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Monday, March 13, 2017

Japanese Restaurant Week - Dine At Participating Restaurants To Win 2 Pairs Of Ticket To Tokyo, Japan


Japan has always been one of my favourite travel destinations but I have yet to visit Japan during the cherry blossom season. If you are like me, there is an opportunity to do so by dining at any of the 69 participating Japanese restaurants taking part in the 7th installation of Japanese Restaurant Week in Singapore, happening from 6 March to 26 March 2017. Diners will receive a lucky draw card for a chance to win airplane tickets by ANA to enjoy the cherry blossom season in Tohoku Japan.

7-Course Omakase Dinner

One of the 70 restaurants particiating in the Japanese Restaurant Week is TFS Private Works at Telok Ayer Street. The sister restaurant of The Flying Squirrel. I had their 7 courses omakase dinner ($158) that consists of seasonal appetizers, sashimi, assorted cooked dishes, sushi, soup and dessert. For an additional top up of ($69),  you can have 4 glasses of wine and/or sake pairing to go with the dishes.


I have always enjoy omakase dinner letting the chef showcases the freshest ingredients of the day while at the same time allowing the chef's creative to speak in the dishes. Throughout the 7 courses, I have enjoyed Chef Jun's modern rendition of the Japanese cuisine. I like his bold combination of flavours to give the ingredients an accentuated lift in flavours.


Step 1: Scan the QR code on the Lucky Draw Card.

After my dinner and upon settling my bill, I was given a lucky draw to take back in the Japanese Restaurant Week lucky draw. There are over 130 prizes to be won with the the grand price of flying to Tokyo, Japan. Taking part in the lucky draw is pretty simple. Just have to use your smartphone and scan the QR Code. It will bring you to a official site for the Japanese Restaurant Week.


Step 2: Tap on "Click Here for LUCKY DRAW"

At the Japanese Restaurant Week website. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap on "Click Here for LUCKY DRAW".  It will bring you to the login page.


Step 3: Sign Up or Login 

f you have already registered. Simple tap on login to enter. If not, proceed to create a new account.


Step 4: Registration (If you are not an existing member)

If you are a new member, you can either register with your social facebook or twitter account, or simply enter your email address and password.


Step 5: Input Serial Code on Lucky Draw Card and tap Start

Upon completing your registration or login, you will be brought to the lucky draw page whereby you will require to enter the Serial Code that is found on your lucky draw Card. Once you have done so, just tap on Start and you will know the result instantly.

Dine at a Japanese restaurant and stand a chance to fly to Tokyo to enjoy the cherry blossom season in Tohoku Japan. Isn't it a great idea? You may be the lucky one flying to Japan to experience the authentic taste of food in Japan. Don't miss the opportunity. Japanese Restaurant Week is taking place now until 26 March 2017. For more information on Japanese Restaurant Week, please visit the website at


Oh! By the way, do remember to go to Japanese Restaurant Week website to grab some e-coupons to kick start your dining experience which you can redeem at 4 of the participating restaurants. So what are you waiting for? Don't miss the chance to win airplane ticket to Japan.

Note: This post is brought to you by Gurunavi Singapore

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Ultimate Mooncakes Listing 2016


With the Mid-Autumn Festival just around the corner, many restaurants and hotels have already started selling their mooncakes with my new creative flavours as well as the traditional bakes. If you are planning to get some mooncakes, be in for self consumption or gifts for friends and/or business partners, here is a list of mooncakes that you may wish to consider.

Jade, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

The Fullerton Baked Classics ( White Lotus Plain, White Lotus Single Yolk, White Lotus Double Yolk and Salted Green Bean with Panda Paste Baked Mooncake

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival with a line-up of classic and innovative mooncake treasures. Signature flavours such as Pandan with Gula Melaka Snow Skin Mooncake and The Fullerton Golden Custard Mini Mooncake make a return, complemented by new flavours. Taking centre stage and adding to the snowskin medley this year are two new low-sugar snow skin flavours - Tangerine Lemon with Matcha Red Bean Paste Snow Skin Mooncake and Orange and Chocolate Paste Snow Skin Mooncake and Inspired by Tau Sar Piah, there is the newly introduced Salted Green Bean with Pandan Paste Baked Mooncake.

