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Japan Gourmet Hall SORA @ Changi Airport Terminal 1 - Showcasing Dishes From Fukuoka, Hokkaido and Kanagawa


Japan Gourmet Hall SORA has opened a new outlet at Changi Airport Terminal 1. Now it has 2 outlets at both Changi Airport Terminal 1 and 2. The new outlet at Terminal 1 houses three restaurants - Ikkousha, Yoshimi and Megumi Maru, showcasing Japanese dishes from three prefectures (Fukuoka, Hokkaido and Kanagawa).

Special Tonkotsu Ramen 4.2/5

First stop is Ikkousha from Fukuoka that is known for its Yatai-style ramen. The chain started in March 2004, and now it has 62 outlets in the world. Over at Singapore, one can savour exclusive dishes prepared in Yatai-style such as the Special Tonkotsu Ramen ($18.70), Special Red Chilli Ramen ($20.90) and Special Black Garlic Ramen ($20.90) and more. I tried the Special Tonkotsu Ramen, which comes in a bowl of silky and milky tonkotsu broth, made by simmering pork bones for many hours. It is lighter and less salty compared to many other ramen places. What impressed us is the beautifully boiled char siu that complements the bowl of ramen.

Kaisen Maze Don 4/5

Next stop is Megumi Maru, Singapore's first-ever maze don concept created by Misaki Megumi Suisan. We tried both the Kaisen Maze Don ($18.80) and Aburitoro Maze Don ($35.10). The Kaisen Maze Don is an assorted poke bowl comprising akami, salmon, boiled prawn, unagi, takuan, onsen tamago and sushi rice. The star has to be the uni dressing, a combination of sea urchin and shoyu, that binds all the ingredients together.

Aburitoro Maza Don 4/5

For those that are not into raw food, there is the Aburitoro Maze Don. The otoro is flame seared and perched on a bed of sushi rice. It is accompanied with a variety of healthy vegetables, like ladyfinger and purple cabbage, with an onsen egg capping the line-up.

Maguro Mentai Roll 3.5/5

Good for sharing is their maki rolls. I had their Maguro Mentai Roll ($15.90). I think anything mentaiko works wonder, and this is harmonised by the refreshing cucumber. Other crowd pleasers include salmon cheese roll, caterpillar roll, anago roll and more.

Pork Loin Katsu Set 3/5

The third and last concept at SORA Terminal 1 is katsu curry specialist Yoshimi. The restaurant has over 19 outlets in Japan, and this is the first time opening an outlet outside Japan. We started with the Pork Loin Katsu Set ($23.80) which comes with a bowl of miso soup, rice and cabbage.

Mille-feuille Katsu Set 4/5

Compared to the pork loin katsu set, I would prefer the Mille-feuille Katsu Set ($26.80) which boasts 16 layers of pork. It is more tender than the pork loin. A worthy note is the delicious and fragrant curry that consists of over 15 herbs and spices blend. It complements the pearly Japanese rice excellently.

Omurice Curry 3.8/5

For the Omurice Curry ($16), it has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian version. I personally prefer the non-vegetarian version as the curry is more robust with the beef stock in it. Not to forget the fluffy egg dome that conceals the Japanese rice in it.

Mixed Berry Pancake 4/5

If you have a sweet tooth, Yoshimi is the only concept that offers desserts on their menu at the terminal 1 outlet. The Mixed Berry Pancake ($19.80) is soft and fluffy, with the right balance of sweetness from the whipped cream and acidity from the mixed berry compote. If you have this too heavy, you can also grab a Hokkaido Soft-serve Ice Cream ($6.90) to go.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Japan Gourmet Hall SORA
Changi Airport Terminal 1
80 Airport Boulevard
Singapore 819642
Tel: +65 6242 9087
Nearest MRT: Changi Airport (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 10am - 11pm

1) Alight at Changi Airport MRT station. Take Exit A or B. Walk to sky train. Take the sky train to Terminal 1. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

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