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Great Nanyang Heritage Cafe (大南洋) @ Craig Road - A Nostalgic Blend of Old Malaysian and Singaporean Kopitiam Flavours



Great Nanyang (大南洋) on Craig Road invites you to take a nostalgic journey back in time, offering a delightful blend of old Malaysian and Singaporean kopitiam flavours. Founded by the mastermind behind Yang Ming Seafood, this charming establishment brings forth the cherished dishes of both countries, encompassing Hainanese Chicken Cutlet, Nasi Lemak Kukus, and Dry Mee Siam.

Kaya Butter Toast and Traditional Kaya Butter Thick Toast 4.2/5

Start your day at Great Nanyang with a cultural and flavourful awakening through their kopi, teh, and toast offerings. The Traditional Kaya Butter Toast ($2.50) and Traditional Kaya Butter Thick Toast ($2.70) make for a heartwarming breakfast or snack. These toasts boast a delightful crispness, generously slathered with aromatic kaya and a layer of rich butter.

Egg Mayo Toast 4/5

Chicken Floss Toast 4.5/5

For those seeking a more diverse experience, there's the Egg Mayo Toast ($4) and Chicken Floss Toast ($4.80), each offering distinct toppings. The Egg Mayo Toast features creamy egg topping, with meticulous separation of egg whites and yolks for a velvety texture. However, the standout here is the Chicken Floss Toast, boasting melt-in-the-mouth strands of sweetness and savoury perfection, heightened by the aromatic hae bee hiam.

French Toast with Peanut Butter 3.5/5

The French Toast with Peanut Butter ($4.50) presents a nutty twist but leans on the richer side, with the creamy peanut butter slightly overpowering the fragrant egg wash.

Soft Boil Kampung Eggs (2 Eggs) 4/5

To complete your toast set, you can add Soft Boil Kampung Eggs and a hot coffee or tea for an additional $3. The eggs are sourced fresh from Johor Bahru, known for their lower cholesterol content and higher nutritional value.

Coconut Coffee Iced, Hor Ka Sai Iced 4.5/5

Great Nanyang offers a well-balanced coffee blend, combining local and Arabica beans to create an aromatic and satisfying cup of joe. If you're looking for something unique, the Iced Coconut Coffee ($5.90) and Hor Ka Sai Iced ($5), a blend of Milo and coffee, offer a refreshing twist.

Assam Laksa 4.2/5

Dive into their main offerings, such as the Assam Laksa, which bursts with robust flavours, complemented by julienne onions and cucumbers to provide a textural contrast and a touch of freshness. What sets this Assam Laksa apart is its commitment to authenticity. Great Nanyang goes the extra mile by importing the authentic thick rice noodles used in Assam Laksa directly from Malaysia. This dedication to using traditional ingredients ensures that each bowl captures the true essence of this beloved Malaysian dish, making it a must-try for laksa enthusiasts.

Dry Mee Siam with Sambal Prawn Petai 3/5

The Dry Mee Siam with Sambal Prawn Petai ($10.90) at Great Nanyang left me with mixed feelings. While it was a flavourful dish, I found it on the lighter side, especially when compared to my personal preference for a Mee Siam, bursting with the rich flavours of dried shrimp and an invigorating tanginess. However, what truly stood out in this dish were the prawns and petai cooked in a fragrant and utterly delightful sambal sauce. The sambal's aromatic and spicy kick added an extra layer of flavour to the overall experience, making it a memorable part of the meal.

Nasi Kukus 3/5

The Nasi Kukus at Great Nanyang, priced at $8.90, offers a plate of enticing elements. It features flavourful fried chicken pieces, a sunny-side-up fried egg, crunchy peanuts, and a zesty sambal, and all served atop a bed of coconut-infused rice. The rice is aromatic and beautifully infused with coconut flavours, adding a delightful depth to the dish. However, there's room for improvement when it comes to the star of the plate, the chicken. While it's packed with flavour, the chicken could benefit from a touch more moisture to reach its peak tenderness. Despite this, the combination of the aromatic rice, the crispy chicken, and the spicy sambal makes for a satisfying meal with layers of texture and taste.

Curry Chicken 4.2/5

Prawn Paste Chicken Wings 4/5

Don't miss out on a la carte options, like the Curry Chicken ($6.90), showcasing a Malaysian-style curry infused with Indian spices and chunky, tender chicken pieces. The Prawn Paste Chicken Wings ($6.90 for 4 pieces) offer crispy exteriors and juicy, prawn-infused interiors for an elevated wing experience.

Signature Hainanese Chicken Cutlet 3.8/5

The Signature Hainanese Chicken Cutlet ($15.90) may seem unassuming but is marinated to perfection, rendering it exceptionally tender and juicy. It's even accompanied by a delectable butter-based sauce that enhances its complexity.


Great Nanyang is a testament to Keith's passion, drawing inspiration from his memories of growing up in Penang, Malaysia, and his career in Singapore's thriving coffeeshop scene, including Yang Ming Seafood. It serves as a cultural time capsule, preserving the disappearing flavors of the old kopitiams and sharing them with new generations, making it a true gem of a kopitiam, celebrating the Great Nanyang heritage.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Great Nanyang Heritage Cafe (大南洋)
5 Craig Road
Singapore 089665
Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar (EW Line), Maxwell (TE Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 730am - 830pm

1) Alight at Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to Orchid Hotel. Walk to Tanjong Pagar Road. Cross the road and walk to Craig Road. Continue on Craig Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 6 minutes. [Map]

2) Alight at Maxwell MRT station. Take Exit 3. Cross the road and walk to Duxton Road. Walk down Duxton Road. Turn right onto Craig Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

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