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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Alhambra Padang Satay @ New Upper Changi Road - New Outlet In The East Serving Malay Style Satay


Fans of Alhambra Padang Satay will be glad to know that it has opened a new outlet in the East at Blk 56 New Upper Changi Road. Alhambra Padang Satay is a household name selling Malay style satay. It has taken part in many major food events such as World Street Food Congress and Singapore Day.


From what I understand, the stall started as a road side stall beside the Alhambra Theatre at Beach Road, before being re-located to the now defunct Satay Club at Elizabeth Walk.  As far as I know, the satay is still freshly made using the same recipe handed down by the current stall owner's father.

Chicken Satay 4.2/5

I ordered the Chicken Satay, Mutton Satay and Duck Satay, 5 sticks each, and a ketupat. It cost me $12.50. Among the three types of satay, my favourite is the Chicken Satay. The chicken satay was juicy and tender. It even comes with with chicken skin elevating the whole aroma and enjoyment.

Mutton Satay 3/5, Duck Satay 3/5

For the Mutton Satay, I enjoyed the aromatic spices in the marination but I thought it was too sweet for my liking. Saying so, the mutton was very tender. Something different on the menu is the Duck Satay, which you probably can't find it elsewhere. The duck satay was grilled to a nice tender texture but I thought the natural flavour was lost in the marination.

Ketupat 4/5

A worthy note to mention is their Ketupat. It is not a significantly thing but at least the stall made the effort to serve me a warm and moist ketupat.


Alhambra Padang Satay
Blk 56 New Upper Changi Road
Singapore 461056
Nearest MRT: Tanah Merah (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: From 3pm onwards

1) Alight at Tanah Merah MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to bus stop at Tanah Merah MRT station (Stop ID 85099). Take bus number 2, 9, 14, 24, 31, 35, and 45. Alight 1 stop later. Walk to destination. Journey time about 6 minutes. [Map]

Monday, December 26, 2016

IAAI Malay Food @ Havelock Road Food Centre - Mee Rebus At Only $2


On my trail to find cheap food in Singapore, it lead to IAAI Malay Food stall at Havelock Road Food Centre. This humble and little known stall sells a variety of items on the menu at at two dollars. A price you hardly can find in Singapore nowadays.

Mee Rebus 

For the price tag, the bowl of Mee Rebus ($2) is very substantial. The stall owner is not stingy with the ingredients or portion at all. It comes with yellow noodles, green chillis, spring onions, Chinese celery, fried firm tofu, fried shallots, bean sprouts and a whole hard boiled egg. The gooey gravy with mild spiciness may not be the best I have eaten but it is acceptable if you one that is not too picky. I am not complaining as its only two dollars for the portion.

Mee Siam 2.5/5

Besides the Mee Rebus, I also tried the Mee Siam ($2). Again the portion is huge and it comes with a whole hard boiled egg. Unfortunately the gravy lacked depth and it tasted watered down.


During our visit in the late morning, their Epok-Epok Kak Andon (1 for $0.70 and 3 for $2) was already sold out. The stall auntie told us that its very popular and usually its the first item to be gone. Guess I need to be very early in my next visit to try the Epok-Epok. The stall also sells Mee Soto ($2), Nasi Lemak ($2), Nasi Sambal Goreng and Nasi Campur.

IAAI Malay Food
Havelock Road Food Centre
Blk 22A/B Havelock Road
Singapore 162022
Nearest MRT: Tiong Bahru (EW Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 8am - 1pm

1) Alight at Tiong Bahru MRT station. Take Exit B. Walk to Bukit Ho Swee Link. At Bukut Ho Swee Link, turn left and walk to Jalan Bukit Ho Swee. At Jalan Bukit Ho Swee turn right and walk to Jalan Klink. Walk down Jalan Klink and look out for a staircase that goes down the slope. Take the staircase to the bottom. Turn right and follow the covered walkway to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

Friday, March 11, 2016

Lim Beef Mee @ Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre [Johor Bahru]


Lim Beef Mee at Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre, Johor Bahru was never on our food hunting list. In fact, we already had our dinner and was making our way home when we chanced upon the stall. What caught our attention is the sign saying that they are opened on weekends only.

Beef Noodle Dry 3.5/5

We have the Beef Noodle Dry whereby the noodle and soup is served separately. The noodle is a mix of yellow noodles and rice noodles, topped with minced meat. In the bowl of soup, there are ingredients such as salted vegetables, slice beef and various beef innards.

Beef Noodle Dry 3.5/5

I could not say this is one of the best beef noodles I had. The beef noodle has a rustic flavour in it. The bowl of clear soup, flavoured by the salted vegetables, simply allows the full appreciation of the nature flavours of the various beef parts in it.


