Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Crystal Jade CNY 2022 - Spring Into a Roaring Lunar New Year


Homegrown Chinese restaurant group Crystal Jade has put together a variety of set menus and new exquisite dishes for this Chinese New Year. It caters to all reunions - big and small, from convivial family gatherings to cosy intimate affairs.

Opulence 3-head Abalone Yusheng

The new Opulence 3-head Abalone Yusheng ($128/ $198) is a vibrant and healthy version this year. The colourful plate consists of coins of red dragonfruit, dried yuzu peel, Japanese pickled sweet ginger, homemade pickled cucumbers, deep-fried yam strips, chickpeas, carrot, white radish and green radish. Hsin Chu beehoon is added for crunch. It is further crowned with edible gold leaves, fresh flowers, lightly torched abalone slices from Australia, jellyfish and ikura, finally, tossed in uplifting roselle and yuzu-based dressing.

Double-boiled Kampong Chicken Soup

The Double-boiled Kampong Chicken Soup with American Sea Whelk and Tiger Palm Mushroom is nourishing and comforting. The team has specially brought in the tiger palm mushroom to usher in the year of the Tiger.

Pan-fried Sea Cucumber

The Pan-fried Sea Cucumber, a surf-and-turf option on the menu, is stuffed with Kurobuta Pork, Black Moss, Chinese Iron Yam and Scallion. I like the idea of the stuffing giving the firm and bouncy sea cucumber the additional textural dimension.

Steamed Chilean Cod Fish with Red and Green Chilli in Puning Sauce

One of my favourite dishes is the Steamed Chilean Cod Fish with Red and Green Chilli in Puning Sauce. The sauce is deliciously special, together with the pickled red and green chillis, complemented the buttery cod fish excellently.

Steamed Salted Chicken with Ginger and Scallion Sauce

Another beautiful dish is the Steamed Salted Chicken with Ginger and Scallion Sauce. Nothing fancy but simple cooking of using salt, ginger and scallion to bring out the flavour of the tender chicken.

Crisp-fried Brussel Sprouts accompanied with Fresh Silken Beancurd Skin

This year, Chef Martin has added new excitement for the vegetarians to celebrate CNY. Vegetarians can look forward to something different such as Crisp-fried Brussel Sprouts accompanied with Fresh Silken Beancurd Skin. It is a textural enjoyment of crispiness and silkiness, all in one.

Crispy Pandan Glutinous Rice Cake 'Nian Gao'

An interesting way of enjoying the Nian Gao is the Crispy Pandan Glutinous Rice Cake 'Nian Gao'. Infused with the aromatic pandan flavour, it is soft on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Yuzu Mandarin Orange Jelly

A delightful dessert is the Yuzu Mandarin Orange Jelly studded with yuzu peel and mandarin orange segments for a light and fruity sweet finishing.

Deep-fried Pumpkin Ball with Lava Salted Egg Yolk

Served as a warm dessert, the Deep-fried Pumpkin Ball with Lava Salted Egg Yolk has a soft exterior, filled with oozing savoury-sweet lava salted egg yolk.

Chinese New Year dining at Crystal Jade restaurants will commence from 17 Jan 2022 (select outlets will be closed on 1 Feb 2022 – CNY Day 1) and set menus for up to five persons (same household) are available. Reservations can be made online via https://inline.app/booking/cj from 6 Dec 2021. In addition, Festive takeaway goodies can be pre-ordered online at estore.crystaljade.com and outlets from 6 Dec 2021 to 15 Feb 2022, and picked up from outlets island-wide from 10 Jan 2022.

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