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Saturday, October 28, 2023

Cai Lin Ji (蔡林记) @ Jurong Point - Exploring the Unique Flavours of Hubei Street Food


Cai Lin Ji (蔡林记), located at Jurong Point, introduces the unique flavours of Hubei cuisine, featuring a range of street food from this region, including the famous Wuhan Hot Dry Noodles. Service here is quick, reminiscent of a fast-food restaurant, making it a convenient choice for a satisfying meal.

Three Delicacies Dou Pi (三鲜豆皮) 3.5/5

My curiosity was piqued by the Three Delicacies Dou Pi (三鲜豆皮), priced at $4.50 for one or $8.50 for two pieces. This traditional Hubei snack is a multilayered dish, with potato flour forming the base, steamed egg or glutinous rice in the middle, and a top layer featuring bamboo shoots or minced meat combined with pork belly and mushrooms. It's somewhat akin to our local prata, with layers of ingredients that create a delightful texture.

Fresh Meat Soup Bun (鲜肉汤包) 4/5

The Fresh Meat Soup Bun (鲜肉汤包), priced at $5.90 for three pieces, closely resembles our beloved Xiao Long Bao. These little pockets are filled with juicy and well-marinated pork to be savoured with a side of vinegar dip.

Signature Shao Mai (重油烧卖) 3.8/5

The Signature Shao Mai (重油烧卖), at $3.90 for three pieces, offers a unique twist on the Cantonese-style siew mai we're familiar with. This peppery rendition features a mixture of sticky rice, raisins, rock candy, peanuts, osmanthus flowers, orange peel, and shredded carrots. It's a delightful blend that somewhat resembles our local Png Kueh.

Signature Zha Jiang Hot Dry Noodle (炸酱热干面) 3.8/5

The Signature Zha Jiang Hot Dry Noodle (炸酱热干面), priced at $7.90, was a novel discovery. Hailing from Wuhan, this dish holds the title of "Top 10 Noodles in China." It's served dry and coated with a secret black sesame sauce. While it's undoubtedly a good bowl of noodles, I needed time to adjust to the unique pairing of black sesame sauce with noodles.

Xiang Yang Beef Noodles/Beehoon (襄阳牛肉面/米粉) 4.2/5

The Xiang Yang Beef Noodles/Beehoon (襄阳牛肉面/米粉) at $10.90 is a staple breakfast in Hubei. I opted for the beehoon, which had a silky texture with a delightful bite. It came with crunchy bean sprouts and was served generously in rich beef broth laden with beef and offal. I found this bowl of noodles incredibly enjoyable and versatile enough to have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Shrimp Wanton (虾仁馄饨) 4.8/5

We originally wanted to order the Han Kou Wonton, but it was sold out. We settled for the Shrimp Wanton (虾仁馄饨), priced at $9.90 for ten pieces, which were freshly made daily. These wantons featured fresh shrimp encased in tender, chewy skin and cooked in a flavorful broth.

Signature Osmanthus Paste Rice Wine (桂花糊米酒) 4/5

My culinary journey took an exciting turn with two Hubei speciality soups. First up is the Signature Osmanthus Paste Rice Wine (桂花糊米酒), priced at $3.90. This delight combines rice wine with glutinous balls in a sweet, slightly starchy broth. The second is the Egg Drop Rice Wine (蛋花米酒), priced at $4. It involves dropping a raw egg into boiling water at 100 degrees and adding rice wine. The more I indulged in these unique flavours, the more I appreciated the new tastes that graced my palate.

Signature Egg Drop Rice Wine (蛋花米酒) 3.8/5

In summary, my visit to Cai Lin Ji at Jurong Point expanded my culinary horizons. The menu featured dishes I'd never tasted before, emphasizing the vastness of the culinary world and the endless possibilities for exploration.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Cai Lin Ji
Jurong Point
63 Jurong West Central
Singapore 648331
Tel: +65 9238 0368
Nearest MRT: Boon Lay (EW Lne)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 10am - 9pm

1. Alight at Boon Lay MRT station. Take Exit C, D or E. Walk to destination. Journey time about 3 minutes. [Map]

Monday, September 4, 2023

Singapore JIAK @ Frasers Towers - Four Hawker Food Brands Under One Roof with Dishes Below $10 in CBD


Singapore JIAK at Frasers Towers is a food-court-inspired concept by the Singaporean-owned Akashi Group. Singapore JIAK debuts 4 hawker brands within this cosy space - Grandma's, Dunman Wanton Mee, Teck Kee Fat Duck and Ah Goh Fish Soup.