We managed to have a brief chat with the old couple manning the stall. They having been selling beef noodle for the past 40 years. They used to be operating in downtown but has since moved here. However as age catches up with them, they do not have the energy to do it everyday now. Hence they are only open on weekends.

Lim Beef Mee
Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Centre
Jalan Keris, Taman Sri Tebrau,
80050 Johor Bahru, Johore

Opening Hours:
Sat & Sun Only

Thursday, March 10, 2016

What to Eat in Ipoh - March 2016

What to Eat in Ipoh

When I was researching for my Ipoh trip, I realised that there are many signatures to try, and yet, the options are only that many. Been there and back, tried and tasted most of what were being recommended, some indeed live up to expectations, some disappoint. However, what really sticks are those unlisted, found on alternative web sites and discovered by foot.

Ayam Tauge & Koitiau


Lou Wong and Onn Kee are widely publicized as serving the best Bean Sprouts Chicken (Tauge Ayam), hence they are often filled and seats are limited. While researching options for our very first dinner here in Ipoh, I chanced upon Cowan Street Ayam Tauge & Koitiau. Accordingly to the writer, this is just as good, without the crowd.

You will notice that most orders comprise a plate of chicken, beansprouts and an individual Kway Teow soup. As both my travelling partner and I were not that into chicken, we ordered a single portion instead (RM11.00 for 2 dishes).

20160226_192756_HDR (2)

The texture of the chicken is unbelievably tender and light. The Kway Teow, soak in the sweet and well-bodied broth, is soft and silky. I was often told that it is the water that makes it so superior above all other flat noodles. However, afterwhich I learnt that it is really the locals' dedication and devotion that set the bar - Stringent quality control over the past decades to ensure that nothing inferior goes out into the market. Indeed, it is a humble dish that comforts many, just like a bowl of good Pho.

Whether or not it is better than what have had been widely publicised, you will need to try it for yourself. This is good enough for me.

44, Jalan Raja Ekram,
30450 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours:
Wed-Sun: 7pm onwards.
(Closed on Mon & Tue)

Chapatti/Indian Muslim


While making our way back to our lodging, a live chapatti-making station in a Mak Mak shop caught my eyes, or should I say that their aromatic curries lured me in first. Somebody's order past my view, piping hot from the flat pan. That tempted me into ordering one.

At first glance, I couldn't tell that it was chapatti. My imprinted version is much smaller in size, looks and taste dry. However, what I saw was much bigger, and much fluffier, almost like naan. Without knowing what it really was, I just pointed to the staff what I wanted, and I was served with this:


Chapatti with 2 curries of different intensities, together with sardine dip, and it only costs us RM1.50! Even the not-so-great Teh Tarik is more expensive. The sardine is mashed with onions, and the freshly made chapatti became the best vehicle to deliver it into your mouth, and with your bare hands by the way. That's the best way to enjoy it, just like how you may enjoy bone marrow with crostini.

It is not difficult to find this place. The aroma of their Indian curries will guide you in. Trays and pots of curries are there for you to pick and choose to go with your nasi.

RESTORAN M. SALIM (Since 1985)
No 20, Jalan Yang Kalsom,
30250 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 
Daily: 630am - 1am



It is easy for food to gain fame when they are located at the heart of the tourist areas, one of which is Funny Fountain Soya Bean. We tried it and frankly speaking, what we have in Singapore is just as comparable.

This tiny shop caught my eyes when we were crossing the road. A couple of customers sitting outside, and a few in the queue. Besides traditional Beancurd, Grass Jelly is available as well, hence I ordered a combination (RM2.20, if I didn't remember wrongly).


You can choose from 3 kinds of syrup - Chrysanthemum, Ginger and Brown Sugar. The texture of the beancurd is amazingly soft, between a Hongkong steamed milk and our regular beancurd. The grassjelly is rather average, and I feel it would go better with the beancurd if it's in thin strips instead of cubes.


Young and innovative, the owners created one that comes with crushed peanuts. This bowl didn't come easy for us. We went back 3 times before it finally opened its door to us. (We were there twice earlier in the morning but faced with closed doors. However, my determination to have it again before our departure drove me to go back for the 3rd time!). I had one bowl of Beancurd Grass Jelly on the spot and this to takeaway (RM2.70) to the airport. Takeaway cost a lot more than dining in.

