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SPRMRKT Daily and SPRMRKT Kitchen & Bar @ Robertson Quay - Dine, Retail and Art Concept Under One Roof


Whether or not you are into arts, museums and galleries, dining in places with strong arts affiliations tend to pepper the overall experience. If that's the case for you, you may enjoy SPRMRKT Daily and Kitchen & Bar at STPI-Workshop & Gallery, Robertson Quay. Situated right beside the river, the 2 storey building can't be more apt to house SPRMRKT's second establishment where it combines dining, retail and art space into one, all set to inspire the soul and mind of yours.

Blackened Fish & Chips 3/5

At SPRMRKT Daily, we tried 2 of its menu's mainstays brought from its first establishment at McCallum Street. Blackened Fish & Chips ($20) with batter blackened by squid ink. Although I couldn't really taste the squid ink, I enjoyed its light and airy texture while the fish was kept moist. The sweet potato fries was moreish and its in-house slaw was even more so!

Carbonara 3/5

The Carbonara ($20) was hearty with lots of bacon toasted for extra texture. Break that soft poached egg and you will get a velvety finish to the creamy sauce. We had the pasta sat for a while and the sauce flavoured with aged pamarsan seemed to have seeped deeper into the pasta, which was even better as it seemed to be a little too watery when it was served.


While waiting for your food, spend some time at the retail section that has curated brands of similar values and virtues. You will find independent labels here with deep traditional and/or artisanal roots such as Cerana Honey (a producer of sustainable honey), Bruneus (the first retailer of activated nuts in Singapore), The Hunter’s Kitchenette (a maker of nut butter inspired by the hunter-gatherer lifestyle). What stood out for me while browsing is Chocolate Concierge, the first artisanal chocolate-maker focused on bringing the cocoa trade to Malaysia. Not because that their chocolate bars are exclusive to SPRMRKT, each bar of chocolate simply looks like a gift hand wrapped with a designer wrapper. Not just food, SPRMRKT also collaborates with Mmerciencore for their exclusive Mint Cream cleanser, and Kamilinen, who hand-stitched their staff's aprons! Even BooksActually found its way onto the shelf.

Croque-Madame 3.5/5

On the second level of the space is SPRMRKT Kitchen & Bar which offers a European bistro style menu. Our brunch started with the Croque-Madame ($20). Indeed, it was a french portion but its taste did surpass my expectation. Crispy Farmer's white with creamy and flavourful béchamel in between to harmonise the cheese and the meaty ham. The fried egg in panko breadcrumb crust was a delight too.

Chicken Pot Pie 2.8/5

Unveiling what's underneath the puffy dome is always exciting of the Chicken Pot Pie ($18). In it we got a creamy mixture of chicken, potatoes and carrots. The base wasn't too creamy and dipping the pastry into it is like dipping a fluffy prata into curry. It was good but a thicker and richer base may enhances the experience a lot more. I also don't quite get that joy and happiness of eating a pot pie. Well it may be a personal thing.

Smoked Chicken Ravioli 2.5/5

Smoked Chicken Ravioli ($22) Ravioli, like risotto is a challenging dish to handle. The skin, the filling and the proportion of both need to be rather precise. Perhaps, this dish needs more time.

Weekend Roast 3.8/5

Saving the best for the last, our Weekend Roast ($34) was made up of 180g Pork Belly, homemade ricotta, Yorkshire pudding, mushrooms and vine-ripped tomatoes. No seasoning required when the meat itself was flavoured by its own melty fats lined with crispy skin. I love the homemade ricotta which lighten the meat like how yogurt does to meat. The accompanying mushrooms and tomatoes were leads in their own right.

Bread & Butter Pudding 3.8/5

To round up our Sunday Brunch, I would say SPRMRKT's Bread & Butter Pudding ($10) did it. The taste of the sweet, buttery and flaky viennoiserie followed by the warm custard, juxtaposed against a fine classic vanilla ice cream, spells nothing but bliss for that moment. Yes, more ice cream please!


Like a petite four after dessert, bring home a piece of inspiration by spending some time at Here/Now @ SPRMRKT Daily which showcases one artwork at a time, allowing you be fully present with the artwork in front of you. There is always something new to contemplate each time you drop by. Here at SPRMRKT Daily and Kitchen & Bar, showcasing fresh produce, local and regional artisanal products and artwork, you may find yourself spending half a day away browsing, eating, drink and admiring the art pieces. You may just be inspired and get some fresh produce home to whip up a few good dishes of your own!

Words and photos by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food. Noted: This is an invited tasting.

SPRMRKT Daily and SPRMRKT Daily Kitchen & Bar
STPI-Workshop & Gallery
41 Robertson Quay
Singapore 238236
Nearest MRT: Chinatown (DT Line, NE Line), Clarke Quay (NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Wed, Sun: 8am - 11pm
Thu-Sat: 8am - 12midnight

SPRMRKT Kitchen & Bar
Tue-Wed: 6pm - 10pm
Thu-Fri: 6pm - 12midnight
Sat: 1030am - 430pm, 6pm - 12midnight
Sun: 1030am - 430pm

1) Alight at Chinatown MRT station. Take Exit C. Walk to bus stop along Upper Cross Street (Stop ID 06171). Take bus number 51 and 186. Alight 1 stop later. Cross the road and walk towards the river. Cross the bridge and walk to destination. Journey time about 15 minutes. [Map]

2) Alight at Clarke Quay MRT station. Take Exit E. Walk to bus stop at Clark Quay Station (Stop ID 04222). Take bus number 54. Alight 3 stops later. Walk to the end UE Square Shopping Mall. Cross the road onto Merbau Road. Walk to the end and turn right. Walk down the river to destination. Journey time about 15 minutes. [Map]

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