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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Revolver @ Tras Street - A New Private Experience Room Concept



Revolver, a popular restaurant in Tras Street, has elevated its dining experience by unveiling its Private Experience Room on the second floor. This expansive haven features a well-operational bar, a meticulously curated wine cabinet, a cutting-edge sound system, a communal dining table, and sumptuous loungers, creating an intimate space for up to 14 diners. Introducing a novel concept, The Spread ($329++ per pax) is an exclusive menu meticulously crafted solely for this distinguished venue.

Prawn Balchao Monaka 4/5

Burrata Tokri Chaat 4/5

Rock Oysters 4/5

Our dinner began with a trio of exquisite snacks. With their briny essence, the Rock Oysters were paired with a smokey chipotle chutney, yuzu juice, and moilee espuma, creating a sea-inspired overture. The Burrata Tokri Chaat, nestled in a delicate tart shell, featured layers of soft cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, chimichurri, and caviar, a harmonious medley of flavours. Completing the trio, the Prawn Balchao Monaka, a Goan-inspired delight, balanced the sweetness of prawns with a spicy and sour paste.

Japanese Hamachi, Pickled Daikon "Pani Puri" 4.2/5

Next, we savoured the Japanese Hamachi with Pickled Daikon for the small plates, offering a Pani Puri-inspired twist. The Hamachi, known for its fresh and clean taste, was a canvas for the diverse array of flavours that followed. Each bite revealed a nuanced symphony – the buttery richness of the fish, the tangy notes from the pickled daikon, and the zesty finish that lingered, inviting another bite.

Delhi Paneer, Winter Spinach, Shishito Pepper 4.2/5

The Delhi Paner tandoor-baked to perfection, masterfully marries the robust flavours of tandoori cooking with the lush creaminess of paneer, all harmonised by a Winter Spinach mash and the gentle heat of Shishito Pepper. The inclusion of Shishito Pepper is a stroke of genius, adding a mild heat that builds gradually, enhancing the overall experience without overpowering the other elements. It's a subtle heat that complements rather than competes, allowing the tandoori essence to shine.

Japanese King Crab, Gunpowder 4.2/5

The Grilled Japanese King Crab is the epitome of seafood opulence. The crab's natural sweetness was accentuated by the aromatic embrace of gunpowder spices, creating a symphony of flavours. Perfectly grilled to preserve tenderness, each bite was a revelation, marrying smokiness with the delicate richness of the crab.

Whole French Turbot, Spiced Dust 3.8/5

Anticipation hung in the air as the Whole French Turbot made its grand entrance, shrouded in the alluring aroma of spiced dust. The olfactory prelude promised a sensory extravaganza, yet the tasting experience fell short of the aromatic build-up. Although the fish exhibited exemplary texture — firm and moist — the expected infusion of spiced nuances remained elusive. Regrettably, the flavours of the fish appeared somewhat muted, lacking the aromatic depth anticipated from the tantalising spiced dust.

Mayura Station Tomahawk, ABC Sauces 4.5/5


The pièce de résistance of the evening was undeniably the Mayura Station Tomahawk, grilled to a perfect medium rare. With its intricate marbling, this pinnacle of wagyu excellence bestowed upon each bite a heavenly tenderness and a lavish, buttery flavour that lingered on the palate, marking it as the undisputed star of the night.

Comte Kulchette, Black Perigord Truffles 5/5

Stealing the limelight, the star was undeniably the Comte Kulchette, adorned with the richness of Black Perigord Truffles. The flatbread, baked to perfection in the tandoor, cradled a harmonious medley of flavours. Stuffed with comte cheese, truffle puree, stracciatella, mushroom confit, and a generous shaving of Black Perigord truffles, it delivered an exquisite interplay of textures and flavours that was nothing short of extraordinary — a symphony for the taste buds, creating an indulgence that transcended the ordinary.

Japanese Mush Melon Chaat 4.5/5

Grilled Orange 4/5

In a grand finale of sweet delights, the dinner reached its zenith with the entrance of the dessert maestro — the sweet Japanese Musk Melon adorned with the tantalising essence of Chaat masala and a surprising twist of Grilled Orange. Delving into the orange, its meticulously grilled skin presented a novel gustatory experience, revealing an extraordinary way to relish citrus.

Saffron Cheesecake 4.8/5

The dinner at Revolver culminated in an extraordinary encore — the Saffron Cheesecake. The cheesecake redefined indulgence, boasting a molten, lusciously cheesy body that was nothing short of divine. The enchanting infusion of saffron added a regal touch, elevating the dessert to unprecedented heights. The cheesecake's crowning glory, a delightful biscuity base, provided the perfect foundation for the best cheesecake ever eaten.

