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Friday, December 31, 2021

SG Food on Foot - Best Eats In 2021

Photo 31-12-21, 14 04 39

I didn't put together a list for 2020 as we were hit by the Covid restriction and was not able to dine-in most of the calendar year. Since the restriction has been somewhat relaxed for 2020, I was able to check out a number of places. With that, I will bring back the annual tradition to recap my food journey for the past one year. Here is my best eats for 2021.

Ah Five Hainanese Chicken Rice


One of my best discovery for 2021 is Ah Five Hainanese Chicken Rice near Mayflower MRT station exit 3. What caught my attention was a petite young lady behind the chopping board. It is a rare sight in the hawker scene. The stall, run by a sister and brother team, is inside a coffeeshop at block 158 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4. They are the children of Mr Lee Tai Keng, the founder of Five Star Chicken Rice.

Firangi Superstar


Firangi Superstar at Craig Road is born out of love and memories of the country India. Stepping into the restaurant is a cinematic journey, transporting diners to an Officer's Club, Old Railway Room, Elephant Palace and Jungle Lodge. Here, the food takes classic Indian cuisine in unexpected forms in Head Chef Thiru Gunasakaran's hand, giving it a modern approach.

Joo Chiat Place Fried Kway Teow


All of us probably has our own favourite char kway teow stall, and mine is Outram Park Fried Kway Teow Mee at Hong Lim Food Centre. I am glad to discover an underrated Char Kway Teow stall at Joo Chiat Place Fried Kway Teow. It is located in a corner coffeeshop along Joo Chiat Place. In my opinion, it is comparable to Outram Park Fried Kway Teow.



JU95 is a modern izakaya restaurant located at Boat Quay opened for about 3 months. From what I understand, the kitchen is helmed by Chef Louis who supposed to follow a 2 Michelin starred chef to Belgium which was put off due to the pandemic. I am impressed with the food at Ju95. The dishes I tried are creative and tasty with touches of finesse, giving a modern take of traditional izakaya. Ju95 is one of the best restaurants I have eaten this year, and I recommend you check it out.



I have been following Chef Damian D'Silva heritage cooking when he had a stall at Timbre+ Ayer Rajah, followed by Folklore and Restaurant Kin. But, unfortunately, he didn't stay long at any one place. Hence I was glad to hear he is making a come back with a new restaurant - Rempapa at Park Place Residences at PLQ. Rempapa offers an all-day dining concept where the eclectic menu caters for different times of day - Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner.



Revolver is the latest and hottest restaurant to be opened at the bustling Tras Street. The restaurant embraces the fire of Indian cooking sensibilities, world-class premium produce and carefully selected global spices to create a progressive and exciting dining experience. There is three tasting menus - Discovery Menu ($139++), Experience Menu ($179++) and Vegetarian Menu ($129++).

Ristorante Pietrasanta


I could not believe this was my first time visiting Ristorante Pietrasanta until it recently relocated to Connexis Tower, Fusionpolis. It moved from Portsdown Road to the current location, which is more accessible. It is so much accessible now located just beside the One-North MRT station. A must-have is the pasta dishes at Ristorante Pietrasanta. They handmade all their pasta daily.

Tai Er Chinese Sauerkraut Fish


Popular Tai Er Chinese Sauerkraut Fish, with nearly 300 stores in China, has opened its first outlet in Singapore at Changi Jewel Singapore. The restaurant is known for its Chinese Sauerkraut Fish seeing daily queues at the stores to savour the fish fillets in a spicy and sour broth. A must have is the Chinese Sauerkraut Fish ($48/$68/$88) that comes in a huge plate with the tender fish slices swimming in a pool of soup, brimming with red chillis, Sichuan peppercorn and pickled cabbage. If I am not wrong, they use tilapia fish for the dish. The combination of mala, spicy and sour flavours is super shiok. I can understand why it is so popular in China now.

Teochew Fish Ball Noodle


I have heard about an excellent Teochew fishball noodle stall at Crawford Lane. Still, I always end up going to the one Michelin-starred Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles. So finally, I got a chance to visit the area and took the opportunity to check out Teochew Fish Ball Noodle, located inside a coffeeshop at block 462 Crawford Lane. Between the mee pok and mee kia, we find the mee kia goes better with the concoction of sambal chilli and vinegar. Though the vinegar is not as punchy compared to Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles, you still get that sourish kick balanced with the sambal for that slurping goodness. Overall, Teochew Fish Ball Noodle offers a good bowl of fishball noodles. However, if you find the queue at Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles is too long, you may consider making a slight detour to try the fishball noodle just a few blocks away.

