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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Chicco Pasta Bar @ Holland Village - A Delicious New Addition Offering Homemade and Affordable Pasta


Following the successful launch of Chicco Pasta Bar on Telok Ayer Street, this popular pasta restaurant, known for offering top-quality homemade pasta at affordable prices, has opened a new outlet in Holland Village. I'm particularly excited about this new location as it's much closer to my home.

Duck and Parma Ham Toastie 4.2/5

We kicked off our meal with the Duck and Parma Ham Toastie ($16). This toasted sandwich is generously packed with confit duck, Parma ham, and manchego cheese. The result is an intense and satisfying rich and savoury flavour profile. However, the richness might be overwhelming for one person to finish all four pieces, making it ideal for sharing.

Gramigna 4/5


Chicco Pasta Bar is known for showcasing seven different types of pasta at any given time, many of which are unique shapes not commonly found in other restaurants. We started with the Gramigna ($20), a creamy dish tossed in pork ragù and finished with cheese shavings. The combination of the tender pasta and the savoury ragu creates a comforting and flavourful dish.

Spaghetti 4/5

Next, we tried the more familiar Spaghetti ($24), prepared aglio olio style, and paired it with squid, prawns, and clams. The flavours were well-balanced, making the dish delicious and satisfying. Notably, the texture of the pasta was softer compared to the usual al dente, providing a different but enjoyable experience.

Gigli 4.2/5

Another standout pasta dish was the Gigli ($18), cooked in truffle ricotta and field mushrooms. This dish offered a delightful play of textures, with the doughy pasta providing a lovely bite and the field mushrooms adding a contrasting texture. The addition of truffle elevated the dish with an earthy note, making it a favourite of the evening.

Iberico Pork Chop Parmigiana 4.2/5


During dinner service, Chicco Pasta Bar offers a variety of mains in addition to their pasta dishes. We opted for the Iberico Pork Chop Parmigiana ($30). The pork was perfectly cooked, tender, and juicy beneath a thin batter coat. It was dressed in a tangy tomato sauce and topped with cheese shavings, served with a side of French fries. The dish was a well-executed blend of flavours and textures.

Tiramisu 4.5/5

For dessert, we indulged in the Pistachio Tiramisu ($12). This twist on the classic tiramisu features a perfect balance of creamy coffee mascarpone and nutty pistachio. The flavours melded together beautifully, creating an utterly satisfying end to the meal.


Chicco Pasta Bar's new outlet in Holland Village lives up to the reputation of its original location, offering a delightful range of unique pasta dishes and Italian specialities. While some dishes may be rich and best shared, the overall experience is one of high-quality ingredients and well-crafted flavors. With its diverse menu and inviting atmosphere, Chicco Pasta Bar is a welcome addition to the vibrant dining scene in Holland Village.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Chicco Pasta Bar
Holland Village
27 Lorong Mambong
Singapore 277686
Tel: +65 81897302
Nearest MRT: Holland Village (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Tue-Thu: 1130am - 230pm, 5pm - 10pm
Fri: 1130am - 1230pm - 5pm - 11pm
Sat: 1130am - 11pm
Sun: 1130am - 1030pm
(Closed on Mon)

1) Alight at Holland Village MRT station. Take Exit B. Turn left and walk to Lorong Liput. Turn right onto Lorong Liput. Walk down Lorong Liput and turn right onto Lorong Mambong. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes.[Map]

Friday, June 7, 2024

Entrepot @ The Robertson House - Introduces New Menu Infused With Nostalgia and Bold Flavours



Entrepôt at The Robertson House unveils an enticing new menu that will excite your taste buds with bold, robust flavours. Chef Nixon Low draws from his formative years, personal experiences, and conversations with guests and his team to introduce eight new dishes, each telling a culinary story that celebrates tradition and nostalgia. The restaurant space is also nicely decorated with art pieces for a heritage chic vibe.

