Monday, May 15, 2017

One More (来一客) Steamboat & Teppanyaki Buffet @ HillV2 - Healthy, Delicious & Convenient Taiwanese Steamboat


I love steamboat and have tried numerous steamboat restaurants but Taiwanese steamboat is a new to me. Together with two other Westies friends, we visited One More (来一客) Steamboat & Teppanyaki Buffet at HillV2 for dinner. The steamboat restaurant offers over 100 different steamboat ingredients, cooked food, desserts and drink for the steamboat buffet. Besides the steamboat, it also offers bento set and Taiwan La Mian.


There are a total of seven different soup bases for the steamboat. We find some of them quite interesting such as the German Sauerkraut Soup and Indian Curry Soup. The other soup bases available on the menu are the Superior Soup, Korean Kimchi Soup, Italian Tomato Soup, Taiwan Mala Soup and Thai Tom Yum Soup.


In the end, we decided to try the Superior Soup, Italian Tomato Soup, Indian Curry Soup and Taiwan Mala Soup. We thought that Taiwan Mala Soup lacked the spicy fragrant but the other three soups are really good. You may wonder how the Indian Curry soup tastes like? It is like your fish head curry which we surprisingly enjoyed it a lot.


For the meat lovers, there is a good variety of different beef cuts, pork, lamb and chicken. Among the spread, you can also find an eclectic selections of vegetables, mushrooms and different type of balls. The dumpling which is plump and juicy is not to be missed. If you are a seafood person, you will be slightly disappointed as the menu focuses more on meat and vegetables.


What is Taiwanese cuisine without the staple Lu Rou Fan or braised pork belly rice right? This is definitely a bonus at One More Steamboat where you can have free flow lu rou fan with the steamboat.


Another unique steamboat ingredient we discovered is the Black Sesame Mochi and Cheese Mochi. The owner has specially imported this from Taiwan. The mochi is supposed to be cooked and eaten in the steamboat.


After feasting to your content, do not forget to save some space for the desserts. Among the dessert spreads, there are cream puff, cheese tarts, fruits, different variety of mochi and ice creams.


Overall we have enjoyed our dining experience at One More Steamboat. Besides the wide selection of ingredients, I thought the have some unique and delicious soup bases. I will definitely return for their superior, tomato and curry soup bases.

Mon-Fri: $25.80 adult / $15.80 child
Sat-Sun: $27.80 adult / $17.80 child
Mon-Fri: $19.80 adult / $11.80 child
Sat-Sun: $21.80 adult / $13.80 child
Mon-Fri: $30.80 adult / $18.80 child
Sat-Sun: $32.80 adult / $20.80 child

Note: This is an invited tasting.

One More (来一客) Steamboat & Teppanyaki Buffet
4 Hillview Rise
Singapore 667979
Tel: +65 6710 7478
Nearest MRT: Hillview (DT Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 12pm - 3pm, 530pm - 10pm

1) Alight at Hillview MRT station. Take Exit B. Turn right onto Hillview Road. Continue on Hillview Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 10 minutes. [Map]

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