Yang Ming Seafood


Having seen a lot of postings from my foodie friends, I have to make my way to Yang Ming Seafood (扬名海鲜) at Bishan Street 11. The zichar place is located in a coffeeshop among the HDB estate. You will notice we ordered mostly seafood dishes because this is their forte. The highlight for the night has to be the Lobster Chee Cheong Fan ($88). It is a dish my friend shared with the owner what he had in Hong Kong, and after much R&D, the chef created this dish which becomes a hit with a lot of foodies. The highlight is the silky chee cheong fan accentuated by the fried shallot, fried garlic and premium soya sauce.

With this, I present to you my Best Eat In 2021. I also like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers and followers for the supports all these years. After two years of Covid, I hope things will get better and we can resume things back to norm. Last but at least, wishing everyone a safe, healthy and wonderful 2022.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

SG Food on Foot - Best Eats In 2019


As an annual tradition, I will recap my food journey for the past one year. Looking back at 2019, it is another delicious yearn with good food as well as getting to know new friends over a meal. The bubble tea craze continued to boom with more oversea brands landing on our shore. Several new ramen restaurants also opened in 2019. Unfortunately, none of these made it to my Best Eat In 2019 list. Without further ado, let me unveil my best eats for 2019.

Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodle


Ah Hua Teochew Fishball Noodle is a stall run by a father and daughter team in the quiet neighbourhood in pandan gardens. The highlight of the stall is their handmade fishball dumpling and meatball. The fish dumpling has a silky texture with a crunchy bite, wrapped in real fish skin. The handmade meatball is soft and flavourful packed with the aroma of dried sole fish.



Having been around for nine years and still standing tall is Artichoke. The restaurant offers Middle Eastern-inspired cuisine, which is the least authentic Middle Eastern restaurant. The funky take of the cuisine draws inspiration from Middle Eastern flavours and ingredients while injecting the element of fun and creativity into the dish.

Chef Kang Noodle House


Winning Michelin Bib Gourmand 2019 in less than a year of its opening is Chef Kang Noodle House by Michelin starred Chef Ang Song Kang of Chef Kang's Kitchen. For five dollars, you get a plate of noodle with fatty char siew, pork lard, greens and wantons. What impresses me at Chef Kang Noodle House is down to each component on the plate of wanton mee. The char siew is fatty with a nice char on the exterior that comes with a beautiful layer of fats and lean meat. The noodle is springy with a delightful bite, complemented by the delicious dark sauce. The wanton was plump and generous filling such as prawn, minced pork, black fungus and water chestnut.

Chuan Hung


Chuan Hung is a noodle bar that specialises in Mian Yang rice noodles with a choice of different broths, and a variety of toppings such as braised beef and pig intestines. The thin, slippery noodles here are specially sourced from a particular artisan who lives in a village deep in Sichuan. It took close to a year and dozen of personal trips to convince the artisan to supply the noodles. Fast forward, the noodles now served in Chuan Hung are found nowhere else in Singapore or South East Asia. The specially sourced noodle made from rice, is smooth and silky, almost like mee sua. Perfect for soaking up the delicious broth.

La Dame de Pic


With Raffles Hotel Singapore reopening after its restoration work, the hotel welcomes La Dame De Pic by Anne-Sophie Pic, one of the world's top female chefs with a total of seven Michelin stars under her belt. This is also her debut into Asia. This is probably one of the most exciting restaurants to be opened in 2019, and it has great potential to get at least a Michelin star next year. Hence do visit the restaurant before the price goes up after their Michelin star next year.

Lee's Confectionery


A hidden gem in the West, Lee's Confectionery caught the attention of social media with its beautiful plated dainty cakes and tarts. Most importantly, they tasted delicious. The coffee at ee's Confectionery is worthy of a shout out. Although the coffee does not come with elegant latte arts, they are quality coffee using the beans from Tiong Hoe.

Izy Fook


This is a hard one. I was torn between picking Fook Kin or Izy Fook in which I enjoyed the roasted meats from Roasted Paradise. I decided to pick the latter as the menu has a wider variety of dishes that is not just focused on the roasts from Roasted Paradise. The izakaya centric menu includes other delicious items such as the cereal soft shell prawns, wagyu 2gr oyster blade, superior prawn mee pok and more.

