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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Sawa De' Kafe @ Chinatown - Offering both Traditional Thai Dishes And Fusion Plates


Sawa De'Kafe on Temple Street is a modern Thai bistro cafe that offers a delightful combination of well-loved Thai classics and fusion plates enriched with Thai flavours. The founders, Mr. David and his Thai wife from Chiang Rai, were former chefs during their time studying in Japan, where Japanese Western-style cafes are common and popular. Drawing inspiration from these fusion cafes, Mr David aims to offer diners a different way to enjoy Thai cuisine by creating Western-style dishes infused with Thai flavours alongside the classics, all within a cosy and comfortable environment. Overseeing the kitchen is his wife's ensuring the most authentic Thai flavours reach every table.

Mango Salad 4.8/5

Papaya Salad 4.8/5

I had the Papaya Salad ($7) and the Mango Salad ($7). Both dishes whetted my appetite with the utmost amount of peanuts and dried shrimp tossed into the shredded fruits, all brought to life with piquant Northern Thai-style sauce.

Kor Moo Yang 3.8/5

Kor Moo Yang ($15) features slices of grilled pork collar. While they weren't as tender as expected, they were quite delectable despite the visibly good amount of fats present, especially when paired with the dipping sauce.

Red Coconut Curry 5/5

Red Coconut Curry ($15) with Prawn is a dish that's impossible to discuss without salivating. It's robust and vibrant, packed with aromatics and spices. Staying true to its café concept, besides rice and glutinous rice, diners have the option to add on a Butter Croissant ($3.50) to soak up the irresistibly moreish curry. This pairing draws inspiration from the way we savour chilli crab with fried mantou.

Tom Yum Spaghetti 4/5

The menu offers a diverse range of pasta dishes infused with Thai flavours, including Green Curry, Red Curry Prawns, Basil Pork, and even Phad Thai with Spaghetti. I had the Tom Yum Spaghetti ($17). Brimming with seafood ingredients, the al dente spaghetti was zingy with a well-executed Tom Yum sauce. While most Tom Yum sauces out there tend to be relatively rich and creamy, the version here had a lighter consistency, which was much more elegant, and the heat level was just right. I particularly appreciate its bright and citrusy notes, which elevated the dish's overall taste.

Vegetarian Green Curry 3/5

Catering to the increasing demand for meatless options, most curries and pasta dishes have vegetarian alternatives. I opted for the Vegetarian Green Curry ($13), which included Konjac prawns, tofu, and brinjal. It's worth noting that a greater variety of vegetables would have been more complementary to the robust curry.

Ice Hale's Butterfly Pea Tea, Red Ruby, Green Tea Butterfly Pea Basque Cheesecake

Other than Thai desserts, there is also a range of cakes which one can enjoy with Thai beverages or coffees. Red Ruby with Jackfruit ($6) was rather average. I recommend the Green Tea Butterfly Pea Basque Cheesecake ($6), which is homemade by one of the couple's daughters and one of the best cheesecakes I have had for a long time. It was light and mildly sweet with a hint of lemony note, laced with an alluring tea fragrance. Its light bluish-green colour was aesthetically pleasing and tasted as elegant as it looked. Ice Hale's Butterfly Pea Tea ($6) was pretty with Thai pink milk, which was refreshing after all the spicy dishes.


High Tea sets are also available if you want to try more of their desserts and cakes. As Sawa De'Kafe is still relatively new, it will be adding more Western fusion dishes to the menu in the future.

