Sunday, March 3, 2013

Street 50 Restaurant & Bar @ Bay Hotel


Street 50 at Bay Hotel is actually the former Rumah Rasa. It has since been revamped dropping their halal Indonesian cuisine concept and introducing global flavours to cater for a wider audience. Losing focus for a restaurant? Well, it is a hotel restaurant and I can understand the need to offer diverse flavours to both visitors and Singaporeans.

Smoked Duck and Citrus Fruits 3/5

The Smoked Duck and Citrus Fruits ($11) is a good starter to whet up the appetite. The duck is cooked beautiful, tossed in orange vincotto dressing with orange, grapefruit, roasted walnut and endive. I thought a little more of the citrus vincotto dressing would be perfect.

Caprese 3/5

The Caprese ($12) was a bit disappointing for me. Although the selection of interspersed vineyard tomatoes were beautifully sweet, the buffalo mozzarella was a bit dry and firm for my liking. I prefer those that is served moist and creamy.

Hazelnut Escargot 3/5

The Burgundy snails were stuffed with hazelnut butter and then slow baked. The Hazelnut Escargot (Half dozen $14, Dozen $22) was flambed with brandy upon servicing.

Hotpot Set 4/5

Ok this is something really interesting. When was the last time you seen a hotel restaurant serving steamboat or hotpot on their menu? I doubt there was any. There are 3 Hotpot Sets ($32 for 2pax, $48 for 2pax and $108 for 4pax) offered at Street 50 with a choice of either Tom Yum or Chicken soup base. Each side comes with a selection of vegetable, Yong Tau Foo, seafood and meat platters with noodles and rice.

Salmon Cutlet 3.8/5

The Salmon Cutlet ($22) was nicely grilled to a nice crisp on the skin while the fish was still pinkish and moist. The menu said that it is served with aligot potatoes. Aligot supposes to be fondue form to my humble understanding but what is served was rather mashy mash potatoes.

Roulade of Porkloin Stuffed with Wild Rice 4/5

My first encounter of wild rice was at 2fifteen kitchen and I really enjoyed the texture. The Roulade of Porkloin Stuffed with Wild Rice ($20) was done pretty well with a slab of porkloin is made into a roll with wild rice resting on a bed of aligot potatoes accompanied by a drizzle of brandied prune sauce and vegetables.

Duck Pot Pie 3.5/5

The Duck Pot Pie ($22) is a welcome twist to the usually beef that is used for the puff pastry. A rich wine sauce filled with slow braised duck and vegetables sits inside the baked shell.

Orient Barbecue 3.8/5

Another fusion on the menu is the Orient Barbecue Pizza ($18). The thin crust pizza came with smoked duck, enoki mushroom, spring onions and mozzarella toppings with hoison sauce. A good twist to the norm but I still prefer my pizza to be cheesy rather than the sweet hoison sauce.

Lamb Redang 4.2/5

The star and highlight at Street 50 is probably the Lamb Redang ($24). For me, this is the signature and memorable dish of the old Rumah Rasa and the new Street 50 coming together in a plate. The slow braised whole lamb shank was cooked to tender soft served with rendang paste, carrots, potatoes, peas and jasmine rice. This is definitely a dish I would go back for.

Apple Strudel 3/5

The classic baked warm Apple Strudel ($8) with coconut ice cream ended the wonderful meal on a comforting and hearty note.

Durian Pengat 4/5

It can't get anymore better with my favourite Durian Pengat ($8) which came with luscious durian pulp cocooned in thinly battered crepe.

Is Street 50 trying to do too much by offering an extensive selection of global flavours? Being the only restaurant at Bay Hotel, I understand the need to offer a diverse taste to cater for the hotel guests. Time will only tell whether the new concept works out for the hotel.

Street 50 Restaurant & Bar
Bay Hotel
50 Telok Blangah Road
Level 1
Singapore 098828
Tel: 65 68186681
Nearest MRT: Harbour Front (CC Line, NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 6am - 4am

1) Alight at Harbour Front MRT station. Take Exit C. Walk towards traffic juction along Telok Blangah Road and Sentosa Gateway. Cross the road and walk towards Bay Hotel Singapore. Journey time about 5 minutes.


  1. Aligot is mashed potato with melted cheese.

    1. Thanks XY but is the texture of Aligot more fondue or liquid form?

  2. Quite concur with what I feel. I must say they do have a few signatures which are not bad.

    1. Thanks for commenting on my site Daniel! Looking forward to read your post too.

    2. Oppps sorry. I realized you have already published it.