Saturday, February 18, 2017

Wah Kee @ Esplanade - Popular Hawker Stall Opens First Ever Restaurant


The launching of Wah Kee at Esplanade is like a fairy tale came true. A popular hawker centre at Pek Kio Food Centre for its prawn noodles since 1951, has opened its first ever air conditioned 60 seater restaurant. Fans of the popular Wah Kee prawn noodles, can now enjoy it at either the flagship stall at Pek Kio food centre or at the Esplanade restaurant.

Wah Kee Prawn Noodle with Large Sized Prawn Dry 4.5/5

Wah Kee at Esplanade offers for sizes of the prawn noodle on the menu, ranging from regular to extra large sized prawn. I had the Wah Kee Prawn Noodle with Large Sized Prawn Dry ($20) which comes with 3 fresh and huge prawns swimming in a sea of red. This is actually the same price as what is being sold at Pek Kio food centre. Wow! same price but more cosy dining environment.


The first thing I did is to take a sip of the soup. It was sweet and garlicky with the robustness of prawn shells and seafood flavours. I was told that no pork bones were used in making the of delicious broth. Besides the usual type of noodles that are used for prawn noodle, the other highlight is their Mee Kia noodle that is specially customized made for Wah Kee. The mee kia has a nice biting texture that goes very well with the chilli sauce. When I had it, the first thought that came to my mind was that all the other stalls selling the dish have used the wrong type of noodle for the prawn noodles all these time. This should be the perfect noodle for it.

Clam Soup 4/5

Besides the prawn noodle, Wah Kee at Esplanade also offers other dishes on the menu to complete your meal. One of these items that I tried is the Clam Soup ($12). Compare to the prawn noodle, the clam soup is cleaner in taste and has a sweeter clam flavour. The clam was also fat and juicy.


The only difference is the slight increase in price of $1 or $2 depend on the size of the prawn noodle you order. I don't find paying that extra dollar or two for the air conditioning and not needing to join the long queue at the flagship outlet.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Wah Kee
Esplanade Mall
8 Raffles Avenue
Singapore 039802
Tel: +65 63279187
Nearest MRT:

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thu: 11am - 2pm, 5pm - 1030pm
Fri-Sat & Eve of PH: 11am - 230pm, 5pm - 1130pm

1) Alight at Esplanade MRT station. Take Exit B or D. Walk to Raffles Avenue. Cross the road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 8 minutes. [Map]


  1. But the last time i tried to go at 6pm, they only had the most expensive category left. Very good revenue management.

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