Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mama Bear Cafe @ Flemington [Melbourne] - Warehouse Style Cafe With Exposed Brick Walls & Whimsical Graffiti Mural


My second trip to Melbourne was nothing but a journey about brunches and coffee. The Coffee Expo was the reason why I was here which gave me the chance to explore the cafes hiding in the suburbs of Melbourne! Something which I have missed in my last visit a few years ago.

Mama Bear Cafe at Flemington is just a few minutes walk from my accommodation. Its menu is quite extensive, offering many of the locals' favourites. Most importantly, it serves great coffees to the entire neighbourhood!

Open Beef Brisket Sandwich 3.5/5

When our Open Beef Brisket Sandwich (AUD$17.50) came, we were rather shocked by the huge serving.At the same time, it did look sinfully indulgent with the mushroom, beef, overflowing cheese sliding off the toast underneath which was way too tiny for anything. Buried in between were caramelised onion and worcestershire pickled cucumber. The brisket was really tender and the field mushroom was just as meaty. Topped with not one but two fried eggs, this is definitely enough for 2 small eaters. Less sauce would have been better though, as the dish is a little too wet and soggy.

Sweet Corn Fritters 3.5/5

I realised that the locals has a thing for Sweet Corn Fritters (AUD$17.50) which is not so common back home. I like how the fritters were being stacked up high into a tower with a tangy avocados cream as the base and comes complete with a poached egg. The sweet corns gives a chewy texture to the fritters and the surrounding vegetables - heirloom tomatoes, ribbon of carrot & zucchini lightened up the dish.

Acai Bowl 4.2/5

This is where I had my very first Acai Bowl (AUD$13.90)! Wow, I must say I do love every bit of it and Mama Bear does it just the say it should be done. It has the crunch from the toasted muesli and chia seeds, the mellow aroma of the coconut, the balance in taste with the combination of the acai, the tart berries and freeze-dried orange.

Belgium Waffles 2.8/5

We also had one of their special - Belgium Waffles with ham, bacon, banana, ice cream, fresh berries dressed with honey. Again, the portion was generous. There was enough sweet and savoury component in every bite. The grilled banana was a little disappointing as it was just too shrivelled.

Tumeric Latte 3/5

Colourful lattes is one of their signatures, with variants such as beetroots, tumeric. Tumeric Latte is quite a popular spice here, perhaps of its healing properties. It comes in a 5oz cup. Taste is slightly too mild for me.


I love the feel of this place. Its friendly and unpretentious service, a small cafe with just about everything to provide what the community needs to get their daily fuel.

Words and photos by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food.

Mama Bear Cafe
528/531 Racecourse Road
Flemington VIC 3031
Melbourne, Australia
Tel: (03) 93760386

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 7am  - 330pm
Sat-Sun: 8am - 330pm

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