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Monday, July 1, 2024

Verandah Rooftop Rotisserie @ Momentus Hotel Alexandra - Verandah Rooftop Rotisserie x Blue Smoke Four Hands Buffet Experience


Verandah Rooftop Rotisserie at Momentus Hotel Alexandra is elevating its buffet dining experience through a unique and limited-time collaboration with Blue Smoke, a local BBQ and smokehouse led by Executive Chef Ivan Yeo. Running from 1 to 31 July 2024, the weekend buffet dinner will feature an exquisite spread that highlights the best of both Momentus Hotel Alexandra’s Executive Chef Jeffrey Tan and the award-winning Executive Chef Ivan Yeo from Blue Smoke.

Smoked Garam Masala Beef Tomahawk

Among the many highlights of this buffet, the Smoked Garam Masala Beef Tomahawk was a rare treat. This dish features beef tomahawk marinated with garam masala, smoked for approximately an hour, and then grilled to a medium-rare finish.

Grilled Tamarind Barramundi

My personal favourite was the Grilled Tamarind Barramundi. Zested up with a thick tamarind paste, the fish was incredibly moist and tender. The smoky nuances combined with the tangy paste add a depth of flavor to the natural sweetness of the fish.

Charred Napa Cabbage

The Charred Napa Cabbage with Smoked Garlic Aioli, while flavorful, could benefit from more thorough cooking in the middle to ensure a consistent texture.

Grilled Australian Lamb Shoulder

Kombu Butter Tiger Prawns

The Grilled Australian Lamb Shoulder, seasoned impeccably with herbs and spices, had a pleasing flavor, though its texture leaned towards being slightly dry. Similarly, the Kombu Butter Tiger Prawns were flavorful but a bit dry.

Pork Belly Bulgogi

Balinese Chicken Wings

Pork Belly Bulgogi was another tantalizing dish, with a smoky-sweet caramelization on the surface that provided a satisfying bite. The Balinese Chicken Wings were also a crowd pleaser, thanks to their well-balanced seasoning and tender meat.

Green Lip Mussels

Smoked Wagyu Beef Brisket

In addition to the extensive buffet spread, there is a special tasting menu featuring five curated dishes, two of which are from Blue Smoke. The Green Lip Mussels stewed in Thai green curry and smoked lychee were particularly noteworthy, with a superb punchy green curry. The 20-hour Smoked Wagyu Beef Brisket, served in crispy pie tee cups, offered an unctuous mouthfeel with the contrast of crispy bites, making it a delightful indulgence.


Four Hands Buffet Experience: Verandah Rooftop Rotisserie x Blue Smoke
1 – 31 July 2024. Weekend Buffet Dinner Fri & Sat: 6:00pm – 10:00pm $98++ per adult, $42++ per child (6 – 11 years old).

Photos and words by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food.

Verandah Rooftop Rotisserie
Momentus Hotel Alexandra
Level 7
323 Alexandra Road
Singapore 159972
Tel: +65 6828 8880
Nearest MRT: Queenstown (EW Line), Redhill (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Breakfast Buffet (Daily): 6:30am - 10:30am
A La Carte Lunch and Dinner (Daily): 12noon - 10:00pm
Semi-buffet Lunch (Daily): 12noon – 2:30pm
Weekday Semi-buffet Dinner (Sun to Thu): 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Weekend Buffet Dinner (Fri & Sat): 6:00pm – 10:00pm

1) Alight at Queenstown MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to bus stop at Queenstown MRT station (Stop ID 11149). Take bus number 195. Alight 2 stops later. Walk towards Ikea, At Ikea, continuing walk to destination. Journey time about 8 minutes. [Map]

2) Alight at Redhill MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to bus stop opposite Redhill MRT station (Stop ID 10201). Take bus number 33 or 120. Alight 4 stops later. Walk towards Ikea, At Ikea, continuing walk to destination. . Journey time 10 minutes. [Map]

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

27 Mezze Bar and Grill @ Robertson Quay - Singapore's first Contemporary Turkish Restaurant by a Turkish Couple Who Runs a Top-Rated Restaurant in Turkey


27 Mezze Bar and Grill, located in the cosy enclave of Robertson Quay, is Singapore's first contemporary Turkish restaurant. Opened by a Turkish couple who also runs a top-rated restaurant in Turkey, the kitchen is led by experienced executives and Head Chefs who have honed their skills in some of Istanbul's and overseas finest establishments. The name '27' reflects their passion for food culture, which led to a well-curated menu of 27 dishes showcasing Turkey's rich culinary heritage across its seven regions, all with a contemporary touch. Authentic Anatolian flavours are achieved using herbs and spices sourced directly from Turkey, complemented by selected alcohol and local drinks.

