Friday, May 2, 2014

Zott's True Alps @ Amoy Street


One of the latest restaurants to be opened in Singapore is Zott's True Alps located at Amoy Street offering authentic Alpine cuisine. Zott's True Alp is founded by Mr Christian Zott, a well travelled businessman and adventurer. He wishes to share his personal experiences introducing the history and folklore of Alpine cuisine in a culinary journey. To achieve this, he has Chef Lorenz-Maria Griesser helming the kitchen to create both contemporary and traditional gastronomic translations of Alpine cuisine.

Koenig Ludwig Brot 3.5/5

The culinary expedition started with the complimentary Koenig Ludwig Brot. Made in house daily the traditional Bavarian rye, spelt and malt bread was served with chives and radish. Like a tourist visiting a new place, I am excited to find out more about Alpine cuisine.

Carpaccio d'espadon 4.8/5

The Carpaccio d'espadon ($28) or Swordfish Carpaccio is served with a frozen Topaz apple creation. The Topaz apple is actually apple sorbet inside, sliced it up and have it together with the thinly sliced marinated swordfish. I was really surprised how well the two components worked together to bring the dish to a new level of enjoyment.

Insalata di Finocchio, Arance e Olive 3.5/5

Not only can we enjoy the beautiful art pieces hung around the wall of the restaurant, Chef Lorenz-Maria Griesser's creation is like an art exhibition on his own. It fitted perfectly the theme and concept of the restaurant in his food. By the third dish in the Insalata di finocchio arance e olive ($26), I am already applauding inside me his beautiful presentation. What caught my attention in this dish is the olive sphere, pop it into the mouth to have a burst of flavour. Not a new concept but an interesting one to go with the fennel salad, orange and goat cheese mousse.

Suedtiroler Apfelsuppe 4.5/5

The Sudtiroler Apfelsippe ($26) resembled a lake with the pinkish marinated "Saibling" (char, a lake fish from the Alps). The two black stones are actually potatoes coated with squid ink. I could not believe the effort and details put into the dishes at Zott's. The apple creamy soup is something new for my palate. It took me a while to get used to it. Once I am receptive to the new taste, I could not help myself going back for more of the warm, hearty and comforting soup.

Anchois Provencale 4.5/5

Another beautiful dish is the Anchois Provencale ($22) that comes with pickled anchovies with melon sorbet and pistachios. Another unexpected combination but worked lovely on the palate. I like how the sweet and fruity melon sorbet lends a balancing touch to the saltiness of the pickled anchovies.

Bouillabaisse Marseillaises 4/5

I am told that Bouillabaisse Marseillaises ($87) is a very traditional dish from Marseille, France. It is made of provencal fish broth with poached fish and fennel, served with toasted ciabatta and sauce rouille. 4 different types of fish is ised in the stew with the red scorpion fish which we hardly get in Singapore specially imported from the alps. This dish is meant to be shared between 2-3pax.

Saint Pierre 4/5

Another fish dish on the menu is Saint Pierre ($56). The John Dory Fish is served with sugar snap peas, lum coals and kumquats. A very clean and refreshing dish with a nice fruity seafood combination.

Baked Schulterscherzl 3.5/5

Next I tried Zott's Special, Tellerfleisch ($75) which is a 3 course of different cuts of beef boiled in its own juice. The 1st course is Baked Schulterscherzl using the oyster blade cut that is served with parsley dip and tartar sauce. It was a good dish but compared to the other earlier dishes, it did not give me the wow factor.

Oxtail Ravioli 4.2/5

The 2nd course is homemade Oxtail Ravioli with bone marrow. It was another first for me to have ravioli stuffed with a mix of oxtail and bone marrow. However the star is the flavourful broth that brings the whole dish together that is both comforting and hearty.

Haunch and Prime Rib 4/5

The 3rd and last course is the Haunch and Prime Rib with carrots and leeks. The beef may looked dry on the outside but its actually quite tender and flavourful. Paired it with the freshly grated horseradish to further enhance the whole enjoyment.

Bondage Chicken 3/5

The Bondage Chicken ($36) remembers me of the beer chicken I had in one of my overseas trip. It is cooked in either Bavarian Style or Provencal Style. This is the Bavarian style that is seasoned with sweet paprika powder, curry and cayenne pepper. The roasted poussin also comes with either truffle mayonnaise or fruity sour cream. While the exterior is well seasoned I felt that the roasted chicken was on the dry side.

Wiener Schnitzel 4.8/5

The Wiener Schnitzel ($48) is the other memorable dish besides the swordfish carpaccio. The breaded veal escalope and pan fried to a nice golden brown crisp on the outside while it was extremely tender and juicy inside. I have never known pan fried breaded veal can be so delicious. This is served with potato foam and red radish salad on the side which is an excellent complement to the deep fried veal escalope.

Griessbrei 3/5

Moving on to dessert, we have the Griessbrei ($16) which is a Semolina pudding served with pear ice cream, cinnamon sugar and mint basil butter. By now you probably notice Zott's affection of using ice cream in their dishes. Dehydrated popcorn was also used giving it some extra bites. The pudding made from a mixture of milk has a soft pancake texture which unfortunately is not my cup of tea.

Topfen Nougat Knodel 4/5

It is really an eye opening for me to dine at Zott's. I am introduced to another traditional dish from Tyrol. The Topfen Nougat Knodel ($18) is a warm dessert of poached curd cheese dumplings filled with nougat. It is served with rhubarb ragout and yogurt ice cream. Something different from the norm and I enjoyed it as it is not those overly sweet type of dessert.

Kaiserchmarrn Zott's Style 4.2/5

Kaiserchmarrn Sisi Style 4/5

Another special at Zott's is the Kaiserchmarrn in two variations, Sisi style ($24 dessert/ $32 main) or Zott's style ($29 dessert/ $45 main). The Zott's style is a savoury version from the traditional Sisi style that comes with pan fried foie gras and pineapple goose liver ice cream. I have eaten foie gras paired with fruity jam but ice cream is another first for me again. I really enjoyed and applauded the creativity in Zott's menu. For the traditional Sisi style, the sweet souffled pancake is shredded and caramalized, served with stewed plums and vanilla ice cream.

Dining at Zott's True Alp is like taking an exciting culinary expedition through the mountainous areas of Europe from France to Austria with its offering of specialty dishes from these regions. It was really an exciting trip to the Alps which is an eye opener as well as a tummy satisfying journey. However it can be quite an pricey experience as it is positioning itself as a fine dining restaurant.

Zott's True Alps
97 Amoy Street
Singapore 069917
Tel: +65 62230913
Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer (DT Line), Tanjong Pagar (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 11am - 230pm, 6pm - 1130pm
Sat: 6pm - 1130pm
(Closed on Sun)

1) Alight at Telok Ayer MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to Amoy Street. Continue on Amoy Street to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

2) Alight at Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Take Exit G. Follow the covered walkway to the junction of Mccallum Street, Telok Ayer and Amoy Street. Turn left at the junction onto Amoy Street. Continue on Amoy Street and walk to destination. Journey time about 8 minutes. [Map] 


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