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Antoinette @ Penhas Road - 22 Matcha Creations To Satisfy Your Matcha Fetish


Chef Pang of Antoinette is in a roll after the introduction of La Croissainterie Series and Baked Cheese Tart. From now to end July 2016, Chef Pang rolls out 22 matcha items creating the ultimate experience for matcha lovers, satisfying their fetish for the green tea powder from Nishio, Japan. Basically the 22 matcha are break into 5 main categories, namely Bakery/Confectionery, Hot Items, Cakes/Macarons, Chocolat and Beverages.

Matcha Almond Shortbread 4/5

From the Bakery/Confectionery, we have 7 creations. They are namely Matcha Financier ($2.50), Match Cake ($3), Matcha Orange Almond Tuile ($9), Matcha Almond Shortbread ($2.50), Matcha Croissant ($6) and Matcha Milk Jam ($9).

Matcha Milk Jam on Toast 4.2/5

Matcha Croquant 3.5/5

Matcha Macarons, Matcha Financier, Matcha Cake 3.8/5

Among the matcha creations from the confectionery, my favourite has to the Matcha Milk Jam and the best way to enjoy it is to spread it on toast. The sweetness from the jam reminds me of condense milk with a slight hint of the matcha flavour. Following that I would probably go for the Match Financier, a classic French almond tea cake for its

Matcha Pancake 3.5/5

The Hot Item probably is the highlight of the Fetish Matcha. It features dishes such as the Matcha Pasta ($26), Matcha Crepe ($18), Matcha French Toast ($16) and Matcha Pancake ($15).

Matcha Pasta 3.5/5

The Matcha Pasta is an unexpected creation from Antoinette. The matcha infused pasta is tossed in a truffle paste and topped with salted kombu and sakura ebi. Cooked to al dente, it comes with a delectable bite. It does not have the powdery matcha taste but beautifully perfumed by the truffle and sakura ebi.

Matcha Crepe 4/5

Matcha French Toast 4.2/5

The Matcha Crepe and French Toast are another two creations that will delight many. The Match Crepe paired with French chestnut cream and vanilla Chantilly is thin and soft, with a mochi like texture. The French Toast, using brioche bread is paired with vanilla Chantilly and maple syrup for a pillowy and sweet finish.

Yucha 4/5

From the Cakes/Macarons section, Chef Pang has created the Yucha ($8/$75), Matcha Strawberry Shortcake ($9/$55) and Matcha Pop ($9.50)

Matcha Strawberry Shortcake 4/5

The Yucha is a matcha butter cake layered with matcha creme mousseline and yuzu curd which is sugar free. The Matcha Strawberry Shortcake is a light matcha sponge cake with kirsch layered with fresh strawberries and creme Chantilly. Both cakes are light and moist.

Matcha Pop 4.5/5

However my favourite from the cake section is Magnum look alike Match Pop, made up of matcha sponge with kirsch, layered with matcha ganache, almond nougatine, enrobed with milk chocolate and roasted almond nib

Matcha Chocolate Rice Crispies, Matcha Swiss Rocks, Matcha Truffle and Yucha 4/5

The Chocolat section offers additive snacks such as the Matcha Chocolate Rice Crispies with Marron Glace, Matcha Swiss Rocks, Matcha Truffle and Yucha. If it is possible, I would have love to stock up my home with the Matcha Swiss Rocks, lightly caramelized almond silvers enrobed in matcha chocolate.

Matcha Soda 4/5

Lastly the Beverages section which offers Matcha Soda ($22), Matcha Yuzu Lychee Iced Tea ($12.50) and Matcha Latte ($22). The first two drinks are served cold and refreshing. The Matcha Latte is kind of spectacular. The cup of matcha latte is served below a raining cloud of cotton candy together with almond cookie, matcha truffle and matcha financier.

Matcha Latte 4.2/5

Can't handle all 22 items? Why not gather 4 people and indulge in the La Carte Fetish Matcha ($190++) where your friends and you can get to try all 22 matcha items on the menu. Kindly note that some items will be for sharing in the La Carte Fetish Matcha and this is only available at Penhas outlet. If you are a matcha lover, don't miss it as it is only available until end of July 2016.

30 Penhas Road
Singapore 208188
Tel: +65 62933121
Nearest MRT: Lavender (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thur: 11am - 10pm
Fri & Eve PH: 11am - 11pm
Sat: 10am - 11pm
Sun & PH: 10am - 10pm

1) Alight at Lavender MRT station. Take Exit B. Walk to V Hotel Lavender. Walk down Horne Road and turn right onto Penhas Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

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