Complementing the new variety is a range of classics such as Baked Mooncake with White Lotus Seed Paste and Baked Mooncake with White Lotus Seed Paste and Single / Double Yolks. The Fullerton Golden Custard Mini Mooncake is also back by popular demand. Appropriate for gift is The Fullerton 15 Treasures Premium Gift Set, symbolising the full moon on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month is a single baked mooncake with eight egg yolks encased in a white lotus seed paste. Encircling it are 14 assorted baked mooncake flavours in alternating shapes of a celestial hare, cloud and graceful butterfly; which signify vivacity, prosperity and bliss.

Date: 1 August to 15 September 2016
Order and Equries
Tel: +65 68778178/8943

Shang Place, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

Honey Chocolate Collection_Cropped

Shang Palace heralds the Mid-Autumn Festival with a luxurious Honey Chocolate Collection. The Honey Chocolate Collection features four flavours, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Salted Toffee, White Chocolate Passion Fruit with Mango, and Roasted Sicilian Pistachio. These mooncakes incorporate raw and unprocessed Leatherwood Honey which originates from the pristine rainforests of the Tarkine region in Tasmania where the world’s cleanest air and water are found.

In addition to the chocolate mooncakes, Master Chef Steven Ng of Shang Palace has created three new innovative flavours of the baked variety. The flavours are Mini Baked Lychee Mooncake with Rose, Mini Baked Low Sugar Lotus Paste Mooncake with Macadamia Nuts and Mini Baked Mocha Mooncake with Hokkaido Milk. Shang Palace will also be offering perennial classics such as the traditional baked lotus paste mooncake with the combination of salted egg yolks. Variations with four, double or single yolk are available. The Shang Palace Four Treasures Baked Mooncake Gift Set and Shang Palace Mini Eight Treasures Baked Mooncake Gift set are ideal gift for the Mid-Autumn Festival too

Date: 28 July to 15 September 2016
Order and Equries
Tel: +65 62134398/ 4473

Hai Tien Lo, Pan Pacific Singapore

Hai Tien Lo Mid-Autumn 2016

Experience a joyous reunion this Mid-Autumn Festival at Hai Tien Lo (海天楼), award-winning Cantonese restaurant at Pan Pacific Singapore, as Executive Chef Lai Tong Ping (黎东平) presents a selection of seven delicately handcrafted mooncakes. New this year are the Green Tea Paste with Single Yolk and Black Sesame with Single Yolk. Durian lovers will continue to be pampered with Hai Tien Lo’s signature Mao Shan Wang Durian Snowskin Mooncake.

Those who have a penchant for classic treats may indulge in the Traditional White Lotus Seed Paste with Single or Double Yolk, and White Lotus Seed Paste with Macadamia Nuts. For a healthier alternative and nutty texture, the Vegetarian Mixed Nuts makes a perfect treat this Mid-Autumn season. Ideal as gifts for business associates, friends and loved ones is the box of Traditional Four Treasures Mooncakes, presented in an elegantly designed packaging.

Date: 15 August to 15 September 2016
Order and Equries
Tel: +65 68268240

Raffles Hotel Singapore

Raffles Singapore - Snow-Skin Box

This year’s Raffles Mooncakes are presented in a lovely blissful blue box, adorned with delicate lotus floral. The snow-skin selection considers of perennial favourite Champagne Truffle & Ganache Snow-skin Mooncake. Making a return are the Earl Grey Tea and Chocolate Pearl Truffle Snow-skin Mooncake, Dark Chocolate Crunchy Pearl Snow-skin Mooncake and Raffles Cognac Truffle Snow-skin Mooncake. This year Raffles Hotel has introduced a new handcrafted snow-skin creation, Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Feuilletine Snow-skin Mooncake.

