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Liu Fu Si Fang Cai (劉府私房菜) Privating Dining - An Exclusive Culinary Haven for Chinese Cuisine Enthusiasts

Liu Fu Si Fang Cai10

I recently had the privilege of experiencing Liu Fu Si Fang Cai (劉府私房菜), a sought-after private dining in Singapore. It stands as a revered bastion of private dining dedicated to the art of Chinese cuisine. Though open to reservations monthly, it maintains an air of exclusivity, requiring a dash of luck to secure a coveted table.

Liu Fu Si Fang Cai2
Black Garlic Chicken Soup 4.5/5

The dining symphony commenced with the elegant overture of Black Garlic Chicken Soup. Served bubbling in a pot, the chicken, infused with the subtle sweetness of black garlic, bestowed an enriched depth to the flavoursome broth. The harmony between the robust chicken essence and the nuanced black garlic note was a delightful prelude to the feast ahead.

Liu Fu Si Fang Cai4
Har Cheong Pork Belly 4.2/5

Setting the stage for innovative culinary twists, Liu Fu Si Fang Cai showcased their rendition of Har Cheong Pork Belly. While Har Cheong Chicken is a familiar delicacy, the concept of Har Cheong Pork Belly was a revelation. Delicately fried to a golden crisp, the pork belly delivered a burst of flavour, harmoniously merging the beloved shrimp paste essence with the tender meat.

Liu Fu Si Fang Cai5
Steamed Soon Hock with 2 types of Chye Poh 4/5

The spotlight then turned to the Steamed Soon Hock with 2 types of Chye Poh. This perfectly executed dish demonstrated the synergy between delicate cooking techniques and thoughtfully paired ingredients. The marriage of the Soon Hock's tender flesh with the distinct sweetness of the Chye Poh created a symphony of flavours that tantalized the palate.

Liu Fu Si Fang Cai7
Mustard Greens with Sio Bak 5/5

An unexpected delight arrived in the form of Mustard Greens with Sio Bak, cooked ingeniously in Assam. This unique concoction showcased the culinary prowess of Liu Fu Si Fang Cai. The infusion of Assam into the dish balanced the inherent bitterness of the mustard greens, resulting in a harmonious blend of flavours that delighted even the most discerning palates.

Liu Fu Si Fang Cai11
Fried Hokkien Mee 4/5

The highly anticipated signature, Fried Hokkien Mee, took the stage next. Infused with the rich essence of prawn stock, the dish was a homage to traditional flavours. While not claiming the crown of the best I've tasted, it was undoubtedly a plate of gratifying delight.

Liu Fu Si Fang Cai15
Black Pepper Crab 4.5/5

The feast took a delightful twist with the indulgence of Black Pepper Crab. Delving into the crab's succulent flesh, coated in a piquant black pepper sauce, was an experience that ignited the senses. The sauce's fiery notes skillfully complemented the crab's natural sweetness, making it a finger-licking, unforgettable endeavour.

Liu Fu Si Fang Cai19
Crystal Tang Yuan 3.5/5

As the culinary journey drew to a close, the Crystal Tang Yuan took centre stage, offering a sweet denouement to the gastronomic masterpiece. Bursting with two distinct flavours, this dessert captured the essence of Liu Fu Si Fang Cai's innovative approach to traditional dishes, leaving a lingering and memorable impression.

In conclusion, Liu Fu Si Fang Cai stands as a testament to the heritage and classic dishes that flourish within the realm of private dining. Each dish's harmonious symphony of flavours and techniques showcases the chef's dedication to elevating the dining experience. While the reservation process may demand a dash of luck, the resulting culinary journey is undoubtedly worth the anticipation. For those pursuing a gastronomic adventure that marries tradition and creativity, Liu Fu Si Fang Cai awaits with open doors and exquisite creations.

Liu Fu Si Fang Cai (劉府私房菜) Privating Dining
20 Tembeling Road
Singapore 423556

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