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Muse Amuse @ South Bridge Road - Mod-Asian Sharing Plates And Inventive Cocktails


Stepping into Muse Amuse is like stepping into someone's house. The Carbon Collective which is behind the new 3-in-1 concept in the vicinity of Ann Siang Hill and Club Street integrates a restaurant, a cocktail bar and a retail space under one roof, modelled like an actual home.

Teh Halia Early Grey with Gingered Candy 4.2/5

Amuse - the cocktail bar is located at the back of the restaurant where you need to cross a wooden plank over a indoor pond. We started with Teh Halia Earl Grey with Gingered Candy ($25) fashioned by resident mixologist Isz Valentino. It is a refreshing drink composed with ginger cognac, Cointreau Chamomile, fresh grapefruit juice and earl grey tea.

Babung Blush 4/5

Dangerously good is the Babung Blush that is a concoction of rose syrup infused gin, cherry brandy and elderflower liqueur, garnished with dried rose buds. The two round shape pipettes are actually milk. Squeeze them into the mixture and give it a good swirl with the rosemary turning it into an adult Bandung drink.

Uni Pie Tee 3/5

Probably one of the most expensive pie tee I have eaten, the Uni Pie Tee ($15 for 2pc). It is stuffed with stewed radish and carrot, roasted hazelnut, cashew and topped with Hokkaido sea urchin. I do like the idea but I thought the sweetness of the urchin kind of throw the balance of the dish off.

Golden Kubun 2.8/5

The Golden Kubin ($15) is a Korean-Italian inspired dish. The spicy spheres of kimchi and seaweed arancini sits on a butternut squash puree and dollops of gochujang mayonnaise. Interesting dish but it tasted rather bland. It needs a heavier boost in flavours to justify the concept.

Tartaro 3.5/5

The Tartaro ($18)  is Muse's version of steak tartare that comprises of hand-chopped 200-day grain-fed wagyu tossed in sesame oil and layered with Korean honey pear, red chilli and egg yolk. I thought the soy based sauce was a bit too much and salty, masking the appreciation of the beef.

Chicken Roulade 3/5

Compared to the other dishes, the Chicken Roulade ($15) which consists of sous vide chicken thigh, yellow cauliflower puree and fried potato strips looks kind of sad. Supposed to be marinated in a Vietnamese-inspired blend of lemongrass, black pepper and soy sauce, it lacked the robustness I was looking forward to.

Royal Ratchaphruek 4.5/5

The dish that I like most is the Royal Ratchaphruek ($12). Like an Asian ratatouille, the dish is a medley of flavours and textures which is made up of slices of lotus root, sweet potato, zucchini, eggplant, carrot and potato, steeped in a tom yum broth that packed a real punch. Complementing the crunchy roots, this is uniquely addictive.

6-Day Baby Back Pork Ribs 4.2/5

The 6-Day Baby Back Pork Ribs ($16) is another dish which I enjoyed. The fork tender pork ribs are twice marinated and coated in sticky homemade BBQ sauce, with a hint of spiciness.

Sauteed Scallops on Japanese Somen Noodles 3.8/5

An instagram worthy dish on the menu is the Sauteed Scallops on Japanese Somen Noodles ($18). The pink broth is actually made of beetroot and dashi which goes well with the somen. However the somen was overcooked as it was quite soggy. Resting on top of the somen is the purple tuille, Hokkaido scallop and confit egg yolk.

Aurora USDA Prime Beef Angus Ribeye 4/5

Good for sharing is the Aurora USDA Prime Beef Angus Ribeye ($78). The piece of prime Angus beef is first sous vide then grilled to medium rare, served with Thai basil sauce at the side. It has flavourful and has a nice smoky charred flavour

Gula Melaka Panna Cotta with Umami Sea Urchin 3.5/5

I thought it was rather daring of Muse to pair Gula Melaka Panna Cotta with Umami Sea Urchin ($12). The sweet and briny combination was kind of unexpected. However I thought the balance was thrown off the balance by the sweetness of panna cotta, over shadowing the taste of the hokkaido sea urchin.

Slow-Cooked Black Glutinous Rice 3/5

Lastly we tried the Slow-Cooked Black Glutinous Rice ($8) which is an enhanced version of the pulut hitam. It has a layer coconut cream and topped with desiccated coconut flakes. I felt the rendition on the "dry' side. It need something more liquid or creamy to hold the elements together.

Overall I felt that the food at Muse Amuse has potential and I can taste the passionate in their creation However I think more thoughts are needed to refine the dishes. I also felt that the pricing is on the expensive side. Pretty dishes do not mean sales if customers do not think it is value for money.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Muse Amuse
289 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058835
Tel: +65 85000588
Nearest MRT: Chinatown (NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sat: 12pm - 12midnight
Mon-Sat: 3pm till late
(Closed on Sun)

1) Alight at Chinatown MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk straight down Pagoda Street to South Bridge Road. Cross the road. Turn right and walk to destination. Journey time about 6 minutes. [Map]

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