Photos and words by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Sawa De'Kafe
30 Temple Street
Singapore 058575
Nearest MRT: Chinatown (DT, NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon, Wed: 11am - 9pm
Fri-Sun: 11am - 930pm
(Closed on Tue)

1) Alight at Chinatown MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk down Pagoda Street. Turn right onto Trengganu Street. Walk down Trengganu Street and turn left onto Temple Street. Walk down Temple Street. Walk to destination. Journey time about 3 minutes. [Map]

Saturday, March 4, 2023

ViewDee Thai Bistro & Bar @ Sprout Hub - Great Chill Out Place With Delicious Thai Food At Former Henderson Secondary School


Taking over the space at Sprout Hub is ViewDee Thai Bistro & Bar, transforming the former Henderson Secondary School's canteen into little Thailand with neo lights and stalls selling Thai-centric cuisine. The huge and airy premise is an excellent location for chilling out with friends over drinks and delicious Thai food. The huge selection of Thai dishes also caters for a hearty family dinner.

Signature Lobster Tom Yum Mama 4/5

Great for sharing is the Signature Lobster Tom Yum Mama ($48.80). Besides the majestic lobster, there is other seafood, such as squid, mussels and clams. It is very enjoyable. However, the tom yum soup was too sweet. A bit more balance in the soup would be preferred. There is even a hearty seafood porridge version that is ideal for the rainy weather.

Royal Thai Fish Head Hot Pot 4.5/5

Something uncommon on the menu is the Royal Thai Fish Head Hot Pot ($48.80). The creamy soup base is packed with robust flavour, complemented by ingredients such as tofu, mushrooms, seafood and yam and vegetable. It is non-spicy, hearty and comforting.

Green Papaya Salad $11.80

Besides the sharing tom yum mama and hotpot, the kitchen woks up an eclectic selection of Thai dishes. We started with the Green Papaya Salad ($11.80), whetting the appetite. The sharp flavours and the salad's crunchy texture make it an appetising starter.

Waterfall Deep Fried Pork Belly 4.5/5

The Waterfall Deep Fried Pork Belly ($15.80) is a favourite of mine and the dining group. The deep-fried pork belly is succulent and crispy on the skin. However, the soul of the dish goes to the sweet, sour and spicy sauce that elevates the taste profile to a whole new level.

Thai Style Kang Kong 4.2/5

Basil Minced Pork 4.2/5

The Thai Style Kang Kong ($12.80) and Basil Minced Pork ($15.80) are two items I often order at a Thai restaurant. Both are well executed in the way I like. I understand Thai chefs cook the dishes, and they don't hold back or tone down the flavours. That is why I enjoyed their cooking.

Thai Style Steamed Seabass 3.8/5

Another dish I enjoyed is the Thai Style Steamed Seabass ($38.80). The fish was moist and fresh, cooked in a sweet, sour and spicy sauce, the characteristic flavours in Thai cuisine. However, being picky, the chef is slightly heavy-handed on the sweetness.

Flaming Pork Knuckle 3.5/5

The Flaming Pork Knuckle ($38.80) made an impressive entrance lighted in flame. Served bone-in, it is crispy on the skin with fork-tender meat. It comes with three dipping sauces for full enjoyment.

Tom Yum Seafood Pizza 2.5/5

The menu even includes western fare, such as pizza and burgers. We tried the Tom Yum Seafood Pizza ($19.80). The flavours reconciled with me, but I was not fond of the dough. It tastes like instant dough.

Beer Gao

ViewDee Thai Bistro & Bar is a great place to chill over delicious Thai food. Besides the usual beer tower or liquors, you can get Beer Gao here, a combo of Stout and Lager.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

ViewDee Thai Bistro & Bar
Sprout Hub
102 Henderson Road
Singapore 159562
Tel: +65 65134611
Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru (EW Line), Redhill (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 12pm - 11pm
Fri: 12pm - 1am
Sat: 1130am - 1am
Sun: 1130am - 11pm

1) Alight at Tiong Bahru MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to bus stop at Tiong Bahru MRT station (Stop ID 10161). Take bus number 16 or 851. Alight 3 stops later. Cross the road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 10 minutes. [Map]

1) Alight at Redhill MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to bus stop at Redhill MRT station (Stop ID 10209). Take bus number 132 or 145. Alight 4 stops later. Cross the road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 12 minutes. [Map]

Friday, October 26, 2018

Thai-licious Boat Noodles @ Liang Seah Street - A Vision To Bring Traditional Thai Food To Sunny Singapore


Thai-licious Boat Noodles at Liang Seah Street offers Kuay Teow Rua or more commonly known to us as Boat Noodles, alongside with other traditional Thai dishes. This award-winning boat noodle restaurant is a collaboration between a team of our locals and a Thai, and with the vision of delivering that taste of authenticity to us in mind, the kitchen is helmed entirely by Thai chefs, who handpicked ingredients that are flown in directly from Thailand.