Mezze Platter 5/5

We began our dinner with an impressive Mezze Platter, one of the best I've experienced. Even common choices like Babagannuş and Hummus were elevated in flavour and texture.



The Babagannuş featured a finishing touch of sweet and tangy pomegranate molasses and a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds for a nutty crunch. The Hummus was enhanced with black currants and pomegranates for sweet contrast and texture pops.

Girit Ezme

Do try Girit Ezme, made with sharp and salty white "Ezine" cheese (sheep and cow), balanced with creamy "Kaymak" Lor cheese, similar to ricotta, blended with basil, garlic, and pistachio.


Fava Tekmil

Both the Fava Tekmil and Muhammara were delectable. The Fava Tekil, made with pureed broad beans, was brilliantly nuanced with aromatic dill and red onion. Equally well thought-out was the Muhammara, which appeared to be a regular roasted red pepper dip but elevated with walnuts for a nutty flavour and textural play.


The Kopoglu was also a highlight. It was a tasty mix of fried eggplant and tomato with contrasting creamy and refreshing cold garlic yoghurt.

(tasting portion) Mucver 5/5

(tasting portion) Hellim & Sucuk 4.5/5

For appetisers - we had Mücver, zucchini fritters with white "Ezine" cheese, served with creamy salted yoghurt, which was deliciously crispy on the outside and soft inside. The Hellim & Sucuk featured charcoal-grilled cured "Turkish" beef sausage and halloumi cheese, served with Turkish cucumber "Ankara Çubuk" pickle and pita bread, making it a highly flavorful dish ideal for pairing with a drink.

(tasting portion) Dana Şaşlık 4.5/5

(tasting portion) Tavuk Şiş 4.8/5

For the mains, they were prepared in a charcoal barbecue way. We tried the sirloin, chicken thigh, hand-minced lamb kebab, and lamb shoulder. The Dana Şaşlık, a 24-hour marinated sirloin, had a very delectable tender texture, a flavour accented with aromatic herbs, and a hint of smokiness from the charred ends. I reckon slightly less salty would be perfect. The Tavuk Şiş, a 24-hour marinated chicken thigh, was equally tender and more spice-forward with a distinct marination.

Kuzu Tandir 4/5

Tire Kebap 4.2/5

Between the Kuzu Tandir, a weekend special of seven-hour slow-roasted boneless lamb shoulder, and the Tire Kebap, I preferred the latter for its flavour combination. Tire Kebap is hand-minced lamb meatballs paired with a complementary tomato puree and smoked yogurt, finished with an indulgent dose of beurre noisette. I prefer an even more robust tomato puree. The lamb shoulder would be ideal if you are into a gamier taste.

Turkish coffee, Baklava

The dessert was simple but still delightful - Turkish coffee was served with a piece of Turkish Delight and Baklava. As my dining companion noted, it transported her back to Turkey, reminiscing about enjoying the same treat while overlooking the coast during her travels.


Photos and words by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food.

27 Mezze Bar and Grill
Village Residence Robertson Quay
30 Robertson Quay
Singapore 238251
Tel: +65 9227 9086
Nearest MRT: Fort Canning (DT Line)

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thu: 5pm - 1030pm
Fri-Sat: 5pm - 12midnight

1) Alight at Fort Canning MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to traffic junction of Clemenceau Ave and River Valley. Cross the road. Turn left and walk down Clemenceau Ave. Turn right onto Unity Street. Then left onto Merbau Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 8 minutes. [Map]

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Chara Brasserie @ Mercure ICON Singapore City Centre - Mediterranean-Asian Buffet with 4 Rotating Menus


Chara Brasserie is an all-day dining restaurant of the new Mercure ICON Singapore City Centre. Offering a Mediterranean Asian theme buffet, the menu lineup took on inspiration from different countries each day of the week. There are four menus in rotation each week. Be enticed by more than 100 varieties, from classic flavours to modern takes on familiar dishes.

Australian Angus Beef Prime Rib 3.8/5

Seabass 4.5/5

Spice Marinated Whole Baby Lamb Rotisserie 4.5/5

On Friday and Saturday, the Live Rotisserie Station will be fully charged with beautifully roasted meats. As the theme is Mediterranean and Asia Pacific, lamb rotisseries and roast carving stations will take centre stage. The star of this station is the Spice Marinated Whole Baby Lamb Rotisserie (for dinner), alongside other hearty roasts such as Australian Angus Beef Prime Rib and Roasted Chicken.

DIY Chicken Kebab 3/5

There is also an interactive DIY Kebab Station that lets you put together your own kebab. Although the chicken was a tad dry, the creamy hummus made up for the texture.

Seafood on Ice 4.5/5

The Seafood on Ice station brimmed with chilled clams, poached sea prawns, mussels, flower crabs, lobsters, crayfish, and oysters. The oysters were quite exceptional, and a variety of sauces complemented them.