Grandma's Curry Chicken Nasi Lemak 4.5/5

Grandma's is a resurrected brand under the Akashi Group that was established in 2008. Some of you may be familiar with some of their local dishes. At Singapore JIAK, Grandma's showcases their nasi lemak dish, with options such as Chicken Wing Nasi Lemak ($5.80), Crispy Bukhari Chicken Leg Nasi Lemak ($9.80), and the signature Grandma's Curry Chicken Nasi Lemak ($9.80). We tried the latter, which came with a chicken leg doused in curry that packed a punch. The coconut rice was aromatic and fluffy, and I was delighted by how thick the egg omelette slice was.


Mixed Pork Wanton Mee 4.2/5, Fried Wanton 4/5

Behind Dunman Wanton Mee is the culinary team formerly from Wanton Seng, known for its bowls of springy noodles tossed with aromatic pork lard. There are four dishes on the menu – Classic Dunman Wanton Mee ($5.80), Char Siew Wanton Mee ($6.80), Roasted Pork Wanton Mee ($6.80) and Mixed Pork Wanton Mee ($7.80). We had the ultimate combination - Mixed Pork Wanton Mee. While the Char Siew was on the leaner side, the wantons were satisfying with their plump and meaty fillings, and the crispy pork delivered the much anticipated cracking skin. Fried Wantons is available as well.

Duck Rice 4.2/5

Teck Kee Fat Duck is the sister brand of London Fat Duck, renowned for its mouthwatering roasted Irish ducks. They use the same Irish duck and adopt similar roasting techniques, aiming to deliver the same melt-in-the-mouth and robust flavours to their customers. The menu also features other roasted meats, including salted chicken, roast pork, and honey char siew. True to their promise, what we had didn't disappoint, with its juicy and tender meat complemented by beautifully roasted skin. The sauce worked perfectly to bring the rice and meat together.

Sliced Fish Soup 4/5

Ah Goh Fish Soup is also an original brand created for this concept. The soup itself is boiled using fish bones leftover from premium fish imported from Japan, enhanced with a dash of 20-year-old Hua Tia wine. We had the Sliced Fish Soup ($5.80) with batang fish. What sets this fish soup apart you can taste is the pronounced flavour extracted from the specific fish bones they use. Although it was tasty, I prefer a sweet touch for a better balance. The fish slices were fresh and paired well with a generous portion of vegetables, making the bowl of fish soup delightfully wholesome.

Words by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Singapore JIAK
Frasers Tower
182 Cecil Street
Singapore 069547
Tel: +65 86847728
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar (EW Line), Telok Ayer (DT Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sat: 9am – 10pm
(Closed on Sun)

1) Alight at Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Take Exit G or H. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

2) Alight at Telok Ayer MRT station. Take Exit A. Turn left and walk to Telok Ayer Street. Walk down Telok Ayer Street. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Laifaba @ Prestige Centre - New Location, Expanded Menu With Even Tastier Wanton Mee


Laifaba first opened its door at Scarlet hotel and has made a name for itself in offering superb Wanton Mee. It has now relocated to Prestige Centre at Bukit Batok with an expanded menu that comprises rice and other roast meats.


Though located in an industrial area, the interior was made very charming, adorned with retro homewares, posters, a table fan and a radio that work!

Signature Char Siew Wanton Mee 4.5/5

When I first tried Laifaba last year, its Char Siew and Crispy Pork left a deep impression. I have a newfound liking for its Signature Char Siew Wanton Mee ($5.00 Small) this time round. Working closely with suppliers, both the wanton skin and noodle are made with improved recipes. One very noticeable difference is the reduction in alkaline, and I very much prefer this lighter and tastier version. Even the wanton seemed much juicer. I recommend topping up $2 to upgrade the regular char siew to its signature Bu Jian Tian Char Siew. Given the amount of fats in there, I felt the meat had been roasted with much precision to attain the beautiful caramelisation on the exterior and rendering just enough fats for flavours while keeping the meat portion tender.

