Sunday, January 24, 2021

Ichiban Boshi Launches Japanese-style Chinese New Year Specialities


Celebrate this Lunar New Year with festive dishes that come with a Japanese flair at Ichiban Boshi. Other than its highly raved Auspicious Salmon Yuzu Yusheng, there is also a meatless, fruity alternative to your annual Lo Hei. What's more, for the very first time, Ichiban Boshi puts its twist to the traditional Pen Cai, delighting you with premium fresh ingredients all in one pot.

Auspicious Salmon Yuzu Yusheng 4/5

Loyal customers of its Auspicious Salmon Yuzu Yusheng ($62.80, Set A - 8 to 10 pax) can once again get their hands on this best-selling Yu Sheng of all years. The citrusy house special yuzu dressing made from ingredients' imported from Japan, balances the sweetness of the preserved condiments. The fresh Norwegian salmon is also a huge draw for the festive dish.

6 Treasures Fruits Yusheng 4/5

6 Treasures Fruits Yusheng ($56.80) is only available online exclusively via the festive e-stores of Ichiban Boshi, Ichiban Sushi and Kuriya Japanese Market. It is suitable for 6 to 8 pax. If you already have the typical Yu Sheng a few times throughout the festive season, this fruity and refreshing meatless version will be up your alley. Featuring a medley of six fruits: pomelo, pear, guava, mango, pineapple and jackfruit, it will help set up your appetite for the feast to come.

Japanese Treasure Pot 4.5/5

Ichiban Boshi launches its first-ever Japanese Pen Cai, which is only available online exclusively via the festive e-stores of Ichiban Boshi, Ichiban Sushi and Kuriya Japanese Market. I like the Japanese Treasure Pot ($188) good for 4 to 5 pax. It comes brimming with premium ingredients such as whole abalone, sashimi-grade scallops from Hokkaido, snow crab leg meat, prawn, homemade Japanese chashu, homemade chicken roulade with cabbage and spinach, kamaboko fish cake and shiitake mushroom. I much prefer this version to the traditional one because of the flavour and taste it delivers. The addition of the tender braised chashu from Ramen Kiou is a plus for me too.

Long Bamboo Rainbow Chirashi 4/5

The Long Bamboo rainbow Chirashi ($19.90) is one of the auspicious dishes served at Ichiban Boshi during the Chinese New Year period. It consists of fresh seafood such as maguro, Japanese red sea bream, yellowtail, salmon, egg, black flying fish roe and salmon roe on sushi rice with ginger. The sushi rice has been specially treated, which makes it extra yummy and addictive on its own.

Premium Sushi Moriawase 3.8/5

For a greater variety, go for the Premium Sushi Moriawase ($45.90). Diners can indulge in a medley of sushi such as madai, hamachi yellowtail, salmon, maguro, roasted beef, unagi, and scallop and ikura salmon roe, presented in a wooden stairway.

Wafu Aqua Pazza 4.2/5

My favourite dish of the evening is this Wafu Aqua Pazza ($38.90) featuring a whole seasonal fish in a hot and soulful broth. There's nothing more heartwarming than sharing a pot of hearty broth made with beautiful simple ingredients with your loved ones. That's what reunion meals are all about.


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For Ichiban Boshi, Ichiban Sushi, Kuriya Japanese Market and Sushi-GO, pre-orders will begin on 13 January 2021. For online orders, 2-day advance order is required.

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