Thursday, August 28, 2014

NUVO @ Marina Square


The Dining Edition at Marina Square has injected some vibe into the shopping mall with the numerous restaurants in the area. Located at the far corner of the dining section is NUVO, a contemporary Italian Japanese restaurant helmed by Executive Chef Mark Richards. With Chef Mark Richards on board and a refreshed menu, I was looking forward to try the new creations at NUVO.


Dinner began with complimentary bread with truffle butter. A delightful start to dinner.

Warm Japanese Mushroom Salad 4.8/5

My favourite vegetable is spinach and I could not be more delight to have the Warm Japanese Mushroom Salad ($18) that is filled with my favourite greens. The baby spinach dressed with butter truffle oil shoyu has a subtle sweet and tangy combination that was very pleasant on the palate. Paired with pine nuts, mushroom and asparagus, this gives the salad the needed textures of enjoyment. And it is served warm.

Crispy Calamari 4/5

Another salad dish on the menu is the Crispy Calamari ($18) with arugula, togarashi, white balsamic and compressed watermelon. The crispy calamari is sprinkled with Japanese chilli pepper giving it a hint of spiciness to lift the springy calamari. Not many people enjoy arugula because of its bitterness but the compressed watermelon in yuzu was a brilliant idea for the balance of the dish.

Angus Osso Buco Stew 4/5

Stew and oyster fritters pairing on a plate is a first for me. The Angus Osso Buco Stew ($28) with the stew made from roasted bone marrow, consists of Hijiki and Porcini mushrooms that are oven roasted with thyme and rosemary. It is finished with a reduction of veal jus, parmigiano reggiano and toasted breadcrumbs. This a rich and full flavoured dish with many components working harmoniously together.

Kurobota Pork Belly 4/5 and Angel Hair Wakame 3.8/5

There is actually 2 dishes on the plate in the Kurobota Pork Belly ($32) and Angel Hair Wakame ($18/$24). The pork belly is cooked Kakuni style which is simmered in dashi, soy sauce, mirin, sugar and sake. The result is a tender and flavour pork belly that is so what similar to Chinese cuisine. I remembered trying this dish at Immanuel French Kitchen too. It is not surprising as both chefs used to work at Keystone. I ave mixed opinions of the Angel Hair Wakame. While I like the texture and dryness of the pasta which resembles the Chinese stir fried noodles flavoured bythe lobster essence and rayu oil, I thought the dish somehow was one dimensional without much excitement.

Baked Olive Cod Fish 4.8/5

The next dish definitely hit the right spot for me in both taste and presentation. The Baked Olive Cod Fish ($35) with pepperoni, hon shimeiji and baby potatoes blown me off with its rich flavours. The cod fish was also cooked perfectly to tender and came with nice buttery flavour.

Japones Australian Lamb Shank 4/5

The Japones Australian Lamb Shank ($38) was a sous vided in limoncello giving it a nice fruity zest to the fork tender lamb. The gamey lamb is well suppressed by the seasoning but the highlight for me is the bed of organic pasta from Sicily known as fregola sarda. It was a very delectable bite that is similar to couscous.

Smoked Uni Cabonara 4.5/5

The signature dish at NUVO probably is the Smoked Uni Cabonara ($38) which is given a modern interpretation. The star has to be the rich and creamy uni sauce that gave the dish its character while the truffle soil completed the innovative cabonara crowned with an onsen egg. While there is crayfish in the dish, I have to say I walked away not remembering tasting it.

Wild Honey Panna Cotta 3.5/5

The smooth Whild Honey Panna Cotta ($16) comes with dehydrated fruits such as lychee and makan. I was surprised by the flavour of the dehydrated fruits. It tasted like the real thing.

Fuji Apple and Parmigiano Reggiano Torta 4/5

Using a secret family recipe with an Italian twist, the Fuji Apple and Parmigiano Reggiano Torta ($14) is baked with Parmesan and fresh Fuji Apple. The torta was moist ad cheesy. This is served with a scoop of fig and honey ice cream adorned with crumble and flake almonds.

Not to be missed is the 3 course Set Lunch menu ($15++) and 4 course Dinner Menu ($35++). The value for money lunch set comes with 3 courses of starter, main and dessert. The dinner menu on the other hand comes with a soup, entree, main and dessert.

Marina Square
No 6 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039594
Tel: +65 68222098
Nearest MRT: Esplamade (CC Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 1130am - 3pm, 5pm - 10pm

1) Alight at Esplanade MRT station. Take exit B. Walk to Marina Square via Marina Square Link. Walk to the destination. Journey time about 5 mins. [Map]

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