Meat Platter 4/5

Adding two more roast meats into their menu, we had a platter of Soy Sauce Chicken, Roast Duck and Crispy Roasted Pork ($16 Small). The Soy Sauce Chicken was commendable. The meat was very tender, and the skin was flavourful without being too sweet. The pork was still as good as I remember how it was to be with its succulent meat and crackling skin. The Roast Duck paled a little in comparison but was decent. This portion is good for two people as rice or noodles are available as add-ons.

Shrimp Dumpling Soup (tasting portion) 4.5/5

I like the soup as well. The dry wanton mee does come with a small bowl of soup but try the Shrimp Dumpling Soup ($8) that comes with four large and juicy shrimp dumplings. The soup had a good depth of sweetness and umami flavour, which surpassed most that I had tried so far. I had a go at its Fried Shrimp Dumplings ($8) too, but they weren't as impressive. The skin turned quite soggy and greasy after a while.


Other elements that might draw you back to Laifaba are perhaps the various chilli concoction for the different dishes. There is a special orangey chilli sauce that is very fiery, a red sauce for a regular spicy dry noodle dish, and a refreshing and tangy chilli paste for the roast meats.

Photos and words by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Prestige Centre
71 Bukit Batok Crescent
Singapore 658071
Nearest MRT: Clementi (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon- Sun: 8am - 330pm

1) Alight at Clementi MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to bus stop at Clementi MRT station (Stop ID 17171). Take bus number 106. Alight 5 stops later. Walk to Bukit Batok Crescent. Walk to destination. Journey time about 20 minutes. [Map]

Friday, January 15, 2021

Mian Jia Noodle Bar (麺家料理) @ Holland Village - Blown Away By the Super Shiok Mala Spicy Lobster Broth


I have not visited Holland Village since the start of the circuit breaker, and during this period it seems that there are quite a few changes. One of the newest addition to the F&B scene at Holland Village is Mian Jia Noodle Bar (麺家料理) which opened during the pandemic last year. To be exact, it relocated from Alexandra Central to its current location.

Lobster Prosperous Treasure Pot 4.5/5

For the upcoming Lunar New Year, Mian Jia Noodle Bar has launched the Lobster Prosperous Treasure Pot ($288). Quote "TENOFF" to enjoy 10% discount. Call or visit the restaurant to place your order, takeaway only as there is limited quantity. Unlike other Pen Cai, the treasure pot comes in a drinkable lobster bisque broth that comes brimming with premium ingredients. Customers can look forward to a sumptuous feast of Boston lobster, 10 heads braised abalone, Australian golden sea cucumber, Japanese scallops, Shajing oyster, Spanish Duroc pork ribs, handmade shrimp balls, braised chicken mid wings, bean root, pumpkin and Chinese cabbage.

Live Boston Lobster Broth Noodle 4.5/5


Signature at Mian Jia Noodle Bar is their Live Boston Lobster Broth Noodle ($26.90). There is both the Non-Spicy and Mala version. I got to try both versions, and I was blown away by the robust broth that is full of depth. The Mala version is beyond my expectation, the addition of peppercorn elevated the flavour to a whole new level. To be frank, I cannot decide which I like. Worth mentioning is the la mian noodle that has been cooked to a delectable consistency. The restaurant has specially imported the special cooking machine for consistency in every bowl.

Special Stewed Iberico Pork with Homemade Wanton Dry Noodle 4/5

Besides noodle soups, the restaurant also offers a variety of dry noodles. One of them is the Special Stewed Iberico Pork with Homemade Wanton Dry Noodle ($15.90). The chunky pork pieces may look sort of dry, but it melted in my mouth when I sunk my tooth into it. Give the la mian a good toss, to coat the sweet, savoury dark sauce on each noodle stand for a slurping enjoyment. The sauce reminds me of Malaysian kolo mee.

Crispy Crusted Chicken Cutlet 3.8/5

There are several side dishes on top of the dry and noodle soup on the menu to complete the meal. I tried the Crispy Crusted Chicken Cutlet ($6.90) though the skin was not as crispy as I would have like, the chicken was surprisingly very tender and juicy.

Spicy Chilli Oil Homemade Wanton 3.5/5

I also had the Spicy Chilli Oil Homemade Wanton ($5.90) which looks more like a dumpling than wanton. It is plump and juicy, dressed in spicy and fragrant chilli oil.

