dried scallops helped lend an umami touch, but we found the dish as a whole too oily.

Jin Jue 6
Curry Fish Head 3.8/5

I haven't had that many curry fish heads to compare, but my dining companions found Jin Jue's Curry Fish Head ($35) pretty satisfying. It came with a generous portion of vegetables like brinjal and ladyfinger, along with crisped beancurd skin. The curry leans more milky and creamy, and we thought the spice could be more assertive.

Jin Jue 4
Black Pepper Crab 4/5

We were impressed by how fresh the Black Pepper Crab (Seasonal Price) was, the meat was firm and sweet, and it came with a good amount of roe. Their black pepper sauce leans sweeter, with a medium spice level from the chilli and peppers used.

Photos and words by Jo. A girl who loves her Mala (麻辣) at Da La (大辣), discovering hidden food gems and a good cup of matcha latte. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Jin Jue Seafood
369 Jalan Besar
Singapore 208997
Tel: +65 65303689
Nearest MRT: Bendemeer MRT (DT Line), Farrer Park (NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 5pm - 5am

1) Alight at Farrer Park MRT station. Take Exit H. Walk towards Kitchener Link. At Kitchener Link walk to Petain Road. Turn right at Petain Road, walk towards Jalan Besar Road. Turn left at Jalan Besar Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 8 minutes. [Map]

2) Alight at Bendemeer MRT station. Take Exit A. Left right and walk to Kallang Bahru towards Lavender Street. At Lavender Street, turn right and walk towards Foch Road. Turn left onto Foch Road and walk towards Jalan Besar. Cross the road at Jalan Besar. Walk to destination. Journey time about 8 minutes. [Map]

Friday, February 21, 2020

Lai Bao @ Toa Payoh Lorong 1 - A New Affordable 1960s-inspired Zichar Stall


Lai Bao is a brand new 1960s inspired zichar stall at Toa Payoh Lorong 1 opened by the Baoshi F&B Management Pte Ltd. The zichar stall seeks to bring affordable Singaporean zichar cuisine to the masses with recipes passed down by their grandmas as well as family recipes from their childhood friends. Diners can look forward to a menu rooted in Chinese traditions but sprinkle with some unique twist.

Charcoal Silken Tofu 4/5

Charcoal seems to be the new trend for Chinese restaurants lately, and now we can even have it at the neighbourhood zichar stall. The Charcoal Silken Tofu ($5/$8/$10) modernise the classic dish, giving the soft silky tofu a contrasting layer of crispy charcoal-coasted exterior.

Old School Sweet & Sour Pork 3/5

Another classic dish that incorporates the charcoal powder is the Old School Sweet & Sour Pork ($8/$10/$12). I am not sure whether it is due to the black vinegar used or the charcoal powder, it lacked the zestiness I was expecting from a dish that I enjoy.

Duck Fried Teochew Duck Fritter 3.8//5

Both creamy in the interior and crispy on the exterior is another classic Teochew dish, Duck Fried Teochew Duck Fritter ($10). Smoked duck meat is mixed with hand-mashed yam and encased in deep-fried popiah skin.

Ginger Spring Chicken 4/5

A simple but yet tasty dish is the Ginger Spring Chicken ($6 half/ $12 whole). Not only is the chicken moist and juicy, the hand-cut ginger and garlic sauce gives it a subtle fragrance, allowing each bite to be savoured with relish.

Lai Bao Wok Fried Fine Bean 4.2/5

Lai Bao Wok Fried Fine Bean ($7/$9/$11) is a vegetable dish that is packed with textures and flavours. Stir-fried to a delightful crunch is the fine bean complemented by the crispy yam strips for extra bite. It is further flavoured by the dried cuttlefish, Chinese sausage and chye poh head for a fragrant finishing.

Crispy Fried Aubergine & Pork Floss 4/5

The Crispy Fried Aubergine & Pork Floss ($7/$9/$11) is a vegetable dish that will be enjoyed by both young and old. The aubergine or eggplant is thinly sliced, deep-fried and drizzled with savoury pork floss.