32-38A (Bawah), Jalan Ali Pitchay,
30250 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours:
Daily: 1pm - 5pm

Herbal Jelly


The sun in Ipoh, is merciless. Apart from herbal tea, the next best thing to have is their Herbal Jelly. I always lament that those available in Singapore are too mild. Even in Hong Kong, there was only one among all which I had tried requires me to add in the honey. To think that I could find one that is comparable is unexpected. Over here at Gui Ling Tong, their herbal jelly comes in original and sweetened versions. I had their Original (RM7), of course. I love its level of bitterness, which is not monotonous, but exudes from a blend of herbs.

We also ordered their Steamed Coconut dessert. The first time I ever had a warm coconut dessert was at Fu Man Lou at Intercontinental Singapore. I can still remember how it warms my senses with its aroma and comforting sweetness. Basically, instead of using a bowl and water to boil your ingredients, you make use of the entire coconut to double boil your dessert. Akin to 8 Treasure, this bowl of goodness contains lotus seed, dried longan, white fungus, dates etc, all for less than RM10.

68 Jalan Yau Tet Shin,
30300 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11am - 9pm

Alternative Cuisine


If you are tired of their local food, how about an authentic Belgian cuisine? This is rally something out of my repertoire, hence I was quite excited when my partner listed it on our must-try. North Sea is a bistro that has a seaside feel, with its brickwalls and off-white furnishing. They have a fairly focused menu to offer some quintessential Belgian dishes, as well as a list of Begian beers. Hopus is their popular Belgian beer, which is quite bitter to me. Served with a shot at the side, that's the last bit from the bottle after pouring the top into the beer glass. The owner explained that the bottom usually contains sendiment, causing that portion to acquire a slightly different taste from its body. Segregating it allows you to taste the different profiles.


As we were really full from dinner, we only ordered a dish of 2 Pork Meatballs (RM29.90) to accompany the beer. Unlike Swedish meatballs which comes with a meaty creamy sauce, this sauce tastes like a red wine sauce typically used for steaks. I didn't manage to check with the chef owner on the recipe, but other than the raisins that came with it, I gathered from my online search that there is usually beer and onions. Seldom that I would like to have more sauce, but I did wish there was more of this. The meatballs were juicy and well flavoured. It wasn't too dense, hence I didn't have the feeling of it 'sitting in my stomach' after finishing one.

44, Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil,
30450 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Opening Hours:
Mon, Thu-Sun: 630pm - 1030pm
(Closed on Tue & THu)

Flavours lost, smiles gone, that happen when cities become tainted with tourists. Fortunately, I haven't had too much of that in Ipoh. It is still rather sleepy, in a quaint way. Drive or walk out of the tourists areas whenever possible. I will be back for sure, to eat the exclusives, and try what I have missed out - Ming Court's glutinous rice, Hakka Mee.

Photograph and written by Si An. A girl who is allured by travelling, loves the feel of freedom, smell of the rain and the aroma of fine coffee and food.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pu3 Restaurant @ Bencoolen Street


I am glad to know a group of friends who is always out on the street seeking for good food to recommend to fellow foodie-like friends. Thanks to a tip off from FINS of a good Nasi Ambeng place in Bencoolen street, both Maureen and I made our way down on one Saturday afternoon to check out Pu3 Restaurant.


This is my first time having Nasi Ambeng and I was quite excited on the huge servicing. Nasi Ambeng is a Javanese cuisine usually served during festivities and served in a tray with around 8 dishes and enjoyed together, like communal eating.


At Pu3 Restaurant, a typical Nasi Ambeng ($7.50 for 1pax/ $29.90 for 2 pax/ $50.80 for 4pax) comes with a total of 13 different items. On the big plate, there are Nasi, Ayam, Daging, Sambal Goreng, Terung, Paru, Bagerdil, Sambal Kacang Ikan Bilis, Serunding, Udang, Urap, Sambal Belacan and Ikan Kering.


The Nasi Ambeng is a feast itself on a plate features the different cooking techniques and spices of Javanese cuisine. A couple of items stood out for me such as the Beef Rendang. The soft and tender meat with the complex but yet aromatic spices.


The other components on the plate that I enjoyed a lot is the Serunding, sauteed grated coconut. It seems to go well with anything on the plate. I could not help going back for more, eating it with other ingredients on the plate.


I have not tried other Nasi Ambeng before but judging from the crowd, this is really a popular place to go to for Nasi Ambeng. Putting my own taste buds on the line, I would say this is a place I would go back again for the delicious food.