Vietnamese-Style Crispy Rice Paper 4.2/5

We had the Vietnamese-style Crispy Rice Paper ($24), a nod to the past when Vietnamese junk boats were common on the Singapore River. This dish is fun and interactive, as diners assemble their own portion of toppings. It's a delicious mix of vermicelli, prawns, fresh herbs and peanut sauce piled on top of crispy rice paper, almost like a deconstructed spring roll.

Chicken Drunken 3/5

Secondly, a Chinese-inspired dish of Chicken Drunken ($22). The idea is certainly innovative, and the dish is beautiful- a platter of poached chicken roulades and goji berry marmalade, accompanied by a fragrant shot of Drunken Chicken Liquor to be drunk. However, I would have liked it with some dipping sauce as the chicken meat itself, although tender, could do with a little more flavour.

Dr Robertson's Chai Cured Salmon 4/5

The third dish of Dr Robertson's Chai Cured Salmon ($24) is a refreshing salad dressed in Dragon Fruit plum. The fennel, radish slaw, candied pecans, and granola also contribute a nice crunch and texture. With very bright flavours, this was light and easy to eat.

"Itek Sio"- Tamarind Braised Cherry Valley Duck 3.8/5

Moving on to the main dishes, we had the "Itek Sio" — Tamarind Braised Cherry Valley Duck ($54). I found this enjoyable. There was a duck leg confit and a sous vide duck breast, both of which were nicely cooked and soft. The baked banana shallots added aroma and a mild, subtly sweet flavour to each bite.

Aged Vinegar and Malt Sugar Glazed Kurobuta Pork Chop 4.5/5

The Aged Vinegar and Malt Sugar Glazed Kurobuta Pork Chop ($48) is one of the Chef's signature dishes, and it is impressive! The Kurobuta pork loin is cooked and fried to get a crispy edge before glazed with vinegar and malt sugar. The result is a nicely tender pork chop with the right amount of fat and meat and a pleasing sweetness to the meat. Cocoa nibs complete the dish, and grilled white cabbage and pickled vegetables refresh the palate.

Chef's Joo Chiat Charcoal Seasonal Whole Fish 4.5/5

I also very much liked Chef's Joo Chiat Charcoal Seasonal Whole Fish ($48). It's done in Thai style with a tangy and appetising Thai chilli sauce, accompanied by a raw papaya and wing bean salad and toasted glutinous rice. The exterior of the fish is nicely charred, while the flesh is fresh, juicy, and flaky.

"Hong Zao" Rice Cakes with Eryngii Mushrooms 3/5

One of the most interesting dishes of the evening was the "Hong Zao" Rice Cakes with Eryngii Mushrooms ($28). This dish consists of Teochew rice cakes, crispy red rice and black fungus cooked in a Red Yeast rice residue. Prepared by Chef Nixon's father during his mother's confinement period to nourish her after the birth of each of his younger siblings, this dish symbolises joyous moments and warm family memories in his life. It is a hearty dish (a little too savoury on its own) and is best paired with rice.

Fragrant Steamed Coconut Rice with Serundeng 4.8/5

As such, I recommend pre-ordering this special item of Fragrant Steamed Coconut Rice with Serundeng (not on the main menu, limited availability). It seems like a simple rice dish, but it's an absolute delight to eat with the communal main dishes listed above, especially with all that tasty gravy! The rice is light and fluffy and has the delicate fragrance of spicy toasted coconut.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate 4/5

Dessert is a real treat for all Peanut Butter and Chocolate ($17) lovers. It is assembled with peanut candy, chocolate genoise sponge cake, 72% dark chocolate mousse, and cashew nut praline. The peanut butter's savoury notes harmonise with the chocolate's sweet and bitter nuances for an indulgent final plate.


To complement your meal, there's a good list of cocktails and spirits. They even have their own exclusive Dr Robertson's Gin, crafted in collaboration with Tanglin Gin in Singapore.


This menu is now available at Entrepôt from Mon - Fri, 6pm - 10:30pm and Weekends (Last Order: 10:00pm).

Photographed and penned by Shermine. Through her pictures and stories, she shares her journey of savouring new flavours and experiences. Note: This is an invited tasting.