Grandma's Recipe Pork Belly 3.8/5

Braised over low heat until soft and tender are the mouth-watering Grandma's Recipe Pork Belly ($12). However, I felt that the braising sauce was lacking the richness and the robustness that I would seek for a tasty braised pork belly dish.

Lai Bao 13 Spices Black Pepper Crab 4.5/5

Not to be missed is Lai Bao 13 Spices Black Pepper Crab ( $30 for 1 Crab / $50 for 2 Crabs). Each crab weighs around 600-700g. Besides the peppery kick, the crustacean is elevated by an aromatic blend of 13 spices, allowing the sweetness of the crab meat to come through even more.

Seafood Lala Ying Yang Hor Fun 3.5/5

Good for sharing or as a one-dish meal is the Seafood Lala Ying Yang Hor Fun ($5/$7/$10). The hor fun is packed with wok hei, drenched in a light and sweet lala gravy. The rice noodle dish also comes with clams, prawns, fish slices and topped with deep-fried hor fun for that extra crunch. It is a hearty dish, but I would prefer the gravy to be heavier in flavour to match the smokiness of the wok's breath.

Sixties Fish Head Charcoal Steamboat (Grouper) 4.2/5

The highlight at Lai Bao has to be their Sixties Fish Head Charcoal Steamboat (Grouper $15/$25/$35, Snapper $10/$18/$24), using traditional recipes and cooking methods. The all-natural collagen soup is simmered over charcoal for 10 hours brimming with fresh ingredients such as hand-minced meat pie, cabbage, seaweed, yam, black fungus, cherry tomato and tofu.


Lai Bao
Blk 168 Toa Payoh Lorong 1
Singapore 310168
Tel: +65 62615825
Nearest MRT: Toa Payoh (NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 12pm - 10pm

1) Alight at Toa Payoh MRT station. Take Exit B. Walk to Toa Payoh Bus Interchange (Stop ID 52009). Take bus 141 or 231. Alight one stop later. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Wine & Gourmet Friends @ Bukit Pasoh - The Restaurant Allows You To Bring Your Own Food On Sunday


Opened in September 2018, The Wine & Gourmet Friends is an Asian tapas wine bistro located on the ground floor of a conservation shophouse on Bukit Pasoh Road. Albeit a narrow space that sits only 56 pax, it boasts a walk-in wine cellar which holds over 300 different styles of wine from over 80 old and new world wine producers, in which eighty percent are exclusive to the bistro. As the name suggests, The Wine & Gourmet Friends is all about wine over food, or vice versa, but what really lies within its core is the celebration of friendships over good wines and heart-warming food within a casual and welcoming environment. Afterall, the bistro is brought together by a group of friends with years of F&B experience under their belts.


Wines start from $6 a glass and bottles range from $25 to over $1,888, with option to drink in or takeaway. I can't read wines with my untrained palate, so if you are like me, owner William will be more than happy to help you with your purchase. To ensure that you get the most out of your purchase, an Aerating Decanter is used to efficiently and rapidly ‘open’ a bottle’s aromas and flavours. This process of decanting comprises two-steps: pouring wine into the decanter and when the wine has had sufficient time to breath, reversing the bottle to return the contents into the original bottle. This not only saves space on your table for more food, it will also prevent the mistake of accidentally mixing wines which often happens when an unmarked decanter is passed around.

Prawn & Seafood Bite 3/5

Helming the kitchen are Chef Wilson and Chef Gus, and the menu created features dishes inspired by the many that they have grown up with. The first Asian-style bite that we tried was one that we couldn't be more familiar with - Prawn & Seafood Bite (Hei Zou) ($12). This is an elevated version of Chef Wilson’s Mum’s Hei Zou, prepared with minced pork belly (hormone and antibiotic free), diced sea prawns, turnip and cuttlefish paste for bite and as a binder. I like the crunchy bits of the turnip, and appreciate the light seasoning, unlike some that filled my mouth with pepper and salt. The accompanying sweet and sour homemade achar (Peranakan spicy pickled vegetables) was addictive! I wish I had a full bowl of it to myself.

