Monday, October 24, 2022

59 Hutong Yakiniku @ Boat Quay - Taipei's Top Yakiniku Chain For Exclusive Cuts Of Meats And Seafood, Together With Friendly Taiwanese Service


Newly opened in Boat Quay is 59 Hutong Yakinku, a new yakiniku restaurant serving premium and exclusive cuts of meats and seafood from Japan, US and Australia, and friendly Taiwanese service. The restaurant is a collaboration between Taipei's top yakiniku chain, Hutong and Singapore's 59 Restaurant Pte Ltd.

AUS Wagyu Thin Cut Tongue

We started with the AUS Wagyu Thin Cut Tongue ($32), which has a delectable crunch after grilling.




There is a good variety of beef cuts, such as the US Prime Boneless Short Rib ($32), AUS Black Cow Chuck Flat ($30), US Prime Dallas Cube ($38) and many more.


Japanese A5 Wagyu Ribeye Roll.

Of course, the highlight has to be the Japanese A5 Wagyu Ribeye Roll (215g - 225g) with its beautiful marbling that melted in the mouth. Other A5 wagyu cuts from Japan and AUS are available too.


Spanish Pork Belly

Iberico Pork Shoulder Blade

For the non-beef eaters, you can go for Spanish Pork Belly ($18) or Iberico Pork Shoulder Blade ($26). Alternatively, another option is the tender Boneless Chicken Thigh ($14) paired with garlic butter.

Boneless Chicken Thigh

Raw Crab Roe in Crab Shell

There are also seafood selections such as Neritic Squid ($18), Cuttlefish ($18), Scallops ($10) and many more on the menu. We tried the Raw Crab Roe in Crab Shell ($18), which can take a while to cook. The flavour is a bit too rich and intense for me.

Cuttlefish Sausage

A must-have under the seafood section is the Cuttlefish Sausage ($14). During the grilling, it emits a beautiful aroma that makes you drool while waiting for it to be cooked. In addition, the stuffed cuttlefish gives it a lovely crunchy finish.

Zucchini and King Oyster Mushroom

While the focus is on the meats and seafood, the vegetables are good too. We had the Zucchini ($9) and King Oyster Mushroom ($9), which is an excellent refreshing break.

Wagyu Beef Japanese Rice

A good selection is the Wagyu Beef Japanese Rice ($12) to fill up the stomach. While I enjoyed the soft and fluffy rice, I hoped the wagyu beef could be fatter.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

59 Hutong Yakiniku
35 Boat Quay
Singapore 049824
Tel: +65 62353818
Nearest: Raffles Place (EW Line, NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 12pm - 330pm, 530pm - 11pm

1) Alight at Raffles Place MRT station. Take Exit G. Walk towards the river. Turn left at the river. Walk along the river. Walk to destination. Journey time about 3 minutes. [Map]

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