Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Yan Ting Mooncake 2014


Yan Ting at St Regis Singapore, the award winning purveyor of authentic Cantonese delicacies presents an assortment of delicately crafted celestial delights for a joyous reunion amongst friends and families this Mid-Autumn Festival.


The mooncake gems are encased in an elegant and distinctive turqoisx box, adorned with golden Chinoiserie-inspired motifs. Ideal for gifting this festive season, the box can be transformed into a lantern that is perfect ornament for the evening appreciation of mooncakes and Chinese tea.


This year, Yan Ting's snowskin mooncake assortment comes in five palatable flavours with the popular Pure Mao Shan Wang Durian Indulgence ($118 per box of 8), new creation of Chocolate Royal Liqueur Tuffle ($70 per box of 8), Black Sesame and Melon Seeds Crunch ($68 per box of 8), Chestnut Cravings ($68 per box of 8) and Red Dates and Wolfberries Delight ($68 per box of 8).


Purists who enjoy the classic will take pleasure in four tantalising flavours of Yan Ting's traditional mooncake selection in the White Lotus Paste with Single Yolk ($71 per box of 4), White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk ($75 per box of 4), Reduced Sugar White Lotus Paste with Macadamia Nuts ($68 per box of 4) and White Lotus Paste with Assorted Nuts and Yunnan Ham ($75 per box of 4).


Yan Ting's mooncakes will be available at Yan Ting Restaurant located at level 1U and La Patiserrie located at the lobby level from 1 August to 8 September 2014.

For more information and mooncake enquiries or bookings, please call Yan Ting at (65) 65066887, email yanting@stregis.com or visit http://www.yantingrestaurant.com/midautumn

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