Red Lips


With over 40 outlets in China within five years of its establishment, Red Lips is the largest new-age mala tang chain from Shanghai. Customers can customise their hotpot-in-a-bowl choosing from over 45 food items, authentic hotpot base and secret spices. The ingredients include seafood, meat and vegetables, noodles and other speciality offerings, selected for their freshness, quality and taste. Unlike most mala fragrant pot stalls that serve frozen ingredients. What holds everything together is the secret spicy sauce that comprises of peppercorns, and a blend of over 20 ingredients and spices. It has a bold, full-bodied flavour with depth, leaving a pleasing and lingering aftertaste. I would recommend mixing it up with the creamy sesame sauce which kicks up the flavours by several notches. The sauces really go well with the ingredients and its very convenient for takeaway.

Soon Heng Pork Noodles


If you like the Bedok 85 style of Bak Chor Mee, then you are in for some great news. Soon Heng Pork Noodles at Neil Road serves a good bowl of the soupy style bar chor mee. Unlike other bak chor mee stalls, the broth here is almost like a ramen broth that is rich and intense. This is achieved by simmering pork bones overnight for that heavenly flavour.

Yun Nans


Yun Nans (云海肴), the world's biggest Yunnan F&B chain with over 150 outlets in China specialises in 高原料理 or highland cuisine, featuring the ingredients in Yunnan's natural highland terrain that is free from pollution. Singaporean's only knowledge of Yunnan cuisine probably is the 过桥米线 (Cross Bridge Vermicelli). What Yun Nans has given Singaporean is a whole new array of Yun Nans dishes foreign but yet close to our palate.

With this, I present to you my Best Eat In 2019. I also like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers and followers for the supports all these years. Last but at least, wishing everyone a wonderful 2020.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Michelin Guide Singapore 2019 - For The First Time We Have Two Michelin 3-Stars Restaurant In Singapore

Michelin Guide Singapore 2019

Michelin Guide Singapore has announced the winners of 2019. This year a total of 44 restaurants have made it to stardom, receiving their star. This is an increase of 5 starred restaurant compared to 39 last year.

9 new restaurants received their one star this year making it into the 2019 listing. There are five 2-star restaurants. Zen is new entry getting 2 stars in its debut while Saint Pierre gets promoted to 2-star restaurant, joining Shisen Hanten, Shoukouwa and Waku Ghin.

Finally, a new era in Singapore's gastronomy scene with the birth of two new 3-star restaurant - Les Amis and Odette.

Michelin Starred Restaurants 2019


Les Amis

Saint Pierre *PROMOTE
Shisen Hanten
Waku Ghin
Zen *NEW

Basque Kitchen by Aitor *NEW
Buona Terra *PROMOTE
Burnt Ends
Cheek Bistro *NEW
Chef Kang's
Corner House
Hawker Chan
Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle
Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine (Orchard)
Jaan by Kirk Westaway
Jag *NEW
Jiang-Nan Chun
Lei Garden
Lerouy *NEW
Ma Cuisine
Meta *NEW
Putien (Kitchener Road)
Shinji (Bras Basah Road)
Shinji (Tanglin Road)
Summer Palace
Summer Pavilion
Sushi Ichi
Sushi Kimura
Table65 *NEW
The Song of India
Vianney Massot *NEW


Like what I have mentioned in my visit to Jag, my prediction was correct that the restaurant will get a star this year. Congratulations to Chef Jeremy Gillon. The other new 1-star restaurants are Basque Kitchen by Aitor, Buona Terra, Cheek Bistro, Lerouy, Meta, Table65, Terra and Vianney Massot.

Unfortunately, Crystal Jade Golden Palace and Whitegrass have fallen from the list this year. Whitegrass didn't make it to the list after it reopened under a new chef this year when Chef-owner Sam Aisbett closed the restaurant back in December 2018 after bagging one Michelin star in 2017 and 2018.

Do visit Michelin Guide Singapore for more details.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

SG Food on Foot - Best Eats In 2018

Best Eat 2018

We have come to the end of the year and it is another delicious year with lots of food. Year 2018 has been a year where we saw the boom of bubble tea and the emerge of private home dining scene. I will take this opportunity to do a wrap up for 2018, recapping the top ten places I have dined in 2018.

Tinoq Private Dining


I have the privileged to have a group of like-minded foodies who have been my greatest companions to check out a number of private home dinning places that have sprung up in recent time. One of them is Tinoq Private Dining by celebrity make-up artist, Tinoq Russell Goh. Tinoq is my opinion is my best private dining experience offering the full package. He i a good cook, preparing everything very scratch, as well as a entertaining host.