Boat noodle has its origins dated from the 1940s when water transportation became vital in Bangkok. Bangkok's canals were bustling with vendors peddling along the river, dishing out bowls of boat noodle straight from their boats, which are loaded with boiling soups, noodles and other accompanying ingredients. Hence, it is easy to see why boat noodle is meant to be only 2 mouthful. At Thai-licious, you can get the same portion at $1.90 (Small) or simply eat your fill at $7.50 (Large).

Pork Boat Noodle 3.8/5

Beef Boat Noodle 3.8/5

Thai-Licious signature boat noodle is available either pork or beef. The stock is prepared daily from scratch, boiled and simmered with bones, herbs, spices and aromatics for at least two hours. Interestingly, I learnt that one of the ingredients used is pandan leaves. The broth is really aromatic and if you love herbal soup, that's almost exactly how it smells like. The pork boat noodle has a different stock base from the beef boat noodle but I like the latter no less. Do note that the noodle is exceptionally sweet. Sticking to the original recipe, do expect quite a dosage of sugar being mixed in. And that's when the vinegar at the side comes in. A few drops of it will balance that sweetness and opens up the flavour of the soup even more.

Papaya Salad 3.5/5

Thai Papaya Salad with Salted egg 3.5/5

I had many Thai papaya salads throughout my life till date but is only today that I learnt that there are more than just one type and they varied in taste quite distinctively. In the menu, there is Thai Papaya Salad, Thai Papaya Salad with Salted Egg and simply Papaya Salad. The latter, I was told, is preferred by the Thais themselves. Dressed with a special papaya sauce, this salad is a lot saltier than our more accustomed Thai papaya salad, said to be the sweet cousin. The salted egg version comes with salted egg slices as topping. Although it doesn't make much difference to the taste but the golden salted egg yolk itself is quite a delicious treat.

Tom Yam River Prawn Noodle 4/5

The mains are split between rice and noodle dishes. In the noodle menu, Tom Yam River Prawn Noodle ($10.50) is recommended if you wish to have both Tom Yum soup and noodle at the same time! The piquant Tom Yum soup has a balance of acidity, sweetness and that fiery kick, one that makes you salivate just by thinking about it. My noodle was done just right, which remained quite chewy even after soaking up the Tom Yum soup. My prawn was a tad overcooked but that aside, the Tom Yum soup is right up my alley.

Basil Rice with Minced Pork 3/5

Falling back to a more familiar taste will be the Basil Rice with Minced Pork ($8.90). It's decent but I would suggest trying out other less commonly offered Thai dishes such as Braised Pork or Duck Noodle.


A cosy space for traditional Thai food, a much needed respite from the stretch of Mala and Hotpot restaurants ahead of them and opposite them. I hope Thai-licious will grow and thrive at Liang Seah Street, if not this street is just going to get too predictable!

Photos and words by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Thai-Licious Boat Noodles
8 Liang Seah Street
Singapore 189029
Tel: +65 69179857
Nearest MRT: Bugis (DT Line, EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thu: 11am - 10pm
Fri-Sun: 11am - 12midnight

1) Alight at Bugis MRT station. Take Exit C or D. Walk to Liang Seah Street. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

Monday, June 25, 2018

Un Yang Kor Dai @ South Bridge Road - Singapore’s First-ever Community Restaurant


Driven by the mission to give back to the local community, Un Yang Kor Dai was opened so that individuals from all backgrounds could showcase their love for food. To keep the spirit of Un Yang Kor Dai, which means “anything goes”, this Singapore venture at South Bridge Road is made possible by a group of friends who have various expertise and backgrounds. Back in Khao Yai, Thailand, Un Yang Kor Dai is the biggest community restaurant where both the young and old come together to share their culinary passion.