For those who prefer classic traditions, Raffles Mooncakes continue to offer a selection of baked mooncakes to complement celebrations with loved ones, which include Double Yolk with Macadamia Nuts and White Lotus Paste Baked Mooncake, Mother-of-Pearl with Single Yolk and White Lotus Paste Baked Mooncake and Pine Nuts, Macadamia Nuts and White Lotus Paste Baked Mooncake.

Date: 15 July to 15 September 2016
Order and Equries
Tel: +65 64121122

Summer Palace, Regent Singapore

Regent Singapore, A Four Seasons Hotel_Mid-Autumn Nostalgia

This Mid-Autumn Festival, Summer Palace Dim Sum Chef Leong Kwok Sing introduces a stellar line-up of mooncakes, including two new snowskin mooncake flavours inspired by home-grown desserts: Chendol with White Chocolate and Momordica Fruit with Longan. Not to be missed as well are our signature snowskin selections –Black Sesame Paste with Melon Seeds, refreshing Granny Smith with Lemongrass Chocolate, fragrant Green Tea with Melon Seeds, the classic White Lotus Paste with Yolk and Melon Seeds and our bestseller, Durian.

Not to forget their well-loved baked classics such as the Parma Ham and Pork Floss with Assorted Nuts. Other baked highlights include White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk and Melon Seeds, White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk and Melon Seeds and White Lotus Paste with Melon Seeds. For those looking to indulge, Chef’s Bird’s Nest with Custard promises to please with its decadent custard centre and slivers of premium bird’s nest.

Date: 11 August to 15 September 2016
Order and Equries
Tel: +65 67253239

Goodwood Park Hotel Singapore

Goodwood Park Hotel - Yuzu Lychee Snowskin Mooncake

This year, celebrate the joys of perfect pairings as Goodwood Park Hotel launches three new snowskin flavours that are each a perfect blend of two complementary ingredients. For the first time in the hotel’s history, it has also introduced alcoholic and chocolate versions for a jazzed-up Mid-Autumn Festival. The talented pastry team is proud to unveil these new creations: Yuzu Lychee Snowskin Mooncake, Dark Chocolate Crunchy Hazelnut Snowskin Mooncake and Gin Pineapple Snowskin Mooncake.

Handcrafted and baked to perfection, six quintessential varieties of delicious baked mooncakes are also available – Lotus Seed Paste with Melon Seeds; Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk; Lotus Seed Paste with Four Yolks; Assorted Nuts with Ham (‘Kum Toy’); and White Lotus Seed Paste with Single or Double Yolk. Ideal as gifts or for one’s own Mid-Autumn celebrations, the Baked Combo consisting one piece each of Lotus Seed Paste with Melon Seeds, Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolk, White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk and Assorted Nuts with Ham mooncakes is a definite crowd-pleaser.

Date: 1 August to 15 September 2016
Order and Equries
Tel: +65 67301867/ 1868

Old Seng Choong

Old Seng Choong - Mooncake boxes

Old Seng Choong launches its first Mid-Autumn range with the largest selection of baked mooncakes. Old Seng Choong will be presenting SEVEN baked mooncakes four of which are filled with premium white lotus paste and a variety of nuts and salted egg yolks. Customers can also relish the unique Red Bean Orange Peel with Yolk Blend & Pine Nuts Mooncake and Custard Egg Yolk Blend Mooncake. Traditionalists can take delight in a perfectly executed Wu Ren Mooncake and for those who simply must have the quintessential Singapore-inspired durian snowskin, Old Seng Choong will also have the Mao Shan Wang Durian version in its line-up.

