Saturday, September 26, 2015

Oriole Coffee + Bar @ Capitol Piazza Neue


Oriole Coffee + Bar has chosen Capitol Piazza to house their second outlet. Located at Level 2, it is tucked in a rather cosy corner, which is great for diners who are looking for some serenity. Over here, not only you can continue to enjoy their gourmet coffees, you get something extra - their Capitol Exclusives and All Day Breakfast.

warm spinach
Warm Spinach Salad 3.5/5

Warm Spinach Salad ($18) and Portobello Confit ($17) are two dishes that showcase the versatility of Portobello mushroom. Both items may look quite ordinary but they are in fact packed with real wonderful ingredients.

With the poached egg oozing over the mushroom and down to the bed of spinach, it was almost picture perfect. Tossed in truffle balsamic vinaigrette, the overall taste is earthy and tangy at the same time. The shaved black truffles and crispy serrano jamon make every mouthful of it even more exciting. Some say salads are boring, but definitely not this salad.

portobello confit
Portobello Confit 3/5

The latter is a delectable sandwich which comprises Portobello mushroom confit, sun-dried tomato compote, buffalo mozzarella with basil pesto and baby spinach. The intense flavour of the basil pesto pairs really well with light tasting buffalo mozzarella. If a stronger kind of cheese has been used, such balanced taste wouldn't have been achieved.

Avocado and Toast 3/5

Unlike their first outlet, the breakfast items here are made available all day. Avocado and Toast ($14) is a fairly simple dish - crushed avocado and smoked tomatoes on focaccia bread, topped with basil leaves. Nothing exceptional, at the same time, I feel this dish is too light and clean for me. If I'm gonna make my way here for an all day breakfast, I would look for something heartier and more indulgent.

Reuben 2.5/5

Reuben ($17) - housemade coffee-cured salt beef and sauerkraut clasped between grilled rye bread with melted swiss cheese and mustard mayo. It looks really mouth-watering but sadly the overall taste doesn't quite work for me. I was expecting the coffee-cured beef to taste different from the regular cured ones. However, with the cheese, sauerkraut & mustard mayo, all I could taste is the saltiness of the meat.

espresso hotcakes
Hotcakes 2.8/5

One of the quintessential breakfast items is of course, hotcakes. Their Hotcakes ($12) is served with Oriole’s expresso mascarpone butter and maple syrup served on the side. For diners who didn't read the description, some may mistaken this as Espresso infused hotcakes, which I thought may be more unique. Nonetheless, the pancakes are fluffy and the expresso mascarpone butter also has enough caffeine to give you that bitter sweet taste.

Oriole's Angel Cake
Oriole's Angel Cake 4/5

Coming to their deserts, I realised using coffee as one of the ingredients is almost their trademark. Their Oriole’s Angel Cake ($14) is a coffee-textured cake infused with signature house blends, topped with chocolate crunch sprinkles, chocolate jelly, crushed meringue and an espresso crème anglaise core. The texture is like a harden cotton candy, that melts in my mouth with just a slight munch. The espresso crème anglaise core I feel is an ideal combination with the cake, which may otherwise be a bit too dry. With its coffee color, it may not be one of those photogenic desserts, but it's definitely one of the most interesting I have come across.

Waffles, Ice Cream & Caramelised Banana 4.2/5

Their Waffles, Ice Cream & Caramelised Banana ($14) may seem conventional, but with the bananas so skilfully caramelised, it definitely surpasses many others. Of course, not to forget using real ice cream made with vanilla beans, and warm crisp waffles. The addition of coffee mascarpone makes this item uniquely Oriole's.

Cold Brew - Black 3.8/5, White 4/5, MAD Milk 4.2/5

Oriole is well known for its award winning coffee, this I knew that all along. What surprises me is their cold brew, the Taisho series -This signature in-house cold-brewed coffee comes in Black ($6), White ($7) or with M.A.D. Milk ($8). When I find most bottled chilled white coffee syrupy and artificial, theirs is really smooth and silky. It is  done by steeping ground coffee in cold filtered water for hours to bring out their delicate flavours. My favourite is the one made with M.A.D. Milk, a cold-pressed non-dairy nut concoction of macadamias, almonds and dates. It is also available on its own ($10). Even if you are a coffee drinker, I would recommend having it on its own. That's when you can really appreciate its nuttiness and sweetness that is so so comforting. I can imagine myself waking to it every morning!


When there are so many new and exciting concepts over here in Capitol piazza, Oriole may be slightly overshadowed. However, I believe their reputation in coffee making and quality of their food will win regulars over. Their lusciously delicious Taisho series, or even the M.A.D. Milk per se, is enough reason for you to come for it. Order their M.A.D. Milk Taisho, or M.A.D. Milk, then think of what food do you want to go with it. That would be the way which I'm gonna do the next time I visit Oriole.

Photograph and Written by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food.

Oriole Coffee + Bar
Capitol Piazza Neue
13 Stamford Road
Singapore 178905
Tel: +65 63846495
Nearest MRT: City Hall (EW Line, NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 1030am - 1030pm

Alight at City Hall MRT station. Take Exit D. Walk to destination. Journey time about 8 minutes. [Map]

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