Foie Gras Lotus Leaf Rice 3.8/5

If you like Foie Gras, do order the Foie Gras Lotus Rice ($18).  Foie Gras and rice to me is an unusual combination but the chemistry between these two ingredients was better than expected. Perhaps the idea came from replacing liver with foie gras (just guessing), the role of foie gras in the rice was like that of a stir-fried pork liver but with an additional creamy texture. It was seared to attain a slight crisp on its surface, which released a layer of sweet gaminess into the savoury rice.  Being the centerpiece of a dish usually, it did not steal any limelight from the lotus leaf rice, which was just as outstanding on its own. Fragrant with oriental seasoning and condiments, Calrose rice is used instead of glutinous rice to lighten the load from your stomach.  Glutinous rice would certainly be too soft and sweet for this dish to succeed.  I love the chopped porcini and shiitake mushrooms, and the Chinese X.O. sausage which added another dimension of flavours and texture. The fried  lotus chips were not necessary, as they turned greasy towards the end.

Roast Pork Belly 3.8/5

Roast Pork Belly ($24) was a straightforward dish but deeply satisfying. The roasted Australian Bangalow sweet pork delivered what we had imagined it to be - crisp crackling with a layer of tender pork fat with no unpleasant porky taste. Like how a good piece of beef should be treated with minimum seasoning, the roast pork belly is served with a dollop of mustard and honey balsamic reduction just to kick your taste buds a bit of a kick.

Lamb Trio 3/5

This plate of Lamb Trio ($30) consists of lamb kofta, lamb rendang and rosemary grilled lamb rack, served with chilled quinoa salad and cucumber raita. Out of these 3 variations, my favourite would be the lamb rendang.  The rendang had a sweetness that helped to sooth out the gaminess of the meat. Second to that would be the lamb rack, in which I believe many would consider the fats lining the bone a delicacy.

Black Pepper Crab Noodle 3.8/5

When I first saw Black Pepper Crab Noodle ($18) on the menu, I thought it was going to be again a rendition of a prawn pasta.  But very much adhering to the characteristic of a zichar dish, chef kept the use of noodles. Wholegrain noodle us used and because it had a firmer texture than normal yellow noodles, the black pepper sauce was able to coat them without weighing them down. The soft shell crab was quite meaty and the blue swimmer crab meat pieces tasted even sweeter against the savoury blackpepper seafood broth.

Goreng Pisang 4.5/5

The dessert that we had was excellent.  Goreng Pisang ($12) with ice cream might sound really rich against the dishes we had but this is not to be missed. Banana and chocolate is a heavenly combination but chefs took this up a notch with their own homemade dark chocolate ice cream and banana fritters, served along with a 'banana kueh' and 'banana leather'.  The batter of the fritters was airy and the banana within had soften under the heat and bursting with sweetness.  The banana kueh had a sticky and dense texture but not too sweet, which acted as a textural support for the dish. The banana leather was paper thin like chips and so moriesh.


What I find interesting here is the Sunday BYOF (Bring Your Own Food!). The kitchen will be closed on Sunday, but The Wine & Gourmet Friends stays open from noon to 9pm and you are invited to Bring Your Own Food – home-cooked or otherwise, for a day out with family and friends. All you need to do is only order a bottle of wine (minimum one bottle for every four guests) to enjoy your meal within the bistro. If you need help with your wine pairing, William and his team will be here as well.

Photos and words by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food. Note: This is an invited tasting.

The Wine & Gourmet Friends
48 Bukit Pasoh Road
Singapore 089859
Tel: +65 62241982
Nearest MRT: Outram Park (Ew Line, NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat: 12pm - 11pm
Sun: 12pm - 9pm

1) Alight at Outram Park MRT station. Take Exit H. Walk to destination. Journey time about 3 minutes. [Map]

Sunday, July 8, 2018

AquaMarine @ Marina Mandarin Singapore - Indulge In A Crustacean Galore And Divine Specials From Upcoming Singapore Heritage Buffet


Esteemed for its extensive halal buffet spread featuring Asian and Western cuisines, AquaMarine is an international culinary extravaganza within the Marina Mandarin Singapore. We indulge in their dazzling crustaceans galore spanning around a huge stand-alone counter which takes the centerpiece of the buffet line, as well as selected specials from their upcoming Singapore Heritage Buffet.