Sea Buckthorn Marshmallow 3/5

The soft and pillowy Sea Buckthorn Marshmallow, a canvas of sweetness, was transformed into a sublime dessert by adding sea buckthorn. It imparted a delightful tartness, orchestrating a harmonious dance with the inherent sweetness of the marshmallow.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

56A Tras Street
Singapore 078995
Tel: +65 62232812/ 96685119
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Tue-Sat: 1030am - 4pm, 5pm to 11pm
(Closed on Mon)

1) Alight at Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to Tras Street. Turn right on Tras Street. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

SENSHI Sushi & Grill @ Dorsett Singapore - All-You-Can-Eat A La Carte Japanese Buffet with Newly Expanded Menu


SENSHI Sushi & Grill sits in the corner of Dorsett Singapore, a stone's throw away from Outram Park MRT Station. The Japanese restaurant offers both a la carte dishes and an all-you-can-eat buffet that has recently introduced a refreshed selection. Diners can expect new dishes that include Aburi dishes, Kaki Fry, Kani Gratin, Niku Jaga Braised Beef, Buta Kakuni Braised Pork and Japanese Mochi.


The buffet rates are as follows:

Lunch (11.30am to 3pm)
Weekday: $40+/pax
Weekend: $48+/pax

Dinner (6pm to 10.30pm)
Weekday: $50+/pax
Weekend: $55+/pax

The buffet includes free-flow drinks of house tea, soda and juice. With an add-on of $38/pax, you can also enjoy free-flow alcohol.

Included in the buffet are free flow drinks of house tea, soda and juice. With an add on of $38/pax, you can also enjoy free flow alcohol.


We tried the Weekend Dinner menu here, which differs slightly from their Weekday and Lunch menus. The range includes appetisers, sashimi, maki sushi, nigiri sushi, aburi nigiri sushi, handrolls, grilled dishes, hot dishes, deep-fried dishes, rice and noodles, and shabu shabu.

Assorted Sashimi

It's not a Japanese buffet without sashimi! We started with an Assorted Sashimi platter with salmon, tuna, swordfish, yellowtail and octopus. Their quality was decent, though some of the cuts could be improved. You can order these individually too.

Hot Appetisers - Truffle Chawanmushi

There is a selection of both hot and cold appetisers. From the Hot Appetisers range, you can choose from dishes such as Truffle Chawanmushi, Mentaiko Fries, and Asari Tofu Soup.

Cold Appetisers - Pidan Tofu

There are Pidan Tofu, Wafu Seafood Salad, Cold Spinach, Edamame, and more from the Cold Appetisers. The Pidan Tofu was a little disappointing, as I hoped the Pidan sauce would be more distinct.


We ordered a mix of different items from the extensive range of Sushi items, consisting of maki, aburi sushi and nigiri sushi. Our favourites from here were the salmon dishes, such as the Aburi Salmon Mentaiko, Aburi Salmon Cheese and Salmon Mentaiko Maki.

Other non-salmon dishes include Chicken Floss Maki, Tuna Truffle Sushi and Aburi Ebi Mentaiko.


There are six types of Handrolls. We had the Softshell Crab Handroll but did not like it as the crab filling came lukewarm and needed a crunch. I suggest skipping this and trying the others instead.

Grilled Dishes - Baked Half Shell Scallop

From the Grilled Dishes section, we tried the Baked Half Shell Scallop, Baked Half Shell Oyster and Kani Gratin. These were generously topped with torched cheese! While the Kani Gratin had little crab meat, the scallops and oysters were plump and fresh.

Hot Dishes - Niku Jaga (Braised Beef)

My dining companion had the Braised Beef, one of the newest items in the Hot Dishes section. While she appreciated the flavourful sauce, the beef slices were a tad tough.

Hot Dishes - Sea Clam Butter Monte

Other Hot Dishes include the garlicky Sea Clam Butter Monte, Beef Cubes, Eggplant in Miso, Pork Yakiniku and more.

Deep Fried - Kaki Fry

My dining companion and I recommend getting their Kaki Fry from the Deep Fried selection. The oysters were creamy and fried to a crunch, faring much better than we expected.

Shabu Shabu

Their Shabu Shabu comes in a sharing portion with the choice to add on Pork Slices, Beef Slices and Sea Clams. The base broth leans towards the bland side. Hence, I suggest adding meats and clams to provide better flavour.


For Beverages, we had their Slushies from the a la carte menu - Strawberry Yuzu ($6) and Lychee Grapefruit ($6). Unfortunately, both of them were too sweet for my liking.