Pu3 Restaurant
51  Bencoolen Street
Singapore 189630
Tel: +65 63384419
Nearest MRT: Bras Basah (CC Line), Dhoby Ghaut (CC Line, NE Line, NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 10am - 9pm
Sat & PH: 11am - 4pm, 530pm - 9pm
(Closed on Sun)

1) Alight at Bras Basah MRT station. Take Exit D or E. Walk to traffic light junction of Bencoolen Street and Bras Basah Road. Cross the traffic light and turn right onto Bencoolen Street. Walk to destination. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

2) Alight at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. Take Exit A. Walk to traffic light junction of Handy Road and Bras Basah Road. Cross the road and turn right onto Bras Basah Road. Continue on Bras Basah Road. Turn left onto Bencoolen Road. Walk to destination. Journey time about 10 minutes. [Map]

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Asam Tree Cafe, Bakery and Restaurant @ Ang Mo Kio Ave 6


I have to credit Maureen by introducing to Asam Tree Cafe, Bakery and Restaurant at Ang Mo Kio Ave 6. The Halal certified eatery is just located beside the NTUC Fairprice. I was actually quite amazed by the number of dishes the humble eatery can offer in their little space. Seating area are quite limited and close to one another. It can be a bit uncomfortable but it did not deter people away with a constant stream of crowd around the clock.

Longtong 4/5

Noticing their popularity, we approached the eatery to take part in this year's Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014. We were very glad that the owner agreed to participate in this year's fund raising event. Asam Tree Cafe Bakery and Restaurant will be cooking one of their popular item, Longtong ($3.50) at the ulitmate hawker fest. The value for money bowl of Longtong comes with steamed rice cake that has a hint of pandan fragrant and moist, a piece of huge fried tofu, cabbage and a whole egg. The curry gravy was quite rich but not too lemak. I was so good that I was actually drinking it like a soup dish.

Mee Soto 4.2/5

The owner shared with us that the Mee Soto ($3.50) is their top seller. The sweet chicken broth goes well with the yellow noodle. However I suspect why this is the top seller has to be the chilli. Stirred and mixed it well with the chicken broth and the whole dimension of the noodle dish is brought to a new level of enjoyment.

Mee Siam 4/5

Mee Rebus 4/5

Asam Tree Cafe, Bakery and Restaurant also offers two other noodle dishes on the menu, Mee Siam ($3.50) and Mee Rebus ($3.50). These are really value for money with their huge servicing accompanied by the rich and delicious gravy.

Goreng Pisang 3/5

If you not into something that is too filling and just a bite, the Goreng Pisang could be a choice for you. I like the light batter crispy coated around the fried banana fritter but I do not like the type of banana used. I prefer those that is sweeter.

Rojak 4.5/5

The Rojak is a must try here in my opinion. The crispy youtiao was tossed in a homemade belachan and topped with peanuts. The thick gooey prawn paste which came with a spicy kick was really addictive.


We are glad to have Asam Tree Cafe, Bakery and Restaurant taking part in this year's Ultimate Hawker Fest selling their Longtong at the fund raising event. Asam Tree Cafe, Bakery and Restaurant is just one of the Halal certified stalls taking part in this year Ultimate Hawker Fest. Other Halal certified stalls are Prata Place, TenderFresh. Food Glossary and Old Bibik is awaiting for the Halal certificates.


The Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014 at Suntec Convention and Exhibition Hall 401 & 402 on 22 November 2014, 11am to 5pm is a fund raising event for the beneficiaries under the care of Touch Community Services regardless of race and religions. Coupons is required to purchase the food from the various hawkers and can be purchased at While the hawkers sacrifice their time and some even a day's income to do a part for the needy and disadvantaged, I hope you can support them and do a part for charity too. See you at the Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014.

Asam Tree Cafe, Bakery and Restaurant
Blk 712 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6
Singapore 560721
Nearest MRT: Ang Mo Kio (NS Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 830am - 1030pm

1) Alight at Ang Mo Kio MRT station. Take Exit B or C. Cut across the estate and walk to destination. Journey time about 8 minutes. [Map]

Friday, October 11, 2013

Madam Kwan @ Vivocity


Many of you may have noticed that Vivocity has some what underwent a revamp of its food and beverage tenants with the introduction of several new restaurants such as Bornga, Jamie's Italian and The Chop House. The famed Malaysian Nasi Lemak chain, Madam Kwan has also moved across the causeway and opened its flagship oversea store in Vivocity Singapore. I was there one evening with fellow blogging friends from RERG, PinkyPiggu and FoodieFC to check out the place.

