Friday, January 20, 2017

Fratini la Trattoria @ Hillcrest Park - Italian Omakase By 25 Years Old, Chef Chomel Yang


I have heard of Japanese omakase but Italian omakase is totally new to me. A visit to Fratini la Trattoria at Hillcrest Park will be a totally new experience where there is no menu. What you get from young Head Chef Chomel Yang is a menu that uses the freshest seasonal produce available in local and overseas markets, offering a myriad of Italian cuisines from North and South regions.


For the first course, I was presented with four different bite size starters. On the plate, we have the Salmon with Pumpkin Puree, Scallop with Sun Dried Tomato, Duck Rillette with Wild Rice and Stuffed Pork Trotter with Homemade Sausage. I was told that the stuffed pork trotter also known as zampone is a popular dish during New Year in Parma and served with lentils representing good luck and prosperity. What I gathered from the quadruple is like an new age Italian music, giving a new beat to Italian cuisine.

Beef Cheek 4.2/5

My next course is the Beef Cheek that is stewed in veal jus. It is paired with asparagus and potatoes. Using a recipe from Central Italy, the tenderness simply melted the heart

Barramundi 4/5

From the land we moved to the sea with the Barramundi that has been pan fried to golden brown. It was slightly crisp on the exterior, especially the skin while retaining the moist interior. It is paired with crunchy greens for a delightful finishing.

Venison Rack 4.5/5

I have tried lamb rack but Venison Rack is a new to me. Apparently this is a staple dish among Italians in the Ticino area (south of Switerland) during the hunting season. I have to say this turned out pretty impressive. The beautiful piece of venison was grilled to perfection and served with herbs crust.

Slipper Lobster 4/5

If you are a cheese lovers, you will love the Slipper Lobster baked with 3 different cheeses in Milan Style. The cheeses complemented the sweetness of the slipper lobster's flesh excellent, on top of the bouncy texture.

Truffle Pasta 4.5/5

In omakase you usually just eat what the chef serves you. Well at least at Fratini la Trattoria you can to mix and match your own pasta. If you are too lazy to do so, just ask for their popular choices which are beef, seafood and truffle. I had the Truffle Pasta which comprises of summer truffle from Alba blended with mushroom and finished off with sliced black truffles. This is a dish that I would specially return to have it again.


Wrapping up the omakase dinner, we have the Creme Brulee, Chocoalte Salami, Black Sesame Panna Cotta and Tiramisu. I could not really decide which is my favourite but I though the used of black sesame is rather bold for the young chef to incorporate into Italian cuisine.

It is definitely a different experience dining at Fratini la Trattoria with its No-Menu Concept. The omakase menu is priced at $50++ for lunch and $90++ for dinner.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Fratini la Trattoria
Hillcrest Park
10 Greenwood Avenue
Singapore 289201
Tel: +65 64682868
Nearest MRT: Tan Kah Kee (DT Line)

Opening Hours:
Tue-Sun: 12pm - 145pm, 6pm - 845pm
(Closed on Mon)

1) Alight at Tan Kah Kee MRT station. Take Exit A. Use the overhead bridge to Exit B. Walk straigh to Hillcrest Road. Turn right onto Hillcrest Road. Walk down Hillcrest Road and make a left into Greenwood Avenue. Journey time about 15 minutes. [Map]

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