If not for my friend's introduction to this place, I probably would not have known of the restaurant as it  is hidden away at the end of the road from sight. I am glad that I have discovered a new noodle place that serves a delicious and a quality bowl of noodle. 

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Mian Jia Noodle Bar (麺家料理) 
19 Lorong Liput
Singapore 277732
Nearest MRT: Holland Village (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am - 1030pm

1) Alight at Holland Village MRT station. Take Exit B or C. Walk to Lorong Liput. Walk towards the junction of Lorong Liput and Lorong Mambong. Turn left onto Lorong Liput. Walk to the end of the road. Journey time about 3 minutes. [Map]

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Koung Wanton Mee @ JEM - Popular Wanton Mee In Geylang Comes To The West


Having its roots grown deep in the east since 1964, Koung’s Wanton Mee has reached another milestone with the opening of its 2nd outlet at JEM, reaching out to the Westies. To my knowledge, this Singapore-style wanton mee is loved by both locals and tourists alike, as all its ingredients are made from scratch, even for the egg noodles.


Wanton Mee 3.5/5

The signature Wanton Mee ($4.80) is available in both soup and dry versions ($4.80), and the latter comes in either a blend of fried chilli paste and premium dark or light soya sauces aka black or white. To make the noodles even more scrumptious, there is free flow of lards to top the noodles, on top of what's already in it. The egg noodles are specially made to be slightly thicker to hold the sauce, but I find it slightly too stiff for my liking. That said, it provides a more mouth-filling texture than the thinner noodles. The Wantons were well cooked, with very soft and slippery skin which I love, and the Char Siew had a good ratio of fats and lean meat. It is also available as a side dish ($5), exclusive to this outlet.


To complete your wantons experience, order the Fried Wantons ($4/$5). The juicy filling stands out even more against its extra crisp skin.

Dumpling Soup 4.5/5

An item to highlight is the Dumplings Soup ($4/$5/$6). The minced pork, shrimp and chestnut seemed to be in a perfect ratio to one another, as each one was succulent and tender, with a refreshing crunch. The soup was light and fragrant, which is also a key to the overall enjoyment of the dish.

Fried Ngoh Hiang 2.5/5

Another side dish that is exclusive to this new outlet is the Fried Ngoh Hiang ($5.80). While it is meaty and deep-fried to a crispy golden brown exterior, the filling's texture and flavour still lack the standard of a good one compared to many other places.


Local Desserts 3.8/5

Round off your meal with some local desserts at $2 each - Green Bean Soup, Black Glutinous Rice and Barley with Ginko. We tried both Green Bean Soup and Barley with Ginko, and I was pleasantly surprised by the thick consistency of the desserts, in comparison to the usual watered-down versions I have gotten elsewhere.

Words by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Koung Wanton Mee
50 Jurong Gateway Road
Singapore 608549
Nearest MRT: Jurong East (EW Line, NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 10am - 10pm

1) Alight at Jurong East MRT station. Take Exit C. Walk to destination. Journey time about 3 minutes. [Map]

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Laifa Bar @ The Scarlet Hotel - What A Steal, $5.50 Wanton Mee At A Hotel


Laifa Bar at The Scarlet Hotel is a wine bar turned noodle house, serving traditional wanton noodle, dumplings and complementary sides. Equipped with recipes handed to him by his grandmother, who used to be a hawker herself selling homemade taupok and wanton noodle back in the 1970s, chef-owner Royce Lee fine-tunes them and bring the traditional dishes to the table with a touch of modernity and bettered flavours.

Wanton Noodle 4.2/5


The Wanton Noodle ($5.50) is what first brought many to Laifa Bar. With its hearty portion, meaty wantons and springy noodles, there is no reason why one won't return for more. The original sauce used to toss the noodle is flavoursome, but I suggest adding a little of the special chilli sauce that comes bright orange in a bottle. True to its colour, it brightens up the dish with zest and heat. The dry wanton noodle doesn't come with soup which is prepared in a limited portion daily but will be served to you upon request.