The Robertson House
1 Unity Street
Singapore 237983
Tel: +65 8301689
Nearest MRT: Fort Canning (DT Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 630am - 1030pm

1) Alight at Fort Canning MRT station. Take Exit A. Turn left and walk to Clemenceau Ave. Turn left onto Clemenceau Ave, walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Akira Back @ JW Marriott Hotel South Beach - Indulge in “The Omakase Dinner Experience”, A Luxurious 5-course by Chef Akira Back and Chef Bill Hong


Akira Back's "The Omakase Dinner Experience" is a new 5-course dinner you do not want to miss. Chef Akira Back with Chef de Cuisine Bill Hong has joined hands for this seasonal offering, which is available for dinner daily at $148 per pax. Diners can also opt for a specially curated sake and wine pairing at an additional $88 per pax.

The menu showcases seasonal specialities using quality produce, with each dish highlighting both chefs' expertise in modern Japanese cuisine with Korean accents.

Treasure Box with Citrus Striped Jack Bite

We started with a special treat of the gorgeous Treasure Box with Citrus Striped Jack Bite. While this is not part of the 5-course Omakase, it was definitely an intriguing start to the dishes to come.

Umami Hokkaido Uni 4.5/5

First on the omakase menu was the beautifully presented Umami Hokkaido Uni. The creamy and indulgent mouthfuls of uni were paired with goma miso and maitake, a combination I’ve not had before but became a fan of.

New AB Sashimi 4.2/5

Right after, we were served the New AB Sashimi. This dish features fresh slices of kanpachi dressed in a zesty tomato citrus sauce, with karasumi, ankimo and pickled radish for additional crunch.

Halibut 4.5/5

While I found the clam ang-sauce and apple purée a tad sweet for my liking, the Halibut itself was impressively buttery and tender. The sauces were also helpful to cut through the richness.

Shiso Sorbet

For our palette cleanser, we had the refreshing and minty Shiso Sorbet.

Sanchoku Ribeye

While I can’t take beef, my dining companions were raving about their Sanchoku Ribeye. It was served with cauliflower miso cream, burdock jam and myoga, a Japanese ginger.

Pork Chop 4.8/5

In replacement of the ribeye, I had a generous serving of Pork Chop. I absolutely loved the grill on the pork, which gave a thin crispness to the exterior while the meat within remained juicy. It was one of the best pork chops I've had recently!

Lobster Claypot Rice 4.8/5

The Lobster Claypot Rice can be opted for at an additional $65 top-up, and I would highly recommend it. With toppings of ikura and negi, this bowl of rice was light yet flavourful, allowing the sweetness of the tender lobster to come through.

Lobster Claypot Rice

Alongside the rice, you will be served a comforting bowl of miso soup and intricate homemade banchan.

AB Tuna Pizza 4.5/5

Before we dug into the final dessert course, we were treated to Chef Akira Back's signature dish, the AB Tuna Pizza. The crunchy crust was paper thin and laid with a blissful mix of herbs, fresh tuna and a drizzle of truffle oil.

Matcha Tart with Hazelnut Chantilly and Barley Ice Cream 4.8/5

The Matcha Tart with Hazelnut Chantilly and Barley Ice Cream was a lovely end to the meal. I thoroughly enjoyed the well-balanced mix of hazelnut nuttiness, bittersweet matcha and crisp tart shell.

Photos and words by Jo. A girl who loves her Mala (麻辣) at Da La (大辣), discovering hidden food gems and a good cup of matcha latte. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Akira Back
JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach
30 Beach Road, Level B1M
Singapore 189763
Tel: +65 6818 1914
Nearest MRT: Esplanade MRT (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 12pm - 230pm, 6pm - 1030pm

1) Alight at Esplanade MRT station. Take Exit F. Walk to destination. Journey time about 3 minutes. [Map]

Friday, October 20, 2023

Swee Choon Tim Sum @ Changi Airport Terminal 2 - 62 Year Old Dim Sum Institution Opens New 24-hour Concept Outlet


Swee Choon Tim Sum extends its dim sum delights with a new 24-hour outlet at Changi Airport Terminal 2, Arrival Hall. The relaxed cafe-style setting welcomes dim sum enthusiasts around the clock.