If you prefer alcohol, they have quite a range of alcoholic drinks, from wines, beers and sake to soju, umeshu and Japanese whisky. Non-alcoholic options include juices, coffee, tea, soft drinks and water.

Hokkaido Cheesecake with Soft Serve Ice Cream

Desserts are not included in the buffet. We picked two from the a la carte menu, the first being the Hokkaido Cheesecake with Soft Serve Ice Cream ($9). While the cheesecake was creamy and soft, the soft serve had quite an icy texture.

Fresh Melon

The second dessert we chose to end the night was the crunchy and sweet Fresh Melon ($6).

Overall, we appreciated SENSHI’s fast and warm service in serving orders, but the buffet dishes were a mix of hits and misses.

Photos and words by Jo. A girl who loves her Mala (麻辣) at Da La (大辣), discovering hidden food gems and a good cup of matcha latte. Note: This is an invited tasting.

SENSHI Sushi & Grill
Dorsett Singapore
333 New Bridge Road
Singapore 088765
Tel: +65 8518 8616
Nearest MRT: Outram Park MRT (EW, NE, TE Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am - 9pm

1. Alight at Outram Park MRT station. Take Exit 4. Walk to destination. Journey time about 3 minutes. [Map]

Saturday, August 19, 2023

Akanoya Robatayaki & Bar @ Orchard Rendezvous Hotel - A Revamped Robatayaki Experience with a $48++ Lunch Set



Nestled within the Akashi Group, Akanoya Robatayaki, a renowned Japanese bincho grill restaurant, has unveiled a fresh chapter in its culinary journey. After 8 years of serving delectable robatayaki dishes, the restaurant underwent an extensive transformation, modernising its space to provide an enriched dining encounter. This makeover added more booths, private rooms, and a bar while keeping the central robatayaki dining counter intact. Simultaneously, as part of this renaissance, Akanoya Robatayaki introduced lunch service for the first time in its history. The Hirugohan Lunch Set, priced at $48++, presents an indulgent collection of 8 delightful dishes.


The Hirugohan Lunch Set ($48++) commences with a parade of 5 diverse appetisers, which vary daily to ensure a fresh experience. This initial array aptly reflects the restaurant's meticulousness and commitment to quality.

Sashimi 4.2/5

Additionally, an optional Sashimi course is available for an extra $20. Our sashimi ensemble spotlighted Maguro, Hamachi, and Salmon, each exhibiting the impeccable freshness synonymous with Akanoya Robatayaki.

Meat Skewer with Half-boiled Egg 4.5/5

Moving ahead, we savour the Meat Skewer with Half-boiled Egg. This creation boasts a unique combination of meat with soft bone, providing a captivating textural interplay. As the half-boiled egg complements the skewer, a delightful fusion of flavours emerges, evoking memories of a classic Singaporean breakfast.


You can also order a couple of cocktails from the bar to complement the lunch. If not, it also has a stellar sake list offers 30 to 40 selections of rare sakes carefully sourced from various parts of Japan

Grilled Japanese Vegetables and Mushrooms 4/5

Enhancing the culinary affair, Grilled Japanese Vegetables and Mushrooms come into play. These delectable bites, caressed by the bincho charcoal's essence, acquire a subtle smoky allure while retaining their inviting crunch.

Beef Croquette 4.2/5

Among the highlights of the lunch set is the Beef Croquette, a scrumptious creation that marries flavoursome, juicy beef with a crispy exterior.

Wagyu 4.2/5

The main course offers a choice between Wagyu and Cod. Opting for the Wagyu, diners are treated to marbling that translates to a heavenly blend of flavour and melt-in-the-mouth texture, an epitome of culinary delight.

Donabe 4/5

The finale arrives with the Donabe, where fragrant rice dances with sakura ebi and salmon roes. Each spoonful bursts with intricate flavours, crafting a memorable conclusion to the meal.

Dessert 4.5/5

As a final touch, a duet of Japan Melon and Nashi Pear provides a sweet epilogue, aligning harmoniously with the lunch's unbeatable value.