Char Siew & Crispy Pork Noodle 4.5/5

However, what's even more superior than the wanton noodle I find, is the Char Siew & Crispy Pork Noodle ($7.50). Keeping to the tradition of a wanton noodle, the char siew used for Wanton Noodle is of a leaner cut, whereas for this bowl, a thicker and fattier part of the meat is served. One look at the burnt ends and you know they are well caramelised. I love the smokey charred fats! The crispy pork didn't disappoint too. The meat and fats were as unctuous, laced with a layer of crispy skin.

Dumpling Soup 4.2/5

The Dumpling Soup ($7.50) is another winner. The minced meat and prawn filling was not overmixed, resulting in a really juicy, loosely packed and tender dumpling.

Taupok 4/5

The sides here are pretty strong too. The Taupok ($8.00) surprised me with their airiness, alongside a well seasoned and tender minced meat filling.

Wanton in Red Chilli Oil 4.5/5

The spice-laden concoction of the red-chilli oil of the Wanton in Red-Chilli Oil ($8.00) is by far the most piquant I have tried. It strikes a perfect balance of spice, tang and sweetness, and it tasted so good over my noodles!

Egg Slice 3/5

The Egg Slice ($7.00) is an egg loaf made using flour and egg, and the way it is being executed gives it an almost hash brown-like texture.

Ngoh Hiong 3.8/5

The skinny Ngoh Hiong ($7.00) was interesting with a chewy texture, but the spices were a little strong for me.

Overall, I'm rather impressed by how satiable the food is at Laifa Bar, especially given that local fare is not the intended concept of this space.

Words by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Laifa Bar
The Scarlet Hotel
33 Erskine Road
Singapore 069333
Tel: +65 84392104
Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer (DT Line), Tanjong Pagar (EW Line), Chinatown (DT Line, NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Tue-Thu, Sun: 1030am - 430pm
Fri-Sat: 1030am - 830pm
(Closed on Mon)

1) Alight at Telok Ayer MRT station. Take Exit A. Turn left and walk down Cross Street. Turn left onto Amoy Street. Continue to the end of Amoy Street. Climb the stairs beside Siang Cho Keong Temple, up Ann Siang Hill. Walk to destination. Journey time about 12 minutes. [Map]

2) Alight at Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Take Exit G. Walk down Maxwell Road towards Kadayanallur Street (beside URA building). Turn right onto Kadayanallur Street. Walk to destination. Journey time about 12 minutes. [Map]

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Dine At Home During Circuit Breaker - Shi De Fu Wanton Mee


With the COVID-19 pandemic and the circuit breaker measure, that means I have to stay at home, and I can't go around the island checking out the delicious food offered by various food establishments. We used to say we will travel for good food, but now things have changed, we can actually order them and have them at the comfort of our home with island-wide delivery. One such stall that I got to check out during this period is Shi De Fu Wanton Mee, a hawker stall located at Geylang Bahru Food Centre.

Wanton Mee

One of the signature items at Shi De Fu is their Wanton Mee. The noodles tossed in a chilli concoction has a delightful bite paired with flavourful wanton wrapped in thin wanton skin. It also comes with slices of char siew though the stall does not roast it themselves anymore. The generous serving makes up for the less fatty cut.

Dumpling Soup

We also have the Dumpling Soup. I enjoyed that the dumplings are stuffed with a flavourful mixture of prawn and minced pork, there is even surprise bits of crunchy chestnuts in it.

Fried Dumpling and Wanton

If you like it crispy, you can opt for the Fried Dumpling which has been deep-fried to a golden brown. They also have Fried Wanton too.

Curry Chicken Noodle

Another highlight at Shi De Fu is their Curry Chicken Noodle. The curry was fragrant, thick and creamy. It comes with tau pok, a whole chicken wing and a huge piece of potato. I surprised myself in drinking up the entire bowl of curry.

Braised Chicken Feet

Besides the wanton mee and curry chicken noodle, they also offer dumpling noodle and chicken feet noodle on the menu.

Island-wide delivery is available at Shi De Fu. You can order at

Shi De Fu Wanton Mee
Geylang Bahru Food Centre
Blk 69 Geylang Bahru
Singapore 330069
Nearest MRT: Geylang Bahru (DT Line)

Opening Hours:
Sat-Tue: 7am - 2pm

1) Alight at Geylang Bahru MRT station. Take Exit A. Cross the road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 3 minutes. [Map]