Friday, March 20, 2015

Boufe Boutique Cafe @ Phoenix Park


I simply felt in love with Boufe Boutique Cafe even before I stepped into it. The white colonial building and the all white theme cafe really captured me with its clean look. The whole ambience brought me back to Melbourne once again.

Latte 4.80

While waiting for the rest of the group to arrive, I ordered a cup of Latte ($4.80) to soak into the serenity and enjoy the sunlight caressing my skin as I watched the time goes by.

Strawberry Shortcake 4/5

When the group arrived, we placed our order to commence checking out their different offering on the menu. We ordered from both the brunch and cake menu. We were actually quite surprise that the cakes were served first before our brunch items.

Citron Tart 4/5

From the cake menu, we tried the Citron Tart ($5.50) and Strawberry Shortcake ($8). I saw the kitchen baking and cutting the huge strawberry shortcakes into smaller cube shape, hence the pastries are definitely homemade. I don't really have a sweet tooth, so I was delight that the cakes are not overly sweet. In fact they are light and well balanced.

Eggs Benedict 4/5

We moved on to the brunch menu, starting with the Eggs Benedict ($16). The perfect poached eggs dressed in a homemade hollandaise sauce sets on a honey baked ham and homemade brioche, served with fresh greens on the side. A delightful start for our brunch. Who don't like eggs isn't it?

smoked salmon croissant 3.8/5

Next is the Smoked Salmon Croissant ($19). I was expecting a whole croissant stuffed with salmon and scrambled eggs but instead it was served open faced. The croissant was cut into fingers instead.
It is actually good for sharing for how it is served but I have to be selfish, I still prefer it to be stuffed so one bite I have a bit of everything.

Classic Croque Madame 4.2/5

Lastly we had the Classic Croque Madam ($19) which is a classic French ham and cheese covered with morna sauce and gratin cheese, topped with a sunny side up, with fresh greens on the side. Simplicity at its best to brighten up everyone's day.


To be frank I have gotten quite tired with the coffee scene in Singapore. There are just too many cafes around the island. I do wonder how many of them will still be around by next year. For Boufe Boutique Cafe, I think it will survive the time as long as it maintains consistency. Ambience, Coffee, Food all ticked. A worthy cafe to check out.

Boufe Boutique Cafe
Phoenix Park
308 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247974
Tel: +65 67347656
Nearest MRT: Redhill (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Tue-Sun: 10am - 10pm
(Closed on Mon)

1) Alight at Redhill MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to bus stop opposite Redhill MRT station. (Stop ID 10201). Alight 2 stops later. Back track down Tanglin Road to Phoenix Park. Walk pass the guard room and continue straight to the end of the road. Turn right at the end of the road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 15 minutes.[Map]

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