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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Thank You For Being The Real Heroes Of Our Hawker Heritage


When I first saw the series of videos released by Tiger Beer Singapore in conjunction with their Street Food Movement to preserve our hawker heritage earlier this year, I was moved and touched by it. The videos show the unappreciated hardship of the hawkers, giving them their due recognition which they fully deserved. It is great to know that Tiger Beer Singapore has continued to champion this movement and has released another two videos featuring Madam Wong Li Er of Cambridge Road Hong Kong Roast Pork and Deniece Tan of Truly Test Kitchen.


To be frank, Cambridge Road Hong Kong Roast Pork at Pei Kio Food Centre has never been on my radar until I watched the video released by Tiger Beer.

This is one of two short films, featuring our hawkers which aim to rally Singaporeans to show their appreciation and gratitude to the hawkers – the people behind our iconic local street food and culture.


Madam Wong Li Er is a 65 years old hawker selling Hong Kong-style roasted meat for the past 50 years. Although Madam Wong claims that she’s just a hawker and does not have many skills, this does not deter her from giving back to society and the needy by giving out food coupons to the elderly twice a month for them to redeem meals at her stall.


After watching the video, I made a trip down to Pei Kio Food Centre hoping to have a taste of her roasted meat. While I was queuing for my food, I observed how Madam Wong seems to know everyone in the queue, breaking her usual routine to greet and catch up with them. Some of her regular patrons noticed her from the short film and started teasing her that she is now a star, with photos and the video being played all over. I ordered a plate of Roasted Duck and Char Siew Rice which comes with complimentary stir-fried cabbages, which may be a simple accompaniment to my meal, but felt meaningful and from Madam Wong’s heart, to provide her customers with a balanced meal. The thought of it made me feel bad and embarrassed. It struck me that we are quick to criticize on the food that is served to us but have we ever stop and show our gratitude to these unsung heroes? Even just a simple thank you?


The other video features Deniece Tan of Truly Test Kitchen, a former foreign exchange banker who decided to follow her passion and started the 'Truly' Curry Rice business with her business partner Joel. They painstakingly created the brand name 'Truly' Curry Rice from scratch and have grown the Truly Brand into a business focused on bringing delicious local food at amazing value to people from all walks of life.

With great interest, I understand that she has jumped onto the bandwagon of online delivery boom and bringing the whole hawker business online. While they are many ideas being suggested on how to preserve the hawker heritage, Deniece has put that into action. She could very well be the first hawker to embrace technology and using it as a platform to preserve our local street food.


Having taken street food for granted, it’s time to preserve what we love. With all the empty talks, it is time to show some appreciation for our favourite hawkers by simply saying a ‘Thank You’. Singaporeans can play their part and get involved in the street food movement by simply taking a photo of their favourite street food experiences – be it a local dish or of the lovely hawkers behind it, with ‘thank you’ messages and share them on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #uncagestreetfood.

Tiger X Camel Nasi Lemak Sambal Flavoured Nuts

Besides the series of videos, Tiger Beer has also collaborated with local business Camel, introducing the Nasi Lemak Sambal Flavoured Nuts. Consumers will receive a packet of the limited edition Nasi Lemak Sambal Flavoured Nuts with purchase of two 500ml cans of Tiger Beer (2 x 500ml) at select convenience stores, while stocks last. The Nasi Lemak Sambal Flavoured Nuts will also be available with purchase of three pints of draught beer or a bucket of Tiger Beer at select bars and pubs, while stocks last.

Tiger Street Food Lock Up Final 16 02 16

For aspiring entrepreneurs out there, Tiger is following through its commitment to help hawkers in the first phase of the movement, launching its inaugural Tiger Street Food Support Fund, accepting applications from now till 15 December on Tiger Beer's website. The Tiger Street Food Support Fund will allow all new hawkers to apply for and receive up to S$10,000 in funding from Tiger Beer, which will be given to successful applicants via reimbursement. This is only open to hawkers who have set up a cooked food stall in a hawker centre or coffeeshop within the last three months, or are looking into entering the trade for the first time. Up to 30 applicants with complete entries will be selected, and the announcement of successful applicants will be made in January 2017.

With the opening of two new hawker centres in Q1 next year – Jurong West and Pasir Ris Town, the inaugural Tiger Street Food Support Fund will definitely help to keep our hawker culture alive!

For more information of Tiger Beer’s street food movement, please log on to Tiger Beer Singapore’s website at and Facebook page at

Note: This post was brought to you by Tiger Beer

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Garden Picks, The Dried Fruits & Nuts Company


I have a weak spot of nuts and I love snacking all sort of nuts ranging from peanut, almond, cashew and more. Usually I will go to the nearby convenient store or supermarket to stock up my supply. Recently I have been introduced to Garden Picks, a online dried fruits and nuts company that sells and deliver a quality wide array of wholesome snacks in Singapore. My craving can now be satisfied with just a few mouse clicks and I will have a good serving size of wholesome snacks to curb my craving.


Garden Picks has recently introduced a new range of gourmet nuts from Australia. I got my hands on a few of these new products to try. There was quite a few interesting flavoured nuts such as the Tiramisu Almond, French Vanilla Almond, Mexican Salsa Cashew, Cinnamon Almond, Canadian Maple Cashews and Thai Sweet Chilli Cashew. Among the 6 new gourmet nuts from Australia, my favourite was the French Vanilla Almond. The sugary vanilla coating around the roasted almond reminds me of those sugar coated nuts I used to buy from the kachang puteh stall.


The web based wholesome snacks supplier has grown into a manufacturing and packing facility producing and supplying a diverse range of dried fruits and nuts to corporate workplaces, government ministries, school and hotels. You can find out more of the products in the website link below. Garden Picks has a wide range of dried fruits and nuts that is delivered "factory fresh" to your doorstep.

Garden Picks
8A Admiralty Street
Singapore 757437
Tel: +65 66594859