Mustard Seed Pop Up


Another private dining spot that make into my best eat for 2018 is Mustard Seed Pop Up. It is a Kaiseki style private home dining by Chef Ming Kiat. The food at most private home dining places are more homely style while Mustard Seed offers a more refine and restaurant style. I also like the chef's take of incorporating local ingredients into his kaiseki style dining.

Lucky House Cantonese Private Kitchen


Lucky House Cantonese Private Kitchen is probably the hottest private home dining spot in Singapore now. I heard that it is fully booked until October 2019. That is 10 months waiting list, probably longer than any other Michelin starred restaurants. I am lucky to score two seating in 2018 at Chef Sam Wong's home before he gets some popular that it is impossible to get a reservation. What I enjoyed here it is rustic cooking using natural seasoning, charcoal cooking, allowing the fresh ingredients to shine.

The Spot


One of the newest restaurant in 2018, The Spot at Marina One impresses me with the creative and mastery in fusing modern European cuisine with Southeast Asian ingredients by Chef Lee Boon Seng. And what makes me look forward to in each dish, is the unique sauce that is paired with the food. It's like embarking a discovery tour on the different type of sauces he will be using to pair with the mains.

Origin Grill


It has been a while since I have a good piece of steak, I am lucky enough to be able to check out Origin Grill at Shangri La Singapore, another new restaurant in 2018. Over here, I was able to indulge in the priced meat such as the John Stone Grass-fed Dry-aged for 35 days, Snow-aged Full Blood Wagyu A4 and Shiro Kin Full Blood Wagyu.

The Chinese Kitchen (厨神私房菜)


Probably under the radar is The Chinese Kitchen (厨神私房菜) in Lavender. It is opened by opened by local renowned Chef Austen Ong, the former president of society of Chinese cuisine Chef (Singapore). He is also dubbed the 厨神 (God of the Kitchen) by the culinary industry, probably from his numerous achievement such as winning the Gold medalist of Asian Cuisine in the 8th FHA International Salon Culinaire, Most Creative award in the 4th World Championship of Chinese Cuisine and Champion of Taipei's World Culinary Contest in both 2005 and 2007. The food here is reasonable priced, comfort traditional dishes with a touch of fineness.

Chui Huay Lim Teochew Restaurant


Being a Teochew, I always have a soft spot for good Teochew Cuisine. Chui Huay Lim Teochew Restaurant makes it into the list because it is a new discovery for 2018. I have not known of its existence until I visited back in September 2018. It is located inside the historical 170-year-old Chui Huay Lim Club at Keng Lee Road, in the Newton area. The restaurant under Jumbo Group has been around for 7 years.



I have lost count the number of times I have visited Folklore at Destination Singapore. I never get tired of the food here. There is always something new on the menu. Chef Damian seems to have a magic hat where he will consistently put on the menu heritage dishes that is lost or rarely served in restaurant anymore.

L32 Geylang Handmade Noodles


There are also a couple of hawker stalls that make it into my best eat in 2018. One of them is L32 Geylang Handmade Noodles at Geylang Road. In 2018, I managed to visit a number of ban mian stalls but this stall stood out for me as it gets the ticks for the noodle, soup and chilli. It has everything that I am looking for in a bowl of good ban mian.

Charlie's Peranakan Food


My last spot in the list is reserved for Charlie's Peranakan Food at Golden Mile Food Centre. Charlie is a baba chef who comes out of retirement after 8 years to open the stall selling Peranakan food. I am glad that I have the chance to try his cooking and dishes. Who says we can't find cheap and delicious Peranakan cuisine in the hawker centre.

With this I present to you my Best Eat In 2018. I am also like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers and followers for the supports all this years. Last but at least, wishing everyone a wonderful 2019.

Friday, December 29, 2017

SG Food on Foot - Best Restaurant Eats In 2017

Best Restaurant 2017

In an blink of an eye, we are coming to the end of 2017. It is another exciting year with many new restaurants opening in the little red dot. Like previous years, I will be putting together a list of my best eats for 2017. For this year, I decided to split the annual round up to a restaurant list and a separate hawker list. The listing is based on my dining experience and the fact that it is near to the MRT stations.