The mooncakes are packaged in handsome boxes with vibrant hues of midnight blue and fuchsia pink. Each elegant box evokes a sense of nostalgia and celebration. The pink peony design celebrates the Autumn Revelry one expects during this delightful festival and the gorgeous chrysanthemum motif conjures up visions of the full moon in its Midnight Rhapsody. These elegant boxes are perfect gifts during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Date: 16 July to 15 September 2016
Order and Equries

Hilton Hotel Singapore

Hilton Singapore - Snowskin Mooncakes 2016

Hilton Singapore introduces four new snowskin mooncake flavors, each is carefully handcrafted using premium quality flour for the melt-in-your-mouth texture. They are Signature American Cheesecake, Popping Candy, Muscat White Grape and Baileys.

For the traditional mooncake devotees, pick from a selection of six baked-to-perfection mooncakes that are best enjoyed with a cup of Chinese tea. Besides the classic plain white lotus, white lotus with yolks and the traditional mixed nuts mooncakes, look out for fusion creations of green tea walnut; a less sweet option packed with green tea flavor and crunchy walnuts, or the cranberry white lotus mooncake.

Date: 8 August to 15 September 2016
Order and Equries
Tel: +65 67303392

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant

Si Chuan Dou Hua - Filo Pastry with Yam Moon Cakes

In celebration of the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant is proud to unveil a classic collection of mooncakes perfect for gifting to loved ones and business associates during the festive season. The collection is available for purchase at all three restaurants and online.

Making a comeback due to popular demand is the Baked Filo Pastry Yam Paste Mooncake with Single Yolk. Fans of sweet maple syrup will be pleased to know that the Traditional Maple Walnut Mooncake will debut for the first time at Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant this year. Also available are the traditional White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncakes with Single and Double Yolks. Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant’s mooncakes.

Date: 15 August to 15 September 2016
Order and Equries
Tel: +65 65055722 / 64283170

Swenson's Restaurant


Enter into the magical world of Swensen’s Moon Treasures mooncakes in six irresistible ice cream flavors. The family restaurant introduces three exciting flavors – Salty Eggy, Coco Yammy and Aroi Milk Tea, bound to cool your taste buds and keep you satisfied after a hearty meal. Fans of their quintessential mooncake range can treat themselves to familiar, all-time-favorites like the Durian Royale and Sticky Chewy Chocolate.

Date: 1 August to 15 September 2016
Order and Equries

Szechuan Court, Fairmont Singapore

Selection of Baked Mooncakes with Mooncake Boxes

Renowned as Szechuan Court’s resident mooncake maven, dim sum Chef Mandy Yeo collaborates with Fairmont Singapore’s Executive Pastry Chef Sebastian Cocquery-Beraud for a second year running to create a duo of new luscious snowskin flavours. Two new flavours Imperial Yuzu and Cranberry Snow are taking centre stage this year. A resounding hit with the crowd last year, two liquor-imbued snowskin flavours return with their winning combo of high-grade chocolate and booze, Rum & Raisin Chocolate Truffle and extravagant Champagne Truffle & Chocolate Ganache.

Fans of traditionally baked mooncakes are treated by an entourage of four much-cherished varieties. Carefully baked to a golden brown perfection, signatures include Peach-shaped Mooncake with Single Yolk & Macadamia Nuts in White Lotus Paste and Autumn Treasures.

Date: 25 July to 15 September 2016
Order and Equries
Tel: +65 63388785

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

Crowne Plaza Changi Airport - Mid-Autumn 2016

This year, Crowne Plaza® Changi Airport introduces traditional baked mooncakes in three variations; White Lotus Paste with Double Egg Yolk, White Lotus Paste with Single Egg Yolk and White Lotus Paste with Melon Seeds. New snow skin mooncake selections include Lychee bits and Lima Beans with White Lotus Paste, Salted Caramel with Dark Chocolate and Crunchy Dark Chocolate. The mooncakes from a halal-certified source are presented in a sleek and compact metal suitcase, which makes an ideal gift idea for business associates and loved ones.

