Thursday, February 9, 2017

Acqua E Farina @ The Rail Mall - Simplicity, Tradition and Fresh Ingredients On A Plate


A new Italian restaurant, Acqua E Farina has opened next to the green corridor at The Rail Mall. Acqua E Farina offers a selection of North and South Italian cuisine to the hood with tried-and-tested recipes from their hometowns.

Fagottino di Mozzarella e Prosciutto 4.2/5

Our dinner at the new Italian restaurant started with the Fagottino di Mozzarella e Prosciutto ($23). Glowing like a shining gem in the middle of the plate is the fresh and creamy buffalo mozzarella, paired with tomatoes, parma ham and mixed greens.

Fungo Ripieno 4/5

If the buffalo mozzarella is a shining gem, the Fingo Ripieno ($18) will be the black pearl. Sitting on a bed of baby spinach is the baked stuffed portobello mushrooms, dressed in porcini mushroom sauce. A great option for vegetarian too.

Polipo e Patate 4/5

The Polipo e Patate ($28) comprises of sauteed octopus with potatoes, olives and capers with olive oil and herbs. The combination of flavours and textures give life to the tender octopus for a delightful finishing.

Tagliatelle alla Boscaiola 4.2/5

Italian cuisine is know for the pasta and not to be missed at Acqua E Farina is the Tagliatelle alla Boscaiola ($24). The egg-based tagliatelle is made in house for a fresh and delightful bite. Tossed in tomato sauce together with mushrooms, Italian sausage and bacon, it is given a touch of cream to round off the beautiful flavours.

Linguine ai Frutti di Mare 4/5

For the seafood lover, there is the Linguine ai Frutti di Mare ($26). The al dente linguine with clams, mussels, prawn and calamari is tossed in a light tomato sauce, complementing the fresh seafood.

Pizza Tartufo 4.5/5

At Acqua E Farina, you can savour two types of pizzas with different toppings. The two types are
Red (with tomato sauce base) and White (with a cheese base). We had the Pizza Tartufo ($26) which has a cheesy base of mascarpone and mozzarella topped with mushrooms and black truffle. It may look rather plain for a pizza but its packed with flavours on top of the thin crust.

Costoletta di Maiale 4.2/5

If you are tired of pasta and pizza in Italian cuisine, worry not as there are other mains on the menu such as the Costoletta di Maiale ($34). The pork chop is pan fried with pancetta and sage. It is served with vegetables, potatoes and white wine sauce to complement the tender pork and its crispy edges. You will be surprised that Italian can cook their pork well too.

Piatto di Dolci 4/5

Wrapping our dinner, we had the Piatto di Dolci ($14), a dessert platter comprising of mini portions of creme brulee, lava cake, panna cotta and tiramisu. It is hard to pin point which is the favourite as everyone of us have our own preference. I also meant that you can get to try everything and come back the next time for the full portion of your favourite dessert.

Have a party to throw but don’t want to deal with the cooking and after-party clean-up?  Acqua E Farina Party Helper will save the day and night! Generous servings of the carefully selected menu dishes and desserts, as well as 30% off Italian wines can be put together with fun presentation, delivery and clean-up at an extra charge, depending on the location and needs of guests.

Acqua E Farina
The Rail Mall
400 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 678050
Tel: +65 64620926
Nearest MRT: Hillview (DT Line)

Opening Hours:
Tue-Thu: 11am - 230pm, 530pm - 1015pm
Fri-Sun: 11am - 3pm, 5pm - 1015pm
(Closed on Mon)

1) Alight at Hillview MRT station. Take Exit A. Turn left onto Upper Bukit Timah Road. Walk down Upper Bukit Timah Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 8 minutes. [Map]

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