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Min Jiang @ Goodwood Park - A Bountiful Feast to Usher in the Year of the Dragon


In the spirit of the Lunar New Year, Min Jiang at Goodwood Park Hotel beckons guests to a lavish feast celebrating the Year of the Dragon. The team at Goodwood Park Hotel have curated an impressive array of festive takeaways, sumptuous dine-in set menus, and delectable treats to usher in prosperity and good fortune.

Auspicious Abundance 'Lo Hei' - from Min Jiang Dempsey

We commenced with the Auspicious Abundance 'Lo Hei' from Min Jiang Dempsey. Priced at $298 for dine-in and $324.80 for takeaway, this Yu Sheng extravaganza features fresh lobster, salmon sashimi, tobiko, and abalone. Nestled amidst a kaleidoscope of greens, dragon fruit balls, and osmanthus jelly in the shape of ingots, it's a visual spectacle. Drizzled with plum sauce and fruit-based concoctions, it embodies both opulence and flavour.

Double-boiled Chicken Soup


One of the perennial highlights of any Lunar New Year celebration at Min Jiang is the exquisite soup that graces the table. This year, the culinary artisans at Min Jiang Dempsey have outdone themselves with the creation of the Double-boiled Chicken Soup with 6-head Abalones, Dragon Claw Fungus, and Dried Scallops in a Claypot—an elixir that transcends mere sustenance.

Braised Whole Spring Chicken, Whole Dace Fish and Sea Treasures in Pot.

A new addition to the festive lineup is the Braised Whole Spring Chicken, Whole Dace Fish stuffed with Liver Sausage & Black Moss, and Sea Treasures in Pot ($422.90). This dish features the distinct flavour of dace fish, celebrated in Cantonese cuisine. A rich sauce infused with aromatics complements whole abalone, dried oysters, shiitake mushrooms, fried fish maw, bean gluten, and 'Tientsin' cabbage.

Fortune Koi Fish 'Nian Gao' filled with Black Glutinous Rice

Adding a touch of sweetness to the celebrations is the Fortune Koi Fish 'Nian Gao' filled with Black Glutinous Rice ($52.80 for 8pc, Takeaway). Crafted in the shape of a Koi fish, symbolising good fortune, it presents a delightful twist with a filling of black glutinous rice.

Pandan Pineapple 'Huat' Tart

Inspired by timeless pineapple tarts, the Pandan Pineapple 'Huat' Tart is a delightful fusion of homemade pineapple chutney and pandan-flavoured almond cream encased in a crumbly tart crust. Topped with a lattice design and an auspicious white chocolate wealth pot or 發 (fa) topper, it's a treat for both the eyes and the palate.

Lucky Fortune Bamboo (Orange Pound Cake)

A centrepiece of every Lunar New Year gathering, the Lucky Fortune Bamboo ($148) pound cake steals the spotlight. Intricately crafted to emulate the lucky bamboo plant, this orange-infused pound cake, layered with orange zest and buttercream, is adorned with white chocolate bamboo stalks and ingots.

Dragon Boat of Bountiful Blessings (Marble Pound Cake)

The Dragon Boat of Bountiful Blessings (Marble Pound Cake) is a visual masterpiece. A decadent and moist butter cake, complemented by chocolate swirls, is encased within an artfully sculpted white chocolate 'dragon boat.' Adorned with dark chocolate ingots and gilded coins, it's a sight to behold and savour.

Auspicious Firecracker 'Mao Shan Wang' Durian Roll Cake

Lovers of durian are in for a treat with the Auspicious Firecracker 'Mao Shan Wang' Durian Roll Cake ($138). Luscious 'Mao Shan Wang' puree enveloped within a vibrant vermillion chiffon cake, adorned with chocolate pieces shaped as auspicious symbols, makes for a decadent and visually stunning dessert.


Card Privileges for Lunar New Year Takeaways. 20% off selected festive takeaways from 18 January to 4 February 2024, and 15% off selected festive takeaways from 5 to 24 February 2024 for Citi, DBS/POSB, HSBC, Maybank, OCBC and UOB Credit/Debit Cardmembers.

Guests may place their online orders at goodwoodparkfestive.oddle.me for delivery or self-collection. Alternatively, guests may contact Min Jiang岷江at (65) 6730 1704 / email: min_jiang@goodwoodparkhotel.com, Min Jiang at Dempsey 岷江在登布西山at (65) 6774 0122 / email: mjdempsey@goodwoodparkhotel.com, and The Deli at (65) 6730 1786 / email: deli@goodwoodparkhotel.com to place their takeaway orders for self-collection only. Availability for all Lunar New Year specials is from 18 January to 24 February 2024. Advance order of five days is required for takeaways and the last pre-order date is on 19 February 2024.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

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