Siew Mai 4/5

Fried Prawn Rice Roll 3.8/5

Fried Dough Rice Roll 2/5

Fried Carrot Cake 3.8/5

Classic dim sum offerings include the juicy and meaty Siew Mai. The Fried Prawn Rice Roll impresses with its silky rice sheet embracing crispy prawns, while the Fried Dough Rice Roll needs to catch up on the crisp factor. The substantial Fried Carrot Cake is cooked in XO sauce but could use more seafood aroma.

Mee Sua Kueh 4.5/5

Tofu Bomb 3.5/5

Black Pepper Pork Chop with Wan Tan Noodle 4.5/5

Swee Choon's signature Mee Sua Kueh delights with its contrasting textures. The Tofu Bomb explodes with flavours, featuring crispy skin and a tofu, vegetable, and prawn filling. The Black Pepper Pork Chop with Wan Tan Noodle stands out with springy noodles and juicy, tender pork.

Hot & Sour Soup 4/5

Pineapple Bun w/ Butter 4/5

Sweet Potato Yam Paste Egg Tart 3.8/5, Sweet Potato Mochi Egg Tart 4/5

An unusual addition, the Hot & Sour Soup offers a delightful vinegar and spice kick. For a sweet ending, the Pineapple Bun with Butter provides a buttery, crusty exterior with a soft, fluffy interior. The Sweet Potato Yam Paste Egg Tart and Sweet Potato Mochi Egg Tart round off the meal with their sweet fillings and buttery crusts.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Swee Choon Tim Sum
Changi Airport Terminal 2
Arrival Hall
60 Airport Boulevard
Singapore 819643
Nearest MRT: Changi Airport (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 24 Hour

1) Alight at Changi Airport MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to Arrival Hall level. Walk to destination. Journey time about 3 minutes. [Map]

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Roof Terrace BBQ Private Dining @ East Coast Road - A Feast Of Grilled Meat and Seafood


Recently, together with my foodie friends, we went to Roof Terrace BBQ, a private dining home at East Coast Road that specialises in barbeque. The action happens on the roof terrace under the stars. However, during our visit, the roof terrace's lighting was not working, so we shifted indoors.

Smoked Beef Brisket

We started the dinner with the Smoked Beef Brisket. It comes with a beautiful pink smoke ring. The smoked beef brisket was flavorful, succulent and packed with a smoky aroma.

Roasted Baby Potatoes with Fried Garlic and Shallots, Sauteed Swiss Brown Mushrooms

Japanese Coleslaw

Grilled Zucchini, Eggplant, Baby Corn, Bell Peppers


To go with the mains, the host has prepared a couple of sides to go along with them. They are delicious sides that complemented the mains excellently. Diners can look forward to sides such as Roasted Baby Potatoes with Fried Garlic and Shallots, Sauteed Swiss Brown Mushrooms, Japanese Coleslaw, Grilled Vegetables, and our favourite Cornbread.

Grilled Spanish Duroc Pork Chops

For the non-beef eaters, do not worry, as the host can customise the menu, such as the Grilled Spanish Duroc Pork Chops we had. Grilled to perfection, it is tender and juicy.

Salted Baked Fish

Grilled Jumbo Tiger Prawns

Besides the grilled meats, we also have seafood on the menu. We had a whole Salted Baked Wild Caught Red Snapper and Jumbo Tiger Prawns.


Sticky Date Pudding with Caramel and Homemade Burnt Vanilla

Wrapping the BBQ feast, we had Sticky Date Pudding with Caramel and Homemade Burnt Vanilla. A beautiful dessert for a sweet ending.

We paid $75 per pax. It is a price you can't find in the current private dining scene. Most of the private dining places are charging above $100 per pax nowadays. Unlike other private dining places, Roof Terrace BBQ does not allow alcohol.

Roof Terrace BBQ Private Dining
East Coast Road