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SG Food on Foot - Best Eats In 2021

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I didn't put together a list for 2020 as we were hit by the Covid restriction and was not able to dine-in most of the calendar year. Since the restriction has been somewhat relaxed for 2020, I was able to check out a number of places. With that, I will bring back the annual tradition to recap my food journey for the past one year. Here is my best eats for 2021.

Ah Five Hainanese Chicken Rice


One of my best discovery for 2021 is Ah Five Hainanese Chicken Rice near Mayflower MRT station exit 3. What caught my attention was a petite young lady behind the chopping board. It is a rare sight in the hawker scene. The stall, run by a sister and brother team, is inside a coffeeshop at block 158 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4. They are the children of Mr Lee Tai Keng, the founder of Five Star Chicken Rice.

Firangi Superstar


Firangi Superstar at Craig Road is born out of love and memories of the country India. Stepping into the restaurant is a cinematic journey, transporting diners to an Officer's Club, Old Railway Room, Elephant Palace and Jungle Lodge. Here, the food takes classic Indian cuisine in unexpected forms in Head Chef Thiru Gunasakaran's hand, giving it a modern approach.

Joo Chiat Place Fried Kway Teow


All of us probably has our own favourite char kway teow stall, and mine is Outram Park Fried Kway Teow Mee at Hong Lim Food Centre. I am glad to discover an underrated Char Kway Teow stall at Joo Chiat Place Fried Kway Teow. It is located in a corner coffeeshop along Joo Chiat Place. In my opinion, it is comparable to Outram Park Fried Kway Teow.



JU95 is a modern izakaya restaurant located at Boat Quay opened for about 3 months. From what I understand, the kitchen is helmed by Chef Louis who supposed to follow a 2 Michelin starred chef to Belgium which was put off due to the pandemic. I am impressed with the food at Ju95. The dishes I tried are creative and tasty with touches of finesse, giving a modern take of traditional izakaya. Ju95 is one of the best restaurants I have eaten this year, and I recommend you check it out.



I have been following Chef Damian D'Silva heritage cooking when he had a stall at Timbre+ Ayer Rajah, followed by Folklore and Restaurant Kin. But, unfortunately, he didn't stay long at any one place. Hence I was glad to hear he is making a come back with a new restaurant - Rempapa at Park Place Residences at PLQ. Rempapa offers an all-day dining concept where the eclectic menu caters for different times of day - Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner.



Revolver is the latest and hottest restaurant to be opened at the bustling Tras Street. The restaurant embraces the fire of Indian cooking sensibilities, world-class premium produce and carefully selected global spices to create a progressive and exciting dining experience. There is three tasting menus - Discovery Menu ($139++), Experience Menu ($179++) and Vegetarian Menu ($129++).

Ristorante Pietrasanta


I could not believe this was my first time visiting Ristorante Pietrasanta until it recently relocated to Connexis Tower, Fusionpolis. It moved from Portsdown Road to the current location, which is more accessible. It is so much accessible now located just beside the One-North MRT station. A must-have is the pasta dishes at Ristorante Pietrasanta. They handmade all their pasta daily.

Tai Er Chinese Sauerkraut Fish


Popular Tai Er Chinese Sauerkraut Fish, with nearly 300 stores in China, has opened its first outlet in Singapore at Changi Jewel Singapore. The restaurant is known for its Chinese Sauerkraut Fish seeing daily queues at the stores to savour the fish fillets in a spicy and sour broth. A must have is the Chinese Sauerkraut Fish ($48/$68/$88) that comes in a huge plate with the tender fish slices swimming in a pool of soup, brimming with red chillis, Sichuan peppercorn and pickled cabbage. If I am not wrong, they use tilapia fish for the dish. The combination of mala, spicy and sour flavours is super shiok. I can understand why it is so popular in China now.

Teochew Fish Ball Noodle


I have heard about an excellent Teochew fishball noodle stall at Crawford Lane. Still, I always end up going to the one Michelin-starred Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles. So finally, I got a chance to visit the area and took the opportunity to check out Teochew Fish Ball Noodle, located inside a coffeeshop at block 462 Crawford Lane. Between the mee pok and mee kia, we find the mee kia goes better with the concoction of sambal chilli and vinegar. Though the vinegar is not as punchy compared to Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles, you still get that sourish kick balanced with the sambal for that slurping goodness. Overall, Teochew Fish Ball Noodle offers a good bowl of fishball noodles. However, if you find the queue at Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodles is too long, you may consider making a slight detour to try the fishball noodle just a few blocks away.

Yang Ming Seafood


Having seen a lot of postings from my foodie friends, I have to make my way to Yang Ming Seafood (扬名海鲜) at Bishan Street 11. The zichar place is located in a coffeeshop among the HDB estate. You will notice we ordered mostly seafood dishes because this is their forte. The highlight for the night has to be the Lobster Chee Cheong Fan ($88). It is a dish my friend shared with the owner what he had in Hong Kong, and after much R&D, the chef created this dish which becomes a hit with a lot of foodies. The highlight is the silky chee cheong fan accentuated by the fried shallot, fried garlic and premium soya sauce.

With this, I present to you my Best Eat In 2021. I also like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers and followers for the supports all these years. After two years of Covid, I hope things will get better and we can resume things back to norm. Last but at least, wishing everyone a safe, healthy and wonderful 2022.

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