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Hue @ Tyrwhitt Road - Innovative Interpretation of Royal Thai Cuisine with Contemporary Cooking Styles


Hue is a new Thai restaurant located in the Lavender area serving modern Thai dining experience from the royal Thai recipe book and modernised with contemporary cooking styles. The dishes here are innovative and refreshing interpretations of Thai cuisine while retaining the cultural roots of Thai food.

Melon First 3.5/5

Diners at Hue will get an amuse bouche of Melon First. The refreshing watermelon is brined with salted fish, topped with fried shallots and sprinkled with sugar. It is an unorthodox pairing which didn't quite work for me. I felt the fried shallots though fragrant, throw the freshness off.

Three Little Pigs 4.2/5

Meat lovers will relish the Three Little Pigs ($19). The oven-roasted crispy pork belly is given a quick stir fry in a green Thai sauce comprising three primary Thai herbs and spices of garlic, coriander, and white pepper, elevating the typical sio bak dish.

Garlilicious Prawn 4.5/5

There are many ways of cooking prawns, but this is the first time I have tried this style in the Garlilicious Prawn ($28). Not only are the fresh Tiger prawns grilled, they even come drenched in a special fragrant truffle sauce tossed with chopped garlic for a veil of earthiness.


Wrap It Up 4/5

The Wrap It Up ($19) is a fun rendition of the popular Thai Street Food - Kway Teow Lui Suan. A type of Thai fresh spring roll with herbs. To enjoy the dish, mix the kway teow with the sauteed minced pork, coriander, roasted peanuts and chopped chilli, then have it with the butterhead lettuce like a wrap.

Not a Tom Yum 3/5

This is probably the only Thai restaurant that does not serve tom yum soup on the menu. Instead, it offers Not a Tom Yum ($19), a hot and spicy soup served with charred seafood fried egg omelette. It tasted like a thick prawn noodle soup with a medley of Thai herbs. I find it too rich to have as a soup.

Paper Fish (180g) 4.5/5

A dish that I adore at any Thai restaurant is the Thai steamed fish with lime and garlic. Over at Hue, the dish is given a makeover in the Paper Fish ($23 for 180g / $45 for 360g). A whole fillet of Barramundi oven-baked in parchment paper, retaining and locking up Thai herbs and spices aromas.

Moocano 4.5/5

The Moocano ($23) is a fresh take on the street snack Moo Ping, a Thai-style grilled pork collar skewer. At Hue, the chargrilled pork is glazed with an in-house golden brown lava sauce and served on top of sticky glutinous rice. This is so good. I can have it as a meal on its own.

Tea-ramisu 4.2/5

Instead of coffee, the Tea-ramisu ($14) recreates the classic tiramisu with Thai milk tea, lady finger biscuits, mascarpone and rich ganache. It is a delicious creation that is as satisfying as the traditional Italian dessert.

Sohm Choon 4.2/5

Perfect for wrapping up the Thai meal is the sweet and refreshing Sohm Choon ($15), a summer dessert made from sweet and sour fruits, including lychee puree, lime zest, orange wedges and ginger, piled under lychee shaved ice. It is further accentuated by crunchy peanuts, lending extra texture and fragrance.


I am impressed with what Hue is trying to bring to the table, giving Thai food a new modern interpretation with its contemporary cooking. It provides the Thai food scene in Singapore with a refreshing and exciting change to the usual traditional Thai food.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

123 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207549
Tel: +65 90180992
Nearest MRT: Lavender (EW Line), Bendemeer (DT Line)

Opening Hours:
Tue-Wed: 6pm - 10pm
Thu: 12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 1030pm
Fri-Sat: 12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 11pm
Sun: 12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 1030pm

1) Alight at Lavender MRT station. Take Exit B. Walk to Horne Road. Turn left on Horne Road and walk down Horne Road. Walk to the end of Horne Road and turn left onto Tyrwhitt Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 8 minutes. [Map]

2) Alight at Bendemeer MRT staton. Take Exit A. Walk down Kallang Bahru Road towards Lavender Street. Cross the road and turn right onto Lavender Road. Walk down Lavender Road and turn left onto Tyrwhitt Road. Walk down Tyrwhitt Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 8 minutes. [Map]

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