Sunday, July 7, 2013

Checkers Brasserie @ Hilton Hotel Singapore


The thoughtfulness of the culinary team at Cheers Brasserie, Hilton Singapore is changing the concept of Sunday Brunch. After observing diners' preference of dishes that are prepared a la minute at the live stations as compared to food served in chafing dishes, the chefs replaced the live stations with an extensive menu of a la carte dishes that are freshly prepared upon order. With that the chefs at Checkers Brasserie launches the all new A La Carte Sunday Brunch concept for diners to spend more time mingling and less time waiting at the buffet line or live stations.

The exciting new concept features a selection of gourmet bites and eggs specialties that one can order as many rounds of at his/her table. In addition to the a la carte selection, diners can still delight in the buffet spread of antipasti, charcuterie, seafood on ice, cheeses and desserts while waiting for the order to be served.

Amuse Bouche 3.5/5

I was with Charleen to check out the new A La Carte Weekend Brunch at Hilton Hotel. Upon being seated, we were served with a delectable set of Amuse Bouche to whet up our appetite.

Berry Berry and Spicy Banana Smoothies 4/5

We started with the Berry Berry and Spicy Banana Smoothies while we browsed through the exciting new ala carte menu deciding what to order. After placing our ala carte order,  we went around the restaurant to check out the buffet spread.

Seafood on Ice, Sushi and Sashimi

Oyster and Sashimi 4/5

The fresh oyster and sashimi caught my attention at the Seafood on Ice and Japanese corner. It was simply irresistible that I just have to help myself to some.


French Duck Rillette

Seldom will we get to have rillette at buffet.I was quite surprise to see French Duck Rillette with toasted baguette at the buffet spread. Love it!

Salad Bar

Cheese Selection

Cheese lovers will be delighted with the selection of cheeses. There are about 12 to 14 different type of cheeses for the sunday brunch.

Fruit Juice

I simply applauded the fruit juice concept. They are served in a bottle and you can bring the whole bottle to your table. That save the hassle of going to and fro for refilling.

Japanese 4/5

After making our round checking out the buffet spread, we were back at our table just in time for the eggs specialties. Going beyond the usual scrambled, sunny side up, over easy and benedict, six eggs specialties namely Modern, French, Italian, American, Japanese and English are introduced. We only tried the Japanese and French eggs specialties.

The Japanese Eggs Specialties comes with slow cooked soft boiled egg with unagi and rice. Love the the new concept. It is like have the best of both world. I got a taste of Japanese cuisine as well as my egg for breakfast.

French 4/5

For the French Egg Specialties, it comes with poached egg, pancake and foie gras laced with truffle halladaise. A lovely combination of flavours and textures.

Angel Hair Pasta with Truffles 2.5/5

Moving on to the gourmet bites, there are 8 different dishes to choose from. Each portion is sightly smaller than an entree so that diners can enjoy as many orders of bites at the brunch. We tried 6 out of 8 gourmet bites from the a la carte menu.

Having tried Gunther's angel hair before, I was rather disappointed with the Angel Hair Pasta with Truffles. The whole dish was miserably lacking of truffle, hardly can I find a trace of it.

Baby Lobster Thermidor 4.2/5

The Baby Lobster Thermidor was cooked perfectly and packed with beautiful flavours. The cheese and the succulent lobster combination was heavenly and addictive.

Foie Gras Dumplings 4/5

When I was browsing the menu, the Foie Gras Dumplings was the first to catch my attention. The flat shaped dumplings did not look appertising but the lovely foie gras flavour simply burst and filled the whole mouth upon biting into it.

Pan Seared Scallops 4.2/5

The Pan Seared Scallops with English peas espuma, chorizo and peppers were big and juicy. The scallop itself was already beautiful, the peas espuma was not really necessary for me.

Wagyu Beef 4/5

The succulent Wagyu Beef was lightly seasoned to enjoy the fullest of the flavourful meat. Served with potato rosti, greens and red wine sauce, it was a delish dish that I will be happy to clean off.

Broiled Chilean Sea Bass 4.2/5

This is probably our favourite among the gourmet bites we tried. The Broiled Chilean Sea Bass was tender, moist and buttery. Complemented with crispy noodles and salad, this is a must order.

Belgian Waffles 3.5/5

The ala carte menu offers 3 desserts (pancakes, Belgian waffles and crepes) a la minute. We tried the Belgian Waffles topped with strawberries, panna cotta gelato, chocolate, banana and pecans. While I enjoyed the fluffy and airy waffles, I felt that the texture of the panna cotta gelato was kind of acquire for my liking.

Dessert Section

Dessert Section

If you are a dessert person, worried not. Dessert is not just limited to the ala carte menu. Checkers Brasserie also offers a extension selection of desserts at the dessert corner of the buffet line to satisfy the sweet tooth.

The new weekend brunch concept of Checkers Brasserie will definite delight foodies who wants their food warm and fresh. In addition to the ala carte selection, diners can still enjoy the eclectic spread of food from the buffet line. It felt like I was having 2 buffets for the cost of one.

A La Carte Sunday Brunch
12noon - 3pm
Adult: $80++ (inclusive of smoothies, juices, coffee and tea)
Additional $18++ for free flow of wines and Bloody Mary
Additional $48++ for free flow champagne
Child: $40++

Checkers Brasserie
Hilton Singapore
581 Orchard Road
Singapore 238883
Tel: +65 67303390
Nearest MRT: Orchard (NS Line)

1) Alight at Orchard MRT station. Take Exit E. Walk towards Wheelock Place via ION. Exit Wheelock Place and turn left towards Liat Tower. Continue walking along Orchard Road. Journey time is about 8 minutes.

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