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Oscar's @ Conrad Centennial Singapore - Weekend Brunch at Oscar's Delights with Fresh Seafood, Succulent Roasts, Artisanal Desserts and Exceptional Live Stations

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At Conrad Centennial Hotel, Oscar's offers an exceptional buffet experience that artfully blends local and international flavours. With live-grilled charcoal barbecue, noodle bar, a seafood counter, live waffle station and an enticing array of desserts, the restaurant boasts a diverse array of popular local and international dishes showcased across 15 different food counters.

The buffet experience at Oscar's commences with a captivating seafood on-ice display. The spread features an assortment of delicacies, including flower clams, dry scallops, slipper lobsters, mussels, prawns, and fresh oysters from Australia and Japan.

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The Pan-Seared Foie Gras showcases perfectly seared foie gras with a velvety texture. Accompanied by Pink Ginger Mango Puree, Green Papaya, and Passionfruit, it balances sweet and tangy flavours. The Pistachio Crumble adds a delightful crunch, enhanced by the savoury Duck Jus.

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For those seeking heartier options, indulge in the Kimchi Egg Fried Rice or the Wok-tossed Egg Noodles with Truffle Mushroom Sauce. In addition, be delight in the bold flavours of Kung Po Prawns and the rich tenderness of Beef Rendang. For a taste of Indonesian culinary heritage, the Indonesian Kapitan Chicken Curry promises a journey of authentic and aromatic spices.

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Savour the iconic flavours of Chilli Crab with Crispy Fried Mantou, a dish that encapsulates the heart of Singaporean culinary heritage. The star of the show is the luscious Chilli Crab, boasting tender crab meat enveloped in a rich and savoury sauce that is both spicy and indulgent. The experience is elevated by the accompaniment of Crispy Fried Mantou, a brilliant contrast to the crab's saucy goodness. The mantou's golden exterior yields a soft, fluffy interior, providing the perfect vessel to scoop up every bit of the delightful sauce. The combination of textures, from the succulent crab to the crispy mantou, adds an exciting dimension to each bite.

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Immerse yourself in a culinary adventure at Oscar's Signature Noodle Bar, a coveted station within the buffet that celebrates the essence of local flavours. Among the highlights is the Signature Seafood Laksa, a beloved classic that combines coconut milk's creaminess with aromatic spices' boldness. This robust dish features succulent prawns, tender fish cakes, and bean sprouts, all immersed in a luscious laksa broth that's both fragrant and satisfying.

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The Prawn Noodles Soup features plump prawns in a flavourful broth, accompanied by springy noodles and an assortment of tantalising condiments that enhance the overall experience. Other options at the noodle bar include the fish noodles soup and wonton mee.

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Not to be missed is the Charcoal Barbeque station, where a tempting array of grilled delights awaits. Indulge in a symphony of flavours as you savour signature offerings like the succulent Sambal Lobster, a harmonious blend of spicy and savoury notes that elevate the natural sweetness of the lobster meat. To taste the grill's artistry, the Moo Ping Pork Skewers present a smoky, tender bite beautifully complemented by their savoury marinade. The Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce is a timeless favourite, featuring perfectly grilled skewers served with a rich and aromatic peanut sauce that will delight the senses.

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Indulge in a delightful dessert experience at the live waffles station, where warm waffles are paired with an array of ice cream flavours. The Chocolate Fondue adds interactive fun, allowing you to dip various condiments into rich molten chocolate.

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The dessert journey continues with options like the Lava Cheese Tart, Creme Brulee, Hojicha Cake with Light Coffee Cream, and traditional treats like Bread and Pudding. Assorted Pralines provide the perfect finale to this sweet symphony.

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Oscar's buffet at Conrad Centennial Hotel offers a diverse and captivating culinary experience. It presents a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, providing a refined presentation of Singapore's culinary heritage. Whether you're seeking local favourites or international classics, the buffet, with its carefully curated stations and diverse dishes, is a treasure trove of gastronomic treasures that promise to delight and captivate.

Photos and words by Crystal. A girl who likes to eat, photograph, and write about food, and dreams about travelling around the world one day. Note: This is an invited tasting.

Conrad Centennial Hotel Singapore
2 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038982
Tel: +65 64327481
Nearest MRT: Promenade (CC Line, DT Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 6am - 1030pm

Breakfast Weekdays: 6am - 1030am
Breakfast Weekends & PH: 6am - 11am
Lunch Weekdays: 12pm - 230pm
Bruch Weekends: 1230pm - 330pm
A La Carte: 230pm - 6pm
Dinner: 6pm - 1030pm

1) Alight at Promenade MRT station. Take Exit B. Continue walking along Temasek Avenue to destination Journey time about 3 minutes. [Map]

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