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Yanxi Dim Sum & Hotpot @ Chin Swee Road - Creative Take On The Traditional Dim Sum


Together with a couple of friends, we visited Yanxi Dim Sum & Hotpot for lunch. Two pre-eminent chefs, former Executive Chef of Mott 32, Chef Chan Wai Keung and former Dim Sum Chef at The Fullerton Hotels & Resorts Singapore, Chef Ben Yapp helm the restaurant. The duo brings their culinary expertise to Yanxi steamboat, elevating the hotpot experience with tantalising starters and bespoke dim sum.

Tobiko, Prawn & Scallop, Water Chestnut and Egg White Dumpling 4.5/5

As we were there for lunch, we didn't have the hotpot. Instead, we had dim sum and their signature items. We started with the Tobiko, Prawn & Scallop, Water Chestnut and Egg White Dumpling ($10). The dumpling is beautiful crafted, showing the chef's creative take on quintessentially traditional fare

Yanxi Prawn and Petai with Sambal Chilli Dumpling 3.8/5

Next is the Yanxi Prawn and Petai with Sambal Chilli Dumpling ($11). It looks like any ordinary prawn dumpling from the exterior. However, it is a bold and acquired creation incorporating the acquired petai into the morsel paired with sambal chilli.

Quail Egg & Bonito Flakes Siew Mai 4.5/5

Indeed the dim sum items at Yanxi is unique compared to other restaurants. The classic siew mai is given an elevated transformation in the Quail Egg & Bonito Flakes Siew Mai ($12). The traditional siew mai may be too heavy with its meaty stuffing. Hence the addition of quail egg lightens the enjoyment, with the bonito flakes lifting the taste profile.

Netted Prawn & Tobiko, Spinach Infused Rice Roll 4.2/5

Even the classic rice roll is given a new facelift in the Netted Prawn & Tobiko, Spinach Infused Rice Roll ($12). Not only is it beautiful, the exquisite rice roll stuffed with crunchy prawn is packed with a playful touch of textural enjoyment.

Mapo Tofu in Crispy Beancurd  Skin Roll 4.8/5

The Mapo Tofu in Crispy Beancurd Skin Roll ($9) is an unexpected creation with fragrant mapo tofu. I doubt I have seen or eaten the dish anywhere before. It is a fantastic creation.

XO Sambal Carrot Cake 4/5

XO Sambal Carrot Cake ($9) is common, but it is uncommon to be presented as such. Crispy on the outside and soft inside, this is delectable but fell short of the wow factor I got from the other dim sum items.

Fried Yam, Abalone and Kurobuta Okinawa 4/5

The Fried Yam with Abalone and Kurobuta Okinawa ($15) is a luxury take of the fried yam.

General Tso's Chicken 4.2/5

Besides the quintessential dim sum items, there are several signature dishes on the menu, such as the General Tso's Chicken ($16) and Hong Kong Golden Garlic Pork Short Ribs ($12). The General Tso's Chicken is smoked in a glass dome, infused with smokiness on top of the tender and sweet chicken pieces.

Hong Kong Golden Garlic Pork Short Ribs 4/5

As for the Hong Kong Golden Garlic Pork Short Ribs, the pork short ribs are cooked in Bi Feng Tang style. It is coated in an aromatic pool of fried garlic, complementing the fork-tender pork.

MICHELIN Herbal Seafood Ee Fu Noodles 4.2/5

I am not sure why the noodle dish is named MICHELIN Herbal Seafood Ee Fu Noodles ($18). My guess is this is a dish that the chef has created in his previous restaurant that could have won a Michelin star. Nevertheless, the plate of slurping goodness is brimming with fresh seafood such as prawn, scallop and fish in a herbal broth. However, I find the herbal taste is relatively mild.

Hokkaido Milk Charcoal Egg Tart 4.5/5

The finale has to be the Hokkaido Milk Charcoal Egg Tart ($16 for 6pc). The freshly baked has a creamy, gooey cheese custard filling encased in a crumbly charcoal pastry. For something cold and refreshing, go for the Jackfruit Sago.


Though I did not try their hotpot, their dim sum items already left a very deep impression. Of course, the price is a bit expensive compared to most dim sum places, but you get quality, creativity, and unique dim sum that you don't get in most dim sum places. I have since recommended many friends to check out their dim sum selection.

Yanxi Dim Sum & Hotpot
175A Chin Swee Road
Singapore 169879
Tel: +65 88589711
Nearest MRT: Chinatown (DT Line, NE Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 1130am - 3pm, 530pm - 11pm

1) Alight at Chinatown MRT station. Take Exit C. Walk to bus stop opposite State Court (Stop ID 06171). Take bus number 174. Alight 1 stop later. Walk up the hill to Hotel Re!. Walk to the building beside Hotel Re!. Walk to destination. Journey time about 10 minutes. [Map]

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