Thai Papaya Salad 3/5

On top of serving Thai cuisine, this 70-seater restaurant also serves Isaan (Northeastern Thai) cuisine which is what makes it unique. First, tuck into the refreshing Thai Papaya Salad, a popular Thai starter and also an appetiser that has it roots in Isaan. Also called Som Tam, expect crunchy leaves, cubed papaya, succulent prawns, and a kick of spice.

Crispy Spicy Minced Pork Sticks 3.5/5

A really interesting dish was the Crispy Spicy Minced Pork Sticks, which reminded me of spring rolls. It was so crisp with every bite. Served with a homemade sweet and sour sauce, this is a delightful snack to share amongst your friends or family.

Tom Yum Fresh Prawns 4/5

You would definitely expect this super popular dish to be served in a Thai restaurant. The Tom Yum Fresh Prawns (with coconut milk) is freshly prepared every day, and was so creamy and spicy. There was so much ingredients in it like fresh prawns, oyster mushrooms, lemongrass, tomatoes, etc. You could tell how much effort went into making this soup in one mouthful.

PenLaos Signature Grilled Chicken 4.5/5

The PenLaos Signature Grilled Chicken is made using a time-honoured recipe from Thailand. The meat of the spring chicken is marinated with a mix of fresh coriander and white peppercorn for 3 days, and served with a homemade spicy sauce. Even though this dish reminded me of our chinese zichar cuisine, it stood out with its flavours.

Grilled Pork Neck 3.5/5

Another dish you would expect from Thai restaurants is the Grilled Pork Neck. Marinated with a homemade marinate, the meat has a good amount of fat on it which made it so tasty. For a better experience, dip it with the Isaan spicy dipping sauce made with tamarind sauce, cilantro and chilli powder.

Deep-fried Whole Sea Bass 3.5/5

I loved how the Deep-fried Whole Sea Bass with Premium Fish Sauce & Mango Salad was filleted and fried, making it easier to eat. I recommend to have the fish with a scoop of mango salad as it was pretty bland on its own, but prepare for a kick of spice from the mango salad.

Stir-Fried Lobster with Salted Egg Sauce 4.5/5

Customising to Singaporeans taste buds, the Stir-Fried Lobster with Salted Egg Sauce used live lobster, making the meat so juicy and fresh. Drenched in a spicy and fragrant salted egg sauce, Singaporeans will love this dish.


Instead of plain white rice, Khao Niew Dum is used to accompany all these dishes. It is a common staple in Isaan culture which is glutinous brown rice, also known as sticky rice, and is served in a katip. Katip is a Thai basket, made with bamboo and palm, that is handcrafted by the children in Thailand and brought over to the outlet here.

Mango Sticky Rice 4.2/5

Of course, end of your meal with the Mango Sticky Rice and Thai Milk Tea Pudding here. I love mango sticky rice and the one served here definitely did not let me down. On the other hand, the pudding was so unique as it really held up to its name with the taste of fragrant thai milk tea in every bite.

Thai Milk Tea Pudding 4/5

Photos and words by Vanessa Chia. A girl who has a passion for taking photos. Determined to always get better at what I am doing. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Un Yang Kor Dai
57 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058688
Tel: +65 67878575
Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay (NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Tue-Sun: 11am - 10pm
(Closed on Mon)

1) Alight at Clarke Quay MRT station. Take Exit E. Cross the road using the overhead bridge. Turn left and walk down New Bridge Road. Turn left onto Hong Kong Street. Walk to the end of Hong Kong Street towards South Bridge Road. Cross the road at South Bridge Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]