Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Fei Lou Fatt @ Upper Thomson Road - White Restaurant Group Opens New Prawn Noodle & Lok Lok Concept


Newly opened at Upper Thomson Road, beside Springleaf MRT station exit 1 is Fei Lou Fatt, a Prawn Noodle and Lok Lok concept by the White Restaurant Group.

Signature Fei Lou Noodle Soup 4.2/5

We started with the Signature Fei Lou Noodle Soup ($20), which comes with 3 half sliced Ang Kar prawns, fork-tender braised pork ribs and abalone in a slurp-worthy bowl of umami-rich prawn broth. The broth's rich flavour comes from the generous use of fresh prawn heads, slow-cooked for up to 10 hours. Unlike other prawn noodles stalls, the pork ribs here are braised, flavouring the tenderness enjoyment.

Signature Fei Lou Noodle Dry 4/5

There is also a dry version of the Signature Fei Lou Noodle Dry ($20), which is tossed in an addictive homemade hae bee hiam volcano chilli that complements the ingredients and the noodle.

The prawn noodle comes with an assortment of choice ingredients such as the Big Prawn Noodle ($16), Prawn Noodle (Small: $8, Big: $11), Prawn and Braised Pork Ribs Noodle (Small: $8, Big: $11) and Braised Pork Ribs Noodle (Small: $8, Big: $11). There are both soup and dry versions, and the choice of noodles include the usual suspects of Bee Hoon, Thick Bee Hoon, Kway Teow and Yellow Noodle to suit different palates.


Big Prawn Zuke 4.2/5

The Big Prawn Zuke ($16) is a unique offering on the menu, inspired by Ochazuke (rice porridge). It is served with fragrant fluffy Japanese rice topped with big succulent Ang Kar prawns and a crispy homemade fried rice cracker for a textural crunch. There is also the Prawn-zuke ($8) version which comes with vannamei prawns.

Braised Pork Ribs with Rice 4/5

I asked the owner which is his favourite dish on the menu, and he recommended that we try the Braised Pork Ribs with Rice ($6.80). It is not the Taiwanese-style version, but it is a delicious rice bowl with fork tender meat.

Lok Lok 4/5


Apart from the mains, customers can pick from a wide variety of over 20 types of Lok Lok ($1.20 to $3) to complement their meal. There are 4 different types of seasoning to choose from - Sze Chuan Mala, Seaweed, BBQ and Furikake. In addition, have them with the dipping sauces (Mayonnaise, Thai Sweet Chilli and Thai Seafood Green Chilli) for the ultimate lok lok experience.

Note: This is an invited tasting.

Fei Lou Fatt
928 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 787121
Tel: +65 62523400
Nearest MRT: Springleaf (TE Line)

Opening Hours:
Daily: 8am - 10pm

1) Alight at Springleaf MRT station. Take Exit 1. Walk straight to destination. Journey time about 3 minutes. [Map]

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