Japanese Okonomiyaki 4.5/5

Korean Tteobokki 3/5

One standout dish from the buffet is the Japanese Okonomiyaki. It's a delightful blend of shredded cabbage, dough, whole egg, and oysters, resulting in a light and satisfying texture. The final touch of sauce and mayonnaise binds the savoury ingredients together with a contrasting sweet and creamy flavour. I reckoned the Korean Tteobokki needed a bit more sauce.


Sashimi 3.8/5

I appreciate the individually plated Sashimi from the Japanese station. You can also find aburi chirashi dons with free-flowing ikura, ebiko, and tobiko.

Chilli Crab 4/5

Black Pepper Crayfish 4/5

Local favourites and flavours are included as well. Both Black Pepper Crayfish and Chilli Crab were being snapped up really fast. Kung Po Smoked Chilli Prawns were an interesting rendition.

Prata Puff and Dahl Curry 4/5

Hand - Skewered Ariff Satay 4/5

Although the Prata Puff and Dahl Curry were a tad oily, they were exceptionally moreish. For the hand-skewered Ariff Satay, I suggest enjoying it early in your meal as they are limited in numbers.



Assorted Kuehs 4.5/5

The Dessert Station was decadent, with a wide range of Nyonya kueh, mini tarts, cupcakes, mini cakes, puddings, and even waffles, served with soft-serve gelato. I tried every single kueh, and they were really delicious!

To celebrate its grand launch, Chara Brasserie is offering an opening special of 25% off the prices of its buffet menu, valid daily until 31 May 2024


Chara Brasserie Buffet Lineup - Flavours From Across the World Four Rotating Menus.
Monday and Tuesday - Flavours of the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia, with the hot stations firing up to cook seafood - focused specialties.
Wednesday and Thursday - Mediterranean with Japanese flair
Friday and Saturday - Mediterranean and Asia Pacific, with lamb rotisseries and roast carving stations set up.
Sunday - An international Mediterranean buffet serving up all three menus from across the week.

Photos and words by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food.

Chara Brasserie
Mercure ICON Singapore City Centre
8 Club Street
#02 - 01
Singapore 069472
Tel: +65 8826 8585
Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer (DT Line), Chinatown (DT, NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Breakfast: 6.30am -10.30am
Lunch: 11.30am to 3pm
Dinner: 6pm to 10pm

1) Alight at Telok Ayer MRT station. Take Exit A. Turn left and walk down Cross Street. Turn left onto Club Street. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

2) Alight at Chinatown MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk straight down Pagoda Street to North Bridge Road. Cross the road and walk to Mohd Ali Lane. Walk down Mohd Ali Lane. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

Friday, May 10, 2024

Mosella @ Pan Pacific Orchard - Savour the Bold Flavours of The Mediterranean in an Unforgettable Brunch Experience


Mosella at Pan Pacific Orchard, located within the luxurious confines of Pan Pacific Orchard, recently launched its Saturday Brunch. This exquisite dining experience celebrates the diverse and rich cuisine of the region. Nestled amidst the lush ambience of Pan Pacific Orchard, this brunch affair promises an indulgent spread, live jazz music, and unparalleled hospitality.

48 Months Iberico Ham

Spanish Crystal Bread Tomato

Burrata & Heirloom Tomatoes

The brunch experience kicks off with a selection of signature appetisers served tableside. Among the highlights is the 48 Months Iberico Ham paired with Spanish Crystal Bread spread, evoking fond memories of Spanish adventures with each bite. The Burrata & Heirloom Tomatoes delight with their creamy texture and vibrant flavours, complemented by arugula, fennel compote, and candied walnuts drizzled in basil oil and balsamic vinegar.

Hamachi Tiradito

Amelie Fine de Claire Oyster N3

For seafood enthusiasts, the Hamachi Tiradito presents Japanese yellowtail lightly flavoured in a refreshing mandarin & truffle ponzu sauce, garnished with crispy quinoa and garlic chips. Meanwhile, the Amelie Fine de Claire Oyster N3 offers a delightful briny indulgence, elevated with bloody Mary foam and wafu sauce.

Chicken Siew Mai

Prawn Har Gow

After relishing the four delectable appetisers served tableside, I eagerly made my way to the expansive buffet spread. My first stop? The dim sum section, where tempting offerings awaited. Among the array of choices, the Siew Mai and Har Gow stood out as timeless classics. The Siew Mai, with its succulent filling encased in a thin, translucent wrapper, offered a delightful balance of savoury flavours. Meanwhile, the Har Gow, showcasing plump shrimp enveloped in a delicate yet resilient casing, provided a burst of freshness with every bite.