Date: Up tp 15 September 2016
Order and Equries
Tel: +65 68235367

Jiang Nan Chun, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore


Four Seasons Hotel Singapore presents a beautifully curated menu of traditional favourites and limited edition creations by its award-winning Chinese restaurant Jiang-Nan Chun. The chefs-d'oeuvre of this year’s selection include the limited edition “Heaven on Earth” snow skin mooncake, a show-stopping creation. Reminiscent of the beauty of Jiang Nan, it is an exquisite gem in Jiang-Nan Chun’s signature cerulean blue with dainty bird motifs, and infused with the restaurant’s exclusive “Heaven on Earth” cocktail in a light 1% alcohol content. The “Smoked Duck with Assorted Nuts and Lime” baked skin mooncake is another mouth-watering creation. Jiang-Nan Chun is one of the rare places in Singapore where duck is roasted in a wood-fired oven, and the tantalizingly savoury blend of aromatic smoked duck enhanced by crunchy nuts and a zest of lime is a feast for the senses.

In addition to the limited edition signature “Smoked Duck with Assorted Nuts and Lime” baked skin mooncake, well-loved classics “Silver Lotus Paste with Double Yolks and Melon Seeds” and “Silver Lotus Paste with Single Yolk and Melon Seeds” mooncakes and the non-yolk “Silver Lotus Paste with Honey and Pine Nuts” mooncake are best-selling favourites each year.

Date: Up to 15 September 2016
Order and Equries
Tel: +65 68317220

Neo Garden Catering

Neo Mooncake-Four Treasures

Neo Garden Catering brings you an assortment of traditional mooncake flavours. The Neo Four Treasures is made up of the following flavours: Assorted Fruits & Nuts; Double Yolk White Lotus Seed; Fragrant Black Sesame; and Single Yolk Emerald Lotus Seed. Filled with generous portions of fruits and nuts, the classic Assorted Fruits & Nuts is an all-time bestseller. For a guilt-free indulgence packed with wholesome nutritional goodness of vitamin B, the new Red Bean flavour might just be what you are looking for.

Prepared fresh, and made to melt in one’s mouth, Neo Garden’s luxurious snow skin mooncakes cater to fruit and even caffeine lovers. Its new flavours – Snow Skin Blueberry that makes a great afternoon treat, and Snow Skin Latte Coffee, a silky creation concocted with premium coffee beans – are refreshing takes on the usual mooncake flavours

Date: 29 August to 15 September 2016
Order and Equries
Tel: +65 68967757

Hard Rock Cafe

Untitled 2.001

Hard Rock will launch its first-ever mooncake gift set in celebration of the Mid-Autumn festival. The gift sets will be available in two classic mooncake flavours: Baked White Lotus with Macadamia Nuts and Baked Double Yolks White Lotus. Each set also comes with a limited- edition Hard Rock pin, inspired by the beautiful story of Chang Er.

Date: 12 August to 15 September 2016
Order and Equries
Tel: +65 62355232/ 67957454/ 62416267

Peony Jade Restaurant

P0630 Peony Jade_0781

Peony Jade offers six new mooncake flavours from modern spins on popular Chinese classics along with its Aaward-winning timeless signatures this Mid-Autumn Festival. The New baked creations include Baked Mooncake in White Lotus Paste, Turmeric Skin with Ginger and Lemon Grass,  Baked Mini Mooncake with Molten Matcha and Salted Yolk, Mini Snowskin with Rose Lychee and Raspberry Jelly Centre, Mini Snowskin with Dark Valrhona Chocolate, Sea Salt, Peanut Butter, Banana Bits and Feuilletine, Wild Blueberries Yoghurt Snowskin and Snowskin with Salted Dark Valrohona Chocolate, Feuilletine and Milk Rocher.