Chef Kang's Kitchen


The newly awarded one Michelin Star restaurant in the Michelin Guide Singapore 2017. Chef Kang's Kitchen is a private kitchen with only 4 tables. It is very hard to get a reservation with a waiting list of up to 2 months. Many people has commented that its not worth eating at Chef Kang's kitchen because it is very expensive for zichar food. I agree with the pricing but we need to recognise this is a private kitchen. Chef Kang cooks every dish himself. In fact he has given refinement to the dishes.

Chen's Mapo Tofu


If you find it too expensive to dine at Michelin 2-Star restaurant Shisen Hanten by Chef Chen Kentaro at Mandarin Orchard, you will be glad to know that he has opened an offshoot called Chen's Mapo Tofu offering casual dining priced dishes at OUE Downtown Gallery. His signature dish is the Mapo Tofu and you can try his recipe at Chen's Mapo Tofu at an affordable price of less than $10. The Mapo Don at $8.80 comes in a huge plate of rice topped with the signature mapo tofu or you can have the it a la carte at $6.

Five Ten


All these years I have not been a big fan of tapas or small plate concept because I find the portion not only small but overpriced. However with Five Ten entering the dining scene, this has broken the mould with a new concept inspired by Taiwanese street food, putting customers' pockets first without scrimping on quality. What is more attractive is the pricing. Every item on the menu is priced at $5 or $10.



I am so happy to hear about the opening of Folklore at Destination Singapore Beach Road because the brainchild behind it is non other than Chef Damien D'Silva. Having tried his food when he was at Timbre+ and getting to know about his culinary philosophy, I am excite to know that I once again have the opportunity to find Singapore heritage dishes at his new restaurant - Folklore, which is like a losing art in Singapore. These are dishes that are hardly available on the menu nowadays. Dining at folklore is not just about enjoying good food prepared from scratch but also about preserving and propagating Singapore culinary heritage.

Lotus Kitchen


Lotus Kitchen at Chinatown Point is a new vegetarian restaurant, which is the spinoff from the famous Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant at Quality Hotel. Diners can find new creations as well as some of the best selling mainstays from predecessor. I am very impress with the vegetarian dishes at Lotus Kitchen. Especially on the creativity behind the dishes. It definitely changes my perspective on vegetarian cuisine. Vegetarian food is not just about deep fried flour items and greens. After trying the food here, I felt that their vegetarian dishes can convert even a carnivore.



I have been a fan of Chef Ivan Brehm's food was when he was at Bacchanalia, Coleman Street back in 2013. I was really impressed by his cooking and philosophy of using Asian ingredients to reinvent classic dishes. Not to forget he led The Kitchen at Bacchanalia to 1 Michelin Star in 2016. Moving forward, Chef Ivan has ventured out on his own and opened Nouri at Amoy Street. Nouri by Chef Ivan Brehm is definitely an exciting new restaurant to look out for. The new restaurant may not be there yet for the Michelin Guide Singapore 2017 but I think it was the potential to get a star in the next edition in 2018.

The ART (Assumption Restaurant for Training)


The ART (Assumption Restaurant for Training) is not your usual restaurant. Located inside Assumption Pathway School at Cashew Road, the restaurant provides the training ground for the students to put their F&B knowledge and skills into practice. The ART has recently extended its operating hours on Fridays (during school term) to include dinner. Set dinner will be served for dinner except on the last Friday of each month, where it is replaced with Porridge Buffet. For a mere $12, there is an eclectic selection of traditional condiments and dishes to go with either the normal porridge or porridge with sweet potatoes. Besides the array of unlimited traditional condiments and dishes to go with the porridge, very table will have a plate of Braised Duck and Steamed Seafood that will be served once. The restaurant may not be run by celebrity chefs but the students have put their heart into it. The food here is actually quite delicious and value for money. By the way, do be patient with their service as the place is run by students that are still learning the trade to gain practical experience experience from what they have learnt in classes.

Tono Cevicheria


The first ever Peruvian Cevicheria, Tono Cevicheria has landed on our shore at Duo Galleria. The restaurant is the brainchild of Peruvian Chef Daniel Chavez, co-owner and chef of OLA Cocina del Mar at MBFC. The kitchen at Tono Cevicheria is headed by Executive Chef Mario Malvaez with a dynamic team of Lima-trained Latin American chefs. If you are new to Peruvian cuisine, you have to check out their beautiful food with rich and robust flavours.

