Tuesday, August 20, 2019

NOKA by Open Farm Community @ Funan Mall - First Rooftop Urban Farm-To-Table Japanese Restaurant


NOKA, which means farmhouse in Japanese on the rooftop of Funan Mall, is the sister restaurant to Open Farm Community. It is the first of its kind restaurant, offering a farm-to-table concept with its own rooftop urban farm. The farm spans over 5,000 square feet in partnership with Edible Garden City.

Plum Blossom Cocktail 3.5/5

My dinner started with the Plum Blossom Cocktail, which is a very refreshing and appropriate drink for Singapore's humid weather.

Refreshing Tomato Salad 4.5/5

We also have some salads, to begin with. First up is the Refreshing Tomato Salad ($15) which uses ox heart organic tomatoes from Malaysia and garnished with rooftop herbs. The clever use of the yuzu pepper vinaigrette perks up the sweetness of the tomatoes.

Organic Mushroom Salad 4/5

A tribute to the beautiful produces from the rooftop farm is the Organic Mushroom Salad ($18) using golden mushroom and kale from harvested from the farm to table. Holding the plate of salad together is the delicious fresh wasabi dressing.

Kampong Yakitori 4.2/5

We moved on to the snack bite menu, starting with the Kampong Yakitori ($12). The tender charcoal-grilled chicken thigh is so good that I am screaming for a mug of beer to go with it.

Cod Popcorn 4.5/5

You can throw the popcorn chicken aside, the Cod Popcorn ($18) will wow you even more. Soft in the inside and crispy on the outside, it is coated with a layer of sweet chilli sauce. The combination of the textures and sweetness makes it a very addictive snack bite topped with rooftop herbs, spring onion and roasted sesame.

Charcoal Calamari 4.2/5

Next is the black gold which is actually Charcoal Calamari ($15). It is another well-received dish with the dining group. Not forgetting the Japanese garlic aioli dip at the side, which enhances the whole appreciation of the black tempura squid.

Tuna Taku 3.5/5

If you need your carbo intake, there is the sushi bar that offers a variety of sushi. We had the Tuna Taku ($25) which consists of fatty tuna, tuna tartare, takuwan pickle, rooftop herbs, spring onions and rice cracker. It is satisfying but not something that will make you jump from your chair.

Koji Ton-Toro 4.2/5

For the mains, the Koji Ton-Toro ($38) stood out with its lemon garlic pepper sauce that goes really well with the tender pork jowl that has been marinated in rice fermentation culture. It is paired with kale and roasted potato at the side.

Black Cod Saikyo-Yaki 4.2/5

Cod marinated in miso is a classic combination which NOKA executed excellently in their own interpretation. What's unique with the Black Cod Saikyo-Yaki ($38) is the pairing with pulut hitam furikake and sea grape, giving the dish the additional boost in flavours and textures.

Oden 4.5/5

My favourite dish for the night has to be the Oden ($20). It is hearty, comfortable and most importantly, delicious. In the bowl, there is wagyu beef, daikon radish, satsumaage, itokon, tomato and okura. I think I can have this every day. I would recommend adding a bit of the mustard into the soup, lifting the flavour.

Wafu Parfait 3.5/5

Lime in the Coconut 3/5

To end the meal, we tried a couple of desserts. We had the Wafu Parfait ($15), Lime in the Coconut ($15) and Yuzu Cheesecake ($15). The desserts do look very pretty in terms of presentation. However, the flavours to be more vibrant to match up with the presentation.

Yuzu Cheesecake 3/5

As you probably have noticed, NOKA uses traditional Japanese cooking techniques for the farm-to-table concept. Besides the a la carte dishes we tried, NOKA also offers three-course set lunch at $45++ and omakase at $150++ per diner.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

NOKA by Open Farm Community
Funan Mall
109 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179097
Tel: +65 68774878
Nearest MRT: City Hall (EW Line, NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 1130am - 230pm, 6pm - 10pm

1) Alight at City Hall MRT station. Take Exit B. Turn left onto North Bridge Road. Walk down North Bridge Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 mins. [Map]

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