Date: 1 August to 15 September 2016
Order and Equries
Tel: +65 66594159/ 62769138/ 63380305

Thye Moh Chan

Group 1

Thye Moh Chan, an iconic local Teochew confectionary brand with a 70-year old heritage is proud to present their much-anticipated traditional Teochew mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival. Savour the familiar taste of its flaky-skinned mooncakes such as the Sweet or Salty Tau Sar, or enduring Teochew classics such as the Double Delight filled with red bean and winter melon paste. Exclusively available during the Mid-Autumn Festival are new relished favourites such as the Mao Shan Wang Durian and Teochew Yam with Salted Egg flavours, with limited quantities produced daily and only available for purchasing at the stores.

Date: 3 August to 15 September 2016

Yan Ting, St Regis Singapore

Yan Ting Assorted Snow Skin Mooncakes

This Mid-Autumn Festival, indulge in Yan Ting's delightful variety of masterfully-handcrafted snow skin mooncake creations and traditional baked mooncake assortment. Featuring four new flavours - Pomegranate Truffle with Red Bean Chendol Paste Snow Skin Mooncake, Salted Peanut Truffle with Black Sesame Paste Snow Skin Mooncake, Purple Sweet Potato with Water Chestnut and Salted Yam Paste Snow Skin Mooncake and Portugese Custard Paste Snow Skin Mooncake. With the all time favourite Pure Mao Shan Wang Durian Indulgence Snow Skin Mooncake making a return.

For those that prefer the traditional baked mooncakes. There are the Baked Mooncake with White Lotus Paste and Single/Double Yolks, White Lotus Paste with Assorted Nuts and Yunnan Ham Baked Mooncake, Reduced Sugar White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts Baked Mooncake and Reduced Sugar White Lotus with Four Yolks.

Date: 30 July to 15 September 2016
Order and Equries
Tel: +65 63419643

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"Savour the Past, Taste the Future" at The Singapore Food Festival 2016, taking place from 15 to 31 July 2016


The annual Singapore Food Festival 2016 is back again for the 23rd year, happening from 15 to 31 July 2016. The theme for this year's event will be "Savour the Past, Taste the Future", and it's the biggest Singapore Food Festival to date. This year's event will features a stunning line up of 18 gastronomic experiences at various locations across the island. Singaporeans and visitors will be able to savour Singapore's food heritage and discover modern Singaporean cuisine around the island during the festive period.


Together with a few foodie friends, we went on an exclusive tour to give us a glimpse of some of the events that will take place during the Singapore Food Festival. Our first stop was Open Stoves by Timbre+, where the resident chefs at the gastro-park have collaborated with guest chefs to develop new and innovative dishes that will be available for purchase during the festival.



One such dish is the Cebu Bellychon Curry Noodles with Salted Vegetables and Lime created by Chefs Christian Calledo of Iskina Cebu Singapore and Bjorn Shen of Artichoke and Bird Bird. We got to interact with the chefs themselves during the tour to understand their inspiration behind the dish. We even got to prepare the dish ourselves and savour the delicious creation, igniting a fiery start to the tour.



Open Stoves by Timbre+ will be taking place on 23 and 24 July 2016, 12pm till late. Other new innovative dishes you can look forward to at the event include the Prata Taco with Stewed Tripe and the Prata Taco with BBQ Pork Collar made by Chefs Jeremy Cheok of Dusk by Stake and Tan Huang Ming of Park Bench Deli. It will also features activities like cooking demos, bands jamming, a pop-up barbeque blowout etc. Find out more at


Our second stop is at Restaurant Labyrinth where we had a fun session plating our own dish or rather the dishes curated by International celebrity Chef Susur Lee, Senior Executive Chef Ken Ling of Tunglok Heen and Chef-Owner Han Liguang of Restaurant Labyrinth for STREAT 2016 taking place at Clifford Square, 15 to 16 July 2016, from 5pm to 1030pm.


The chefs have re-interpreted and created new expressions of Singapore's iconic street food, presenting it in an exclusive five-course, six-hands dinner menu. We were given a glimpse into some of these modern interpretation of our signature street food such as the Singapore Satay, Chilli Crab and Oyster Omelette Pie Tee.


