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Yun Nans (云海肴) @ Jewel Changi Airport - World Biggest Yunnan F&B Chain Opens Its First Outlet In Singapore


With the opening of Jewel Changi Airport, we also see a number of new F&B concepts opening in Singapore. One of them is Yun Nans (云海肴), the world's biggest Yunnan F&B chain with over 150 outlets in China has opened its very first overseas outlet in Singapore. The restaurant specialises in 高原料理 or highland cuisine, featuring the ingredients in Yunnan's natural highland terrain that is free from pollution, such as the wild porcini, wild black truffle, wheat pumpkin and edible flowers.

Spicy & Sour Egg Salad 4.2/5

Starting off we have the traditional Dai ethnic group dish - Spicy & Sour Egg Salad ($9.90). Initially I thought fried egg with mango and vegetable will taste weird but it turned out really delicious with the sour and spicy sauce bring the dish together. A very appetising salad indeed.

Stir Fried Wild Porcini with Dried Chillies 4.5/5

The Stir Fried Wild Porcini with Dried Chillies ($24.90) features wild porcini mushrooms found round 2000 to 3000m above sea level. They are flash fried with Yunnan dried chillies and garlic, for a lovely crunch and flavour.

Tossed Rice Noodles with Shredded Chicken 3.5/5

The colourful Tossed Rice Noodles with Shredded Chicken ($12.90) consists of 7 different ingredients such as the Yunnan rice noodles, shredded chicken, collybia albuminosa, mushroom, chives, carrot, purple cabbage and egg. Mixed them all up in the tangy peanut and sesame sauce for a slurping enjoyment.

Steam Pot Chicken Soup 4.2/5

A signature item here is the Steam Pot Chicken Soup ($23.90). It is amazing that not a single drop of water is used to make the soup in the handmade Jianshui clay pot, using a unique technique to do so. What result is a clear, delicate and nourishing soup, packed with flavour.


To enjoy the dish further, one can take out the tender chicken pieces from the soup that has been pressure steamed for 3 hours and toss them together with the spicy mala sauce. The restaurant even uses a special bread of black feet chicken to achieve the result they want.

Beef Stew in Copper Pot 4/5

For something more spicy is the Beef Stew in Copper Pot ($24.90). In the pot, one can find beef tendon, brisket and tripe that are braised in a soup stock of 18 different spices for 3 hours. It is then cut into smaller pieces and quick fried in spices, butter and Yunnan Qiubei chilli.

Truffle Rice Noodles in Prawn Broth

The new outlet outside China also offers some exclusive item such as Truffle Rice Noodles in Prawn Broth ($13.90) to cater for Singaporean's love of seafood. Inspired by the local prawn noodles, the chef marries prawns with wild black truffle for a hearty bowl of Yunnan rice noodle. While I didn't find the black truffle changes the profile of the dish drastically, the broth itself is good on its own packed with the rich flavour of the crustacean.

Grilled Seabass with Lemongrass 4.2/5

Is this our local sambal stingray? No it is not. It is the Grilled Seabass with Lemongrass ($22.90) that is marinated with 6 types of spices and grilled over charcoal. It is then sprinkled with an in-house chilli seasoning mix, topped with chives, chilli padi and Yunnan wild coriander before serving. The fish was moist and complemented by spicy seasoning that will be will received by the locals.


There are other exclusive dishes for Singapore such as the Stir Fried Spicy Clams, Salt Grilled Salmon Head and Charcoal Grilled Tiger Prawn. I have enjoyed the food at Yun Nans and I also find the pricing is reasonable too.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Yun Nans (云海肴) 
Jewel Changi Airport
78 Airport Boulevard
Singapore 819666
Nearest MRT: Changi Airport (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 10am - 10pm

Alight at Changi Airport MRT station. Take Exit A or B. Walk to the link bridge to Jewel. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

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