Curry Fish Head 3.5/5

One of the reasons why we are at Madam Kwan is to try the Curry Fish Head ($49). For the price we are paying, its quite a big pot of curry with lady fingers, brinjal and Tau Pok. We checked with the waiter and understand the pot of curry was cooked the same way it is done in Malaysia except that the chilli paste is different due to some ingredient import requirement. When we tasted the curry broth, all of us has that puzzled look at one another. The curry broth is something that is new to our palate and not the usual curry we have in Singapore. I am lost of words to describe it but it may take a while for the local palate to accept it. However, the noteworthy was the Tau Pok. The huge as a fishball Tau Pok not only was crisp on the outside but it still had that soft spongy interior bite to it.

Madam Kwan's Nasi Lemak 4.2/5

Finally I have a taste of the most expensive Nasi Lemak. Madam Kwan's Nasi Lemak ($13.90) is served with 2 pieces of curry chicken, cucumber, sambal ikan bilis, acar, dried shrimp floss and hard boiled egg. The accompanying sides are noteworthy and tasty in its own right but the star has to be the rice. The rice was fluffy and beautifully fragrant by the aromatic coconut milk which was so good that I can eat it all by itself.

Nasi Bojari 4.5/5

Even though I have not been to Madam Kwan's Malaysia outlet, I have already heard much about the tri-coloured rice created by Madam Kwan herself. I am glad that the group ordered the Nasi Bojari ($18.90) which comes with the tri-coloured rice, assam prawns, shredded beef redang and a huge chicken drumstick. The drumstick was fried to a nice crisp on the skin but still tender and juicy inside. While the assam prawn was lip smacking, the shredded beef redang was missing that wholesome chunky enjoyment.

Chicken Satay 4/5

Beef Satay 2.8/5

Between the Chicken Satay ($11.90) and Beef Satay ($13.90), the clear favourite is the chicken satay. The chicken satay was well marinated and succulent. The flavour was further accentuated by the nutty dipping sauce. On the other hand, the beef satay was dry and tough.

Otak Otak 4/5

While there was mixed opinion among the group about the Otak Otak ($15.90), I enjoyed the thick slab of fish paste which was not mushy. Chunks of fish meat lends a delectable bite to the otak otak which was also not too spicy.

Curry Laksa 2.8/5

It seems like Curry Laksa ($11.90) used the same base of the curry fish head. The curry broth was not as flavourful compared to the curry fish head. It lacked that spicy lemak kick that I have grown up to associate with.

Although the portion served at Madam Kwan is bigger in portion compare to what you can get at hawker, I still cannot get over that fact that it is so pricey for hawker fare. Yes it comes with better quality ingredients and air conditioned dining environment but hawker food are meant to be affordable. I walked away asking myself whether I will return. Probably yes for the Nasi Bojari but definitely not so soon.

Madam Kwan
1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585
Tel: +65 62719989
Nearest MRT: Harbour Front (CC Line, NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 10am - 10pm

1) Alight at Harbourfront MRT station. Take Exit C or E. Walk to Vivocity Level 1. Journey time about 5 minutes. [Map]

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Old Bibik's Nasi Rendang @ Lavendar Food Square


If you visit Lavendar Food Square, do not be surprised when you see 2 Chinese men selling nasi redang at Old Bibik's Nasi Rendang stall. Both Adrian and Ah Wee quitted their corporate jobs and venture into F&B without any kitchen experience.


Duplicating Adrian's grandma secret rendang recipe that is handed down from one generation to another, Old Bibik's rendang is prepared from scratch daily at the stall with the freshest ingredients.

Chicken Rendang Set 4.2/5

The Chicken Rendang Set ($4) came with papadums, egg, cucumber slices and rice. Optional side dish such as Nonya style Stir Fried Long Beans can be added at a nominal price. The chicken was well marinated and fork tender.

Beef Rendang Set 4.2/5

The Beef Rendang Set ($5) is a dollar more and came with the same set items. The beef redang was slowed cooked to tender soft. Worth mentioning are the spices used at the stall. They were freshly and manually blended daily.

Old Bibik's Nasi Rendang
Lavendar Food Square
380 Jalan Besar
Singapore 209000
Tel: +65 97972842
Nearest MRT: Lavendar (EW Line), Boon Keng (NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Mon-Thur: 12pm - 11pm
Fri-Sat: 12pm - 1am
Sun: 11am - 11pm

1) Alight at Lavendar MRT station. Take Exit B. Walk to bus stop at Lavendar Station (Stop ID 01311). Take bus number 133 or 145. Alight 3 stops later. Walk to destination. Journey time about 10 minutes.

2) Alight at Boon Keng MRT station. Take Exit B or C. Walk to bus stop at Blk 22 Boon Keng Road (Stop ID 60199). Take bus 21, 130 or 139. Alight 2 stops later. Walk to destination. Journey time about 10 minutes.