Venue by Sebastian


When one door shuts, the other door opens. With the closing of Restaurant Ember, Chef-Owner Sebastian Ng has opened his latest concept - VENUE by Sebastian at the new OUE Downtown Gallery. With former Head Chef of Artichoke joining his culinary team, the restaurant offers a menu featuring modern European culinary techniques and quality ingredients, imbued with a refreshing touch of Asian flavours. This is my first time trying Chef Sebastian's food. I have not been to Ember hence I could not compare the difference. Others have told me that his food is light but flavourful, I kind of agree from the vegetable dishes I tried. However I thought he is better in meats, as I enjoyed them more than the greens.

Wakanui Grill Dining


WAKANUI Grill Dining located on the level 4 of the new Marina One complex. The restaurant is situated in a stunning glass structure on the fourth floor of the West Tower offering New Zealand Ocean Beef and Wakanui Spring Lamb which are grilled over Japan-sourced Binchotan charcoal. It also offers New Zealand seafood, such as Ora King salmon, New Zealand-sourced sashimi-quality fresh fish and green lip mussels, and other seasonal produce and dairy products imported from New Zealand. WAKANUI Grill Dining is a culinary experience enjoyed in a quiet oasis, where the views of the lush central gardens of Marina One provide a welcome respite from the bustle of city life. Pricing maybe a bit on the steep side but the dry-aged beef and lamb here are top quality and well executed.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Chef Kang's Kitchen @ Mackenzie Road - The Newly Awarded Michelin 1 Star Restaurant For 2017


With the release of the Michelin Guide Singapore 2017, one of the newly awarded 1 Star restaurants is Chef Kang's Kitchen at Mackenzie Road. We were quite lucky to get a table at the restaurant which only has 4 tables. I heard the waiting list is a up to 2 months if you want to savour Chef Kang's cooking.

Marble Goby Soup 4.8/5


Our lunch started with the Marble Goby Soup ($98 small). Chef Kang shared with us that the soup base is prepared a day in advance, using chicken feet, old hen and fish bones, boiling it over slow fire. The soup was creamy, sweet and refreshing, with a lot of depth. I noticed a special ingredient in the soup which is Taiwan olive, giving the soup a zesty touch like sour plum. This is definitely a must order here.

Pork Ribs with Portuguese Sauce 4/5

The next dish we tried is the Pork Ribs with Portuguese Sauce ($28). The pork ribs were chunky and succulent. The Portuguese sauce is rather unique which is something new for my palate to register. The sauce is prepared from a vegetable stock base whereby corns, mushroom, garlic, onion, curry powder, butter and cheese were added, for a creamy consistency.

Prawn Paste Chicken Wings 4.5/5

I received mixed review of the Prawn Paste Chicken Wings ($24). We were advised by our common friend to skip this dish. However we still end up ordering it to taste it for ourselves. Surprisingly we love it. It is obvious that it did not have that thick batter and strong prawn paste flavour. The version at Chef Kang's kitchen is more subtle and has a hint of bitter charred flavour. The batter also felt more airy and biscuity. Chef Kang shared with us that he used the technique of "slapping" the batter onto the wings instead of coating them, which differentiate the texture.

Braised Angie Luffa with Egg White 4/5

A simply dish it may seen but the Braised Angie Luffa with Egg White ($28) is not easy to get it right. The angie luffa if not done right will be mushy but this has a good crunch to it. However I thought the egg white was a bit overcooked, almost scrambled egg like texture already. I recommend adding a bit of the black vinegar to the egg white for an accentuated enjoyment.

Simmered Rice Noodles in Superior Stock 4.2/5

We actually wanted to try the braised fried noodles with pork crisp but it was not available. Hence we changed our order to the Simmered Rice Noodles in Superior Stock ($25). It was a great choice and we all enjoyed it. The rice noodles braised in seafood and chicken stock is a good slurping goodness, perfumed by the crispy pork lard.

Ice Cream in Coconut 4.5/5

If you are a fan of coconut, then you should not miss the Ice Cream in Coconut ($9.80). Served in the husk, there are coconut ice cream, coconut jelly and the coconut flesh. Coconut in three ways.

Many people has commented that its not worth eating at Chef Kang's kitchen because it is very expensive for zichar food. I agree with the pricing but we need to recognise this is a private kitchen. Chef Kang cooks every dish himself. In fact he has given refinement to the dishes.

Chef Kang's Kitchen
25 Mackenzie Road
Singapore 228681
Tel: +65 62386263
Nearest MRT: Little India (DT Line, NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Tue-Sun: 1130am - 230pm, 545pm - 10pm

1) Alight at Little India MRT station. Take Exit A. Turn right and cut through the carpark. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]