This splendid 8-course lunch set, priced at $48++, is not limited to weekdays. The offering extends its allure on Saturdays, providing an equally captivating afternoon escapade. Akanoya Robatayaki beckons all who seek a revitalised robatayaki encounter brimming with authenticity, innovation, and culinary finesse.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Akanoya Robatayaki & Bar
Orchard Rendezvous Hotel
1 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247905
Tel: +65 6732 1866
Nearest MRT: Orchard MRT (NS, TE Line)

Opening Hours:
Tue-Sat: 12pm - 230pm, 530pm - 130am
Sun-Mon: 530pm - 1030pm

1) Alight at Orchard MRT station. Take Exit 4. Walk towards Wheelock Place via ION. Exit Wheelock Place and turn left towards Liat Tower. Walk down Orchard Road to destination. Journey time about 12 minutes. [Map]

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Cheek by Jowl @ Boon Tat Street - Modern Australian Cuisine, 5 Courses Dinner At $88


Opened 11 months ago, Cheek by Jowl has been in my radar for a while. I finally get the chance to visit the modern Australian restaurant lead by the husband and wife team - Head Chef Rishi Naleendra and GM Manuela Toniolo, known for their original creations imbued with multi-cultural influences and the use of natural, sustainable ingredients.

Baby Potato 3.5/5

For my visit, I had the Chef's dinner menu ($88) which consists of snacks and 5 courses. The Baby Potato is rest on top of mushroom crumb and cocoa, complemented with the chive dressing. A delightful snack which gives a glimpse of chef's bold combination.

Chicken Liver Parfait Cigar and Date Jam 4.2/5

One of my favourite snacks is the Chicken Liver Parfait Cigar and Date Jam. An interesting and playful concept to enjoy the chicken liver parfait. The sweetness of the date jam provided an additional enjoyment to the dish.

Quail Egg Wrapped in Kataifi Pastry with Togarashi Seasoning 3.8/5

The Quail Egg Wrapped in Kataifi Pasty with Togarashi Seasoning looks like an egg in a bird nest isn't it? In my wildest imagination, i would never expect a simple quail egg can turn into such an beautiful dish.

Coffin Bay Oyster, Smoked Tomato Granita 4.5/5

Chef Rishi has managed to surprise me again with the combination of smoked tomato granita with Coffin Bay Oyster. I have never expect oyster can be enjoyed in this way. The smokiness and sweetness of the smoked tomato granita complemented the fresh oyster excellently.

Smoked Mackerel 4.8/5

It is very interesting to know that Chef Rishi conceptualized his dish from vegetables before working on the protein to go with them. Appearance wise, the Smoked Mackerel ($22) seems like an ordinary dish but it turned out to be a combination that I have not tried before. The smoked mackerel together with the horseradish and green pea juice was well balanced and executed for a harmony enjoyment. The pickled cucumber provided the tang for a refreshing touch.

Raw Beef Salad 4.2/5

Another bold combination that worked wonderfully is the Raw Beef Salad ($22). The dry aged wagyu is tossed with kohlrabi and kimchi, before being dressed in cured egg yolk. If you are not into raw beef you can't even tell if you are blind folded with its rich flavours.

Lamb Shoulder 4.2/5

The Lamb Shoulder ($38) was so soft that it melted in the mouth. Marinated in spices, there wasn't any traces of gaminess. It even comes with baked pumpkin and cavolo nero. What hit me in delight with each bite of the lamb is the black olive, which is an unique element to pair with the meat.

Roasted Scallops 4/5

I was privileged to try the new Roasted Scallops dish which composed of scallops, corn puree with miso, pickled and raw turnips, dressed in a fermented prawn sauce. Feremented prawn sauce in western fare, there is something rather bold. It was not overpowering but work harmoniously with the ingredients.

Coconut 3.5/5

Moving on to the dessert, we started with the ever popular Coconut ($15) which consists of laksa leaf ice cream, pomelo and green chilli. The concept is definitely very refreshing. Unfortunately it did not manage to deliver the wow factor that I was eagerly anticipating.

Honeydew Melon 4.8/5

I would highly recommend the Honeydew Melon ($15). The Italian cream cheese is topped with pickled rind and caraway. Not to forget the scoop of honeydew melon ice cream that is extremely refreshing. A very well thought dish that has every components coming together for a lovely night.


I have to say I am really impressed with the food at Cheek by Jowl. Besides the beautifully plated dishes, I enjoyed the element of surprises in each dish with the bold creations using multi-cultural flavours.

Noted: This is an invited tasting.

Cheek By Jowl
21 Boon Tat Street
Singapore 069620
Tel: +65 62211911
Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer (DT Line). Tanjong Pagar (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 1130am - 230pm, 6pm - 1030pm
Sat: 6pm - 1030pm
(Closed on Sun)

1) Alight at Telok Ayer MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk down Cross Street and turn left onto Telok Ayer Street. Walk down Telok Ayer street and then turn left onto Boon Tat Street. Walk to destination. Journey time about 3 minutes. [Map]

2) Alight at Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Take Exit G. Turn left and walk down Telok Ayer Street. At the junction of Telok Ayer Street and Boon Tat Street, turn right. Walk to destination. Journey time about 10 minutes. [Map]