Available from 1 to 31 Aug 2018, diners can take a trip down memory lane and indulge in the nation's iconic dishes such as the Wagyu Beef Short Rib 'Satay', Marinated Ayam Buah Keluak Shawarma in lotus buns, Sambal Whole Salmon Fillet, as well as the well-know local favourite Chilli Crab. These dishes from the Singapore Heritage Buffet are specially curated for the month of August, which is in line with the Nation's Birthday on August 9.


Known for focusing their buffet spread on the freshest catch from the sea, AquaMarine is an absolute seafood paradise for the seafood lovers. Expect an endless flow of premium seafood, such as the Tiger Prawns, Spanner Crabs, Stone Crab Claws, Snow Crab Claws, Fresh Scallops, Clams, and Shucked Oysters. As diners repeatedly pile their plates high with seafood, the counters are continuously replenished with ample seafood so there is more than enough for everyone.


Apart from the fresh seafood on ice, there is also the Crustaceans Seafood Stew, where diners can enjoy a piping hot bowl of flavourful stew filled with a variety of cooked seafood.


For those who prefer to have their seafood hot, delight in their Black Pepper Crab, as well as Crispy Soft Shell prawn with cereal and chicken floss for a comforting treat.


There are also a Japanese counter where you can get your sushi, udon, tempura and sashimi fix.

Wagyu Beef Short Rib'Satay' 4.2/5

Showcasing highlights from the much anticipated Singapore Heritage Buffet, the Wagyu Beef Short Rib is one my favourites. The beef meat is extremely soft, tender and juicy, while the satay sauce is filled with a reminiscent of the local flavour. Yet I find that the flavour of the satay sauce might be too overwhelming and masks the natural juicy flavour and char of the wagyu beef. However, the wagyu beef meat is perfectly executed, so go easy on the sauce.

Marinated Ayam Buah Keluak Shawarma in Lotus Bun 4.2/5

A mainstay of Peranakan cuisine, the Marinated Ayam Buah Keluak Shawarma in Lotus Bun features tender Nonya Chicken with a slightly spicy and tangy gravy, sandwiched in between soft fluffy mantous.

Sambal Whole Salmon Fillet 4.2/5

The sambal chilli is a favourite among the locals, and that cannot be missed out in the Heritage buffet. The Sambal Whole Salmon Fillet features extremely soft fish fillet meat, perfectly seasoned and covered with the authentic sambal spice and fragrance.

Deep Fried Asian Crab Friller with Salted Egg Mayo 4/5

The Deep Fried Asian Crab Friller with Salted Egg Mayo boosts soft crab fillings with a thin crispy fried layer. The salted egg mayo adds a salted, creamy flavour to the fresh crab pieces, elevating the entire flavour of the crab.

Singapore Chilli Crab 4.2/5

A well-known local favourite, the Singapore Chilli Crab is a must-try here. The thing that defines the style and tastes for chilli crab is the chilli sauce. The juicy crabs come with a an impeccable gravy that features a combination of spiciness, sweetness and saltiness, which is a perfect complement with the fluffy deep fried mantou.


Beyond the crustaceans and Singapore Heritage specials, AquaMarine also offers a wide variety of delectable desserts such as the assorted Nonya kuehs, cakes, puddings, ice cream, beancurd and their durian pengat.


With so many options for everyone, it is an ideal choice for large groups of friends and family to gather in a spacious environment for an indulgent buffet meal. On weekend dinners, diners can look forward to their action station whipping up sugarcane juice, durian and all-time favourites.

Singapore Heritage Buffet is available from 2 to 31 August 2018. Priced from $60++ per adult and $30++ per child (6-12 years old). For reservations: please call 6845 1111 or email

Photos and words by Crystal. A girl who likes to eat, photograph, and write about food, and dreams about travelling around the world one day. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Marina Mandarin Singapore
6 Raffles Boulevard
Level 4
Singapore 039594
Tel: +65 68451111
Nearest MRT: Esplanade (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 630am - 1030pm

1) Alight at Esplanade MRT station. Take Exit B or D. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]