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Antoinette @ Penhas Road - Ushers In A Collection Of Delectable Treats And Inviting Flavours


This May, Chef Pang Kok Keong has upped the ante at Antoinette with a fresh new menu revealing a collection of bistro-style imbued in French cuisine, but it is the menu dedicated to a decadent savoury and sweet souffle pancakes, as well as its latest cake creations that you should hone in on.

Forestiere 4/5

Kicking off with a menu selection total of 5 flavours, both savoury and sweet - fans of souffle pancakes are bound to be spoilt for choice. The savoury variation offers a whole new perspective of enjoying the souffle pancakes. Our pick goes to the Forestiere ($16) which sees pancakes stacked with creamy mushroom sauce, a fluffy omelette and a small garden salad on the side.

TresBerries 4.2/5

An all-time favourite classic is the TresBerries ($16) which features soft slabs of souffle pancakes with light, airy vanilla creme chantilly, accompanied by fresh strawberries and blueberries. Turn up the sweetness level with a generous dousing of honey maple syrup.

Crème Brûlée
Creme Brulee 4.2/5

For those with a sweet tooth, the Creme Brulee ($16) is one that needs no persuasion to be polished off. With vanilla custard draped over the pancakes, accompanied by a thin layer of carefully torched caramel and pieces of strawberries on the side.

Ondeh Ondeh
Ondeh Ondeh 4/5

A heartfelt ode to the beloved Singapore Kueh, the Ondeh Ondeh ($16) is served with a local twist, surprisingly well-balanced with lavish sprinkles of snowy coconut flakes, pandan-flavoured custard and drizzles of gula melaka for a touch of nostalgia.

Fluffy 4.2/5

Indulge in Antoinette’s five new cake creations, courtesy of Chef Pang, with an emphasis on the balance of flavours and creativity.

An inspiration gathered from the clouds, the cloud-shaped dessert aptly named Fluffy ($13/$49/$98) is a white chocolate mousse scented with vanilla. Aesthetics-aside, the taste of this charming piece of dessert was no less impressive. Take a bite into the soft exterior to reveal a decadent heart of Kirsh-soaked almond genoise, strawberry cremeux and a thin layer of tangy passionfruit lemon jelly for a gentle touch of tartness.

Earl Grey Bubble Tea
Earl Grey Bubble Tea 4/5

Fans of bubble tea would surely be enticed by this unique creation. The Earl Grey Bubble Tea ($9/$42.50/$85) comes in a cup filled with light and spongy cake at the base, infused with a rich earl grey tea aroma, followed by a thick layer of salted cream cheese, and topped with fresh mango cubes and tapioca pearls steeped in Okinawa black sugar. This fun-filled creation is as enjoyable to eat as it is Instagram-worthy.

Kyoto 3.8/5

Another tea infused creation is the Kyoto ($9/$42.50/$85) which pays homage to hojicha teas. The dessert reveals a layer of mousse enriched with a toasty nutty aroma of the hojicha flavour, a thin layer of orange confit for a subtle tangy-sweetness. This is then topped with a soft finger sponge made with Okinawa black sugar, complete with black sugar crème chantilly and a sleek of glaze finish. However, we felt that the orange confit was a mismatch to the richness of hojicha.

Bananier 4/5

The Bananier ($9/$42.50/$85) features a classic marriage of dark chocolate and caramelised bananas. The rich layers of chocolate genoise find pleasant contrast with layers of crunchy milk chocolate feuilletine, and laced with light caramel parfaits and rum-flambéd bananas to give a moreish mouthfeel with the different texture and flavours.

Velvet Rouge
Velvet Rouge 3.8/5

Lastly, the Velvet Rouge ($9/$42.50/$85) was a well-executed elegant take on the classic red velvet cheesecake. The rich creaminess of the crimson-dyed cheesecake is cut with the light sweet-saltiness of the salted caramel crème chantilly, finished off grandly with showers of chocolate crumble for a delightfully balanced bite.

Schiacciata 4/5

Revel in the hearty repertoire of bistro-style dishes as well. A classic take on comforting food, the all-day menu draws in on starters, mains as well as seasonal specials that continue to excite diners' palate.

Kickstart the meal with the Schiacciata ($18), a traditional flatbread stuffed with melted camembert, pecorino and a rich truffle aroma. Served with a sunny side up and honey for a sweet-savoury combination, which surprisingly works well.

Wagyu Beef Cheek Tagliatelle1
Wagyu Beef Cheek Tagliatelle 4/5

For mains, the Wagyu Beef Cheek Tagliatelle ($28) is another new addition to the menu. The homemade whole wheat pasta boasts a thicker texture and chewier bite, complemented by the delicious wagyu beef cheek braised in red wine, veal stock and aromatics for 6 hours which blends perfectly with the pasta. Topped with an indulgent truffle foam to enliven the experience.

French Chicken and Sausage Casserole2
French Chicken and Sausage Casserole 3.8/5

Next, we move on to the French Chicken and Sausage Casserole ($24) - a classic french country-style casserole with braised chicken and pork sausage cooked together in a tomato-based stew with wine and cannellini beans. The hearty dish is then sprinkled with parmesan bread crumbs and broiled. Served with pomme puree on the side made with mashed potato.

Crispy Pork Belly Confit
Crispy Pork Belly Confit 4.2/5

The seasonal Crispy Pork Belly ($28) is a favourite with pork belly cured and confit in duck fat for a day pressed to shape and fry over low heat to achieve the perfect tender consistency, well-rendered fats, and thin crisp skin. The dish is served with savoury cabbage braised in chicken stock, pomme puree, and an umami-laden mustard sauce made from Dijon and Pommery mustard for a hint of spice.


Photos and words by Crystal. A girl who likes to eat, photograph, and write about food and dreams about travelling around the world one day. Note: This is an invited tasting.

30 Penhas Road
Singapore 208188
Tel: +65 62933121
Nearest MRT: Lavender (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thur: 11am - 10pm
Fri & Eve PH: 11am - 11pm
Sat: 10am - 11pm
Sun & PH: 10am - 10pm

1) Alight at Lavender MRT station. Take Exit B. Walk to V Hotel Lavender. Walk down Horne Road and turn right onto Penhas Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

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