Grilled Catch of The Day

The Grill section at Mosella's Saturday Brunch is an absolute must-visit for any discerning food enthusiast. Here, culinary delights are expertly crafted and fired to perfection on the Josper Grill, promising a symphony of flavours and textures that are sure to tantalise the taste buds. Among the array of offerings, the Grilled Catch of The Day takes centre stage, showcasing the freshest seafood expertly cooked over the open flame. Each bite reveals a succulent and perfectly grilled fillet, bursting with the natural flavours of the ocean. The Cochinillo - Spanish Suckling Pig, is a true delight for those craving a taste of Spain — tender and flavourful, with a crispy skin that crackles with each bite.

Cochinillo - Spanish Suckling Pig

Grilled Chicken Thigh Skewer, New Zealand Lamb Chop

Not to be overlooked are the Grilled Chicken Thigh Skewer and New Zealand Lamb Chop, each offering its own unique flavour profiles and textures. Whether you're a fan of tender, succulent chicken or prefer the robust flavour of lamb, these dishes are sure to satisfy you.

Salmon Wellington

Black Angus Beef Tenderloin


For meat lovers seeking the pinnacle of indulgence, the carving station at Mosella's Saturday Brunch beckons with its tantalising offerings of Salmon Wellington and Black Angus Beef Tenderloin. It promises a feast of unparalleled enjoyment, crafted with precision and finesse to delight even the most discerning palates. The Salmon Wellington is true artistry, whereby succulent salmon fillets are enveloped in a flaky puff pastry crust, creating a symphony of textures with each bite. The richness of the salmon is complemented by the buttery pastry, resulting in a dish that is both comforting and sophisticated. Meanwhile, the Black Angus Beef Tenderloin takes centre stage as the epitome of indulgence. This premium cut of beef is renowned for its exceptional tenderness and flavour, and at Mosella, it is expertly prepared to perfection. Each slice reveals a juicy and succulent interior, bursting with the rich flavours of perfectly grilled beef.

Kashmiri Lamb Ragon Josh, Palak Paneer, Mee Goreng Mamak

The Indian section beckons with an array of aromatic and flavorful delights that transport diners to the vibrant streets of India. From hearty curries to tantalising grilled meats, each dish is a celebration of rich spices and bold flavours that promise to tantalise the taste buds and evoke a sense of culinary bliss. One standout dish from the Indian section is the Kashmiri Lamb Rogan Josh, a classic North Indian curry known for its robust flavours and tender meat. Slow-cooked to perfection, the succulent lamb melts in the mouth while the fragrant spices infuse every bite with warmth and depth of flavour. The Palak Paneer offers a delightful combination of creamy spinach and soft, homemade paneer cheese for vegetarians. The dish is a true comfort food, with the earthy flavours of spinach complementing the subtle tanginess of the paneer, creating a harmony of textures and tastes that is simply irresistible. Lastly, the Mee Goreng Mamak offered a tantalising fusion of Indian and Malay flavours, with stir-fried noodles tossed in a fragrant spice blend and served with a medley of fresh vegetables and succulent pieces of meat. Each bite is a symphony of flavours, with hints of spice and sweetness dancing on the palate.


The pasta section stands out as a beloved station among diners. It offers a delightful array of freshly prepared pasta dishes cooked to order, ensuring optimal freshness and flavour in every bite. With an enticing selection of pasta varieties and accompanying sauces, this station promises a plate of deliciousness that caters to every palate.


From delicate pastries to decadent chocolates, the dessert spread at Mosella's Saturday Brunch offers something for every palate. Guests can delight in a tempting selection of cakes, tarts, and confections, each lovingly crafted by skilled pastry chefs using only the finest ingredients. Whether you prefer rich and indulgent chocolate desserts or light and refreshing fruit-based treats, there will surely be something to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Photo 14-10-23, 12 15 21 PM

Available every Saturday from 12pm to 3pm, the Mosella Saturday Brunch is priced at $108 per adult and $54 per child aged 8-12 years old. From appetising crudo to premium cuts expertly seasoned and finished over charcoal fire, Mosella invites you to savour the bold flavours of the Mediterranean in an unforgettable brunch experience.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Pan Pacific Orchard
10 Claymore Road
Singapore 229540
Tel: +65 6991 6875
Nearest MRT: Orchard (NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Sat Brunch: 12pm - 3pm

1) Alight at Orchard MRT station. Take Exit 4. Walk towards Wheellock Place via ION. Exit Wheellock Place and turn left towards Liat Tower. Cross the road at the traffic light junction and turn left towards Royal Thai Embassy. Walk to Palais Renaissance which is right after Royal Thai Embassy. Cut through Palais Renaissance to the other side of the building. Pan Pacific Orchard is opposite the building. Journey time about 10 minutes. [Map]