Friday, February 26, 2021

Yang Ming Seafood (扬名海鲜) @ Bishan Street 11 - Their Lobster Chee Cheong Fan Is A Best Try


Having seen a lot of postings from my foodie friends, I have to make my way to Yang Ming Seafood (扬名海鲜) at Bishan Street 11. The zichar place is located in a coffeeshop among the HDB estate. You will notice we ordered mostly seafood dishes because this is their forte. 

Deep Fried Sakura Prawns 4.5/5

An excellent starter to kick start the night is the Deep Fried Sakura Prawns ($10). It is crispy and crunchy, with the sweetness of the sakura prawns coming through with its bite.

Steamed Baby Sotong 4.2/5

Usually, I have deep-fried baby sotong, but after trying Steamed Baby Sotong ($19), this probably will be the preferred method of cooking for me in the future. It allows me to appreciate the baby squid's tender texture, complemented by the ginger and soya sauce.

Chicken Scallop Soup 3.8/5

Next, we have the Chicken Scallop Soup ($68). It comes with the whole chicken that is cooked until fork tender. Unfortunately, I could not detect the scallop's flavour in the soup.

Steamed Flounder Fish 4/5

A dish that I requested is the Steamed Flounder ($99). I thought it is rare to see such fish served at a zichar place. For those not familiar with flounder, the flesh is firm with soft bone like stingray.

Lobster Chee Cheong Fan 4.2/5

The highlight for the night has to be the Lobster Chee Cheong Fan ($88). It is a dish my friend shared with the owner what he had in Hong Kong, and after much R&D, the chef created this dish which becomes a hit with a lot of foodies. The highlight is the silky chee cheong fan accentuated by the fried shallot, fried garlic and premium soya sauce. However, my friend who has tried the dish before felt that it lacked the crustacean's flavour this time.

Garlic La La 4.5/5

Plump and sweet is the Garlic La La ($45) topped with aromatic garlic. When you have a fresh ingredient, there isn't any need for fancy cooking allowing the ingredient to shine.

Salt-baked Crab 4.5/5

The Salt-bake Crab ($100) is another dish we enjoyed a lot. You can see the thick layer of crab roe from the photo that just send me to umami heaven.

Yang Ming Seafood (扬名海鲜)
Blk 150 Bishan Street 11
Singapore 570150
Nearest MRT: Bishan (CC Line, NS Line)

Opening Hours: Daily: 1130am - 2pm, 430pm - 10pm

1) Alight at Bishan MRT station. Take Exit D. Walk to Bishan Bus Interchange (Stop ID 53009). Take bus number 54, 56 or 410. Alight 2 stops later. Walk straight to the traffic junction of Bishan Street 13 and Bishan Street 11. Cross the road and turn left onto Bishan Street 11. Walk to destination. Journey time about 10 minutes. [Map]


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