A stellar selection of hawkers and chefs will also join the trio, setting up stalls alongside the pop-up restaurant at Clifford Square in celebration of our dining scene. Some of the curated medley of Singaporean food establishments which includes Candlenut, The Disgruntled Chef, Char, Casuarina Curry Restaurant and more.


STREAT 2016 will be taking place on 15 and 16 July 2016, 5pm to 1030pm. STREAT will showcase how food in Singapore has evolved over the year with an all-star cast of hawkers and chefs convening in one location in celebration of our dining scene. Find out more at


Our last stop is at  Chinatown Food Street at Smith Street where The 50 Cents Fest by Select Group will be held. The food street will be transformed with street hawkers, lively music from a bygone era, buskers and costumed entertainers. The event taking place on 30 and 31 July 2016 will bring back many nostalgic dishes during the festival.


Look out for street hawkers such as the rojak on bicycle as you dine along the shophouse-lined streets of Singapore. Most of the dishes will be sold at only 50 cents and not more than $2 each in denomination of 50 cents.



Bringing back memories of our parents' childhood, we even learn how to make the ice ball. A popular dessert during our parents' time. During the event, public can get to purchase the ice ball to cool off from the humid weather for only 50 cents.

IMG_9037edRelive the good old days at the The 50 Cents Fest! happening on 30 July (3pm - 11pm) and 31 July (11am - 11pm) where public can feast on more than 30 iconic hawker dishes, with many priced at 50 cents each. Some of the dishes includes Sweet Noodles, Kok Kok Mee, UFO (Fried Oyster Cake), Mee Teh and more. Find out more at

Take your best flatlay image of your favourite SFF dishes and share it on instagram with the hashtags #SFFflatlay & #SingaporeFoodFestival and tag @Visit_Singapore to win delicious prizes! Full T&C here:

Saturday, June 25, 2016

HungryGoWhere's GSS Orchard Dining Delights Deals.


In conjunction with the Great Singapore Sale 2016, HungryGoWhere has brought to you the first ever HungryGoWhere's GSS Orchard Dining Delights from 3 June to 14 August 2016. Diners will get to enjoy a selection of dining deals along Orchard Road to satisfy the rumbling stomach after a long day of shopping at Orchard Road.


Ito-Kacho at Mandarin Gallery is one of the participating restaurants for the first ever HungryGoWhere's GSS Orchard Dining Delights. Known for its premium Yakiniku, diners get to enjoy 20% off their total bill with a minimum spending of $100. To enjoy this deal, simply book via HungryGoWhere website, app or phone concierge (6884 6884)

Hickory Smoked Salmon

Braised Beef Cheek 

Besides the shoppers, executives working in Orchard Road will be delighted with the 1 for 1 mains offer from Milagro Spanish Restaurant at Orchard Central. Do note that this promotion is only available for weekday lunch only.

Arros Negre

There is more at Milagro Spanish Restaurant. Diners from Sunday to Thursday get to enjoy 20% off from their paella. Book via HungryGoWhere website, app or phone concierge (6884 6884) to enjoy these fabulous deals.


Singaporean loves buffet and how exciting is it when Makan@Jen from Jen Hotel offers 4th diner dines free promotions.


Makan#Jen offers three promotions exclusively if diners book through HungryGoWhere website, app or phone concierge (6884 6884).

1) 4th diner dines free for Weekend Seafood Buffet Dinner ($65++/pax) on Friday & Saturday
2) 4th diner dines free for Weekend Singapore Roast Brunch Buffet ($42++/pax) on Saturday & Sunday
3) 4th diner dines free for Sunday Buffet Dinner ($42++/pax)

Above is only 3 of the participating restaurants of the HungryGoWhere's GSS Orchard Dining Delights Deals. For the full list of the participating restaurants, it can be found at