Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Crystal Jade CNY 2023 - Hop Into A Bountiful Year Of The Rabbit


Celebrate Chinese New Year at Crystal Jade Group of restaurants with festive dishes and menus designed for dining in and takeaway. Meticulously put together by Group Executive Chef Martin Foo and his stellar team of chefs, the 2023 Lunar New Year line-up encompasses limited-time festive dishes and a variety of set menus catered for different group sizes for dine-in, as well as thoughtfully-curated and convenient takeaway specialities.


Golden Harvest Sea Cucumber Yu Sheng 4.2/5

Most Yu Sheng offered at Chinese New Year dinners are of the sweet version. For a change this year, Crystal Jade has introduced the Golden Harvest Sea Cucumber Yu Sheng ($138/ $208), a savoury Shunde-style Yu Sheng comprising of crunchy frisee lettuce, cucumber, ice plant, kaffir leaves, onions, carrots, jellyfish head, pomelo, dried permission, red capsicum, giving the Lo Hei a wholesome combination of vibrant colours. The use of sea cucumber is also unique from the usual fish slice and abalone. Available at all Crystal Jade fine dining restaurants.


Poached Wild Soon Hock in Pickled Tomato Soup 4.8/5

The Poached Wild Soon Hock in Pickled Tomato Soup ($16/100g) left an impression for its sweet and tangy tomato-based soup punctuated with pickled mustard leaves. The poached live Soon Hock is further topped with black fungus, deep-fried garlic and ginger, complemented by the delicious pickled tomato soup.

Dang Gui Crispy Salted Chicken 4.2/5

Available at Crystal Jade Hong Kong Kitchen, La Mian Xiao Long Bao, and Jiang Nan is the cordyceps-infused Dang Gui Crispy Salted Chicken ($19.80 Half/ $36.80 Whole). Coated underneath the crispy and subtle herbal-infused chicken skin is delectable and tender chicken that both young and old will enjoy.

Bountiful Abalone Treasure Pot 4.8/5

A dish that I look forward to every Chinese New Year is the pen cai. Available for festive takeaway to dine in the comfort of the home is the Bountiful Abalone Treasure Pot ($393.80). The timeless classic consists of 20 premium ingredients (8-head Abalone, Australian Sea Cucumber, Fresh Prawns, Roasted Pork, Pork Knuckle, Duck Web, Shiitake Mushroom, Fish Curd, Prosperity Fish Roe Money Bag and more) braised in a full-bodied, thick sauce.

Peach Gum, Lotus Seed and Lily Bulb in Luo Han Guo with Wendong Ginger Sweet Soup  4.2/5

We had the Peach Gum, Lotus Seed and Lily Bulb in Luo Han Guo with Wendong Ginger Sweet Soup to wrap up the dinner on a sweet note. A light and refreshing sweet soup to wash down all the richness. It is also my first time having Nian Gao wrapped in wonton skin and deep-fried. The Crispy Ginger with Orange Peel Nian Gao is another delicious way to enjoy Nian Gao.

Crispy Ginger with Orange Peel Nian Gao 4/5

Chinese New Year dining at Crystal Jade restaurants will commence from 4 Jan 2023 (select outlets will be closed on 22 Jan 2023) and set menus for up to ten persons are available. Reservations can be made at outlets or online via https://inline.app/booking/cj.

Festive takeaway goodies can be pre-ordered online at estore.crystaljade.com and outlets from 21 Nov 2022 to 5 Feb 2023 and are ready for pick up from outlets island-wide from 4 Jan 2023.

Note: This is an invited tasting

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